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March 2013 IX: Cruising to Christmas with burgeoning bumps

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Sheldonella Fri 30-Nov-12 08:22:31

Thanks sarahs999 for the lovely new thread name smile

Old thread here

No 9, can you believe it grin

FloweryBoots Fri 30-Nov-12 20:26:33

Lexi sorry you're in pain. It not being a concernt to the baby isn't always enough really is it if you're still left in pain! hope you manage a bit better night's sleep tonight. FX.

Lanny Sounds like wuite a task. Hope it all goes smoothly.

Zoey Hope you can start winding down a little now.

I've actually been sleeping better last two or three nights but still utterly utterly exhausted. DS told me off for shutting my eyes whilst reading bed time stories tonight!

GTT went OK this monring. Tireing not eating for so long, adn took longer to get started due waiting in line, then getting sent away again for anti emetic, then back again to the blood place for the gtt to start. Anti emtic was bloody painful injection in the bum, but made me feel SOOOO much better once it kicked in! And did the test with no sicking.

And house completion all went smoothly. Have the keys and will start moving stuff tomorrow. Took DS round for a quick look tonight and he seemed very happy running around the down stairs. Bit more decorating to do than we hoped but it always looks worse once furniture is out and it's still fairly minimul.

Right, must pack more (or nap grin).

StealthToddler Fri 30-Nov-12 20:39:41

Marking spot....

mandasand Fri 30-Nov-12 21:21:29

Okay, ladies, quick q (also posting on FB):

Old friend with boy twins is coming over tomorrow afternoon with two car seats, one of those pregnancy sausage pillows and quite a bit other stuff for our twins.

I'm trying to think what to get her to say thank you. I thought of a Christmas hamper, but they never look to be that good value. Another idea was vouchers for her to spend on the boys' xmas presents but DH thinks she may prefer something for herself - good point!

Any ideas? Budget £40-£50.

eigmum Fri 30-Nov-12 22:07:06

Manda When I gave a friend a whole set of maternity wear she gave me a voucher for John Lewis. Lovely thought and she can spend it on her or the boys! Just an idea. Hope you 've managed some movement!!

Read the sham debate, gosh there are some opinionated people out there! What stays with me is its a tough and personal decision and whatever you do you might wonder! for me given I am the main wage earner it wasn't really a go-er to stay at home and i like my job most of the time but things can change. I feel most sorry for those without choices and just coming out of uni etc in this environment!

Countmyblessings Fri 30-Nov-12 22:09:16

I just can't keep up with the chat on here!
Moves so fast! Just saying Hi!!!!!
Am I the only person who has not bought not one single thing for this baby yet???

EthelredOnAGoodDay Fri 30-Nov-12 22:34:00

Hi all

Just marking place. Totally knackered and back is sore, but ok apart from that. All set for NCT sale tomorrow! Hoping most of my stuff sells!!!
Off to bed, night all, will catch up over the weekend.

StealthToddler Fri 30-Nov-12 22:59:52

manda shed loads of strawberries helps....
Also syrup of figs from boots.

flowery think it was your house completing today? How did it go?

Sorry all those with bump/rib pains.... I am fortunately suffering that yet but had terrible pain like SPd in preg %231. Can at least offer some comfort that if you have stuff like this in one pregnancy it doesn't mean it will recur in your next one.

Am hoping to avoid heartburn which I had very badly in 2 of 3 pregnancies.

Busy day today. Took some holiday to host a PTA coffee morning for mums from ds2's nursery, then this afternoon we test drove and pug down a deposit on the car we (dh) wants. HAve to get a 7 seater and we have gone for an Audi which is fab....dh choice as I am not really that into cars!!! At least it's sorted and hopefully the car arrives before bsby!

Praying for a good night tonight. Ds2 decided he wants to try to stop wearing night time nappies so tonight is his first attempt. We did it with ds1 on his 4th birthday but for ds2 that's the week ds4 is due so thought we would try now as he is keen. Have lots of nappy mats on the bed!! And optimistically a torch for him to see his way to the loo/ strategically placed potty in the night. I think I will be changing sheets!!!

Dh has offered me a lie in tomorrow - lovely man. Then football in the park for the boys and lunch in the cafe!!!!

StealthToddler Fri 30-Nov-12 23:01:06

Flowery just re read and saw your house completed - congrats. Hope all goes well tomorrow

StormyBrid Sat 01-Dec-12 07:44:06

Spent about an hour lying in bed this morning, worried and poking my tummy. No movements from baby at all. Then the alarm went off. Cue weird stretchy feeling, then non-stop kicks ever since. So, I'm guessing they do actually sleep in there!

