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March 2013 IX: Cruising to Christmas with burgeoning bumps

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Sheldonella Fri 30-Nov-12 08:22:31

Thanks sarahs999 for the lovely new thread name smile

Old thread here

No 9, can you believe it grin

Oodhousekeeping Wed 02-Jan-13 13:56:53

Yes, yes, yes on your post stealth I feel a bit of an odd one out on here as we aren't prepping a nursery ( dd3 is only just moving out of our room), baby will similarly have new mattress/co-sleep for a year or 2 then we will all change rooms for dd3/dc4 to share.
Clothes will be mainly dd3s unless dc4 is a DS in which case he will have some new stuff & the old neutral stuff.She does feel like a little girl but hate the thought of leaving her for hospital stay and her not being the youngest (though was like that with dd2& she was9!)
No scan here though sad

Em2010 Wed 02-Jan-13 14:19:07

stormy nhs website says deli meat is ok but some countries (USA probably!) advise not to eat it. I must admit there is a packet of Parma ham in my fridge calling my name!

stealth they make creme d'agur??! <makes more to rush out and buy some the minute this baby is born>

Another one not prepping a nursery here, still need to get a new crib for dd to sleep in but that will go in our bedroom and I can't really think further than that... changing station is all set up in ds bedroom already and I will just have to tidy out a few of his cupboards to make room for her little clothes! The joys of living in a tiny house!!

Mw this afternoon, fingers crossed all is going well. My rings still fit so that must be a good sign!

Em2010 Wed 02-Jan-13 14:20:10

Ooh and I have a 36 week scan in 4 weeks! Looking forward to it, only as long as they don't find any problems though!!!

pinkpeony4 Wed 02-Jan-13 14:32:20

Too many pages to catch up on and not enough time. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas & New Year. We had a really nice Christmas day at home with 10 of us for lunch. My turkey managed to turn out Ok thank goodness. We then went to a wedding in Somerset which was lots of fun but exhausting at the same time. All of us in the same bedroom and ds3 woke us all up at 5am which wasn't great after a late night! We then went to stay with my Father and took the boys to the panto, did nice festive things. NYE was very quiet, in bed by 9.30pm...! Felt good yesterday though which was nice.

I am also very relaxed about food this time around too. Enjoyed some delicious cheese over Christmas and a few glasses of Champagne. My heartburn is so bad this time though and so the Gaviscon has to be close by! I have eaten Parma Ham in all 4 pregnancies and I think that is similar to salami so don't worry too much stormy

We also haven't done anything with regards to a nursery. Baby will be in with us for the first 6 months and then we will put ds2 & 3 in together and she can have ds3's room. I am just going to buy some storage boxes for her clothes and they can go in my wardrobe. I have bought some very cute dresses in the sales though - too cute!

Boys aren't back to school until the end of next week, such a long holiday considering that they broke up on the 9th Dec.

32 weeks on Friday, getting very excited although very uncomfy now. Midwife is coming tomorrow so hopefully all is Ok. I think it feels like this baby is lying transverse and so I am interested to see what she thinks. It can be so uncomfortable when she kicks on my sides. I really want a homebirth though so hopefully I am wrong. My back is so sore and my pelvis is starting to hurt too. I have booked an apt for a pregnancy massage on Friday. My Chiropractor has a table with a hole in it so you can lie on your front!

Sorry not to name check, will try and keep up now we are all back home.

Oodhousekeeping Wed 02-Jan-13 15:56:05

V long holidays pink dds broke up on 21st and are back on Monday. Inset tomorrow & Friday ( feeling v sorry for their teachers!)

StealthToddler Wed 02-Jan-13 16:12:04

em yep yum creme d'agur is a blue cheese spread..... Love it and won't share with dh. Mine all mine grin

LexiandBeanette Wed 02-Jan-13 18:42:09

LOL stealth My DH hates blue cheese - so the Stilton at Christmas was all mine! grin
Another one not having a nursery here. Our spare room currently looks like a branch of Mothercare with the purchases and donations and you can't move in there. Have put some time in the diary next weekend with DH to think about how we can get the cot into our room and make some order of the stuff next door so we can find and use it or I might go mad!

Sheldonella Wed 02-Jan-13 20:08:28

Evening all. Well, I had a lovely peaceful new year at home with DH, just what I needed. I actually fell asleep at about 11 but DH woke me just in time to see the new year in. I then fell asleep again after 10 minutes smile I had a nice tiny glass of bubbly earlier in the evening which was just lovely.

