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January 2013 part 6: the one where all the babies arrive to join their friends who escaped early!

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BuntysFestiveCollocks Tue 18-Dec-12 12:55:59

New thread as the other one is nearly full shock!

Our next baby should be pmgkt's, but I won't if any little cheeky monkey will sneak in before Thursday?

godzookey Mon 21-Jan-13 08:39:26

i'll report back after appt - no doubt will be sat nursing another small glass of wine after this little trip!!!

Bunny222 Mon 21-Jan-13 08:46:12

katolla I can't believe how hard they can still kick, keep thinking they should have run out of room by now! Bumps favourite is my rib, I end up on the ball trying to tip him so his position moves. Ouch. Hope you got it sorted.

godz good luck with MW.

Got quite a bit more snow today so once again am waiting for him to come, and worrying if he does!

Tugstonia Mon 21-Jan-13 08:50:32

Wow Bealos good luck!

Godz good luck to you too, a show is surely good progress and a good sign! Baby is on his way smile

Bunny and Silver I too was convinced baby would be early after my scare at 28 weeks and had just never allowed for the fact that it could be late. All but one of my NCT buddies have had theirs now and the one who hasn't is in hospital now being induced so I will definitely be last.

Am having lots of cramps and BH and bump feels very heavy, but that's it. Obsessively checking my knickers for a show but nada... I'm seeing my acupuncturist tomorrow so fingers crossed that'll do something.

godzookey Mon 21-Jan-13 09:30:31

i'm back - the midwife place is closed - total waste of time and annoying, phoned the community midwife no - they offered me a midday appt somewhere else, then immediately retracted the offer, then said 9:15 tomorrow and now apparently they're going to try the antenatal clinic at the hospital to see if i can get seen today - surely at 41 weeks today, they should pull their fingers out and make me a bit of a priority??!!

Rant over!!!

Tugstonia Mon 21-Jan-13 10:03:03

Agh godz how bloody annoying! Fingers crossed you can get seen today.

godzookey Mon 21-Jan-13 12:41:05

ok, just back from hospital and booked in for an induction (!) on saturday, i saw a dr and she was really keen that i didn't go for elective c so i went with their recommendation.

Wonder how bealos is getting on!!

eagleray Mon 21-Jan-13 13:27:20

Godzookey - glad you have managed to see someone and get a date, although there is still a lot of opportunity for things to happen naturally, and it sounds like you have had more promising signs than me!

I was pencilled in for induction today (at 40+3) but have declined as the impending date has been a great source of stress and probably counterproductive. Baby was monitored on Sat and is fine, as am I (apart from crying fits and general moodiness). Next MW appt and sweep tomorrow, although may just get them to have a look as no longer convinced sweeps are even harmless (at the last one my cervix seemed to be retreating, along with the baby!)

Going to try and get out for a walk today although am a bit destroyed after a 4 miler in the snow yesterday

Tugs good luck with acupuncturist - it hasn't worked for me so far, but seems to do the trick for a lot of people

godzookey Mon 21-Jan-13 15:37:02

eagle - best of luck with the mw appt and sweep if you decide to go for it. The doc wanted to give me a sweep today, i refused and have said that although obvs will need to get over this for induction, i will defo be requesting gas and air. I think doc thought i was a bit mad, given that the thing that seemed to freak me out the most was the internal exams as opposed to contractions and the actual act of giving birth!!

good luck tugs

another of my nct gang has had a baby after a 27 hr labour (eek!) - baby was 10lb and they had to use forceps AND ventouse shock

bealos Mon 21-Jan-13 20:11:33

I had a little girl at around 11pm last night. After experiencing regular, but totally manageable, contractions from when my waters went at 9.30am, I went into pretty full on labour about 12 hours later and had my little girl at home (I'd planned a home birth) before my doula or midwife could get there in time. I hadn't anticipated things moving quite so fast and we certainly didn't get the pool filled!

It was mind blowing and my body certainly knew what it was doing. My body pushed her out in what seemed like 2-3 contractions, without me really doing anything and she plopped out to my massive surprise!! After getting over the shock, we know just need to decide on a name...

