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April 2013.....we're halfway there! (Part 5)

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bunnygirl80 Sun 02-Dec-12 01:50:50

Our newest home!

Old thread here

Stats thread here

Missmuffet28 Sun 02-Dec-12 12:00:36

Aww jessie you'll just have to be my no due date buddy instead I'm not until the 14th but that doesn't matter!

angel just tell your mum that you would love to get some bits for yourself as coo-ing over it all in the shops is half of the fun and she wouldn't want you to miss out on that would she! Even if she insists on paying for it! Can't say I'd be upset at that prospect grin

flamin what a fab scheme that is!!! That'll save you a few hundred for sure! More to spend on a bag eh!!

Bags!! I couldn't resist looking! I'm living the look of pink lining ones all cute and chic on the outside then bam shocking pink inside just my cup of tea! They are really expensive tho even on ebay at the mo, so prob out of my league unless I ask Santa maybe or my birthday is in January hehe! Someone mention they had one of these already? How did you find the practicality of it?

lutrinae great vessels has to be a compliment right!!!

mama as always looking forward to your update

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday!


FlaminNoraImPregnantPanda Sun 02-Dec-12 12:20:24

To be honest, I'm not really interested in changing bags. A bag's a bag to me and I'll probably end up using a carrier bag coz I'm such a saddo.

I will however use the savings to buy lots of as close to pink babygros for our little boy as I can get past my husband grin

MumOfTwoCats Sun 02-Dec-12 12:39:59

Hey missmuffett I'll be your due date buddy! If I may join please? I have been lurking and as we have had good results so far I think we may be ok! We are having a surprise! First baby!

21 weeks today

JaquelineHyde Sun 02-Dec-12 12:40:21

Hello everyone, thank you for the lovely new thread. Half way there eeeek!

Flamin that's brilliant, I will have to investigate and see if our council does that but I doubt it!

DH and I are arguiung over changing bags as he will be doing the majority of the childcare once I go back to uni so he wants something plain and manly hmm So I suspect we will be getting two grin

I'm 34 and my quad test came back as 1 in 19,000 which I was told was very good. However, I don't think it matters how high it gets as long as it doesn't get into the low hundreds IYSWIM?

I think dh and I will be buying everything we can second hand as we can't afford to buy everything new and once you have got the few big items you need there isn't really muh else you need. I should make a list!

birdbrain17 Sun 02-Dec-12 12:54:23

Hi everyone. Can't believe I haven't been online for a couple of days and so much has happened, and a new thread!
Just marking my place on here and will catch up properly later.
welcome to all the newbies and jacqueline so glad everything is okay.
have a great sunday smile

FlaminNoraImPregnantPanda Sun 02-Dec-12 13:04:49

Jacqueline I'm in a remote area of Sweden. I have a feeling that being so remote, and hardly ever seeing a police car or another car even, may have led people to not bothering in the past. I think the council brought in this scheme to address this problem.

JaquelineHyde Sun 02-Dec-12 13:56:29

Aaahhh I see, when I lived on Shetland it was spretty much the same so I understand why they would do that, bloody good idea too!

Missmuffet28 Sun 02-Dec-12 14:34:39

Yay welcome mumoftwocats of course you can join! And congratulations! X

ratbagcatbag Sun 02-Dec-12 14:36:38

Marking my place. Feeling slightly better today but decided to try and get the final few bits of Xmas presents and my damn Achilles' tendon has bloody done something again, cue a pathetic limp back to the car and the offending ankle on ice whilst I mumsnet finish my shopping on line. smile

SneezySnatcher Sun 02-Dec-12 14:57:25

Quick question. Is anyone else getting braxton hicks already? I've been getting a couple a day (not at all painful). They do stop if I lie down/ change position but it's unpleasant.

Don't remember ever getting them with DD so I'm a bit freaked out!

wishfulthinking1 Sun 02-Dec-12 17:22:45

Hmmmm sneezy you've made me consult google about Braxton hicks- I think I've been getting them for aaages! Every now and then my tummy gets all hard, I assumed it was the baby pushing against my tummy, but from reading it actually sounds like Braxton hicks. I remember talking to someone about it unthread and saying 'nah, it's just the baby's position' but perhaps I was wrong!
22 wks today!

kellestar Sun 02-Dec-12 18:15:45

empress we had most stuff for DD second hand apart from mattress and car seats. Cot was £15 off a friend, bought a new mattress. Maclaren XT lies flat and is suitable for new borns, £45 off eBay. We also bought a M&P swing crib from eBay, local collect for £30, bought a new mattress, it was small enough to fit in our room as she was so small the cot was too big really. Loaned SiL's moses basket, but the sides were too floppy and she kept almost rolling out, so sent it back to SiL. Obviously crib will be coming back out the attic for DC2 and I'm probably buying a P&T E3 and selling on the Maclaren XT. There are nicer things to spend money on. I loved my moby wrap sling, it's long and stretchy and is great for big curvy types and DD spent plenty of time in there.

Bambino29 Sun 02-Dec-12 19:03:37

Hi everyone, haven't posted in a while - been insanely busy! Am twenty weeks today and have my scan tomorrow - so excited to find out what we're having but also pretty nervous!

