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July 2013 Part 3 - happy new year, happy new thread

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dinkystinky Tue 01-Jan-13 09:39:03

Happy 2013 one and all!

Guavasforbreakfast Thu 17-Jan-13 20:51:27

Checking thread on phone at the end of the day is a pain, once I've finally scrolled through them all I've forgotten what was said, what I was going to reply and who to... Good to hear bleeding has stopped, was it flying?

Went to my first aquanatal class tonight, felt like a total fraud (albeit a chubby one) with my lack of bump!!! Was lovely though, feel more energetic than I have for months smile


dinkystinky Thu 17-Jan-13 21:04:06

Flying - glad the bleeding has stopped and you are home safe and sound.

Devil - we had a 3 wheel Quinny buzz for DS1 - good for tall people but not great for walking in woods etc. They do a 4 wheeler now which must be better though.

Glad you have a hope of a reprieve for your cat and hoping the chemo does the trick.

Supershiv1 Thu 17-Jan-13 21:43:07

Same as guavas on phone so much to take in!
flying it covers the Chester/Wirral area. I think they will monitor the mammoth fibroid. I drew the size today to get perspective and its the size of a large fist! shock

Supershiv1 Thu 17-Jan-13 21:45:27

To add - have totally lost where I am week and day wise as I have been put back twice and 10 days in all now. So now due 27th July.
Am I 12+5???

AmaDablam Thu 17-Jan-13 22:13:24

Hi everyone

Just checking in after a few days of dodgy internet connection. I've not had a chance to read through all of the posts but hope everyone is OK.

Not much to report here. Had a few good-ish days with the MS, so hopefully things will continue in that direction. I've even managed to put on a pound or so, whilst DH, who has put himself on a strict diet after Christmas excesses, has lost a bit, so we're both on good terms with the scales at the moment!

I've bought a few maternity bits on eBay (although none have turned up yet so we'll have to see if they're as good as they look in the pics) and have had a kind offer from a friend took look through all her maternity stuff and see if there's anything I want. I don't really need them yet but my jeans are a bit tight for comfort now and even my jeggings are starting to get a little tight round the waistband in the evenings! Can't remember who said it but leggings are definitely the way forward, and I'm finding tights and skirts a godsend too - the waistbands on skirts seem to ride up over the bump area when you sit down, rather than digging in, and tights can usually be persuaded to stretch over the top of it too.

I've started looking into antenatal pilates and/or yoga but it's so pricey (£75 for 5 classes seems a bit ridiculous to me) I might have to look at getting a DVD instead. Anyone got any good recommendations? I do like the sound of aquanatal though guavas so may have to see if they do that near me.


marimama Fri 18-Jan-13 00:55:04

I think i've caught up! Good luck with kitty chemo, devil
might yay for progress!

I had appt today and heard heartbeat, and sat i am 13w, so i suppose i can start telling more people now. Buuuut i don't feel like telling everyone in the world. My mother right away asked if she could tell all her friends. Ugh. Hate the fuss!! Just want a little privacy until bump is firmly in place!

Might be happening soon, though, as today it suddenly looked round.

Re pushchairs. I recommend buying before baby arrives. Those first weeks were mad for me...i was exhausted and always had DS sucking away! Plus i had emcs and found recovery difficult. I was glad to have all my gear in order. The thing i do think you can wait for is a variety of slings/carriers. I thought my ergo would br great, but DS hated it and it was never used. I ended up using mobywrap and bought a different structured one. If you can borrow from friends to try out with actual baby, before buying, i think that's a better bet. You need baby to give its opinion on slings but not prams. Just get what seems will eork best for your lifestyle.

marimama Fri 18-Jan-13 00:58:45

Crap typing on iphone and hit send before i meant to.

I am done with school the third week in june, so will have 6 weeks off before due date. Last time i stopped 4 weeks early. That was more than enough--maybe too much! Or maybe not. smile

Guavasforbreakfast Fri 18-Jan-13 07:30:52

Yay for the end in sight for MS Ama, I'm still sick most mornings but have much longer periods where I feel ok. Probably due to being off work though, slapped cheek results not back yet and a couple more got sent home with it yesterday.