I had a fantastic time organising my nursery wardrobe yesterday evening, I'm getting so obsessed with being organised. I stacked up all my nappies and various creams and potions that we have been given and organised all the clothes by age and type. DH finds this so funny as I used to be really messy. He is wondering who I am and what has happened to his wife smile

All this talk of St Agur is making me hungry even though I have just eaten a huge pile of fajitas. It is my favourite cheese and I must confess to eaten a whole pot of the creamy one over xmas. I figured it is processed so is fine. I seem to be getting a bit less strict these days.

As I said on fb my cot was delivered damaged and I was a bit annoyed with John Lewis with their initial handling of it. Fortunately they have been great since and I have got a new one coming when they have confirmed. I looked in the shop on my lunch break and although it is their cheapest, it was nice and sturdy and looks great. I also bought more cute clothes in the sale which I can't stop cooing over smile It was too long a walk for me really and now my bump and hips really ache. I think I'm going to get in my comfy bed early tonight and watch one born every minute.

Still no news on results of GTT. I hope all is ok.

Oh yes - I just got an email from my NCT teacher as the classes start on Tuesday! I can't believe it has come round already and I feel a bit nervous. She says there will be 8 couples.

Well I am a bit behind on here so will go back and have a read. I hope you are all having nice new years so far smile

Sheldonella Wed 02-Jan-13 20:24:58

In other news, I have got my first stretchmarks shock

leniwhite Wed 02-Jan-13 20:28:40

What's the raspberry tea/perineal gel??! Please tell me it helps things not to tear... I'm going to watch one born but it could be a terrible idea as this is my first baby! He's also IVF and I've got a dodgy heart so I have to be hooked up to machines and not free to roam hmm

Everyone sounds do prepared whereas I have one small box of second hand baby clothes and nothing else...

LO currently twisting about and lying on my bladder so hard I literally had to get up ten times in 2 hours last night.

I ate the pepperoni - oven first though wink

StealthToddler Wed 02-Jan-13 22:24:36

Raspberry leaf tea is supposed to make your contractions more "effective". You are supposed to start drinking it a few weeks before you are due and gradually increase the number of cups you drink per day. Vile stuff. Not like a nice herbal tea but then I don't like herbal tea either. I drank it for ds1 but didn't bother with ds2 or ds3 and the last 2 were much easier labours so no idea if it would actually have helped or not.

Likewise perineal massage - did it for ds1 and got 3rd degree tears. Didn't bother for the others (no spare time!!!) and had slight tearing and no tearing. And they were bigger babies!

Probably all worth a try if you have the time and the energy!!! I am again not bothering as I have neither!!!

Who mentioned Stilton - I need some!!!!

theTramp Thu 03-Jan-13 08:57:36

I am sat in the joyless waiting room of Lewisham Hospitals Women's Health Department awaiting my GTT. 3 hours of fun fun fun anticipated. Two books in my bag because I could t decide which to bring with me and I had a really bad nights sleep so what I really want is for someone to let me curl up on a bed somewhere and nap.

Socs has been awake - well it feels like all night but I'm sure it's not - and tumbling for a while now. No doubt requiring food (sorry Socs) and I'm feeling a bit battered. My plan to work this pm may need to wait til after a good nap methinks. I feel like my eyes are bleeding and the ability to breathe through my nose would be nice, poor cracked lips.

Enough woe is me. Pleased to hear New Years were all good and preps are going well. MrM and I are going to start prepping this month. Which means pick a cot, order a mattress, work out bedding, start talking to potential Nannys and putting spec together for that, and just generally work our way down our list of "to get". We're hoping he'll be away on next movie in Feb (or no cash for nanny - or much else) so more we can sort in Jan together easier it'll be for me and then all I have to do when he is away is sort private MW or Doula (spelt correctly?). Still seems so far away but mid March is what 2.5 months, no time at all really. As notes, the whole - oh no need to think about this til post Christmas.. And now it is. Cold bucket of water in face awakening or what?!

Can't say I like blue cheese so you can keep your cravings for those ladies. Me, I've still got a thing for cinnamon. Mmm.

Right, next blood taken at 10.46am. Revolting squash consumed (2 glasses worth - ugh) and I'm considering taking my boots off, moving a chair round and putting my feet up. Surely that's not too unacceptable?!

SoYo Thu 03-Jan-13 09:36:22

Tramp definitely put your feet up & snooze, pregnant women don't count in the rules about feet up on public furniture! Get comfy while you can!

Was very tempted to ring in sick today, horrible nights sleep & feel like have been hit by small truck but instead dragged ever expanding arse out of bed at 5.45 for 65mile commute only to find very short future, follow gut instinct!

