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March 2013 IX: Cruising to Christmas with burgeoning bumps

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Sheldonella Fri 30-Nov-12 08:22:31

Thanks sarahs999 for the lovely new thread name smile

Old thread here

No 9, can you believe it grin

Oodsigma Fri 18-Jan-13 12:39:11

tramp it's already done wink

theTramp Fri 18-Jan-13 12:33:43

(Sigh) March 2013 X: Watching arrivals board.

Seriously cannot type..

theTramp Fri 18-Jan-13 12:32:28

How about simple: March 203 X: The arrivals board. ?

I've not started on hospital bag, buying anything or err well anything. Sooo busy cant find time. MrM looks set to be away most of Feb now on a job, so will try and get stuff done next weekend with him. He's still thinking we can just sort march. Which of course we can, but if he's not around for that month as well then no fun for me. So I think sort now, never mind re: delivery dates etc and then it's done.

Bet ya I'm saying this still by March smile

Snow! Ohhhhhhhhh snow! Apparently this means end of life as we k ow it in London. Am running a conference today - over 1/3 didn't arrive. At least a 1/3 have left already and we're now wrapping up 2.5 hours early. Honestly, if there's ever a real Armageddon we're stuffed in this country. It's a wee bit of snow for good was sake.

So saying, brrrrr but its cold outside. I've brought snow boots, hat, 3 layers and brolly. Am hoping that does the trick. Though right now I'm just famished.

Tonight should be dinner then ballet. Really hope snow doesn't spoil that as have been looking forward to it.

Hope you're all doing well ladies, gripes aside.

Oodsigma Fri 18-Jan-13 12:11:53

move on over

StormyBrid Fri 18-Jan-13 10:55:18

Well we've still got twenty four posts of rambling before you need to work it out, JoJo. Wait, twenty three now. grin

Scary to think our next thread's probably going to have quite a few escapees before the end of it!

JoJoBella84 Fri 18-Jan-13 08:55:23

'New year, new trimester, old symptoms' I don't know how to make a new thread though!

sarahs999 Fri 18-Jan-13 04:32:01

New thread needed! Finishing post in sight?

plonko Thu 17-Jan-13 20:16:08

Oh Lauren that sounds really stressful! I'm glad everything's ok. I think the lesson here is maybe don't do hurdles, even on an xbox, in the 3rd trimester?! The relief must have been amazing though, and at least you got to have another look at your LO. Sounds frustrating about losing your deposit for the photoshoot. Any chance you could get in touch with them and explain? They may be able to reschedule.

Hospital bag wise I think I'm going to try to pack as light as possible. Just seeing the lady on One Born last night trying to carry car seat, baby bag and her bag whilst IN LABOUR was enough to tire me out. So for me it'll just be a couple of loose tops, massive knickers, some comfy sweats to come home in, the dreaded flip flops, snacks and juice, essential toiletries like pads and MP3 player. Baby's bag has been ready to go for weeks. I'm hoping my slapdash approach pays off, but I'm sure in a months time I'll have an entire suitcase to lug about!

Turns out I got the wrong date for my second NHS Antenatal Class. When I booked them back in November I wrote down exactly what the midwife told me, so I'm blaming her for making my DP take an afternoon off work for no reason. Now we'll just have no clue what happens when we bring baby home I suppose. Bum.

LaurenCaddy Thu 17-Jan-13 18:52:27

Evening Ladies.

Hope everyone is well!

Had a terrible nerve-wracking day yesterday. Its was OH 21st birthday on Tuesday, and we had a bit of fun on the Kinnect with family members. Which saw me doing Hurdles and other bits. I was very proud that a pregnant lady could jump that high and beat my little sisters. Then yesterday i woke up with bad tummy ache, and baby wasn't kicking at usual times. After a couple of hours, and plenty of lucazade and sweets to give baby a sugar ruush, still nothing, so was a mad rush to the hospital. Haven't felt so awful and upset since my brother died. After a little while they got us in for a scan, and revealed she was absolutely fine, just being lazy!! Could of gamboled through the ward with some backflips thrown in. So been taking it easy today and have a midwife appointment tomorrow.

