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Christmas and the New Year will bring with them a flurry of sneeze births and we Brook No Argument! (part 14)

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MissLToeishavingsantasbabyboo Wed 19-Dec-12 18:50:39

Thought I would treat us un a festive thread

<puts up tinsel and fairy lights>

GenericDietCola Sat 22-Dec-12 20:38:40

oh dear sorry for typos. hate posting on phone! nice to see you was to sweetie?

Biscuitsandtinsel Sat 22-Dec-12 20:44:33

It will be a lovely christmas whenever it is though because mini gen will be there to share it all smile. Fingers crossed it is soon though (or as soon as you want it - are you keen for them to get on with it or hold off for a bit?)

GenericDietCola Sat 22-Dec-12 21:18:31

I just want to get on with it now I'm 37 weeks. it will be a v special late Christmas!

MissLToeishavingsantasbabyboo Sat 22-Dec-12 21:41:14

Gen your Christmas will be very special indeed with mini gen with you. I forgot to ask, how did they find the potential cord issue? What led to your admission? Sorry if you have already told us, can't scroll back text easily on my phone.

Any news from the other impending sneeze births??

Biscuitsandtinsel Sat 22-Dec-12 21:49:31

In that case * gen* I am brooking they crack on ASAP for you my lovely thanks

GenericDietCola Sat 22-Dec-12 22:18:45

thank you smile
boo it's because baby is transverse so cord can drop down and would come out easily if labour starts.

Biscuitsandtinsel Sat 22-Dec-12 22:26:34

Hopefully you're keeping yourself entertained while you wait for them to decide?

MissLToeishavingsantasbabyboo Sat 22-Dec-12 22:30:21

I see, well hopefully they make a quick decision to crack on and let you meet mini gen asap! Hope you're not too bored in there.

whimsicalname Sat 22-Dec-12 23:50:22

Blimey it's been busy on here. Brooking for gen and stacks and thoughts with bartlett.

Hope the deer appreciated the hot choc tock.

Remember I'm 5 hours behind you if anyone needs extra late night brooks!

Smeggnog Sun 23-Dec-12 00:57:30

Feeding DD2 so thought I'd see how you all are. Stacks hope it's all starting for you. Good luck!

Gen sorry you're in hospital, but at least they're taking good care of you. Brooking that all goes well and you soon have a healthy, beautiful Yule-tide baby. thanks

Smeggnog Sun 23-Dec-12 00:58:57

Bartlet I'm so sorry, it must have been a very difficult day for you. Thinking of you and your DD.

clickingtock Sun 23-Dec-12 08:45:31

Brooking for Gen and Stacks - Gen you are being v stoical, but a delayed Christmas sounds fab.

Waves to all.

Deer v frisky. We raised over £80 (I spent £15) so feel quite chuffed and there was a good show of support despite weather. Managed not to give birth in a deer pen too. grin

DS wants to share this with you bells

clickingtock Sun 23-Dec-12 08:45:59


clickingtock Sun 23-Dec-12 08:46:12


Stacks Sun 23-Dec-12 09:46:11

Morning all. Pessary doesn't seem to have kicked anything off yet. Except a really bad night of sleep. Had aching back and hips all night, but expecting the hospital to phone at 03:30 meant I woke up at that time. Was awake then till about 06:30 (when they still hadn't phoned) finally got to sleep and they called at about 07:30. Cue being awake again. Took me ages to get to sleep too, maybe 01:00. Really glad I had a nap on DH last night.

Much more worried about today now. I'm not sure if I'll be given a second pessary, waters breaking, or the dreaded drip. I'd been silly optimistic that all I'd need would be the pessary and labour would have started last night. I think it's very unlikely I'll be home tonight though.

Just have to remember, I'm there to get a baby! I'm kind of regretting accepting the induction now, think I should have added the 3 days extra from my EDD and got them to do induction after Christmas. I was so sure this baby would come before Christmas that I didn't think about waiting till after at this stage. Oh well, regret will get me nowhere. I'm committed now.

Gen hope they give you a CS date soon and you can plan your delayed Christmas.

MissLToeishavingsantasbabyboo Sun 23-Dec-12 10:07:53

Oh Stacks poor love thanks hope you can get some rest before you head back in to hospital. I am brooking so hard that it all happens soon for you.

Gen brooking you have a plan in place today for your very soon birth.

Nuts you ok? Been very quiet the last few days

whimsicalname Sun 23-Dec-12 15:43:15

Oh bad luck stacks. I was relying on you to have a really positive induction to assuage my fears!

Extra brooking for you. I hope you manage to get some rest and then sneeze out a lovely baby in time for Christmas. There's something extra special about Christmas babies (and you can call him Jesus - we had one of those baby name books that said 'Jesus: The son of god, in the bible' by way of explanation)

I've swept the kitchen, made a loaf of bread and 'tidied' all my craft stuff (ie shoved it in a cupboard) in preparation for some friends coming for lunch. All the presents are wrapped, and if someone were to bring me a cup of tea and a mince pie, I might feel a bit festive.