As for leaving work, I'm hoping to at 35+3 - gives me a good month to get ready and relax. I'm lazy at heart so I can't imagine I'll be itching to be at work grin

About to get a train across the country, seriously hoping this snow doesn't catch up with me til I'm safely there!

VinegarDrinker Fri 18-Jan-13 08:25:07

Hah I would say the opposite about buggies/slings - I couldn't have survived without my Moby in the early days. Weused it indoors loads to calm him/get him to sleep as well as for pretty much all outdoor trips for first 6 months as he hated the buggy!

I would certainly research both slings and buggies before baby comes, then if necessary you can order afterwards but know what you are after.

dinkystinky Fri 18-Jan-13 08:56:52

It totally depends on the baby - DS1 was a hold me constantly baby after a difficult birth so the sling was essential for him - buggy not so much. When he calmed down at 3 months, he liked the buggy. DS2 loved the sling for the first 6 weeks then was more of a buggy baby. Who knows what this one will be like? But if you have a child already, then having a sling to free up your hands to cook/do laundry/play playdoh etc with your elder child(ren) is great. SIL's daughter hated the sling from day one.

All the baby absolutely needs for the first few weeks is a carseat to come home in, nappies and cotton wool (I recommend pads of cotton wool rather than balls) to clean the baby, babygros/vests, whatever you need for the method you've decided you will feed your baby and somewhere for them to sleep. The rest of it can be bought/ordered online as and when you need it.

MrsRoss26 Fri 18-Jan-13 09:36:14

Looks like most have had good news recently. Sorry to hear about the tumor news devil but hope the chemo works out for you and your cat's pain lessens.

All this sling and buggy talk is really helpful - thank you to everyone who has experience giving such great advice! My scan is on Wednesday, after which I hope to be able to go pram window-shopping! Slings look and sound like a great idea, so hoping there will be places in my area that I can try them out at.

It's turned into a snow day over here in Bristol. No way I'm attempting to drive through what looks like at least an inch of snow to work when pregnant! May seem wimpy, but with so little snow driving experience, and so many hills, it just doesn't seem worth it. Working at home for the day, so will lurk here too! Hoping everyone else is taking care and keeping warm smile

Supershiv1 Fri 18-Jan-13 10:12:45

Working from home too. Was supposed to be in North Wales today and got up at 5am and it didn't look too bad, but figured I would get there and probably never get back. Not good on a Friday!

marimama Fri 18-Jan-13 10:49:35

Oh. Maybe i wasn't clear. I think slings essential, too. The moby was a lifesaver right away. Even just around the house, and it didn't put pressure on CS area. I guess i meant that slings are often easy to borrow from friends and if you can then i recommend borrowing & trying out different ones on your actual baby.

Today i tell the boss!

wifey6 Fri 18-Jan-13 10:52:44

Hope everyone who has snow is staying safe at home x

BB01 Fri 18-Jan-13 10:54:35

Devil - fingers crossed the chemo helps your cat. I feel for you so much. Pets always feel like such a part of the family so it can be heartbreaking when they're ill.

Loving loving loving each and every one the pram and sling tips and tips on baby essentials! Keep em coming please!!! I had wondered re the going for a coffee/lunch thing if you are a baby-wearer. People I know who are seem to cope just fine when they're young but it always looks a bit awkward when they're older.

BB01 Fri 18-Jan-13 10:54:51

P.S. Finally got my creme egg fix last night!

MrsRoss26 Fri 18-Jan-13 11:20:52

There've been so many bad warnings over this way - and worse in Wales - that you had to be right in staying home Shiv! For now it's given me the opportunity to get some work done in peace (cat snoring in background not too bad I suppose) and still put the breadmaker on!