In views of hospital bags, i have mine packed in a small suitcase with wheels, but bigger than holdall kind of thing.

Have everything Emsyboo said, except cotton wool. Massive phobia. Using water wipes instead. Also have a small squirty bottle and a small sponge, as i hear they can be handy for the sweaty hot head moments (and maybe considering a small handheld fan?) Also x2 cameras and chargers/spare batteries for capturing our own moments, my OH is cutting cord and would like that photo for our own personal album. Also charger for mobiles. And good idea on lip balm will add that for sure!

Had an email today as well, saying that if the snow is too bad my first NCT Antenatal Class will be cancelled this Saturday. So not a happy bunny if this happens, as she plans to put that lesson on top of the half day breastfeeding day, but i have a Pregnancy Bump Photoshoot and Bump Bodycast straight after so won't be able to do the afternoon part without loosing my deposit for shoot/cast. Took me ages to book this appointment as well. So fingers crossed its not as bad as they're making out. Anyone else having a Bump Photoshoot?

StealthToddler Wed 16-Jan-13 22:15:45

To add to bag lists.... Flip flops for the really horrible hospital showers.....

StealthToddler Wed 16-Jan-13 22:14:28

To add to bag lists.... Flip flops for the really horrible hospital showers.....

ThreeForTea Wed 16-Jan-13 18:40:20

Apart from the usual useful things, into my hospital bag I'm going to put:
A handy mirror to make myself acceptable for photos, some foundation and make up (ditto- for afterwards obvs, not for during labour!) An eye mask to try and sleep on a ward, toilet wipes in case the loo is grotty, though our hosp is generally fairly clean!

I love my holdall, I bought it especially for going in to have dd. I liked it being in the hallway waiting for me. Ironically however because I was too and fro from the hosp for around 3 weeks in early labour I didn't take it with me for my sweep at 41+2 where they discoved my breech, and dh had to nip home for it quickly before my urgent section!

FloweryBoots Wed 16-Jan-13 17:48:32

Last time I took a small wheelie suit case as my hospital bag. Imagine I'll use the same this time. I had a seperate bag inside with stuff for me in labour (sweets, drinks, lip balm) but think I'll make a few other well labled bags like complete first outfit for baby - remember the MW rifeling through asking what I'd like her to put baby into and me really not having the energy to answer! Also DH got it all messed up trying to find his spare clothes which were right at the bottom as I thought he probably wouldn't need them (but my waters broke all over the poor bloke, so actually they came in quite handy!) so I'm thinking bags within a suitcase.

I used reusables for DS until morning sickness started and I couldn't handle them without vomiting. I had a few fuzzy bunz pocket nappies and mother ease one size for out and about and then the childminder in due course but I mainly use old fashioned terries with mother ease wraps. I would say get a pack to try - I found them far easier to get dry than anything else as the open out to one thickness which nothing else would, and you can change the fold to suit size and shape of baby. Plus they are loads cheaper than any others (but don't get mother care ones which are horribly thin). Ds went into them at about 4 weeks adn we used disposables till then. I expect to do same this time round. thenappylady is a good web site that gives lots of advice and info.

Word of warning about a reluctant DH though, mine was reluctant and never used the reusables. I was adimant we should so just meant I did almost all nappies until we ditched them, which was really necesary as DH wouldn't do the nappy changes if it was cloth, and didn't want to wash them, and I became incapble.

plonko Wed 16-Jan-13 16:48:44

Leni I'm sorry you're also feeling crappy. I blame the weather. Between that and no longer leaving the house to go to work every day, I'm feeling really grumpy. So grumpy, in fact, that I decided to stop burying my head in the sand and do our household budget. It has actually cheered me up.

