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July 2013 part 2

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ArkadyRose Fri 30-Nov-12 16:35:05

And on we go! smile

orangebubbles Fri 30-Nov-12 16:53:42

Marking place! Arkady please put a link on the other thread so people can link through easily, thank you.

dinkystinky Fri 30-Nov-12 16:58:20


wifey6 Fri 30-Nov-12 17:05:23

Hi all <waves>...didn't our first thread fill up fast!

marimama Fri 30-Nov-12 17:10:17

Marking spot. smile

thinkingpositivethoughts Fri 30-Nov-12 17:13:58

Made it to part two! That's got to give us some reassurance!

7+4 and fingers very tightly crossed!

Welcome newbies! Great to have a dad on board.

Plans for the weekend anyone? More fake drinking tonight for me...

paolocee Fri 30-Nov-12 17:17:29

I'm going to have a dry weekend in sympathy with my DP. Booooring.

Guavasforbreakfast Fri 30-Nov-12 17:21:28

Mw appointment and second thread in one day - feels like I'm getting somewhere. 8 weeks here I come :-)

marimama Fri 30-Nov-12 17:39:34

I think we might tell our parents this weekend. DH's parents have been staying with us for the past 2 weeks and they fly back to Italy Sunday. During their stay i have been cranky/asleep early most evenings. Kind of feel they deserve to know why! On the other hand, I have been enjoying having a secret. And also not being asked how I feel every 5 min or getting fussed over. Tell or not tell!!??

marimama Fri 30-Nov-12 17:40:48

Btw i am only 6w saturday.

Guavasforbreakfast Fri 30-Nov-12 17:53:39

mari I told my mum and sisters straight away at 5 weeks! They knew about early mc and that we were trying. Great to have the support if anything goes wrong. Telling my dad and DP's parents after we've had our early scan.

ArkadyRose Fri 30-Nov-12 17:54:54

Just posted the link to this thread in the last one. smile

paolocee Fri 30-Nov-12 17:55:21

We only told ours yesterday after our 7 week scan because they knew we'd had an IVF treatment and were pestering us. It was more stressful NOT telling them. We would've preferred to keep it quiet for a few weeks more. But it's totally up to you. If you don't fancy telling them then don't! You don't really owe them an explanation.

ArkadyRose Fri 30-Nov-12 17:58:31

We've told a select group of people thus far, that doesn't include my or OH's parents - I'm not close to either set, and his parents are in Australia so no point in telling them until we have something to actually tell, IYSWIM. We're going to save any big announcements until I get safely to the 2nd trimester. The ones I've told thus far are the ones I know will be understanding and supportive if I have another mc.

orangebubbles Fri 30-Nov-12 18:21:50

Thanks Arkady, would have done myself but was on phone! DH told his parents... Australian and they are now annoying the shit out of me about when they are going to fly over and stay for weeks on end. I'm running out of ways to politely say piss off!!!

thinking big plans here, I'm going to neck a bottle of veuve have a few cheeky social cigg's and dance 'till dawn! Oh no that was my other life grin

mari we've told parents and siblings but will be telling entire family after scan next Friday, all being well, as we have a family wedding between Christmas and new year. I'd get busted by cousins within seconds!

Am I the only with rage? I mean full on, murderous, screaming, shouting, hormonal rage!!!

CottonSock Fri 30-Nov-12 18:23:21

Marking place. I told family early on as I had time away with both and the antibiotics excuse will not wash. Welcome to a dad to be. My dh is desparate to know what's going on here and tries to read it, tells me to update it etc. I won't show, partly to wind him up ;) also if I moan about him he will know lol

shelley72 Fri 30-Nov-12 18:28:42

ooh i've found you! glad the scan went well wifey and so many new people smile. still not managed to tell anyone else yet, suppose i will have to soon, though scan date not likely to be until after christmas ...

Guavasforbreakfast Fri 30-Nov-12 18:34:08

Hehe cotton mine is being nosy too, he asked for my mn name this morning but prob would only tease me, which is likely to bring on the rage like orange grin

elliejjtiny Fri 30-Nov-12 18:35:08

Oh yes, I have the rage grin. DH forgot to buy pink grapefruit squash the other day (the only drink I can keep down) and he is lucky to still be alive! After a night and morning of trying to sip water and then retching I spent £2.85 on something that was basically pink grapefruit squash with an iceberg in from costa. I'm probably the only person willing to spend that much on a plastic cup of squash lol.

wifey that is brilliant news, I am so pleased for you.

Welcome all newbies

I've just talked to the midwife. A different one to last time but she was so lovely. She said it was fine to do my booking in after the scan. She also said she would try and get me a scan next week but not to get my hopes up because she refers all women with a history of miscarriage for a dating scan at 10 weeks but most of them don't get one.

orangebubbles Fri 30-Nov-12 18:41:48

Newbies yes you lot, copy, paste and add yourself in, in date order please. I have witnesses to vouch for my itch if someone just randomly shoves them selves in the wrong place, did I mention I have the rage grin

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Gingerpanther27 - 7th July
RacquelWelsh - 8th July
Efme - 8th July
GeorgieWilson - 9th July
wifey6 - 10th July
Calmisthemantra - 11th July
Specialknickers - 11th July
Emblosion 12th July
Thundercatz 12th July
SlouchingPanda - 12th July
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ArkadyRose Fri 30-Nov-12 18:42:45

We were quite canny on the Aussie in-laws front - they came over to the UK earlier this year for the big family tour (MIL is originally English & still has a lot of family over here). We spent a very soggy weekend with them down in Wiltshire in May and didn't breathe a word that we were TTC. They're both in their 70s and FIL isn't in the greatest of health - and after a big 3-month trip to the UK it's going to be quite a while before they'll be able to do a trip like that again! wink

And they both know I don't do Skype or small talk on the phone, so I shan't get badgered that way either.

They're nice enough in small doses, but I'm rather glad they live on the other side of the planet from us. And there's no way we could afford to go visit them, thankfully! grin

orangebubbles Fri 30-Nov-12 18:46:29

Glad it's not just me then grin ellie hope DH has now stockpiled said juice!

orangebubbles Fri 30-Nov-12 18:52:27

ugh Arkady that worked out very well indeed. My in-laws have already been over this year. MIL came over in April for 3 weeks and FIL in September for 3 weeks!! The thing is, it's looking like a c-section is my only option so my mum and dad will stay the 8weeks recovery (dh will be overseas and might be allowed back for a week but no more), then I just want some time with me baby and DD and towards mid-late sept DH should then get 2 weeks leave. His MIL is talking about coming over for that period! What? No! not going to happen! They can jolly well wait until november or 2014!!! I just need to tell them but I'm saving that battle for the new year after the dating scan!!!

Tashtastic Fri 30-Nov-12 18:53:03

Marking my place. Hi to new people- esp the new boy!
Have been battling with incessant nausea all week and going to a work party tonight. Not looking forward to it. Using the driving excuse to dodge why aren't you drinking questions.

Congrats on the scan wifey - such a relief. Still haven't managed to get one yet. Booking in with mw on 11th December when I will be 9 weeks. Fingers crossed for per Christmas scan!

chocolateteabag Fri 30-Nov-12 19:04:30

Marking my place too and waving hello to all the newbies.
Parked self on sofa while DH wrangles DS into bed - he is so much better at it than me. I get tears and imploring cries of "stay mummy" but DH just tells him he's going and not a whimper confused

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