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Due August 2013

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Silver15 Wed 21-Nov-12 19:45:27

We had our BFPs in November.

Welcome aboard ladies.

Let's do this Journey together.

Locketjuice Sun 27-Jan-13 09:39:02

Haven't been on here for ages so just checking in, have my scan on Wednesday, will be 13+2

Haven't read through the other posts yet as have a 1 year old currently destructing my living room but will hopefully later! Hope everyone is well!


bbcindy Fri 25-Jan-13 07:58:59

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust’s is developing a computerised App (decision making tool) to support women, their partners and midwives to make decisions about where they give birth. It wants more low risk women to consider other options, including home births, birthing centres, and midwifery-led units. Would like to hear what mums and mums-to-be think please.

ceycey Thu 24-Jan-13 23:07:15

Hi to this. due on the 11th a subchorionic hemotoma again!!!! Had one previously, went to 17 weeks and had to have a induced after PROM. Very apprehensive again as its the second time I have suffered from this problem, but fingers crossed got to 12 weeks nearly and have only bled once which was nearly 5 weeks ago. Hoping that everything goes well this time and wont have to go thru lo 12 labour with no happy outcome. Every week is like we are so happy we made it to the end of it without any issues. So next Thursday is our 12 week scan and hoping that things are going good. Fingers crossed!!!!!

peacefuleasyfeeling Mon 14-Jan-13 23:14:51

Hi there, August sisters. This isn't "my" thread, I belong on the June thread, but I just want to share a little nugget of information with you in the hope that it might save someone some worry along the way.

I know not everyone will choose to (or have chosen to) take up the offer of prenatal screening (the NHS combined test in particular), so this only applies if you are looking in the direction of such screening.

I received what I considered to be a high risk for trisomy 21 when my results for the combined test came back before Christmas. Knowing that invasive diagnostic testing (such as a cvs or an amnio) carries with it an inherent risk of miscarriage, however small, I spent a sad and frightened day wrestling with how to proceed, very much feeling like I wanted to know if my baby was OK, without risk to the much-anticipated pregnancy. Late that night, after lots of phonecalls and googling and with a heavy heart, I chanced upon a thread on here (good old MN) about the Harmony Test (it's running in the ante-natal tests and choices forum). Now, in mid December, this was only just being introduced in the UK and certainly wasn't very well known. Perhaps things have snowballed and it is now a better known procedure, but just in case someone doesn't know, I'd love to share the possibility of non-invasive screening with a high accuracy rate.

The Harmony test analyses "cell free DNA" which is basically fetal DNA present in the maternal blood stream, and is able to to pick up, with a remarkably high accuracy rate (99.6 %) evidence of trisomy 21 (DS), 18 and 13. The procedure which, I believe, can be done from 10 weeks and onwards (I was 15+4), involves a simple bloodtest (from your arm) and an ultrasound scan. The bloods are sent to the US for analysis, as there is as yet no laboratory in the UK with the necessary facilities. Results take a fortnight. The downside is that it is so far only available privately, as far as I know in London (The Harley Street Centre for Women, The Fetal Medicine Centre, The Birth Company and possibly others) and in Cardiff (Spire), and comes with a matching price-tag blush (prices vary, but appears to be roughly the same; £400 for the blood test and £170-£210 for the scan, depending on how far along your pregnancy has progressed). None of these clinics actually advertise the test on their websites yet, so it is best to ring them directly.

I had mine done at The Harley Street Centre for Women, with the thorough and knowledgable Dr Pandya. I cannot praise them enough; very professional and efficient, yet very warm and accommodating; the admin team doted on my travel-weary 2 yo DD (we'd been on the road all day) and plied her with chocolates, the nurse let her "help" take my bloods, Dr Pandya was well versed in all things Peppa, and expertly multi-tasked; taking his time to answer all my questions with patience and kindness and performing a reassuringly detailed scan while keeping up a polite chat with DD. I really felt I could not have been in better hands (but then I had done extensive research into his credentials before booking).

I had my results today, I feel confident that they are reliable and I would whole-heartedly recommend this procedure to anyone who is worried about the results of their combined test but who doesn't want to risk invasive diagnostic testing. I am aware that the price is a considerable obstacle; for me, the possibility of peace of mind won out, we've made some sacrifices in other areas.