But the cat has now figured out that I'm at home a lot, and she's massively upped her attention-seeking and I can no longer get anything done without being moaned at constantly. She's been asking for dinner since three - this happens every day without fail. And no, she's not underweight, just a fattykins greedy guts. I suppose this is training for what's to come, right?

I've also decided to ignore DP's protestations and will almost definitely be ordering some reusables once I can deal with the prospect of all that extra washing. I'm really intrigued by this from team lollipop but I suppose it'd be prudent to order a trial kit first? My local council also offers cashback when you buy reusables. The more I look into it the more I want to do it!

My hospital bag is a big skater style men's rucksack, and baby's hospital bag is a normal canvas messenger I got for a tenner from gap - it will also be his nappy bag.

Emsyboo Wed 16-Jan-13 16:10:28

stormy good categories particularly like the stopping leakage lol

Emsyboo Wed 16-Jan-13 16:09:48

Aw leni I was having that kind of day yesterday getting really hard being pregnant now try swimming or a bath.

Don't like to complain as some people are desperate to be pregnant but sucks at times!

StormyBrid Wed 16-Jan-13 15:58:39

Have just spent an hour on the phone to my sister, discussing the hospital bag and its contents. We managed to get it down to a few simple things: clothes for me; clothes for baby; toiletries; toffee crisps; a million and one things designed to prevent me or baby from leaking and oozing all over the damned place. Four of these five subgroups seem manageable, so I shall focus on getting those four sorted first.

Rainbowbabyhope Wed 16-Jan-13 15:28:17

leni I recommend regular long baths for that anti gravity pain free feeling!

leniwhite Wed 16-Jan-13 14:14:02

I have no bag either apart from my work rucksack which is far too small. Got a small suitcase I sort of want a dedicated hospital bag...

Feeling awful today - acid reflux finally subsided a little but now I ache all over, as I'm sure we all do now! I git a knee pillow that straps round one leg to keep it in place but woke up in agony in my hips with a numb bum. Not sure if the pillow is to blame but I had the same issue of my OH just annoying me by being there. Feeling grumpy and snotty. Finding work a struggle, meh confused

Baby's foot is permanently jammed under my rib now and his bladder punching sends me running to the loo at least 20 times a day - reassuring as movement is I also feel like I've been preggers forever...

I looked at reusable nappies too but going to start with disposable as I heard little bottoms leak more when newborn out of the sides of reusables.

I need one of those anti-gravity treadmills so I can be pain free for five mins!!

Argh, sorry all shock

StormyBrid Wed 16-Jan-13 13:16:19

Have just realised. I cannot pack a hospital bag until I have acquired a suitable bag. Guessing a suitcase will be a bit too big?

Plonko - glad to hear I'm not the only one being driven slowly demented by a bedmate's breathing! Mine's currently snoring under a duvet on a reclining chair next to me. I think he's given up on the bed, as my constantly haranguing him to "stop breathing so bloody loudly!" means neither of us get any sleep.
Disposable nappies I'm told cost thousands over the years. Reusables you're talking a couple of hundred quid for the initial set-up and then just washing costs, with a good resale value after. So definitely cheaper (unless you manage to potty train by six months). My own personal reusable/babywearing/hippy guru recommends trying out a few different types to see what works best for you, as no two babies are precisely the same shape. She also recommends starting off with disposables just while you get in the swing of things. I'd be worried birth to potty ones wouldn't fit well throughout.

Flowery even 7-10 days seems ridiculous! It's rare I'm thankful for living somewhere with only one internet provider to choose from, but clearly KC are managing this aspect better than everyone else.
Nighties with buttons... I'd imagine big department stores that cater for little old ladies (not known for their tendency to sleep in the nude) would be a good place to try?

Oodsigma Wed 16-Jan-13 12:43:21

Confuddled had a baby just before Xmas , he's still in hospital but doing well.

Flipflips should be in shops soon as summer stuff is ridiculously early usually.

Emsyboo Wed 16-Jan-13 11:46:31

Who has had a baby already? A friend of mine due the same week has had a boy already look at him thinking wow my baby will be similar to him he is doing really well!

