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January 2013 part 6: the one where all the babies arrive to join their friends who escaped early!

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BuntysFestiveCollocks Tue 18-Dec-12 12:55:59

New thread as the other one is nearly full shock!

Our next baby should be pmgkt's, but I won't if any little cheeky monkey will sneak in before Thursday?

SpringFlowers Sat 19-Jan-13 22:26:00

To add to the comments about speed of dilation I went from 7cm to delivery in less than 11 minutes. No need to hang around smile

octanegirl Sun 20-Jan-13 00:41:24

Hello all - I had baby Felix yesterday via c section. 8lbs 10. Started naturally and went from 0 to 8cm in 9hrs but then it all stalled so went for section.
He's very cute! Full story to follow.

SpringFlowers Sun 20-Jan-13 02:09:37

Congratulations Octane, I thought you'd gone quiet! Felix is a lovely name.

Tugstonia Sun 20-Jan-13 08:28:17

Congratulations Octane! Lovely name. Hope you're doing ok.

Very interesting info bealos, thank you, I too dread internal examinations but had assumed they was necessary so good to know they're not and can actually hinder things.

Felt very low and despondent on Friday as really hadn't got my head around the possibility of going overdue, which is ridiculous I know. Much better yesterday and went for a long walk after which had lots of BH and cramps, and bump felt very heavy. Started to get excited it might be the beginning of something but alas! Another long walk and then yoga today.

Hope everyone's doing well smile

Tugstonia Sun 20-Jan-13 08:30:45

PS. After 9 months without a hint of a stretch mark, DP pointed out two lovely ones at the bottom of my bump yesterday. Joy!

djvesi Sun 20-Jan-13 09:54:26

Thought I had started this AM but alas, nothing, today we walk in glorious sunshine on the frozen sea. I'm trying to convince DS and DH to walk quite far to help promote things but at -9C with a slight breeze, it is quite chilly. Lets see what we can do, we're 2km from the hospital.

bealos Sun 20-Jan-13 10:46:53

Congrats octane!

And psring interesting to hear how fast you can dilate...

News from me - my waters broke this morning with a pop in bed. I'd kind of always had this premonition that would happen yet hadn't thought to put down a waterproof sheet.

Am feeling rather excited and nervous. Bit full of adrenaline. And if I'm honest, I little bit scared! Send positive thoughts my way please!! smile It's snowing here (like I guess the rest of the country) and doula and midwife are both out of town (but could get back here in about 2 hours, weather pending). Only feeling period pain type cramps at the moment, so not too concerned about that. And, ridiculously, I'm thinking of what I can cross off my to-do list today before it kicks off properly.

bealos Sun 20-Jan-13 10:50:08

p.s. worth noting perhaps that I had an acupuncture and reflexology treatment on Friday. Don't know if that helped to kick start things? (she wasn't working on the 'overdue' points, more around getting energy levels up and birth preparation).

Blimey. Can you tell I'm a little excited??!

eagleray Sun 20-Jan-13 10:56:11

How exciting Bealos! and am not at all jealous given that I had acupuncture yesterday and it seems to have done diddly squat..

Hope things progress reasonably quickly (but allowing travel time for MW and doula)

godzookey Sun 20-Jan-13 11:08:32

OMG - congrats Octane and sending you lots of positive vibes Bealos

Hope doula and mw are winging their way back as quickly as possible.

Bealos as my new 'go to' person - if you refuse internal exams, how can they tell you when you should start pushing - e.g. if you have an epidural and can't feel yourself when to push??

godzookey Sun 20-Jan-13 11:09:57

eagle - know how you you feel, i've still got bugger all feeling and wondering how the hell i'm going to get to mw appt with no one out today gritting the roads etc and i need to get there to demand elective C as Octane had done previously.

No signs and crap weather = v v fedup!!!

Lostbobbles Sun 20-Jan-13 11:11:42

Positive vibes sent your way bealos, best wishes

bealos Sun 20-Jan-13 11:16:33

Hi godz well, if you've had an epidural, I wouldn't see any need to refuse internals, as it wouldn't hurt?

I went and had my nails done yesterday too. Perhaps that's a trigger for labour smile

bealos Sun 20-Jan-13 11:41:18

Though saying that, I sure they got me pushing too early with ds1, when I was on epidural... I believe I was actually in transition. So worth questioning if you are 'ready to push' even though you're 10cm... your body should start to bear down when you're ready to go...

Though, perhaps some of the other ladies on here have their own experiences of this they can share?