Whereas I kind of hope I have posted this in vain, and that nobody will receive anything other than the screening results they were hoping for, I also hope that it may be of interest, should anyone find themselves in unforeseen circumstances.

Best of luck to all!

chocolatesolveseverything Tue 08-Jan-13 21:52:16

Here's a link to the new thread - August 2013 Part 2!

chocolatesolveseverything Tue 08-Jan-13 21:41:39

Ooh go on, I'll start one! Be back soon with a link smile...

GaryBuseysTeeth Tue 08-Jan-13 21:00:04

Who wants to create the next thread? Can't believe we're on #2 already (wel, almost).

Oxford, what's your company policy with pregnant ladies? Have a chat with HR and see what they can do for you, could you explain to Mrs Uber Boss (does she have kids?) that you're likely to have so many appointments in the next few weeks that you'd be unable to commmit 100% of your time to the project, but you're happy to supervise/sign off/review/etc the work done?

Rainbow, congrats, so glad it was good news!


OxfordToLondoner Tue 08-Jan-13 20:51:09

chocolate you are a voice of reason! Which your mumsnetname suggests.

huffpuff75 Tue 08-Jan-13 20:37:19

Pressed enter too soon ... was going to say (probably said v early in thread, so sorry if repeating) I'm thinking of those of you going through difficult times. I have been there so many times, was a regular at the EPU in previous pregnancies, and the fear never quite leaves you, but I wanted to say that I had a massive bleed and pain with DS and he's here, healthy and happy, almost 2 now. Fingers crossed xx

zen1980 Tue 08-Jan-13 20:37:06

Noodles I have underactive thyroid also. I have consultant app on Thursday to talk about plan and when to have scan + booking. With dc I only ha to have tablets adjusted once but this time I've felt so dizzy which is why they are seeing me earlier. I then have to go every month to be checked.
Don't envy the flights though!


chocolatesolveseverything Tue 08-Jan-13 20:34:28

Poor you Oxford!

It's hard to advise as so much will depend on the personalities and workplace culture. But if possible I would probably explain the dilemma to Mrs uber-boss, explaining that you're really keen, but don't want to put so much stress and strain on your health that you end up not achieving what the company needs. Would it be practical to suggest that you did a limited role on the project, and provided some mentoring to an extra person who shared the overall workload? You could sell it as a way of passing on some of your skills and knowledge to a team member prior to the company having to plan for your maternity leave?

Or maybe you could strike a deal to work from home part of every week where you can relax more and be comfortable?

Or there's always the big scary phrase.... "No, I'm sorry but it's really not possible for me to take that work on right now."

I've no idea if these suggestions are practical/sensible but they're what came into my head!

huffpuff75 Tue 08-Jan-13 20:31:01

Hi everyone. Been away from thread for ages due to combination of Christmas and just feeling knackered, but think I have just about caught up. Lots of mentions of scan dates - anyone around the same dates as me not got their scan date yet? No sign of mine. Had booking in on 19 Dec (early due to Christmas). I'm 10 +4 (I think - midwife keeps confusing me as her 'counting' doesn't seem same as mine).

LittleMissSnowShine Tue 08-Jan-13 20:29:02

Rainbox - I had pretty bad bleeding in weeks 5 & 6 and because of that and mmc a few months ago I started this pg in and out of EPU. Scans showed that things are so far so good but its hard to rrlax! Now terrible nausea has me signed off work for a fortnight so feeling your pain...first trimester of doom!!! I'm just one day ahead of you so do what I do and keep reminding yourself in a fortnight it will be nearing the end and second tri will be full steam ahead!!!