Not sure this time of the morning ought to be allowed. Munich awaits! Back in ten days. Try not to start a new thread without me, ladies. grin

Oodthunkit Sat 01-Dec-12 08:59:20

stormy I was doing that yesterday. One of my least favourite things in pregnancy the 'oh my god when did baby move last'

flowery congrats on the house

stealth I posted on your FB thread but couldn't match the name/MNer blush

theTramp Sat 01-Dec-12 09:30:46

Manda - £40-50 I'd go for JL vouchers, a voucher for a really nice pamper place or just a v good van of something you know she likes but would prob not treat self too eg. 2 v good bottles of wine, vouchers for afternoon tea, a nice bottle of champers, a stupidly expensive but luxurious candel..

Flowery - good luck!

On baby stuff non purchases - you're not alone!

On bump moves or lack thereof I'm surprisingly zen. The zen may be assisted by fact that much movement now corresponds with serious bump/gut pain or bladder stress smile

eigmum Sat 01-Dec-12 09:57:18

I haven't bought anything yet or done anything other than move DS out of cot and into a bed so cot is dismantled ready to be put back together for newbie girl! however as I have one already I am planning to re use everything . Will need some little bits new but not going to start that yet. After Christmas will sort out the baby room I think.

Tramp - I am also pretty zen about movement as it has turned into really strong kicks!!

I am waiting for my thyroid results today as suddenly really knackered again so may need more drugs! I think a couple of you are also thyroxine takers. Nice to know I am not the only one ...

JoJoBella84 Sat 01-Dec-12 10:04:58

manda whooping cough jab to be between 28-38 weeks. I've not booked mine yet. Was told to 3 weeks ago but things have been hectic!
JL vouchers sound great! That way she can choose from their vast selection AND enjoy their fab customer service!!

I have a question... How much do you think is too much to spend on salt and pepper grinders? We're kitting the new house/kitchen in decent/good quality stuff that will last years and years. I've found the perfect grinders in a shop in York but they're £40 each!!!! They are amazing quality and look fab but part if me wonders if they'll be as prone to break/wear down as the cheaper ones??!

HermioneBoo Sat 01-Dec-12 10:24:24

Marking my place! Loving the Christmassy name, I love Christmas!

I am currently mainlining Gaviscon and living off snacks as I'm too scared of a repeat of Wednesday morning to eat! I was like this after the worst of the MS so hoping I get my appetite back soon. Am sure it was just bad indigestion and heartburn but my stomach still feels a bit tender.

I have a question for the ladies who have worked through third trimester, I tried to ask my supervisor if after Christmas I could be more office based, he thinks ill be like I am now just waddle more and there isn't any need to change things. My job is active despite the risk assessment saying I can't lift or push equipment, I regularly walk 5 miles a day around the site and up and down stairs. By 4pm my back is extremely sore and I can't sit for long, I get sciatic pain quite a lot throughout the day but think that's BabyBoo sitting on the nerve as it fades as I walk about. I am absolutely shattered now and I'm 24+4, my question is - is the discomfort and tiredness going to get more and more? Am I right to want to be more office based and should ignore my supervisor?
I just don't want to seem as if I'm making mountains out of molehills, I've lost count of the number of people that said their friend/wife/sister worked until the very last minute as normal sad

Manda what I would do for JL vouchers right now ;) so much nice stuff in there and others are right, she could get something for her children or for herself, or get some Christmas shopping done. I got £170 worth of vouchers for JL from my work and its been lovely picking something out. I get vouchers for afternoon tea from my in laws and although we've had some nice experiences some of them have been rubbish

FloweryBoots Sat 01-Dec-12 10:38:14

Manda If it were me I'd appreciate JL vouchers, and/or afternoon tea. When I was bridesmaind for my best friend she took me out for afternoon tea as a thank you afterwards which was a lovely treat, plus we got to do it together, but I can see that if she's giving you baby stuff from her kids, she might like the idea of any thank you you give partialy perhaps going towards something for ehr kids. We got a pram from DHs cousin when we had DS. They wouldn't accept anything for it so we sent some money for thier 3 kids at Christmas which we wouldn't normally do and address it to each of the children so they couldn't turn it down! Seemed to go down well. Re whooping cough jab I got a letter the other day fromt eh GP telling me I could just call to make appointment for between 28 - 32 weeks with the practice nurse. MW had not brought it up. And is it linseed that's supposed to be very good for bowel movements?

