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March 2013 IX: Cruising to Christmas with burgeoning bumps

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Sheldonella Fri 30-Nov-12 08:22:31

Thanks sarahs999 for the lovely new thread name smile

Old thread here

No 9, can you believe it grin

LaurenCaddy Sun 09-Dec-12 20:09:42

Evening ladies,

Thank you for your advice. tramp Part of me wish i'd tried that but i'm such a wimp when it comes to him. I give in far too easy! I can't say i really thought about lifting, i do my daily stuff like vacuuming and bits n pieces usually without aches. I think i was feeling a little sorry for myself. He can immersed in a game and ignore the whole world for ages, and i get jealous of that i suppose! He did offer to wash up after, but its still sitting on the side. Maybe a nice chat later if he comes to bed at normal time would be beneficial. I can't be bothered with arguments and moans atm! But thank you all again!

LexiandBeanette Sun 09-Dec-12 20:23:37

Just place marking ladies. Exhausted after godson's 4th birthday & fruitless driving around looking at second hand cars, all of which turned out to be a bit too good to be true. Hope all ailments & aches are improving!

LexiandBeanette Sun 09-Dec-12 20:27:13

Just place marking ladies. Exhausted after godson's 4th birthday & fruitless driving around looking at second hand cars, all of which turned out to be a bit too good to be true. Hope all ailments & aches are improving!

OodKingWenceslas Sun 09-Dec-12 20:38:24

Am having a late tea tonight due to GTT tomorrow. Feels like a last meal blush am really paranoid about it, will be relieved when it's over but the thought of spending a morning in hospital is panicking me

sundaesundae Sun 09-Dec-12 20:55:46

Good luck tomorrow OOd, hope it goes quickly and you can put your mind somewhere else. I find taking a notepad and pen with me and making lists or plans helps me! Weird I know.

theTramp Sun 09-Dec-12 22:15:09

Ood - take a book. A really good page turner. The time will fly by.

Shield - I think everyone's lifting etc capacity is different. For instance I'm fine carrying a table (admittedly a light one) but bending down to pick stuff up off the floor and things go ping. I'm still quite happy doing washing etc but not emptying the bins. And I'm definitely not as capable of carrying as much as I used to. But hey, pregnant mums cope with lugging toddlers about - I'm sure a Hoover is easier than that. Just don't over do it.

So we just had a surprisingly pleasant evening. After both conning out on sofa and feeling like just saying sod it and going to bed I decided to insist on finding a pub for a Sunday roast (home cupboard was bare). Usual haunts all sold out so we Ended up in a pub in crystal palace that we haven't been to before. Food was lovely, there was live music which was really good and we took a pack of cards with us and played cribbage. If they'd lit the open fire I think it would have been perfect. So now I'm home again, tucked up in bed with a desperately cuddly purring cat who is trying to sneak up from my shoulder to under my chin and thanks to an earlier lemsip my head has cleared and I just feel content.

L - you really should have a word with him if it's getting you down. It doesn't have to be confrontational. If it helps I've been known to send text messages to MrM or call him from bed to sing "I'm so ronely" - which usually provides a sufficient hint. I can sleep if he's upstairs but not well so if it's after midnight I just make my point in the nicest possible way ;)

Godsons 4th birthday sounds exhausting!

Glad virus is already getting better and bout serious. Sod your grumpy Dr you were absolutely right to check yourself out.

Apparently 2013 is year of the water snake. So all babies born after mid Feb I think it is, will be intelligent & cunning. Ohhhhh. Nice to know that despite our infinite variety we're linked thanks to the year of our births smile

Sleep well all

Em2010 Sun 09-Dec-12 22:22:34

Good luck tomorrow ood. This time tomorrow it will all be over.

Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly sheldon. Glad you got it checked out. No sense at all to worry about these things.

