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April 2013.....we're halfway there! (Part 5)

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bunnygirl80 Sun 02-Dec-12 01:50:50

Our newest home!

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MumofWombat Wed 02-Jan-13 08:14:26

Good news about Bec and Alexander!

wishful, I use a mixture of cloth and disposable on DS. Cloth when at home and disposables if I'm out of the house for any length of time and overnight. As I'm in Oz I guess brands will probably be different but the style ones I use are pocket nappies, so two piece with an absorbent pad to go inside a pocket in the outer nappy. Even in winter they are easy to dry on the line here and I buy flushable liners online to make things a bit easier. With the modern nappies now a days you don't need to soak, and they should come with guidelines but normally they suggest to only use half the normal amount of washing powder.
I've not really had this problem (DS at 20 months old is still in 6-12 month shorts this summer, the size 1s I got in the sale last year won't stay up and just fall off of his hips - I guess they might fit next year!) but I know from one of my best friends in the UK, who only used cloth, that some baby clothes have been designed for the slimmer disposable. IIRC, Next are quite slim fitting in the bum, but Boots were more generous for the cloth user!
And another plus for cloth nappies is that DS can't undo them whereas he can easily pull the tabs on a disposable. We have turned around sometimes to find a nudeyrudey boy running around!
But then with disposables I think I might be a bit thrifty, most of my mothers group have only ever used the most expensive brand available here. Perhaps because of DS lack of bottom we've actually found that one of the supermarkets own brand fits him best. So my advice is to try different brands - don't just get sucked into the marketing that the expensive brands can pay for!

OComeAllYeFaithBaby Wed 02-Jan-13 10:50:06

Poor Bec, what a tough time she's had. I'm glad to hear she's regained consciousness in the last 24 hours and hope and pray she continues to improve. Little Alexander is a battler, isn't he?! I'm glad he's doing well smile

I am still feeling rough with this virus although I think the worst of it is over. Poor DH, the only position I'm comfortable to sleep in is flat on my back so of course I've been cutting wood! I sent him to the spare bed because he's at work today!


Teapig Wed 02-Jan-13 10:52:53

Happy New Year April ladies! So excited about what this year has in store for us.

Thank you for the update Sam, I'm so pleased that Alexander is doing well and I hope that Bec is through the worst. I think about them often. So glad they are getting stronger with each day, I hope they can go home before too long.

I'm back to work tomorrow having had a lovely couple of weeks off for Christmas. The January blues are officially kicking in. On the plus side the count down begins to when I finish work for my massive holiday maternity leave. 11 and a half weeks to go woohoo!

25 weeks today!

BonaDea Wed 02-Jan-13 11:22:12

Glad that Sam and Alexander are both hanging on in there and getting stronger like the troopers that they are!

had mammoth online shop yesterday and ordered pram, car seat, cot, mattress, dresser / changer, two changing mats (one upstairs, one downstairs), sling, hooded towels, muslins and more. Feeling very smug and organised I must say.

For the first time since being pregnant I vomited this morning. I have had ZERO morning sickness so far - surely it can't be starting now?! Hoping I have some sort of mild stomach upset instead, as I'm feeling generally fine otherwise!

27 weeks today!

Ollibobs Wed 02-Jan-13 11:42:47

Very glad to hear about Bec and Alexander. Hope Bec is out of the woods and can spend time with her little boy.

JaquelineHyOnChristmasSpirit Wed 02-Jan-13 12:34:15

Afternoon ladies my shopping is still trickling on, I need to get it all together and tick stuff off my lists before I head off and get everything else.

One thing I must tell you all now before I forget is mega important and something you must all put on your lists..... Whitch Hazel & Extra Thick Sanitory Pads

Either pour the whitch hazel over the sanitory towels and keep in the fridge ready to pop in your knickers after having baby. Or keep just the Whitch Hazel in the fridge and pour onto your pad each time you need to replace it.

This is the best tip I could ever, ever give you. It is an amazing feeling and helps loads with healing. I was in hospital for a week after giving birth as DS was 6-7 weeks prem and was a little dubious when the midwife gave me a freezing cold soaked pad to put in my knickers but by God it was amazing!

angeltattoo Wed 02-Jan-13 13:38:56

Happy New Year everyone!

Great news about mama and Alexander.

Well, am now on a mission to get organised grin

Our flat is on the market but hasn't sold yet, so I am planning for the worst and hoping for the best.

I have ordered a storage bed, should come tomorrow, and we can assemble it on Saturday, which will hopefully mean I can either fill it with baby stuff or clear some drawers for baby stuff.

I have bookmarked a crib from kiddicare (space is an issue, so will start with this and not bother with moses basket) and a car seat, but I will probably hold off until March to order these. Baby got lots of gifts over Christmas so I have many very beautiful little clothes for her now! Once bed is sorted, come Feb I will bring down the pram and some of the 400 nappies my mum has bought have no idea what I'll do if brands she has do not suit baby, I have sworn my mother not to buy anything else but whether she'll respect this is another matter!

