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Worried that my medically managed miscarriage is not complete

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MidlandsMummy Sun 16-Dec-12 14:14:18


I'm currently experiencing my second miscarriage & I'm really worried that it isn't complete yet as I haven't lost nearly as much blood/clots as I did the first time!? The hospital sent me away with the medicine and I have completed the course but the bleeding has eased off to a light period now and the contractions have stopped. I was on holiday when I suffered my first miscarriage and the procedure at the hospital there (in Cornwall) seems very different to how it is here. Here they basically leave you to it. The staff couldn't have been more unsympathetic yesterday & we were made to feel like an absolute inconvenience, whereas, in Cornwall I was in for three days and they scanned me twice to check that all 'pregnancy products' had passed. I feel quite uneasy about this miscarriage as I don't want to get an infection. The whole thing is heartbreaking anyway without extra worries! Please, if you can offer any advice I would really appreciate it!! Thank you x

quoteunquote Sun 16-Dec-12 14:54:23

If you are worried phone the out of hours GP and have a chat.

MidlandsMummy Sun 16-Dec-12 15:41:37

Thanks, quoteunquote, I think I will. I doubt if they'll be able to scan until tomorrow but worth a try. Thank you.

Jessiejessiexox Thu 20-Dec-12 17:23:22

Hi midlands mummy. Sounds like you have been through the same as myself. I had a scan monday and they found no heart beat, gave me 4 tablets in hospital on the tuesday and then sent me home to miscarry, it was awful and scarey, woild have felt much safer and assured in hospital care. I passed the sac around 8 pm on the sunday and pain eased (never went) and bleeding became lighter, but today (thursday) pain is quite severe again and bleeding has got heavier. Did you manage to call up the helpline? I hope your coping we'll as can be xxxxx

Briarrosy Thu 20-Dec-12 17:29:39

With mine the hospital was very insistent that they wanted to be happy that I'd expelled everything. I terminated in hospital so they were able to check visually, but they said I was to phone with any worries or fever and they'd get me straight in for a scan. I think you need to be pushy and insist on being seen, it's v important for your health.

Best of luck and sorry your doctor seems a bit rubbish, that's the last thing you need.xx

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