TotallyEggFlipped Fri 18-Jan-13 11:26:40

We got a quinny buzz 3 for DD. I find it a bit bulky and awkward in small shops to be honest, but DH chose it and thinks its great. We got it before DD arrived - we needed the carseat to bring her home and we used the carry cot instead of a Moses basket for the first few weeks before she moved into her crib. It does fit in the back of my swift, which is pretty good. I wouldn't recommend it if you use buses a lot or want to go for walks off road, but it is easy to manoeuvre and great for walking into town.

We had a baby bjorn too that was great for going for walking and getting DD to sleep. I couldn't have used it much in the first coule of weeks though because the episiotomy made walking and standing (well, everything really) pretty uncomfortable, so I wouldn't ave wanted to carry any extra weight.

I'm meeting someone today about a potential job. I'm really nervous. I'm also struggling to figure out what to wear to hide my bump!

Cheeseandbread Fri 18-Jan-13 11:44:22

School closed around 10ish so just had a horrid drive home through snow and was worried for bean and me!

I've got my scan this afternoon and really hope my appointment isn't canceled- I can walk to the hospital so don't have to drive in the car again.

Still loving the buggy/sling advice.

dinkystinky Fri 18-Jan-13 11:50:15

Totally - without wanting to scare the first timers I, like you, had an episode of tourettes everytime I had to get up/sit down/walk anywhere after having DS1. Valley cushions (you can hire them online), baths with lavendar oil and perfecting lying down feeds on my side were my saviour!

Cheese - probably worth calling the hospital to check scans are still on. If schools are closed, they may shut down non-essential matters at hospital too. If you are going to walk, be careful and take it slow out there.

dinkystinky Fri 18-Jan-13 11:50:32

P.s. good luck for your interview Totally

Quinandthem Fri 18-Jan-13 11:56:15

Hi everyone,

We seem to be on a good run at the moment – keep it up everyone and keep yourself safe in this snow (and soon to be, ice).

Just had my 16wk appointment and all went well. Got to listen to the heartbeat which was amazing, although the little bean kept moving as soon as she had them cornered which was quite funny – so we have a healthy baby with a sense of humour and will be good at Hide & Seek when he’s out…

We had our first venture into prams at the weekend. Went to John Lewis and the staff there were really nice and knowledgeable. We need something that can off-road with the dogs and we’re really impressed with the Bugaboo Chameleon, the fact that the cot and seat are both machine washable and all its tricks (you must get them to compare with the I-Candy).

I know it is really quite expensive (never knew how expensive prams were!) but it does come with the carrycot included which you need to buy separately for the I-Candy. We then looked on ebay and it seems you can get good condition second hand Chameleon’s at more reasonable prices.


Cutandstick Fri 18-Jan-13 13:58:20

Thanks citizen for your advice re consultant led. Just back from school that shut early - had Jeremy vine on the radio slagging off teachers because schools shut in the snow for a lot of my 25 mile journey home. What a boost to morale!

Also have maternity dilemmas as not allowed leggings at my place. Got some trousers from next and a skirt from M&P - urgently need tops due to further boob growth! If the snow eases this weekend I'm going SHOPPING!!!!

esme80 Fri 18-Jan-13 14:10:24

mrsross I have just received our new breadmaker! A late christmas present. Attempting first loaf this afternoon, soooo excited!

Quin we have a chameleon, and absolutely love it! It is so easy to push, both the carrycot and seat are a good size and my DS is really comfy in it. Ive used mine loads during these 18 months and it is still in perfect condition, so think you could def find something good second hand. I was looking at double pushchairs last weekend and the bugaboo donkey started looking good, had to leave asap as is way too expensive!

Abzs Fri 18-Jan-13 15:19:05

Cutandstick Jeremy Vine clearly isn't aware that some LEAs require the teachers to go in when the school is shut to pupils, unless officially told otherwise, and that disciplinary action is taken if they don't.

Shiv TEN cm! I worked out my endometrioma is tennis ball sized and that was a bad enough thought. One2one service sounds good. Hope they look after you. I'm seeing my community midwife next week and feel I have to tell her that first question the Registrar asked me this week was "Who is your consultant?". I think/hope I'll be changed over from midwife-led.

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