OxfordToLondoner Tue 08-Jan-13 20:20:06

Am having a right old tiswas. Am back at work, and whilst I'm not being sick (eggy poor you) i'm totally exhausted. I need to do tons of work at home tonight and am thinking 'urgh, i just can't do these kind of hours the way i'm feeling right now'...and then I get an email from our Mrs uber high up chair(wo)man saying that she needs me to work on a project in the next 3 weeks which will mean absolutely tons of stress and long hours. I just don't think I can do it...but i'm having a total paddy worrying about what to do. I know that I am really integral to winning this new piece of business, which is really important for the company, but at the same time I just can't face what I know it's going to be like to work on. I've got my 12 week scan coming up, plus a midwife appt - as my name suggests i work 2 hours away from home, so it's really tricky to balance important health things with work. With 2 miscarriages under my belt in the last 12 months I know that my health is the most important thing. Chat to HR? Tell the uber boss? Hide under a duvet tomorrow and not go in at all?! I can't exactly get signed off just for being pregnant and a bit bloaty and tired!

chocolatesolveseverything Tue 08-Jan-13 19:53:55

So sorry to hear your news amelie, thinking of you.

And big hugs also to Foof, feminist and others who have been having difficult times. I had the teeniest bit of pale blood a few days ago. It looked very similar to my original implantation bleed and there's been no sign of any more since. For some reason, I didn't feel too worried about it, gut instinct was (and still is) that it was a one off, but DH looked terrified when I told him. sad

Eggy and Scuba, I'm with you on the bloat. Caught a glimpse of myself sideways in the work toilet yesterday and freaked out at what looked like a small bump. But then today a colleague (who knows nothing of pg) told me it looked like I'd LOST weight over the holidays! <Shakes head in disbelief>

ScubaSarah Tue 08-Jan-13 19:11:13

Eggy, me too!! I'm bloating up in the afternoons so I really do look like I'm showing! Helpful for getting a seat on the train home but not so good for keeping it secret at work... hmm only a week til my scan an I can come clean...

Mayanbob Tue 08-Jan-13 18:57:34

Hi Ladies,

amelie So sorry to hear your news. Big Hugs and good luck for the future xxx

Glad to hear the good news from those with their good news, and fingers crossed for those who need it and hugs for those who have had mixed days, foof, rainbox , feminist and others.

noodles, i'm afraid I don't, but 9 flights!!! just the thought of it makes me weary.

As for me. STILL no appointment through. I need to stop worrying about it until after the weekend really, but the time is going so slowly at the moment.

Still. Told a 'work buddy' today. YAY. it's so good to talk o someone who has has actually had a child.

EggyM Tue 08-Jan-13 18:56:22

Amelie so sorry.
Rainbox glad you've found everything is ok.

How have people's first days back at work been? I am exhausted and have not enjoyed being sick in the horrible staff toilet. And then teaching noisy teenagers 10 minutes later.

Is anyone else showing yet? My stomach has suddenly bloated out 2 days ago - I'm sure someone at work will say something soon.


JollyToddles Tue 08-Jan-13 17:54:14

Amelie, sorry to hear your news.

Rainbox - what a grim day, you need to rest now and take advantage of the time off!

ScubaSarah Tue 08-Jan-13 17:50:16

Amelie - I'm so sorry to hear your news. Hugs headed your way!
Rainbow - glad to hear all is well x

beckie90 Tue 08-Jan-13 17:32:47

rainbox thats brilliant news x

Noodles80 Tue 08-Jan-13 17:31:49

Sorry to hear your sad news Amelie. I hope you have lots of people looking after you.

Does anybody else happen to suffer from thyroid problems? I have an under active thyroid and apparently this can cause some complications. Unfortunately I'm not home for a few weeks so will have to wait until I'm back for blood test to check my levels. I've asked for a telephone consultation in the meantime as I think it can all go a bit mad in the first few weeks and just want to see if I should be upping dosage. Feeling very tired which for me is usually a sign that I need to adjust medication but maybe this is just the pregnancy? Or maybe all the 15 hr days! Midnight here and just finished work for the day. 9 flights in the next week so perhaps its the thought of that making me tired!

Sugarkane Tue 08-Jan-13 17:28:13

Ruck This was the cheapest I could find when I was looking, didnt use them so cant comment on how good they are.

AmelieRose Really sorry xxx

Feminist Fingers tightly crossed

RuckAndRoll Tue 08-Jan-13 17:26:53

That's really good to hear Rainbow and being off work for a few weeks is a nice bonus so your body can concentrate on keeping you both nice and healthy smile

FoofFighter Tue 08-Jan-13 17:25:48


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