Bunny222 Mon 21-Jan-13 20:36:40

bealos massive congratulations! Cant believe you did it on your own that is amaziing. Good luck with the name.

Wonder who will be next. Really hoping im not too far behind...

eagleray Mon 21-Jan-13 20:37:16

Wow - congratulations Bealos!! thanks

What an amazing birth story - glad you and the baby are ok, and am so glad you got your home birth, even if it didn't go quite to plan...

I have deflated and packed away my birth pool as it was getting on my nerves seeing it all the time. I can get some BH if I walk a few miles, but no other signs of anything happening.

Godz - internal exams are never nice, and I was a bit shock and blush at the first couple of sweeps but have found that most recent two much easier and didn't hurt (focusing on relaxing and breathing helped). What I did find a bit odd is that the first 3 were done by one MW and her description was fairly consistent, but the last one was done by a different MW and described things differently (ie not as ready). Wondering whether it was the difference in MW opinion or whether my body can no longer be bothered to do the birth thing.

AppleCrumples Mon 21-Jan-13 21:48:43

Wow bealos what a story! Huge congratulations x

SilverSixpence Mon 21-Jan-13 22:43:16

Congratulations bealos! Sounds like it was a lovely birth smile

lollipoppi Tue 22-Jan-13 08:33:14

Bealos congratulations!!
My midwife came yesterday to check baby's heartbeat again which was all fine, offered me a sweep which I accepted, it wasn't as bad as I thought I just tried to relax, it was uncomfortable but not painful.
I started having BH/contractions at 4pm right through until 3am then all has just ...... Stopped angry this has happened the last 3 nights but last nights were actually regular with cramps. Has this happened to anybody else? X

Tugstonia Tue 22-Jan-13 08:47:07

Congratulations bealos! Fantastic that you got your home birth and well done for doing it without mw or doula.

I've been having sharp pains on my pubic bone and in my fanjo, regular but not lasting very long - anyone else had this? My sister said this was how her first labour started so I'm getting my hopes up. Having acupuncture at 1pm today, would love it to kick-start something but even if it just makes me feel better and less pissed off that'll be good!

eagle hope you get some action soon.

lolli well done on the sweep and glad all good with the heartbeat. From what I understand it can start and stop like that, hope it starts up again for you.

We need a new thread!

theboutiquemummy Tue 22-Jan-13 11:14:10

Congratulations bealos thats fantastic news glad you lovely birth experience n good luck with name smile

godzookey Tue 22-Jan-13 12:00:27

many congratulations bealos - hope you get a refund on the doula grin - an amazing birth story!!

lolli - yup, same happened to me last night - started timing the contractions which were coming regularly and now they have just stopped - so bloody frustrating as i thought i was finally on my way but it would appear not!!

SilverSixpence Tue 22-Jan-13 12:13:04

Lolli same happened to me on Thursday, painful regular contractions which stopped. Today's my due date and no sign of anything happening!

salt1 Tue 22-Jan-13 12:34:31

congratulations bealos

Bunny222 Tue 22-Jan-13 15:21:06

Due date today... Sweep planned for thursday. Come on baby!

allchik Tue 22-Jan-13 20:10:20

Hello everyone smile
Finally have a spare bit of time to write my birth story.... Ive been struggling a bit to be honest to come to terms with it as it was quite traumatic....but feeling much more positive now:

