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39 w - last minute panic about Labour

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somanymiles Wed 05-Dec-12 21:38:07

Your waters may not break at all, OR might break before true labour begins (in which case you should call your midwife/hospital). You should go to the hospital when your contractions start progressing, or in other words, begin to get longer and closer together. Your midwife, or the hospital might have different guidelines based on length of contractions, why not call them and ask now, to put your mind at rest? You will know when active labour gets going, you won't be able to talk through the contractions any more. If you go too early to hospital they might send you home, so don't rush! And don't worry - you will be fine smile

mytime777 Wed 05-Dec-12 20:19:15


I'm 39 weeks and with labour around the corner ( any day now) I'm starting to feel a little unprepared and wondered if any of u ladies that have done this before would offer me some help.
I'm worried that I don't know when to go to hospital / what I should do when my waters break / what's likely to happen first ?
Basically on starting to panic.
( I did go to antenatal but was told I was likely to have to have a c section-and now thats less likely I'm unsure the order or events ....
Anyone able to help :-)
Much appreciated.

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