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Help! Transverse baby - should we turn?

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Lostbobbles Tue 18-Dec-12 21:04:58

I had an ECV with dc1 at 37 weeks, was not as bad as i was expecting but not pleasant either (DH nearly passed out watching though), consultant got her all the way down but then she turned straight back up. Booked for c-sec for 39 weeks but little monkey came at 38 weeks so had emergency c-sec. I was lucky had no probs from c-sec and healed very quickly.

My dilemma now is to VBAC or C-sec

Wish you well

MrsHBaby3 Tue 18-Dec-12 11:47:44

Hi my baby is currently transverse. Ive been told its because I have other children (too loose), and also because I go horseriding (too tight).

I am trying yoga, aquanatal and swimming, walking, prayer, lying upside down, gently massaging baby, seen the chiropractor, visualisation, birth ball and I have enquired about hypnobirthing but think £180 is too expensive for a chance it might work.

I have heard accupuncture is extremely effective? The chance of ECV working is apparently quite slim, and if it does, there's a big chance baby will turn back around. It's very rough and Ive seen friends have been bruised from it, eek!

TBH I think the baby will either move or it wont, getting stressed wont help. I know of several people who between 30-39+ weeks the baby just turned on its own without doing anything. I'm hoping I am one of them!

flubba Wed 21-Nov-12 16:07:34

I didn't - although I wasn't given the option I don't think. MWs hoped she'd turn of her own accord as she'd bounced around all over the shop and had been head down at some point. She didn't turn and I had a c-section once contractions started.
At one point prior to that though the docs scared the crap out of me though by saying (at 39 weeks) that I'd have to stay in hospital until baby came because if my waters broke at home, and the umbilical cord whooshed out, it could cause all sorts of complications. I stayed in for 11 days in total and wish they'd gone ahead and done the c-section earlier (although I was against having a c-section personally).

mytime777 Wed 21-Nov-12 16:01:13

Baby lying transverse. C section likely unless baby turns.
Should we risk turning the baby ( ECV) or not?
What have / did you do?

Your help/ thoughts appreciated.

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