Loving the tips for changing bags - haven't bought anything yet as wanted to wait until scan was done so, providing all's well tomorrow, will be hitting the shops hard!

Sneezy - thi I might have been having braxton hicks - like Wishful, I thouht it was the baby pushing up against my tummy but it does go very hard every now and again.

birdbrain17 Sun 02-Dec-12 19:12:31

been looking around a bit today and wondering if anyone has recommendations of what buggies are good to buy. My sil is giving us a car seat as they had twins so have a spare one, so I'm not looking at travel systems which I would have otherwise I want to get a good buggy that is suitable from birth but will last a couple of years. I'm not worrying about price at the moment first I want to see what is out there and then we'll decide how much we can afford.
p.s any tips on what else to buy would be great I've been reading different lists online but good to hear what people actually needed
22 weeks!

FlaminNoraImPregnantPanda Sun 02-Dec-12 19:17:18

I've bought a bugaboo chameleon. Luckily I managed to find a really nice one second hand. Husband was so relieved he didn't have to get a new one.

caliope Sun 02-Dec-12 19:26:25

Hi all,

We had our baby gender party this afternoon and when we cut into the cake it was..... BLUE! so we're having a boy! It's our first so really didn't mind what we were having but I must admit it's really nice to know and now I can refer to my bump as a him!

So please change one of the surprises to a boy for me!

As for changing bags my mother-in-law very kindly bought me a Radley one in the House of Fraser 40% sale today so I feel very spoilt! (I'm certainly getting most of whatever else I need 2nd hand!)

SneezySnatcher Sun 02-Dec-12 19:35:23

Flamin we have a Cameleon too. We had it for DD and I loved it. It's lasted well and I'm looking forward to using it again!

Teapig Sun 02-Dec-12 19:58:20

Welcome to the newbies! Wow, we're halfway through, can't believe it!

Went to my first NCT sale on Saturday and it was great, picked up lots of clothes and books for next to nothing and it was great fun. Thanks for starting the changing bag discussion Trish, that's something I'd been thinking about.

I've seen a pram that almost looks too good (i.e. cheap) to be true, it's a Graca Quattro and is about £300 brand new for the whole travel system. Has anyone used one before and know if it's a real bargain or if there's a catch?

DH and I are really struggling on girls names. So far we have one and are desperately need of inspiration, if anyone has ideas please do share. We don't want to go too traditional but also not totally off the wall.


EssexWelsh Sun 02-Dec-12 20:28:55

Loving the Pacapod bag, had always wanted the cowboy print Cath Kidston one even before pregnancy but now seeing how practical the Pacapod is I'm sold! Also it matches our pram perfectly and is man friendly, so DP will use!

And think we got the name today-Blake, not sure where I saw it yesterday but suddenly thought it was a great name plus told DP and apparently it's Robin in Batman's surname, so he likes it-did I mention I do worry about the genes I'm breeding with 😉

steph2412 Sun 02-Dec-12 20:29:31

Teapig i would have a really good think about the pushchair and its practability. When we had first dd i got a new chicco travel system it was 300+ but we only hax it 6months it was to big and bulky to hard for me to fold and hold dd on my own etc!this time there r lots of pushchairs i like but just cant make a decision!

Giddypants Sun 02-Dec-12 21:18:29

Evening everyone, just marking place hope your shift was ok faith my feet are on fire after mine! Back on Tuesday.

toobreathless Sun 02-Dec-12 21:25:24

Just quickly popping in before I head off to my night shift:

Lovely to hear about your gender reveal party Caliope congrats on your boy.

Welcome to newbies jsa1980 and ilovenoodles

16 girls
18 boys
14 surprises

toobreathless Sun 02-Dec-12 21:33:17

On Changing Bags:
I have a PACAPOD and have used it daily since DD was born. I have the brown leather satchel one, DH would definately not be seen dead with anything girly. It was expensive (£175?) but DH gave it to me for Xmas 2011. I highly recommend them, I think you get them from about £50? The pods are brilliant, means you don't have to take whole changing bag into toilets etc & the pods will clip onto the buggy individually if you don't want to take the whole bag out. I also can't fault their customer services, our main zip broke after a year, I emailed them a picture and sent them the main bag (they told me to keep the pods) & they just sent me a new one complete with new pods and changing mat!

Trishstar Sun 02-Dec-12 21:37:41

My travel system is the baby style oyster. We got a really good deal on it so have all the bits til little man will be 2.5/3, and then for the next DC we can change the colour pack on it if need be. We've got the ocean colour pack (a teally blue)


kellestar Sun 02-Dec-12 21:42:57

A friend gave us the graco quatro travel system, she'd had it six months, it was clean and shiny and looked nice. But I hardly used it as it was such a heavy pram to get in and out the car and was hefty to handle loaded with a small baby, change bag and a little shopping. Bath was a nightmare and i dragged the graco backwards up a small hill in frome. I passed it on to another friend after about 3 months use and acouple of weeks ago a wheel broke off and it was irrepairable, she had it just over 6 months. Though it was stood in our garage for 6 months it had less than 18 months of light use before failing. Also didn't fit in the boot of a fiesta unless the parcel shelf was removed permenantly. I couldn't believe how light and easy the maclaren is in comparison. Weight is the only thing putting me off the p&t.

Also check the reviews section of MN can give good advice too.

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