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July 2013 part 2

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ArkadyRose Fri 30-Nov-12 16:35:05

And on we go! smile

Guavasforbreakfast Mon 31-Dec-12 16:42:00

Ah thanks arkady, that makes so much more sense than the way she showed me! She sorted of put it all on first then shuffled the baby in bit by bit from the top - was a bit shock at doing that to a newborn...

esme80 Mon 31-Dec-12 16:44:08

I struggled with the sling a bit. I had a babybjorn, and my spd has lingered and not gone completely since ds was born. Got sore hips quite quickly with it. But not sure if that would be the case with another sling, maybe another would suit me better... Am tempted to get another second hand one and see if thats any better...
Oh, and I will def not be up at midnight tonight, dont think Ive managed post 10 since bfp.

SlouchingPanda Mon 31-Dec-12 17:20:04


Have been lurking for the past week but haven't had time to post in thanks to my hectic schedule of being forcefed by various family members.

Supershiv I do hope your bleeding settles and that Thursday brings good news. And OhGood I have been thinking of you and am glad all seems to be better than it first appeared.

News here is that I had my scan on the 27th and it's all good. Feeling a lot more relaxed about the whole thing now, and have spilt the beans to family and close friends. 20 wk scan is booked, 16 wk MW check is booked... I feel properly pregnant now! smile

How are other first-timers doing bump-wise? I have no hint of anything yet, but am gazing into my crystal bump ball as I have a wedding to go to at 20wks and have no idea what I'll look like. There are lots of nice dresses discounted online but don't want to spank a load of cash on something totally inappropriate...

Also really useful to hear recommendations for strollers, slings etc from all you seasoned mums. Keep 'em coming!

Happy new year to all!


specialknickers Mon 31-Dec-12 17:37:42

Just comeback from the scan and all was just right. I had to stand up and jiggle around a bit to get the little one to move so that the sonographer could get the nuchal fold measurement which was funny but also good to see the baby moving. Ahhh, bless him or her, he rolled back over as if to say stop waking me up... It all seems real now.

I too struggled with baby carriers with ds - I had terrible spd/pgp after he was born and found leaning on a pram the only way to travel. I can totally recommend bugaboo chameleons, mine was so easy to push and ds slept in there every day... In fact he refused to nap anywhere else! I used it every day till he was about 18 months and its still in perfect condition, despite getting knocked about on easyjet. I'm quite looking forward to digging it out again actually!

Beginningofthejourney Mon 31-Dec-12 17:45:17

Hi slouchingpanda I am a 1st timer due similar time as you and already have a bit of a bump bubba clearly didn't want to miss out on the Christmas celebrations as it seemed to appear Christmas Eve! I've got hen weekends and wedding coming out of my ears this year and having the same issue of trying to figure out what I will look like and therefore what to wear!
I found New Look had quite a good sale and I managed to get 5 or 6 tops for under £30, couldn't be bother to try on trousers (which is what I actually need!) so need to go back.
Anyway happy new year everyone! Can't believe I'm actually going to be a mummy in 2013 :-) x

Hai1988 Mon 31-Dec-12 18:35:38

Hey all its been a while but thought id check in and see how ur all doing :smile got my 12wk scan on wednesday, excited for that smile

GingerJulep Mon 31-Dec-12 19:17:33

Guavasforbreakfast babies sleep excellently in the slings/carriers things if that is what you are wondering about for walks?

If you're thinking you'll get tired of carrying that is another matter of course.

Having said that once they are bigger those metal framed back-pack style things they can go in are going to allow you much more walking freedom.

Guavasforbreakfast Mon 31-Dec-12 22:00:09

On a random tangent, I've only just realised that biscuit is in fact not a boob, but a biscuit... Thought it was some reference to breastfeeding... blush

emblosion Mon 31-Dec-12 22:48:59

panda I have a massive fat stomach, not sure I can really say its a bump, sadly hmm think my stomach muscles have just given up after ds! I'm bigger than I was at 20 weeks last time!

Definite yes to the comfy maternity jeans, I'm in mine!

We have an icandy apple - definitely recommend icandy, the apple is quite big though, the cherry and strawberry are more compact I think (we got a great deal second hand, so can't complain!) . I also have a koochi pushchair now ds is a bit older. Going to have to trade 'em in for a double though! No idea what to go for.

emblosion Mon 31-Dec-12 22:55:25

Oh and ds screamed everytime he was put in a sling as a newborn! babies are all different, would recommend trying different types at a sling meet or from a sling library before shelling out.