I have started by hospital bag list etc too. So I feel like I'm getting there!

Am in the middle of a post-holiday cleaning and washing marathon today, back to work tomorrow. Then just 10 weeks left at work! I hope they fly by and don't draaaaaaaagggggggg!!!

bext Wed 02-Jan-13 15:10:26

Hi all,
So glad to hear that Bec and Alexander are making progress.

On the subject of re-usable nappies, I'm going to try them as my sister used them and I was so impressed (she lived with us while she had her last baby so I got to see them first hand).
She got a starter pack from this site of one sized, pocket nappies (designed to last from birth to potty training).
We tried putting them all together before my nephew was born, and ruled out a couple of brands already - we decided that if two moderately intelligent women in the middle of the day with a good night's sleep couldn't work out which bit poppered onto which bit, then there was no way she'd manage it in the middle of the night with a screaming baby.
She then tried a few once DN was born and he fitted the Wonderoos really well. She sent back the starter pack and bought a full set of Wonderoos, which did then last him right the way through to potty training.

They were so nice - bright colours and fun, she has saved a fortune versus disposables over the years, and they were so much better for his bum. She did use disposables occasionally (when out for a long time etc) and he got instant nappy rash which was much less with the reusables.

And thanks for all the shopping lists - I have stocked up on muslins accordingly, and will shortly be stocking up on Witch Hazel - that sounds like a great trick.


usernamegoeshere Wed 02-Jan-13 15:16:36

Am glad to hear Mama & Alexander are doing well! I hope he gets to meet his mum soon, must be awful for the whole family.

I'm extra sore & tired today, I think I did a bit much so trying to take it easier this afternoon and taking paracetamol. I feel like such a useless lump, getting fatter by the day & moving so slowly. Everyone is being nice to me about it now but am scared they will start to resent my incapableness.

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 16:09:58

Hi all, just checking in again as it has been ages since I posted although I do occasionally lurk.

This has been (emotionally) my hardest PG (is number three and all the extra tests due to age and previous preemies makes me think I have felt quite detached and more aware of the risks/struggles this one might go through). DP also seems less 'involved' than previous times but has really picked up recently.

Anyway, today I am 24 weeks which means the baby is now viable and so we are really going to start getting ready for it to arrive. It is not due until the end of April - and I keep saying that it might chose to stay put until May but we are probably/possibly looking at any time from the end of February.

So far we have bought nothing at all for this baby. We were going to stop at 2DC so gave most of our stuff away. I have just one a bundle of baby sleeping bags on ebay so that is the first purchase for this one. I need to make a list of what we need and should probably think about stuff for my hospital bag too (although I have never packed one before as DDs arrived before we got that far).

Today I am spending the morning at the hospital. I am 'taking part' in two studies to try to prevent premature births which means a morning of swabs (oral and vaginal), blood tests and then 'capsules to insert each evening at bedtime' until 34 weeks! (TMI - I cannot even insert tampons without applicator so not sure how I am going to manage - might have to get DP to assist!)

Anyway, hope all going well with everyone and hoping to be much more involved now that we have reached 24 weeks.

Off to catch up with thread.

Jsa1980 Wed 02-Jan-13 16:11:20

Dispite feeling absolutely massive I'm only measuring a week over according to the midwife today. For some reason they want to see me next week and I stupidly didn't ask why! I also have to have the anti d jab next week at the hospital. Anyone else had it yet? And do you know where they jab you (arm, leg etc)?

kittykatsforever Wed 02-Jan-13 16:13:30

Hi < peeks head in>
Just posting a MSG for wishfulthinking, we have started a bfp wishes for 2013graduates thread as alot have since come through- would love anyone who was a former member to come join us and as you were founder and therefore probably furthest along aswell would be great to hear how your doing smile

JessieEssex Wed 02-Jan-13 18:21:06

Hi all, and Happy New Year! So pleased to hear about Bec and Alexander.
I feel massive too, but measured exactly right last week.
Went to the gym for the first time in ages this morning and found even a slightly brisk walk a bit much - made my bump ache on both sides. So I just ambled along on the treadmill while watching This Morning... DD1 was in the crèche and they had a bouncy castle up for the school holidays so it was worth going just for that.
Have a growth scan next week at 28 weeks and we are seriously thinking of crumbling and finding out the sex (we didn't with DD). Someone talk me out of it and remind me how much fun it is to have a surprise...!