Lauren, my dh does nowt around the house and plays on his iPad a lot. You have my sympathies. We have been together for nearly 12 years. I have given up trying to change him else I will go grey from nagging. Leopards. Spots etc. He is a great hands-on dad though so there is hope smile

Really tired so can only keep post short, sorry... Good things this weekend: Had 4d scan, was amazing seeing our little girl's face and hands. Saw girly bits again. Defintely no sign of a willy! Placenta looks a little higher. Felt very privileged. Had a great day out in Leeds, went for lunch at Carluccios and bought loads of Aden and Anais things in a lovely baby boutique. Bad things this weekend: DH being a moody git. DH and DS not getting on, making the house very tense (ds very much a mummy's boy at the moment). Hip/pelvis seem to have packed in, not achey but agony to walk and can't lift ds without a lot of pain. Boo! I've been running around like a mad thing for the last week so i'm hoping if I (somehow) rest up a bit this week it might get better <hopeful emoticon>.

Hope everyone else has had nice weekends.

ThreeForTea Sun 09-Dec-12 22:25:31

Evening everyone. I have been really bad at posting this week, but have managed to keep up reasonably so didn't have days and days to read through. Happily reason have not had a chance to post this week due to being busy and not exhausted or ill for once so hurrah for that.

I had a few days of not hearing much from LO followed by a weekend of rampage, so not sure what that was all about! Seems to be growing away though, getting quite heavy.

Something is up with my dh so going to have to cut this post short to chat to him sad Should be around a bit more this week though!

EthelredOnAGoodDay Sun 09-Dec-12 23:29:29

Hi all

V quick post as on way up to bed. Sorry for all those with aches, pains ands worries. Hope all is better in the morning.

I am fully recovered apart from achey muscles due to too much vomming! Nice! Anyway, glad to be on the mend. spent busy day at home sorting kitchen cupboards out, wrapping DD's b'day and father christmas presents and doing other dull jobs like ironing Dh's shirts.
Now just trying to finish the last of the online present shopping, which appears to be a never ending flipping task.

I too have had an interesting day with DH. The git stormed off this afternoon cos he had to take Anna to a party and he wouldn't know anyone there(diddums) and i didn't want to do it cos apparently I couldn't be arsed. Lovely.
so we had a few words about that on his return. Bloody men. he is normally great and v hands on, but sometimes forgets how bloody busy life with a toddler is! Like Lauren, i didn't stop whilst he was out with DD and on top of all that made a sodding roast dinner complete with yorkshires and all that jazz. so i told him what i thought of his little flounce grin!!!
Anyway, all ok now. Night all, am off to bed, am jiggered.

OodKingWenceslas Mon 10-Dec-12 09:06:03

Yellow gunk drank. Ravenous & sat on the crap hospital chairs waiting now

JoJoBella84 Mon 10-Dec-12 09:21:26

Dizzy dizzy dizzy! Very light headed and dizzy.... Not really sure what to do except sit in bed and wait for it to pass.

Sheldonella Mon 10-Dec-12 09:26:30

ood It will all be over soon. Hope you don't feel too bad afterwards.
JoJo Is it like room spinning dizzy? That is what I had yesterday. Turned out to be a virus. Hope you are ok.

JoJoBella84 Mon 10-Dec-12 09:31:53

Yeah, feel mildly sick with it too. Just wondering if its because I jumped out of bed really really quickly to dash down stairs and sign for a parcel. The bloody posty wouldn't stop ringing my buzzer. Wasn't even for me. Gah. Clinging on to a glass of water and hoping it settles soon! I have stuff to do!

OctoberCarrot Mon 10-Dec-12 09:32:26

jojo. Sorry about dizziness.

Had such a bad sleep last night. Overall I feel fantastic though which is giving DH a good excuse to do nothing. angry Am nearly tempted to ask gp for a couple of days of bed rest when I go next week so have a few days off over Christmas..... He is very woman friendly so you'd never know.

Called to see bro and family yesterday. Let slip to my mum last week that we were having a boy but then backtracked so my mum is convinced we are having a girl and kept saying to dh how much a little pink bundle suited him!

Bought our tree yesterday. Need to find decorations and we will decorate it tonight.

Have started craving fillet-o-fish in McDonald's. gross! Last time it was chicken things. Had one yesterday and Saturday. Not good.

Hope all is having a good day. Off to dentist for my sins.

