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Shagged Out Viroids 6th Thread! From Early Days to Ready To Pop - Proof that JSing really does work!

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WingDefence Thu 06-Dec-12 17:24:47

Hello and welcome to another shiny fred for Just Shagging graduates!

The last fred was nice and busy so fingers crossed we get lots more members grin

We've just moved over from the Shagged Out Viroids Volume 5 thread, where we finally found out that a 'viroid' is from the original JSing thread 1, where someone was trying to type ladies (in reference to all the JSing ladies), but their phone decided to call us all viroids instead!
The name stuck and we've been the JSing viroids ever since.

Our stats thread is here, so if you find us, please add your stats too.

There is also a Just Mumming thread for grads of the grads thread confused grin

And if you want to find out what Just Shagging is about or catch up with the undergrads go say hello to the Just Shaggers here, now on the 12th thread thanks

GaryBuseysTeeth Wed 13-Feb-13 08:28:10

something, what a scary sounding birth...hope you're ok (and feeling alright about not having a vbac) & your body feels better & recovers quicker than it did after DS1.
Really hope you get your gorgeous newborn cuddles soon, sending lovely positive vibes to you both to get out of hospital asap & home. xx

Looking forward to news of the twins today, JS babies are like buses!

Rockchick1984 Wed 13-Feb-13 08:39:42

Massive congratulations Something! As everyone's said he's in the right place and you will be able to see him soon - I hope you're holding up ok about it thanks

WingDefence Wed 13-Feb-13 09:57:58

Something that sounds so scary but he does look absolutely beautiful in the FB picture smile Goes to show they should have listened to you days ago when you thought something was up. Congratulations on a brother for your DS thanks

In other news, I'm limiting myself to 15mins a day on FB and MN (not in total, that would be madness) for Lent. 3mins so far on here... I couldn't give MN up completely (I gave up FB last year for Lent which was hard at first but liberating by the end) with this fantastic thread to be on - I don't want to miss all the action!

Hmm, only 4mins so far. 15mins is actually a long time. I must have spent hours on MN recently, scanning the Active threads. Perhaps I'll save the remaining 10 mins for later...!

Hooya Wed 13-Feb-13 10:48:12

Adding my congratulations something thanks wishing you both a speedy recovery and lots of lovely cuddles soon, good news about feeding him already too smile and you sound so strong in dealing with it all!

Wing I admire your resolve! I am about to go onto a conference call which will be kept interesting for me only by MNing / FBing throughout!

tiredteddy Wed 13-Feb-13 19:25:21

Looks like more babies have arrived safely to the Fred!

WingDefence Wed 13-Feb-13 22:03:40

I've just logged on for my last ten mins but I'm working late again (don't ask...) and there hasn't been much added since this morning so I'm off again!

And yes, well done to manda and the twins!! thanks wine

GaryBuseysTeeth Wed 13-Feb-13 22:10:04

thanks for manda, well done you! Hope you're all home asap!

Well done wing for cutting down your MN time, think I need to as well, but I always can find a reason for looking on here!

Anyone doing anything nice for Valentines day?
I don't 'do' it but DH is a soppy git so we're having a nice meal in tomorrow (all cooked and washed up by him).

WingDefence Thu 14-Feb-13 09:23:29

Morning all. 50 secs so far...!

Gutted that I'm not going to be able to hang around for the Paul Hollywood webchat angry

Anyway, Gary my DH is at a client in bloomin Durham today so left at 7:45 and won't be back till 9pm. So apart from swapping cards this morning there'll be no other Valentine's shenanigans today! I wonder if I can stay awake long enough to give him a Valentine's cuddle later...? wink

Hope you all have great days planned with your beans/bumps/babies! I have childcare fail today so DS is with me - and I have tons of papers to write and get out so it could be interesting...! TV and the iPad are my friends.

Okay, 3 mins just gone. I'm going to save up the rest of the time so see you later...!

MrsBri Thu 14-Feb-13 16:20:50

Ah...stressful day here. Had some pink discharge in my knickers just before lunch, so went to a drop in midwife place near work. The midwife rang Ormskirk who said I needed to go in to be checked out. So no work for me this afternoon.

Baby is fine though, and there was no obvious cause. My cervix was firmly closed, so that was a relief. And DH got to hear the heartbeat for the first time.

GaryBuseysTeeth Thu 14-Feb-13 17:32:24

Wing, I've really gone off Paul. Not sure why, but he just comes across as really smug atm (like he knows lots of women would throw themselves at his stumpy baker hands & his lovely blue eyes), will read the webchat ina bit to see if it changes my mind again!
Hope the iPad distracted DS long enough for you to work....Peppa Pig has been babysitter a bit too often this week!

Bri, glad everything worked out ok..and DH got to hear hb for the first time!
Have they told you to rest up or will you be back at work tomorrow?

MrsBri Thu 14-Feb-13 17:44:49

They didn't say, but one of my best friends is a midwife and she's said go to work as normal. So I will...loads to do anyway as I'm off Monday and Tuesday due to this weekend's move.

Who's Paul Hollywood?!

Kittenkatzen Thu 14-Feb-13 18:50:41

Paul Hollywood is he of the sparkly eyes of the Bake Off smile haven't read the web chat yet, will have to mosey over and take a look in a bit.