I went through this 2 years ago but seem to have forgotten things! My plans for bag are;

Hard soled slippers (rather than flip flops) not too fussed about shower floors they are very clean in my hospital
Button front nighty
Loose clothes - t shirts & tracky bottoms
Big knickers ( extra big as having c section)
Lots of pads
Roll on deodorant
Travel makeup & moisturisers
Travel shampoos etc
Baby wipes - for me
Cotton wool
Nappy bags
A few 0-3 baby grows (DH was 9lb2oz so none of newborn fit him)
Going home outfit - prob in extra bag for DH to bring in
Lots of cash! For snacks tv cards magazines
Bring in energy drinks and snacks for labour
lip balm I had such dry lips last time!

I am sure I have forgotten plenty but a good start at least for anyone scratching their heads.

FloweryBoots Wed 16-Jan-13 10:57:18

Stormy no it shouldn't have taken that long. They buggered it up! But even so it was 7 - 10 working days, which in real time was even longer because of all the christmas bank holidays, then when we got to the 11 working day and called they discovered it hadn't been ordereed properly so the 7 - 10 working days started again. Grr!

Hmm, hospital bag. Started thinking I should perhaps pack one in the not too distant future, but need to wash baby clothes so we have clean ones to take to hospital, and don't want to wash them all until we have something to put them in, and baby will probably use mine or DH's chest of drawers so first we have to choose and buy our wardrobes (clothes currently all on some awful cheap clothes rails) and decide if we get new drawers to go with them.... So basically everything for me revolvous around choosing furniture (it's the same with curtains in the lounge, need to buy sofa first and any number of things).

To add to the where on earth do we get flip flops when it's snowing out side, where can we get nighties with buttons down them? Last time I bought some cheap vest top pyjamas and just slipped a strap down, but it was August, not March. Think they'd be a bit chilly this time!

Oh, and who's had a baby already???!!!!!

plonko Wed 16-Jan-13 09:33:02

Stormy I think you're a woman after my own heart! Your birth plan reads like mine, and flip flops have left me in the same position as you!

I'm amazed so many of you are being so on the ball. I mean, moving house! Assessing finances! I've become irritable, tired, teary pregnant woman. Have taken to running into the spare bed at night instead of listening DP's heavy breathing. Last night it was so cold in there, absolutely lovely smile. However this makes me feel like DP and I are little more than passing ships, and I miss nighttime and morning cuddles with him. I feel like I've been pregnant forever now, and it's really wearing thin. I want to wear my old clothes! And I want to enjoy a glass of wine, and not have heartburn all the time, and I want to meet my fat screaming newborn! I actually had to stitch up a hole in my maternity jeans the other day. My arse is enormous.

Oh, aside from coming on here to rant, I wanted to ask about washable nappies. I'm keen to know as much as possible. DP wasn't really interested until I told him about the savings. Has anyone here used them? Do they really work out so much cheaper? What's the best system other people have found? I'm not sure I like the idea of birth to potty sizes because of the bulk, but I think they'd be easiest? Minefield!

pudtat Wed 16-Jan-13 07:33:05

stormy your last post has truly raised a smile this morning. Does the phrase denial mean anything! LOL!

(Says she, from the lofty position of having decided which bag she will eventually pack. That's all - you're supposed to take flip flops?! Mind you, I did pick up a pack of maternity pads I saw on special offer the other day... guess I had a vague notion that that fell into the planning for this bit category).

Builders have packed up for now, back in 2-3 weeks. We await their invoice for this session with dread trepidation anticipation so we can examine the finances and realise that like the last government said there's no money left make an informed choice about what exactly we are doing in the second phase to rectify the problems they found which we weren't expected. Oh, and if there's any money left to upgrade the car which we now feel we really do have to do while it's still got any residual value. Not that everything always comes at once or anything! Argh!

Best go and get ready. Must try and look presentable for big boss from London today sigh

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