Happy New Year to all!

ArkadyRose Mon 31-Dec-12 23:04:23

I just had a look at iCandy prices on ebay - bloody hell! No way would I fork out £300 for a second-hand pushchair! I though Silvercross prices were bad....

notprincesskate Tue 01-Jan-13 07:59:51

Happy new year all. I'm off to work today so not impressed that DH didn't roll in until 2am, but now he'll have to look after a very active toddler with a hangover so ha, I don't feel sorry for him at all.

I'm most def in my maternity trousers, I seem to have a reasonable bump much larger than I remember at this stage last time, but also think I have no stomach muscles and a decent layer of fat too, in some things I'm sure I look a good 20weeks eek! blush

I'll be using DD's Mutsy which I loved has a separate carrycot which I really liked, got it second hand tho from SIL think it was over £800 new shock, not one for public transport tho as big and heavy and not easily collapsed so I'll be looking at a close sling, had a moby last time, but couldn't get on with knotting it, although when on loved it, but think the close one as its a ring one and you just pull it over your head and the tie it maybe better for me this time I hope, plenty on eBay so won't pay full price anyway.

Enjoy the bank holiday everyone

twirliedobbit Tue 01-Jan-13 08:21:24

So scan went well on thurs so have just told the world including our other 3 dc's Ds1= not that bothered dd2 = soooo excited dd3 = not really understanding what's going on as she is only 2 smile

We have a iCandy peach which I bought when having dd3 as i was hoping to have dc4 a bit sooner than this and the peach has a converter to make into a double. Also had both the carrycot and the seat. I LOVED it, yes it is ridiculously expensive ( and you need a fairly large boot) but never had a thing go wrong with it and still looks as good as new. Can't wait to get it out of the loft. Dc3 will be 3 by the time this baby comes so would think she will be walking/ on a buggy board so no need for the converter sad
I also had a really good orthopaedic baby carrier, I'll dig it out and repost the name for you all, I have small babies and tend to get back pain and this carrier felt so much better for me than my original baby bjorn, however, I am told that different styles suit different body shapes/baby sizes etc. so def agree with embolsion about try before you buy.
Am def back in maternity wear coupled with living in leggings. Went to mammas and pappas yesterday and their mat clothes are over 50% off, made them fall into my price range. I resent spending so much money on clothes which aren't my style to wear for a few months especially as this is definitely the last time for me. Got some great work stuff as well as some going out tops. For those needing special occasion wear, maxi dresses are always a good bet.

twirliedobbit Tue 01-Jan-13 08:44:44

Just googled it and it's an Angel pack!!

esme80 Tue 01-Jan-13 09:27:24

Twirlie I looked at the peach the other day but looked a bit too small for me, the seats that is. I am the opposite of you, if going by DS, and have huge babies! Both dh and I are tall. Think DS would outgrow peach seat by the time I need it, so think I need Side by side... Oh and congrats on scan of course!

I have a wedding in may, not for quite a while, but already dreading finding a dress that I will only wear once, in size elephant...

YikesHereWeGo Tue 01-Jan-13 09:31:58

Happy New Year you guys! 2013 is going to be fab!!
I can't believe you're all chatting about pushchairs already though shock I feel so behind you all as am still only 10w3d. Have been totally panicking about the baby as I had a mc at 10 weeks last time, so have booked in for another viability scan & Harmony bloods at FMC tomorrow morning. Daft, I know, but I really want to know if it's all OK in there. Booking in with mw tomorrow afternoon too so it's a full on baby day for me. FINGERS CROSSED!!
Hope you all have a relaxing day off (-those that don't have to work today).

dinkystinky Tue 01-Jan-13 09:37:40

Happy new year all - we are nearly out of thread so will start a new one. Can't do links on this new tablet thing DH got me so could someone do me a link?

dinkystinky Tue 01-Jan-13 09:54:33

New one up and running....

ArkadyRose Tue 01-Jan-13 15:51:06

Link to new thread

MrsRoss26 Thu 03-Jan-13 11:18:22

Thanks to those who replied to my question on the booking-in appt. and scan. I'm not surprised they don't do it at the same time, though quite disappointed! I'll be 11wks tomorrow, so I was hoping for a scan pretty soon.

I've avoided the sales for maternity wear and baby things so far - waiting on the scan so I may miss out entirely. But I did have to buy new jeans as everything has become so much tighter recently. I'm really looking forward to having a proper bump though - surely one of the best bits for those of us without the flat tummy to begin with? grin

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