Bubba has been watching Alien & getting tips, keeps trying to escape by bursting through abdomen. Not comfy but quite amusing watching him/her throw some shapes!

How is everyone else on this drizzly miserable morn?

Rainbowbabyhope Thu 03-Jan-13 11:44:45

Sheldonella yay for stretch marks! I love seeing new ones appear because it means baby is getting bigger everyday.

Love to here of everyone's preparations. We are getting a nursery ready however baby will be co-sleeping in our room for at least a year. I think the current recommendation is that baby shares your room until at least 6 months to reduce the risk of SIDS. Still can't resist preparing a dedicated space for our little one and we will a moses basket/cot in there too for nap time so that she gets used to sleeping both with us and also in her own room for when the time comes to make the move.

Rainbowbabyhope Thu 03-Jan-13 11:53:10

Apologies for all the typos - predictive text on phone is so annoying!

GrottyPotPlant Thu 03-Jan-13 11:56:33

Glad to hear there are a few more very unprepared people out there! We have a drawer of teeny tiny 0-3 month clothes from my MIL, and a bag of 18-24 month hand-me-down clothes from a friend. And a large, unfoldable, plastic baby swing which someone "kindly" brought round unannounced and which we have NOwhere to put. I keep falling over it, argh!
Oooh, and I rashly booked an NCT bednest to hire for 6 months, which is something of an extravagance, really.

manda I'm not new, just mostly very lurky- so I might as well be new for all you can tell, tee hee.
I keep looking at New York parenting blogs, which make me feel much better about babies in tiny flats, and nifty work/sit/dine/sleep/cook space combos...

re blue cheese- pasteurised is fine, but unpasteurised isn't, according to the NHS site.
In Italy (where cured meats are definitely part of the staple diet) they have you do a blood test to see if you are immune to toxoplasmosis, and if you are- eat as much cured meat as you like.

Rainbowbabyhope Thu 03-Jan-13 12:10:53

Grotty the bednests look awesome! I was very tempted by one but as baby will be sharing our room for a year minimum we are going to create our own bedside cot from an ikea cot so that there are no issues when she outgrows cribs.

StormyBrid Thu 03-Jan-13 12:12:43

I feel I should point out it's not actually me that's organised at all. People just keep giving us stuff! If I were actually organised it would all be nice and neat and sorted out, not sitting around in bags (donated clothes) or other people's houses (cot, pram etc). Really must sort it soon though. But sorting it makes baby more real, and I still can't quite believe I'm actually going to have one. Nine weeks tomorrow. Come on, brain, catch up already!

Terrible night's sleep here. The man finally got some more nasal strips, and it was bliss and heaven to not have to cope with his snoring and other weird sleep noises. Stormageddon, however, was playing football with my bladder, so it was up to pee every hour or two. And then at half past seven (when it was still dark!) the sodding builders at the sodding church next door started throwing scaffolding off the roof. Seriously, in what world is that the done thing at half seven in the sodding morning?! (Can you tell I'm a little annoyed?)

leniwhite Thu 03-Jan-13 14:02:25

Afternoon all,

It seems everyone's suffering a bit! I definitely need some sort of pillow to get any decent sleep, recommendations anyone?

Just back from having my anti D jab, bloods and midwife. No two hour wait this time but midwife just had a quick squeeze of the bump and said he's the right size without even measuring.

I've got a horrifically throbbing head today from my dodgy shoulder, so having to still take codeine pain meds (as few as poss) to get through the day. The muscle gets trapped and swells up all the way up to my eye socket through my neck. Really debilitating and even my ice pack isn't helping. My physio unlocked it a bit yesterday but she barely spent any time on it which I find quite annoying because I'm in so much pain! confused

Bean is still head down - he's been like that the whole time. Hope he doesn't decide to turn breach right at the end... Weirdly the side of my bump which sticks out further and feels harder isn't where his back is?

I have a feeling I only have 9 weeks left, just a hunch he'll be 3 weeks early shock

dameflamingo Thu 03-Jan-13 15:17:29

leni I was loaned a nice expensive dreamgeni which was Ok but I admit I find a combo of a simple v shaped pillow ( silent night about a tenner) on top of my normal pillow that I put my head on and under my bump and those bean filled travel cushions for between knees has worked much better for me. The issue I have with the dreamgeni is that sir flamingo moves in the night and cuddles into the back half ( the scamp!) so its almost impossible to manouvre! I think its a case of finding what works for your individual pains.. for me its all about the bump weight twisting my lower back towards the mattress at the frontl. Hope this helps.

theTramp Thu 03-Jan-13 16:38:40

Dreamgeni pillow is my own personal torture. I get twisted up in it and eventually give up on the bloody thing, usually by 5am.
I'm sleeping with 3 pillows at mo, so practically sitting up. As someone who always slept flat - often pillow less - it's odd. Not being able to breathe (thanks cold) not helping either. And I keep rolling onto my back, anyone else doing this? I think fact that I'm practically sitting up means I'm a ok doing so, but it is weird. Always been an on my side sleeper.