woody2313 Sun 20-Jan-13 11:56:46

Congratulations Octane and good luck Bealos smile
44 births left to go grin

New Arrivals
Pmgkt (33) EDD 28/12/12 DC2 Edward born 20/12/12
PricklyPickle (31) EDD 31/12/12 DC1 Amy born 22/12/12
Bohoec (?) EDD 07/01/13 DC1 daughter born on 22/12/12
Mrsbugsywugsy (34) EDD 25/01/13 DC1 daughter born 23/12/12
Tinyeyes123 (30) EDD 13/01/13 DC1 Megan born 27/11/12
Birdies (33) DC2 EDD 30/12/12 Xanthe born 27/12/12
AriNi31 (?) EDD 06/01/13 DC2 Lucy born 28/12/12
BuntyCollocks (29) EDD 28/12/12 DC2 Cameron born 29/12/12
Sanam2012 (?) EDD 01/01/13 DC2 Elly born 29/12/12
MarasmeAbsolu (31) EDD 03/01/13 DC2 Marlene born 31/12/12
AppleCrumples (32) EDD 22/01/13 DC4 Ivy born 1/1/13
Complicated24 (44) EDD 31/12/12 DC1 Henry John born 1/1/13
MamaMary (31) EDD 28/01/13 DC2 Leah born 4/1/13
PreggoFabulous (30) EDD 22/01/2012 DC1 Aiden born 4/1/13
Pascha (35) EDD 30/12/12 (Kent) DC2 Daniel Fergus born 5/1/13
Kim222 (30) EDD 11/01/13 DC1 Penny born 5/1/13
Theboutiquemummy (35) EDD 17/01/13 DC1 Gabriel born 6/1/13
Lora1982 (30) EDD 04/01/13 DC1 Dexter born 7/1/13
Deiciocho (32) EDD 31/01/13 DC1 Violet born 7/1/13
BernieBennett (28) EDD 10/01/13 son born 8/1/13
DoIgetastickerforthat (?) EDD 11/01/13 DC4 Safiya born 9/1/13
Meringue33 (?) EDD 26/01/13 DC1 son born 9/1/13
Allchik (30) EDD 06/01/13 DC1 Eleni Rose born 10/1/13
Happyhow (27) EDD 07/01/13 DC1 Bailey Alan born 11/1/13
LostBobbles (33) DC2 EDD 15/01/13 DC2 Lois born 11/1/13
Newbie6 (36) EDD 08/01/13 DC1 Zachary James born 11/1/13
PipIsOutNow (?) EDD 31/01/13 DC2 Jacob born 11/1/13
DiscoDomina (31) EDD 30/1/13 DC1 Alexander Samuel born 11/1/13
Hormonalhell (40) EDD 15/01/13 DC2 Charlie James born 12/1/13
ChutesTooNarrow (33) EDD 18/01/13 DC2 daughter born 16/1/13
SpringFlowers (39) EDD 18/01/13 DC4 son born 16/1/13
CreepyCrawly (21) EDD 13/01/13 DC1 Nancy born 18/1/13
Octanegirl (34) EDD 09/01/13 DC1 Felix born 19/1/13

Still holding tight
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Orangeshortbread EDD 02/1/2013 It's a girl
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IsSpringSprangedYet (?) DC4 EDD 5/01/2013
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Bunny222 (31) DC1 EDD 22/01/13 It’s a surprise
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Lilblondepessimist (33) DC4 EDD 28/01/13
Katolla (34) DC1 EDD 28/1/13 (Islington) She’s a girl
Sebsmama (32) DC2 EDD 29/01/13
BionicEmu (26) DC2 EDD 29/01/13
Missymoo (32) DC2 EDD 30/01/13
Brugmansia (35) DC1 EDD 31/01/13 (SE London - Kennington/Elephant and Castle)
Mummypud (32) DC3 EDD 31/01/13

ChutesTooNarrow Sun 20-Jan-13 12:45:25

Congrats octane!

godz I need to write up my birth story in full but I laboured alone (long story!) and there were a few signs I knew I was ready and started pushing - also could not have not pushed, my body made me!

godzookey Sun 20-Jan-13 13:17:48

That's true Bealos - the other thing i was thinking was re getting the epidural when you're 4cm dilated, my mw said you had to wait until then to get it so they'll need to check for that but hopefully if i get my EC then this will all become irrelevant.

Chutes - that makes perfect sense, i think my brain is finally turning to mush not having left the house since Thursday - am gagging to get out but flip flops not best choice in this weather. Ho hum!!

godzookey Sun 20-Jan-13 13:18:59

sorry what i mean to say was that i guess i'll need at least one' vag exam' before they'll agree to give the epidural to check re 4cm

Blatantly, i've had too much time to sit around and reflect on all of this!!

bealos Sun 20-Jan-13 13:41:42

Am loving the phrase 'vag exam'. Am going to use that smile

AppleCrumples Sun 20-Jan-13 14:08:05

Re dilation I was 5cm and getting epidural arranged then 10 mins after being told 5cm ivy shot out! I don't recall pushing but equally (as some said earlier) i could not have stopped what was happening shock

congrats octane and good luck bealos smile

Bunny222 Sun 20-Jan-13 14:49:43

bealos good luck! As my last EDD buddy am super jealous, hope all goes well for you, keep us posted.

I woke up at 3am with massive tummy cramp, nothing since. This baby is teasing me I think!

tugs I hear you on the stretch marks. Did so well until 8 months, then in the last few weeks they've appeared all over my lower tummy. :-( I guess its a small price to pay to get a bundle of joy, but they certainly don't look pretty. Oh well!

Good luck to those waiting patiently...

SilverSixpence Sun 20-Jan-13 23:17:50

Good luck bealos! There's just over 24 hours to my due date now and I was convinced I'd be early, but looks like I'll be wrong! I'm going to watch the first series of call the midwife to cheer myself up

Bunny222 Sun 20-Jan-13 23:34:39

silver like you was convinced id be early due to what specialst had said about my cervix changing. Even had the steriod injection incase he was pre 35weeks. Due date is tues, feel like ive been in limbo for weeks. Think ive tried everything to bring it on...

katolla Mon 21-Jan-13 05:06:08

What is the point of her not even being born yet if I have to get up to try and get her back to sleep! Being punched so hard I have come downstairs to bounce on the ball. If you don't like it in there just come out!

Good luck bealos!

godzookey Mon 21-Jan-13 08:38:42

morning ladies,
This is the earliest i've been up in ages - about to head off to midwifes for 41 week appt to discuss induction/ elective caesarean.... oh god!!

I think i have had a bit of progress - bit of show/red in knickers last night, for me that certainly counts as progress

albeit not very much!!

Another of the NCT girls who wasn't due til Feb has also had her baby in 4 hours flat - it's so frickin UNFAIR!!!

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