Oc x

mandasand Mon 10-Dec-12 09:40:36

Hello lovely Marchers. Just popping in to say hello after hectic but lovely weekend. DH is now fully installed in my out study and we started painting the nursery! Wasn't total domestic bliss as I had a pregnant-woman tantrum about needing to paint walls regardless of whether ceiling was finished. Such a lovely colour - very exciting. And babies were doing proper gymnastics last night. At one point I had either a head or a bum sticking out of my left side of belly - really funny! And 28 weeks tomorrow, with growth scan and appts with consultants. Hopefully we will learn more about The State of My Uterus from the other hospital and be able to start thinking about a plan for the birth. Head is not yet in work mode and boss coming up from London later so better get my head stuck in. Hope all is well and will catch up with news later. But sorry so many are suffering - get well soon brew

JoJoBella84 Mon 10-Dec-12 11:14:35

Okay. One question: do you call the MW full of concern if you have no movements or drastically reduced movements?? Baby is not playing ball at all this morning. I'm not even sure I've had one flump. Normally as soon as I wake up he'll start booting for about 5 mins and have a good wriggle. Gonna try a can of coke and bowl of soup before I panic...

sundaesundae Mon 10-Dec-12 11:14:59

I have a random question! Who'd have thought I would have one of those...!

Anyway, I need my haircut, I haven't had it done for a year. It is straight, relatively fine but I have a lot of it, shoulder length and dull. It lives tied up 90% of the time. Prior to this I had it very short and funky and that is my default, but then I decided longer might suit my fat little face better.

Is it better to keep the length so after bubba is here I can tie in back and not worry about it? Short dries quickly, but needs washing and styling every day or looks awful, longer you can get away with it for a day or two with a hair band!

Just not sure what to do...

Off to Bicester to go and collect my heated dryer from Lakeland, hope it is good!

sundaesundae Mon 10-Dec-12 11:16:58

Rhythms and patterns can change, I usually have morning beats, but maybe once a week I won't, it depends on lots of things. Freezing cold drink and lie on your left, get your bump out in the light and rub some moisturizer on it are my tips smile

If you are worried get checked out, my mantra is going to be, better to be a nuisance than a martyr. I am sure he will give you a whack now smile

Sheldonella Mon 10-Dec-12 11:26:07

JoJo I had the same worry yesterday and called the MFAU at the hospital. I would recommend this. The mw I spoke to said sometimes worrying means the baby doesn't move much. Do call though.

JoJoBella84 Mon 10-Dec-12 11:29:36

Yep he's flumping away again. Honestly don't know what's wrong with me today! I don't normally worry about this stuff. I think because I feel generally off colour I've not eaten as much as normal and he hasn't had his normal sugar rush. I've just had a bowl of soup and two sips of coke and he's away!
Need to give my head a shake.
Sorry lady marchers sad

Sheldonella Mon 10-Dec-12 11:31:33

How is your dizziness now? If you have the same thing I had yesterday it should be short lived as I'm all better today.

JoJoBella84 Mon 10-Dec-12 11:33:59

sheldon it's calming down. Still there but if I move about slowly I'm okay. Got to head into Uni this afternoon for a formative assessment, if I felt I could get away calling in sick I'd happily do that. All other jobs are being placed in tomorrow's to do list.
Grrrr. So much to do!

sundaesundae Mon 10-Dec-12 11:36:36

Formative for fun! LOL yeah right...

Hope it goes well.

Glad you are feeling better.

Could it be low BP + low sugar?

Sheldonella Mon 10-Dec-12 11:46:04

Glad hes kicking now JoJo. Hope you get some rest this evening!
sundae I've been wondering the same about my hair too smile I think I'm keeping it long for now and once I'm past the never getting any sleep stage will consider a new style.

JoJoBella84 Mon 10-Dec-12 12:01:14

sheldon and sundae I would definitely recommend hair long enought to tie back for the first few months! Who has time to wash/style/blow dry daily??! I certainly don't any I don't have any other children to look after, just myself!!
I'm having my hair done on Thursday morning! Same style as normal but having it coloured too! It's the Physio students Christmas meal in the evening so I'll be happy when I look less scruffy smile might even consider getting my eyebrows waxed and a manicure done (even though it'll get me into trouble at Uni...) hmmmm!

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