So GTT was bearable, hurrah for good book. And yes, I took boots off and put feet up. I came home, had a bagel and a nap which lasted til, errr, now. Oops. So afternoon of work not happened, idiot me. Also feel like I'm drowning in snot today (tmi apols), which is meh. Ah well, clearly needed it so now I'm thinking about dinner. I should be thinking nice healthy stir fry but what I'm really thinking is pizza or Chinese. So not good. Maybe I can convince MrM to go get quiche. Hmmm.

So everyone having a good 2013 so far?

GrottyPotPlant Thu 03-Jan-13 16:54:24

Tramp yes yes to rolling onto my back! I have always slept on my left side, in just the position the books say you should sleep when pregnant. And now I keep waking up on my back (propped up by those three pillows- also up from one/none!). Very odd.
I have a feather sofa cushion in a pillow case which I use to prop odd spare bits of myself up, and I think the time has come to steal another one from the sofa. Although my bump has just changed shape completely in the last week, so I'm not sure anymore. Pregnant bodies are weird.

sarahs999 Thu 03-Jan-13 17:52:26

hello all

just about to order some blackout blinds in this material and v excited

that is all.... oh yeah, saw midwife today and all good. She palpated my womb (which I don't much like) and said he's still head down, so that's good. I thought as much. 7 weeks today I'll have him in my arms! Jesus. That's made me a bit wobbly.

lannyshrops Thu 03-Jan-13 18:04:39

Evening all!
Well, GP diagnosed me with chest infection today, now have antibiotics and inhaler. Will be off work until Friday next week, then I only have two weeks left after that before maternity leave starts, and I cannot wait! I know I am I'll but being able to,sleep whenever I need to has been lovely instead of battling on.

leni I seem to have cracked the pillow combo for me...I have a v pillow under my feather pillow for my head. I find this supports my shoulders a bit better than just two pillows. I get terrible pins and needles in the night in my hands due to being in mainly one position and this seems to allow me to sleep longer without waking. I HATED the dream geni pillow when I first got it but now find it v helpful. I kept turning onto my back or right side and then getting some swift boots from LO to wake up. When I use it the pillow thing at the back kind of stops me from doing that but does allow me to kind of move a bit from directly on my left side. It means I can at least sleep in two positions (sort of) which helps. Hope all that makes sense?!?

No need for the builders stormy can you speak to the vicar or the parish council? Failing that can you throw something at them?!?!

We went to the first NCT ante natal class last night. The other couples seemed very nice and hopefully I will make some "real life " mummy friends as well as you lot on here! DH found it very informative as we went through the physiology of child birth and the principles of active birth last night. Also got to bounce about on a birth ball, need to dig out my donated one now as it was very comfortable!

love to all xxx

LaurenCaddy Thu 03-Jan-13 18:32:17

Evening Ladies,

Hope all is well with growing bumps.

In response to leniwhite, my mum swears by Perineal Gel and Raspberry Leaf Capsules. She's had 7 kids she didn't tear once, and her labours where no longer than 5 hours. All natural. So i'm going by my Mum knows best. Everyone's different, so if you want to try it, do so. There's no harm.

Got my whooping cough jab tomorrow sad I hate needles. But it shall be done. Also just applied for my SureStart Grant, so fingers crossed for that one.

lannyshrops, i hope our NCT Antenatal Classes go as well as yours, i'm a little nervous, as we've been told by people whom have had them, there's a lot of ladies who may look down at us as we're a young couple. I can see my mouth getting me in trouble when it comes to snobby so and so's ¬¬ And i hope your chest infections gets better.

As for preparations, we're basically finished tbh. Now asking friends and family to get 3-6 months and bigger clothes because we have far to many little ones. Same with nappies. Easily in the 700's for size 1 and 2. And wipes, although, i've brought WaterWipes from Amazon. Heard so many amazing things about them. I have a massive phobia of cotton wool so that stuff won't be coming near me! I'm rather well prepared, even sorting out her Christening for when she's 6 months in September. It's a big tradition in both our families so it's important to me.

Anyhows, One Born yesterday, so good to see something decent on the tele! Waterloo Road tonight, and might check out the so called Celebrities on Celebrity Big Brother. Have a good night all!

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