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Christmas and the New Year will bring with them a flurry of sneeze births and we Brook No Argument! (part 14)

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MissLToeishavingsantasbabyboo Wed 19-Dec-12 18:50:39

Thought I would treat us un a festive thread

<puts up tinsel and fairy lights>

TheLittleFriend Thu 07-Feb-13 17:48:10

Bartlet, that's so exciting! How big was your ds? I'm still convinced I'm having a massive baby. I think all the trip whammy babies will be 9lb+ and all boys. Lets see if you can prove me wrong next week! grin

BartletForTeamGB Thu 07-Feb-13 18:09:39

I'm glad you both think it is exciting! I am rather nervous about it all but I know I am in good hands. As I said goodbye to my consultant, I did say to him that I hoped not to see him next week in the best sense! smile He agreed but he said he'd pop up to see the baby. He's a nice chap.

DS was 7lbs 15oz, so I don't have small babies, but the concern is the way this baby's growth is just shooting up so not big in a big, strong healthy way. Could just do without this really!

cartoon, scampi is fine but I have no idea what you'd want to eat it. Yuck! wink

scarletfingernail Thu 07-Feb-13 18:15:27

DD sounds gorgeous Tock, good to hear all is going well.

Bartlet next week? How are you about it all? It sounds as though you're being well looked after, but I guess it's still a bit scary?

cartoon scampi is fine smile

I'm also going with 3 boys for the triple whammiers.

Hope the cough clears off soon for you Boo

scarletfingernail Thu 07-Feb-13 18:16:30

Crossed posts there Bartlet. Took me an age to type out as I'm multi-tasking.

cartoontrickster Thu 07-Feb-13 18:19:05

yay thanks bartlett I cant understand why you don't like it. its the only fish I eat!

Withalittlesparkle Thu 07-Feb-13 18:24:11

Great now all I want is scampi!!!

NewYearNewBoo Thu 07-Feb-13 19:16:11

Right, Bartlet Olives then Little grin yet again no actual reason for this just guessing smile

Bartlet loving the new plan. Please don't worry about the size of the baby, I thought I was having a 9 pounder last time and parted with him pretty well (G&A and a few stitches) 10lb 3.5 came as a surprise, ready for similar this time! I was told that the smaller ones tend to slip back a little after each push but the big 'uns stay where you put them, so you push less iynwim. Though I'm sure with your knowledge, you know better but don't tell me I am wrong, it is the one thought keeping me from being scared witless about labour grin

BartletForTeamGB Thu 07-Feb-13 19:32:26

boo, I know nothing about obstetrics! I graduated 10 years ago! So I am going with your theory. This is going to be easy! This is going to be easy! This is going to be easy! This is going to be easy! This is going to be easy!

whimsicalname Thu 07-Feb-13 19:38:35

Just popping in to see if anyone's had a baby, but see I have to wait til next week. Good luck bartlet!

NewYearNewBoo Thu 07-Feb-13 19:44:13

Of course it will be easy Bartlet we have my big baby theory AND we are brookers so destined for a sneeze birth! Yes we are, this will be easy!!!!!

I am scheduled for my gtt and growth scan on Monday, but I'm double tough, and have my theory and brooking, so I'm not worried, not me, no siree bob!!! grin

ScrambledSmegs Thu 07-Feb-13 22:51:14

Bartlet 9lbs is do-able! DD2 was 9lbs 4 oz, and I'm not a very big person so she seemed rather disproportionate. However, she slipped out pretty easily bucket fanny and I think that if I'd managed to slow labour down a little I wouldn't have torn at all.

Hope everything goes ok. You will be fine, I know smile

keepitgoing Fri 08-Feb-13 10:23:36

Just wanted to say good luck to our lovely triple whammiers over the next week or two

Hope to get you some more grads soon, we're trying!! X

keepitgoing Fri 08-Feb-13 10:24:21

PS have you guys noticed that Christmas is, well, over? grin

NewYearNewBoo Fri 08-Feb-13 11:33:28

shock cheeky mare, we're working on it grin

Frootloopz Fri 08-Feb-13 11:56:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BartletForTeamGB Fri 08-Feb-13 13:39:24

keep, the Olympics have also been over for a long time but I just can't think of a decent NC.

Thanks for all the Brooking! With all that behind me, how can it go anything other than swimmingly!

GreenOlives Fri 08-Feb-13 14:07:31

bartlet It WILL be easy and I am brooking no argument on that front!! grin I can't believe your DC3 is definitely going to be here next week!! I totally understand the nerves too - Im already getting nervous about having sweeps from 39 weeks which probably won't even work! Do you have any feelings about what sex the baby is? I don't but still think it may be a boy due to the sonographer saying "he" at the 20 week scan (although that meant nothing in tocks case!)

boo Brooking that GTT and growth scan all go swimmingly! grin

I really want scampi, chips and peas with tartare sauce for my dinner now!!

DH and I went out last night to celebrate our anniversary early. Had a yummy Italian meal then watched The Impossible at the cinema. It was a great film but so emotional - I cried like a baby and the cinema was spookily quiet save for the sniffling of other crying people!! Even DH filled up - the terror those poor people must have felt caught up in that disaster is unimaginable! sad Still enjoyed it despite the tears tho - may be a while before the two of us have dinner and cinema time again! grin

Withalittlesparkle Sat 09-Feb-13 08:19:50

Chicken pox? Risk it for a biscuit or avoid like the plague? Discuss.

TheLittleFriend Sat 09-Feb-13 09:45:43

Have you had it Sparks? If not, then def avoid. Otherwise, don't worry (especially as you are in a 'safe' point of pregnancy as far as cp is concerned).
It's going round my dd's preschool atm, and dreading her getting it just as baby arrives, as its dangerous for a newborn.

NewYearNewBoo Sat 09-Feb-13 09:46:37

Personally avoid if I can! Who has it Sparks?

Withalittlesparkle Sat 09-Feb-13 10:43:55

little I've had it before but I read on NHS website that immunity can wane so once again freaked myself out!!!

boo it's my nephew, meant to be going to my other nephews birthday party tomorrow (brothers) potench missing his party is really upsetting!!!

GreenOlives Sat 09-Feb-13 10:47:21

sparks what little said! Its also going round at DSs school and I too am worried he'll catch it just as DC2 arrives!

little How's your spd? Mine has really flared up again this week (along with my piles! sad ) and the pain in my pubic bone is excruciating, was in tears last night sad Do you have any top tips you could share - either regarding comfier positions/exercises/analgesia? Paracetamol doesn't even touch it!

bartlet Have you had a sweep yet?

GreenOlives Sat 09-Feb-13 10:49:59

crossed posts sparks I would def go to the party, its very rare to catch CP again and it would likely be a very mild dose if you were one of the unlucky ones to get it twice and sparkle would be fine!

NewYearNewBoo Sat 09-Feb-13 10:59:11

Aah, I think I would risk it for a biscuit then. I always go on the side of caution cos my utterly useless mother can't remember if I had it or not hmm thanks mum!! I think I can remember having it but I'm not sure.

Is it possible that if the party is going ahead your dn is already past the contagious stage?

NewYearNewBoo Sat 09-Feb-13 11:07:19

Oh gosh Olives no advice but let me make you a brew, is there any link between it getting worse and an impending sneeze or is it coincidence? Poor you, I prescribe the sofa with plenty of chocolate and a side of cake thanks

Hello everyone else.

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