I'm wroking today but it is the first wedding we have ever hosted where I work so it's quite fun, and I'm doing it rather than having handed it over to our event manager because, basically, I didn't want anything to go wrong (sure she's peed off that I clearly didn't trust her but oh well, improtant to make sure it's right). All seems fine so far. Hoping to get back home for a few hours between completing set up adn guests arriving. PIL are coming over to help with house stuff, FIL will be doing odd jobs like polyfillering walls, taking out a breakfast bar and changing all the locks. Hope they find enough to do dtoday as we have not done nearly enough packing. Big stuff will all be done next weekend in my bros van.

Sheldonella Sat 01-Dec-12 10:41:46

Morning! grin lovely morning so far - I slept until 8:30 then had cuddles in bed all morning. We tried an experiment with baby as we read that she might notice light now. DH shone the bright light from his phone on my stomach on the side and it started bouncing! He then tried the other side and that side moved! It may have been a coincidence but I like to think she did it on purpose. So cute smile smile smile

In more exciting news, we are going to buy the pram and car seat today. Also some birthday shopping for DH as it is mine in a few days.

flowery yay for the house. Have a fab time moving.

manda John Lewis vouchers sound great, something in there for everyone. Hamper sounds lovely too though.

stealth I hope you got a good night and lie in.

jojo that sounds like the grinders will be really good quality. They are one of those things that seem to be expensive. I have some cheap ones and they aren't good. In fact you may have just given me a Christmas idea smile

hermione no experience myself but I am exhausted too so I think it is perfectly reasonable to ask for office based work. I have been talking to colleagues lately who started working from home more and more.

Would it be bad to put my Xmas tree up this weekend?

Oodthunkit Sat 01-Dec-12 11:42:28

hermione it's not going to get easier! If you are finding it difficult now then you need a new assessment. Get a fit note from GP if needed.

JoJoBella84 Sat 01-Dec-12 11:44:27

Xmas trees usually always go up on 1st dec in my house sheldon so I don't think it's too early at all. Though this year I'm not doing one! I had a mini one In my student room last year but there's only two weeks left of term so I think I'll wait to enjoy the family tree smile

Countmyblessings Sat 01-Dec-12 12:10:07

Hi all - I'm glad I'm not alone in not buying not a single thing for this baby!
As I thought I would not get another chance we gave away everything apart from cot and stokke buggy we got for DS!!!!!
So I guess those are the major bits taken care off!
I love the idea of vouchers as you can spend as and when you need too!
Her - I would def consider office base as your going to find the further you go the more your body is going to need the rest and bring that active is all good it's when you get home you'll pay in pain!!! Backache is the worse and also your legs will throb like you've done a marathon!
Love the idea of getting up the tree! As its def chance to enjoy the tree and decs longer!!

Oodthunkit Sat 01-Dec-12 12:54:09

We will probably do our tree next weekend when dd1/2 are here to do lifting and carrying I'm hoping to get sorted with presents this week. Have loads but need to audit!

backwardpossom Sat 01-Dec-12 14:37:01

We'll be doing the Christmas tree thing next weekend. Got a letter this morning inviting me to interview for the head of dept job I applied for, so have enough going on this week!

Re: heartburn. I picked up my prescription for industrial sized bottles of Gaviscon on Tuesday. Have had no heartburn since Wednesday. Typical!

Oodthunkit Sat 01-Dec-12 15:08:21

Well done possum is that 2 interviews then?

theTramp Sat 01-Dec-12 15:11:44

No Christmas decs til weekend before Christmas for me, dems da rules, but I may opt for week before weekend before this year as we're away Christmas.

Hermione - I think you're right to push for desk bound.

Gallery openings going ok. Something different for me anyway and I'm quite liking some of the work too (hmmm Xmas presie to self?).

New iPhone & laptop sorted yesterday; well bought not quite sorted yet need to get no transfer/have it delivered. Anyway - wahoo.

Really tired today. Have ton of work to do & done none at all so far - bad me. Also no lunch yet; MrM has just had his wrists slapped, he buggered off to check out our neighbours studios for donks leaving me manning fort (why I oughta! Etc).

Sheldonella Sat 01-Dec-12 18:38:37

Pram ordered! We pick up a red Phil & Teds navigator on Tuesday grin I have exhausted myself walking all over town for hours so think I'll be having an early night. There was a nice moment when we were waiting in a restaurant for lunch - one of the staff noticed I was pregnant and got me a chair. So lovely smile

I'm a bit freaked out now as I think one of my boobs is leaking confused is this possible at 26 weeks?

Wow possom another interview! smile Go you!

Gallery sounds exciting tramp what sort of gallery is it? Are you buying yourself a present? smile

Oodthunkit Sat 01-Dec-12 18:55:31

sheldon yep!

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