Trishstar Wed 02-Jan-13 18:35:19

Aaaaargh!! Just on the train home from London! Although i am off this week from work I went to London today for new product training. I don't like London at the best of times but deffo not at 6 months pregnant!!! xxx

OBEM tonight yay! Xx

EssexWelsh Wed 02-Jan-13 20:07:57

Very excited about OBEM and the fact it runs til our due dates and even better, tonight's episode on the info says 'following expectant mum Stacey' and breaking the rules and outing myself but guess my name grin Loving my house slowly being taken over by baby products, DP less so! My mum bought us M&P Moses basket yesterday, I love it, whirligig range, it's lemon which I thought was a little girly, but it has a tortoise on a skateboard so totally allowed for a boy!

bunnygirl80 Wed 02-Jan-13 21:20:04

wishful I use a mix of cloth and disposables. I use tots bots bamboozle stretchies which are a two part system, so you have the nappy and then a separate waterproof wrap that goes over the top. DS is very long legged but slim round the middle, so the cloth nappies are often the only thing holding his trousers up grin On days when he wears disposables he often ends up with his trousers round his ankles!

OComeAllYeFaithBaby Wed 02-Jan-13 21:43:47

We're inheriting Bum Genius nappies from my sister. She got on really we with them! Will be using disposables initially because I think even on the smallest setting they're a bit small for newborns.

Essex are you saying its you on the telly?!

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 22:20:27

We use a mix of Nature Babies Stuffables and Fuzzibunz which are both one piece nappies and are REALLY easy. They are as easy as disposables - which we do use when on holiday or away from home for the whole day - but so snuggly and cute!

EssexWelsh Wed 02-Jan-13 22:48:14

ocome goodness no, just same name and with that vile partner of hers would definitely not admit to it shock still got 3 months to go. Also cannot imagine anything worse that being filmed!

alwayshopeful13 Wed 02-Jan-13 22:56:46

So great to hear good news of bec and alexander.

sorry for not name checking on everyone's news but this thread moves so fast i can never keep up. jessie I'm with you on needing to be talked out of finding out the sex. We love the idea of a surprise but I also reeeeally want to know (totally irrational obv-blame pg hormones!). We managed to resist temptation at the 20 week scan but we have to have 3 more growth scans (baby all grand last time but my blood flow to placenta slightly lower than normal). So how we'll get through those without giving in I just don't know.

A the moment the only thing stopping us is the sticking to our guns factor-we've told everyone we're having a surprise so don't really want to backtrack (esp with the older generation who all seem thrilled that we're doing the old fashioned surprise way). Any other good reasons not to find out would b v welcome!

alwayshopeful13 Wed 02-Jan-13 23:02:42

Sorry for missing letters in last post-still getting used to iPad keyboard!

EssexWelsh Thu 03-Jan-13 07:24:49

Right I need a whinge/some help, for the past couple of weeks I've been getting sporadic shorting pains down my left inside thigh to my knee, comes on after sitting down and getting up to walk brings it on, however a good night sleep has got rid of it. Not mentioned it to anyone bar DP as has been manageable. Now last night I think from driving 4 hours back to Essex from Wales has left me in agony, have managed to doze throughout the night but it really is killing and is not getting any better. Any ideas, google dr tells me could be sciatic nerve being pressed on by baby or SPD and that there is nothing you can do, any experience of these? I think I can handle pain but now dreading labour if I can't handle this!!

Dysgu Thu 03-Jan-13 08:38:11

Hi EssexWelsh I agree that it sounds like exactly what the google dr has said! That is exactly what I am going through - it began after some long walking and standing and has gradually grown into a constant pain, especially across the lower back and hips. The shooting pain is sporadic - that is the baby pushing on the sciatic nerve.

Yes, there is nothing you can do about it! I take paracetamol sometimes but not sure it makes a difference. Ibruprofen is not good to take in pregnancy which I think would work better.

I also find a hot soak in the bath takes the pressure off a bit and I sleep with a pillow between my legs which keeps my hips at a more natural level, although I still have to turn over every couple of hours.

Yes the whole thing is s**t but will hopefully will improve after the baby arrives [fingers crossed emoticon].

I am planning on asking my MW to 'suggest' I take time out of work to attend aqua natal classes as I cannot do much other moving/exercise. You can also push for physio although I am doing okay so far without.

Also, labour pain has an end in sight that is tangible. This pain just drags on and on with no purpose.

Dysgu Thu 03-Jan-13 08:40:26

Oh and the current 'being in agony' stage that you are in passed for me after 24 hours in bed/bath. Now I am VERY careful about not overdoing things, can't walk much and really have to rely on DP to take DDs to the park and do the shopping.

usernamegoeshere Thu 03-Jan-13 12:38:37

Essex I think physio can be helpful (was for me - only had 1 session but was given exercises to do at home) also your GP can give you slightly stronger pain relief. Make sure if you visit GP for a referral/pain relief you mention that your sleep was affected by it.

I had a bad day yesterday, I overdid it & ended up pretty much unable to even stand up without almost crying. I then got really miserable & angry with myself for letting it get in that state again. Thankfully today it has let up slightly so should recover faster this time but I'm not going to take any more risks. Its dumb, I hurt myself as I was rushing to not be late to meet friend, but ended up being awkward/quiet & leaving early as was in pain so I might as well have just been late!

I am now the official owner of maternity clothes (had jeans only till now) luckily I like them muchly since they are pretty much all I can wear now till April!


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