Started off with 3 days of latent labour....first day totally manageable, but 2nd day things were cranking up a gear....still 15 mins apart though but strong enough at night time to make sure I didnt get any sleep....then by the 3rd day they were very strong and coming 7/8 mins apart.
Realised hadnt felt baby move all day so went into hospital at about 9pm to get soon as i got to hospital contractions started coming even quicker and stronger....but midwife checked me and I wasn't progressing at decided to go home once they had finished the trace on baby...
2 hours at home and the contractions got to every 3 mins apart and my waters broke so went back in.....STILL wasn't progressing so told I would be induced next this point I was beyond nakered, hadnt slept at all in 2 days and felt sick with tiredness, contractions would get really close together and then slow down...then speed up it was horible.... asked if I could be induced asap....told me they had a bed at 10 am (this was at 6am) couldnt sleep in all that time as each time I dropped off a contraction would wake me up.....finally got to the delivery ward at 11.30am....decided straight away to have an epidural as was scared about the drip and just needed to sleep....
Had a huge allergic reaction to the epi and also about 4 hrs in something went a bi wrong and the epi just suddenly stopped working.....went from no pain to full on induced contractions with no warning which freaked me out.....didn end up getting any sleep and that was the whole reason I had opted for an epi sad
Then they had to put a hook thing on Elenis head to monitor her a bit closer as her heart rate was a bit irregular.....I had been given something for my allergic reaction which made me feel like a zombie....completely zonked this point I was actually dribbling onto the pillow and FINALLY dropping off to sleep when Im told Im fully dilated and need to start pushing....again was gutted as thought I would either be too out of it to push or wouldn't be able to remember anything as so drugged up......
Was told I would have at least 2 hours before she was born so felt a little better , but then a load of doctors came rushing in as Elenis heart rate was dropping (I cant really remember this, but my DH can) was told by the doctor that if she wasn't out in 5 or 10mins I would need a crash C in the next 2 contractions with help of forceps and a bloody great big cut Eleni was born smile
This was the highlight....even though the birth was full of intervention the moment she was placed on my chest was breathtaking and I loved her instantly smile
She was born at 9pm so unfortunately we only had 2 hours as a family before I got wheeled to the postnatal ward and my hubby had to go home smile
This is where it all went a bit crap again...Eleni wouldn't latch on, wouldn't sleep in her crib thingy and the ward was sooo noisy. I got really teary as still felt really weak and had no feeling in my body as had had so many epi top ups (to try and combat the reaction) The next morning no one came to give me any water or toast or anything so was really tired and weepy.....I really just wanted to go home but had to stay in as didn't get feeling back in my legs till 6pm!!!
Then they took the catheter out and was over the moon....only to fail my bladder scan so had to have the catheter put back in again (which was so sore as was very bruised) decided to stay in for one more night to try and establish breastfeeding, but it was a complete disaster and just spent the whole night in floods of tears......again no sleep....not once did a midwife ask if I was ok.....felt like utter shit....
Went home the next day but had to have a catheter strapped to my leg for the next 3 days.....which for some reason really depressed me.

So since coming home its been quite odd.....LOVE Eleni more than anything, but had lots of anxiety that I think stemmed from the birth and after experience.....kept bursting into tears midwife said this is quite common especially after a horrid labour...

I really hope this doesnt read to make me sound like a complete ungrateful cow....and I also hope it doesnt freak anyone out..... all said and done, Eleni was born healthy and alert and that really is all that matters and she was completely and utterly worth it smile

Guess I just never really expected to feel the emotions I felt......

A huge congratulations to you all and a massive good luck to those still waiting......this forum has been AMAZING over the last 9 months and I feel a bit emotional to be writing my birth story on here (seems like 5 mins ago I was joining with a 7 week bub in my belly!)

See you all on the birth thread!! xxxxxxx
Lots of love xxxx

Tugstonia Wed 23-Jan-13 07:56:38

Wow Allchik that sounds like a very difficult birth, not surprised you're feeling emotional. Really hope that you feel better soon xx

I've started a new thread here for the rest of the January babies smile

LetThereBeCupcakes Wed 23-Jan-13 11:06:57

Just a quick one from me - gave birth to a baby boy yesterday at 3.35pm. We've named him Callum. All went well, aside from a slightly hairy blue-light-ambulance trip to the big hospital when his heartbeat dropped! Will write more soon.

bealos Thu 24-Jan-13 22:10:17

Congrats cupcakes. Glad everything went well...

I've decided on a name - Ada Ngaio.

I love the various strong women throughout history associated with the name Ada and the second name, Ngaio, is a Maori name (pronounced Ny-Oh), chosen by my partner who is from New Zealand.

Will post up my birth story when I get a thoughtful moment to write it up!

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