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December 2012 - Last but not least

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annelid Sat 29-Dec-12 07:54:54

New thread for us stragglers!!

itsMYNutella Wed 09-Jan-13 12:12:04

Thanks Spotty I'm there now smile

emilyeggs Wed 09-Jan-13 13:04:11

Thanks walnut, yes Henry home with me. Just had a total melt down because I wanted to get out but not able to lift anything, finally convinced duh to lift pram down the stairs (we live in a maisonette) but couldn't get boots on due to swelling. Didn't think my own body would scupper my plans sadsad it's such a nice day out side

RockabillyKitty Wed 09-Jan-13 15:39:53

I'm still here all lonely sad Sure someone else was mid Jan...

Tried to have another sweep Mon but the cervix was still firmly shut - this baby is on lockdown! Eviction process starts Friday.

Will someone share the post natal link here so I can watch the thread & find you later easily? Ta.

pmgkt Wed 09-Jan-13 16:55:37

Hi rock. I don't know how to link but if you go to being a parent section of talk, then post natal groups you will find us there. Good luck for later in the week.

itsMYNutella Thu 10-Jan-13 03:30:05

Here you are Rockabilly Post-natal fingers crossed for you!! X

pmgkt Fri 11-Jan-13 11:13:59

How are you rockabilly?

itsMYNutella Fri 11-Jan-13 23:05:54

Just having a quick lurk and checking if there is any news... smile thinking of you rockabilly

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