Kittenkatzen Thu 14-Feb-13 18:53:04

Oops, bit trigger happy there.

mrsbri that must have been a worry for you, glad all is ok though. And how lovely for your DH to get to hear the heartbeat!

wing how is the MN/FB restriction going so far?!

Happy valentine's day lovely ladies, hope everyone has a nice evening!

WingDefence Thu 14-Feb-13 21:19:34

Who's Paul Hollywood?! shock <faint>

Not because I fancy him (I really don't, even though I have a silver fox DH myself) but because I thought you'd have to have been living abroad or under a rock not to know who he is after the Great British Bake Off!

So glad everything's fine MrsBri. When are you moving house? Take extra soecial care of yourself and NO LIFTING! You can be in charge of brew and biscuit

kitten, it's been harder today. Not in that I haven't had a most productive day (hurrah, I needed it!) but tonight I went over my FB 15mins as one of my colleagues has been made redundant and I only found out about it on there about ten mins ago ashes in a different department. sad

I think I have 2 mins left for MN tonight... MiniWing is being v active as usual, although amusingly I've tried to get DS, DM and DH to all feel her but the second I out their hands on my bump she bloomin stops! Cheeky monkey grin movements tend to be all stretchy and less kicky now IYKWIM?

Oops, better go. Speak to you tomorrow! X

MrsBri Thu 14-Feb-13 21:41:37

Ah...I know who you mean, I just didn't know what his name was! Fail :-/ I know Mary's name.

We move on Sat, though DH is taking some stuff after work tomorrow. I was already planning to avoid the whole thing by going out while the flat is being emptied! We shall see what I do now. Hide somewhere!

That's not good about your colleague, Wing. Was it a total surprise? Poor woman.

Baby Wing sounds as cooperative as Baby B...kicks like a loon til DH appears, then nothing. Ooh, something funny at the hospital was that when the midwife was trying to find the heartbeat, Baby B attempted to get away from her and my belly moved visibly for the first time!

Baby doesn't like being prodded, and the midwife in Birkenhead had already prodded him to find it once! He hid for almost 24 hours after the scan last week after being squashed rather than just prodded. Poor baby.

The doctor and midwife both seemed impressed with how much kicking me and DH have felt already, so that was good...proud moment :-)

somethingwittynot Thu 14-Feb-13 23:03:22

Congrats manda!

Well henry is now out of scbu just popping back for his meds. Hes being fedon demand through his tube until we get bf establishes. Hes doing well and is so tiny compared to my DS!

I however am on hdu as im a bit poorly. Lovely to be able to look at him whenever i want

Pineapple80 Fri 15-Feb-13 00:22:55

So good to hear Something! He is just adorable and u look totally smitten smile.

Congrats to Manda!!

Last night I dreamt I was learning to breastfeed & was expressing. I hadn't had my baby yet though! Weird dream! grin

Hope you're ok MrsBri. I had a little pink discharge about 6 wks ago after JSing and panicked a bit but it never got worse or happened again. Can understand how scary it can be x

WingDefence Fri 15-Feb-13 09:35:39

Great news something! Hope you recover soon though as well. Thank goodness for being able to get onto MN in the hospital though grin

MrsBri that's very exciting about the move - and very funny about Baby Bri!

Right, best sign off and get on with my work... xx

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Fri 15-Feb-13 10:13:23

Great news about baby Henry Something, just you to get better now and then all sorted! hope you feel better soon. Glad you're managing to feed on demand even through all the chaos! Well done.

I'm just sat outside the dentist waiting for DH. He chipped a tooth this morning at work and managed to get an emergency appt. But because he walks to work I've had to pick him up, bring him to the dentist and I'm now waiting to take him home ... so much for my productive working at home day hmm . Still, more time to MN I suppose grin .

Practisingparent Fri 15-Feb-13 17:18:19

Well done something, a tough start by the sounds of it, well done for holding up so well. Hope you are all home soon. Good on u managing to express with all the drama!

manda congrats on baby twins, hope everything is going well.

Not much to say here apart from bought new comfy boots (from primark) blush in a size bigger to accommodate swollen feet! Am exhausted from walking so far today, so dh is on orders to look after me tonight, he hasn't even offered me a drink yet tho! ( he needs to learn how to mind read).

ChildOfThe1980s Fri 15-Feb-13 19:55:24

Congrats Manda Hope you're all well.

How are you both now something ?

WingDefence Fri 15-Feb-13 22:21:31

Hi all smile Guinea you really are getting on well with your work this week wink

I got most of my papers out for my big work meetings today so I can actually enjoy the weekend... Except DH and I are taking the service at church on Sunday so we're both sitting here, writing our bits and pieces and will be doing so tomorrow. So roll on Sunday afternoon basically!

4 weeks today till I finish work... shock

Hooya Sat 16-Feb-13 03:44:01

Congrats manda thanks

So glad he's doing well something, hope you are recovering too and at least you get to see him properly now!

MrsBri good luck with the move! Make sure you grab a good seat with a cup of tea and direct traffic rather than lifting!

Here I'm still counting the days - still being sick on and off and generally feeling rough if I don't keep carb-loading, but getting more excited about having an actual baby at the end of it!

Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend.

somethingwittynot Sat 16-Feb-13 14:53:02

I had to go back to theatre last night for a major clean due to major wound infection. I feel so much better just in a bit of pain and alot of pain where the drain is.

Henry is getting weighed daily and has lost 10g today

frogchops Sat 16-Feb-13 19:09:18

He is beautiful something, just beautiful!

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