MissLToeishavingsantasbabyboo Sun 23-Dec-12 15:54:39

<hands Whims a brew and mince pie>

Right, were ready!! Done all the food shop today, it was not quite as bad as it could have been, and my db joined us to do a bit of his, there is something about me and my db that turns us into 12 year olds when we get together grin all presents wrapped, smug feeling in place! And DH has been told he can finish work early tomorrow smile

Brooking for our 3 Christmas sneeze births, hope you are all doing ok thanksthanksthanks

itsMYNutella Sun 23-Dec-12 16:11:35

Tock that video is super cute! Love the dogs going mad in the snow smile

boo We're all good here, thanks grin feeling a lot more zen this week. Have been having great sleeps and knowing that baby can't be that much further off (though I keep letting bump know it can't arrive soon enough) is helping me feel abut more relaxed about it all.

Having contractions but nothing regular, this morning there was some (sorry TMI alert) snotty goo when I wiped which (again, sorry but feel free to skip to the next paragraph wink ) I'm hoping was start of plug or mucous membrane perhaps; and not from dtd with DP yesterday afternoon hmm.

Been out for a walk today, must have been almost 4km in total.... Hoping the bean moves down! But it was lovely to be out walking with DP. We're both feeling sort of ready now I guess, it certainly feels calm chez Nutella.
Tomorrow is the big Christmas holy evening here so we'll do some shopping in the am (milk, butter ,eggs essentials for baking and Christmas pancakes smile ) then I think a roast dinner in the pm (good job DP loves an English style roast) and exchanging presents. Then 25th we're planning pancakes etc for breakfast- with some more gifts. Then we'll ring the hospital see if they can do an acupuncture appointment, hang around for the MW visit before getting ready to meet DP's family at a restaurant for a massive dinner.

Of course since the next couple of days are planned the bean will probably turn up in time to stop me having the big posh dinner DP and I are looking forward to grin

What do you ladies have planned?

MissLToeishavingsantasbabyboo Sun 23-Dec-12 16:43:27

Wow Nuts zen, calm, idyllic, your Christmas plans sound just perfect, not like the bedlam that is chez boo grin Toddly boo and teen boo think walking is a punishment. Brooking that pea nut stays put while you enjoy your Christmas thanks

clickingtock Sun 23-Dec-12 17:21:08

Nuts - sounds v lovely; enjoy your last Chrimbo as a child-free couple. Great that you sound so ready to welcome nutlet(te)... So are you not v engaged yet? Or just hoping a good walk might trigger the birth? Anyway, keep your legs shut for a couple of days then you're good to go eh? We've got an acupuncture app for next Fri' too. Friday - your due date - would be a winner birth date as far as I'm concerned though we're a bit unsure about the following Monday as it's a working day in UK and I don't really want DP to start his Pat leave in a week when there's a bank holiday. Never mind. These babies just come along when they come and that's that!

Well done Boo - sounds like fun Christmas activities. Hope you and the boys have a fab time together.

Whims - c'mon, festive spirit a-go-go - I don't imagine your boys will let you off the hook.

DS has just had his guardians over (two lovely men) and had such a great time decorating his gingerbread biscuits with them (ie, icing sugar snowstorm), and playing like mad and they got him a couple of brilliant books - first present opening.... They have such a lark together but DS is always really sad when they go.

Now DP is preparing a lovely ham a la Nigel Slater. And we've watched Peter Rabbit's Christmas tale at least 20x. grin I could do this staying-at-home-for-Xmas-because-of-late-pregnancy again, I could. Or perhaps not...

Will be checking in on everyone, especially Stacks and Gen.

TTFN... xxxxxxxx

GenericDietCola Sun 23-Dec-12 17:41:30

nut, that sounds lovely. brooking that baby waits til it's convenient for your sneeze birth.
whim. happy Christmas!
tock, glad fundraiser went well.
boo, glad shopping was pain free!
no news here, waiting for consultant tomorrow.
oh stacks, hope pessary does the trick.

Stacks Sun 23-Dec-12 19:44:53

So, stuck in hospital now and DH gone home till tomorrow. This hospital gives you a 24h rest between each induction thing, so next pessary will be tomorrow afternoon. However as I'm now 42w they won't let me go home again.
Had same doc today as yesterday, who was again very painful with the internal exam. My cervix is still too far back to be easily reached, and not dilated. I am having tightenings every few minutes, so the hope is that these do something and I'm further forward tomorrow. Doc mentioned breaking waters if I was dilated tomorrow, so we'll have to wait and see.
I'm already tired and kind of fed up. With such a bad night sleep last night I'm hoping I'll be able to sleep here. Even with the 2 newborn babies in the room with me...

I'll go back and read now and post again.

TheLittleFriend Sun 23-Dec-12 20:07:21

stacks and gen I don't like to think of you both stuck in hospital waiting, but keep your eyes on the prize and remember that this will soon be a memory as you cuddle your baby's at home.

nuts that does sound like a lovely Xmas you have planned. Sounds like nutlet is planning on arriving soon though smile

We've had a lovely day today. Dd and I made decorations this morning, them we had friends over for lunch. Finished off by visiting more friends. Dd is now even more excited, if that's possible. We're all enjoying it though grin

Love to the rest of the Brookers. Hope no ones got to brave the shops tomorrow?

WinterSolstice Sun 23-Dec-12 20:36:31

Oh Gen & Stacks I'm brooking like crazy that you are both out the hospitals with your snuggly babies very soon! Looking forward to hearing both your news!

I'm just waiting for DH to hurry up and get ready so we can go down the road for a few drinks with the neighbours but he always takes longer than me to get ready! hmm Hope everyone has a lovely christmas and I really hope I get to join you all very soon x

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