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May 2013 - we've seen our babies and our trousers are tighter as we enter the second trimester!

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SevenElvesAndAReindeer Fri 16-Nov-12 17:53:42

Shiny new thread. Come and grab a brew and a biscuit.

wilderumpus Wed 05-Dec-12 12:35:31

wirra am glad your scan went well.

oh dear* artigene* that sounds awful. Glad you didn't hit your coccyx tho, lucky escape. We live in the middle of a hill so is a slope whichever way I walk out/back and with me dodgy placenta I have to stay at home because it is soooo icy. Haven't left since monday morning, eek.

MooLL Wed 05-Dec-12 13:30:58

Hi all - just got back from 16 week appointment with the consultant and the ECS is all booked in at 39 weeks - hurrah - although she has warned me that I will be a frequent visitor to the day assessment unit again towards the end of pregnancy and if pre-eclampsia returns the date will be moved forward.

So for those helping with likelihood of PE again the other day .. this is what she said .. for a woman who has had PE in her first child the likelihood of getting it again is around 15% ... however if you are old (like me) that rises to between 15 and 30% ...and if you have kidney problems (which thankfully I dont) it increases again to around 50%. She has booked me in for a Uterine Artery Doppler scan which essentially looks at the bloodflow in the uterous/plaenta and there are studies that have concluded it can be used as a predictor for whether PE will happen again (predictor only not 100% accurate by any means) ... going to give the Fetal Medicine Centre a call as my 20 week scan is with them and I think they look at that anyway which will save a seperate scan ... but all in all after listening to its little heartbeat .. I came away feeling much happier and much better informed about the weeks ahead - phew! ps after thinking i would need to batter for a c-section the consultant said - I take it you will be wanting an elective this time ... to which the answer was yes and the subject was over ... yay!

Ellypoo Wed 05-Dec-12 15:45:29

That's great MooLL, glad your appt went well!

Oh no artigene, hope you are ok!

Great news wirra, that must be a huge relief.

Boodstress Wed 05-Dec-12 17:34:19

Just catching up after a few weeks (18 +5) , LittleB I'm so very sorry for your loss. I hope you are surrounded by love and support and can find the strength you need.
I am also freaking in the snow with my PSD - anyone else suffering? This is my 3rd pregnancy and its the most painful yet.

ArtigeneAuberchoke Wed 05-Dec-12 18:26:30

MooL - good news about the CS. I think I told you that I had pre-eclampsia with DC1 and not with DC2 although my kidneys did leak protein throughout my pregnancy with DC2. This time I've already had one Doppler scan because the FMC looked at the placental arteries at my 12 week scan. One of those arteries already has higher pressure than the other which raises my chances of pre-e again. I'm having another Doppler scan at 20 weeks (FMC) and 24 weeks (NHS). I'm also meant to be taking aspirin but it burns my stomach really, really badly.

Wirra - what fab news about yesterday's scan. Congratulations! I bet that was a weight off your shoulders.

Rhienne Wed 05-Dec-12 20:34:56

LittleB so sorry to hear about your loss. Take care of yourself and your DH.

We're having our 18 wk scan tomorrow! Nervous and excited!


FrustratedSycamoreSnowflake Wed 05-Dec-12 20:35:55

Hey ladies, I'm 14+5 and can't remember, is it normal to be breathless (and occasionally dizzy) at this stage?
Also got such a sore bump today, presumably bump is growing?

GeordieCherry Wed 05-Dec-12 22:00:20

Sycamore I get very breathless from walking up stairs. And dizzy if I stand up too quickly & just sometimes out of nowhere. Weirdly managed a bike ride at the weekend though shock
Just taking it a day at a time

Artigene how are you after your tumble? I know those Baby on Board badges are a bit hmm but they're tres handy when wearing a hefty bump hiding coat grin

Booked an appointment for bra fitting in Sunday. Getting a bit uncomfortable in the ones I'm managing to get in. Most of my ones are already relegated to the suitcase under the bed! Bravissimo look ace but I'm not in their catchment size confused
Hope everyone's well

Picklep Thu 06-Dec-12 08:03:36

I think I felt something!!! It did feel like bubbles, but lots of tiny ones like champagne bubbles, right where I think the baby is.....have I got it right? Or am I describing wind?

BeauticianNotMagician Thu 06-Dec-12 08:18:08

frustrated I have been breathless from the start. I struggle with stairs already.

Does anyone know of anything I can take for a head cold.Im Absolutely full of it and have a sore throat and ears.Head is pounding and paracetamol does nothing for me hmm

ArtigeneAuberchoke Thu 06-Dec-12 08:44:49

Frustrated - I get breathless on stairs etc. I also sometimes feel fair and dizzy if I stand for too long. I think it's down to all the extra blood in our systems (I think we have a third more). Our hearts have to work hard.

Beut - there's no proper medicine other than paracetamol. You could try a steam inhalation with some olbas oil. Or good old honey and lemon.

Pickle - tiny fizzy feelings might be wind bit could be baby. I would describe early baby movements as very light taps. I'm feeling a few now (plus the massive and weird painful kick I felt on Monday).

GeordieCherry Thu 06-Dec-12 08:53:36

Beaut apparently Boots have some pg friendly cold stuff. Don't know what it is though, sorry, read it on here somewhere...

MaybeAMayBaby Thu 06-Dec-12 10:20:22

Sorry about cold beaut. I seem to have had a lot recently. I took Paracetemol and the doc prescribed some cough linctus. Not sure it helped though, but the placebo effect and all.

Sound like some of you had snow! Jealous-although not of walking in it. I slipped on some frozen leaves the other day.

Had an horrendous morning. Very fed up. Shoul have been lively as I had a lie in as I had MW 16 week appt this morning. Took DD to nursery first. On way back, I overtook what I thought was a parked car. No light on, covered in frost down a side street and pulled right over up to the curb. There was a queue in front of it, but there was loads of room between the 'parked' car and the one in front. So much so, that when the parked car started beeping it still had to drive up to me! She gets out of the car and starts banging on the window screaming at me. I (admittedly shouted back) tried to apologise and explain that I thought she was parked. She was still screaming so I lost it at her. I called her a bloody cow and told her to f-off. I know. Not cool. I'm blaming the hormones but I was so furious. She then punched the car!
I'm not usually in road rage incidents. So by the time I got to the MW I was in a state. My bp was high but I was to embarrassed to explain why. I also had to have bloods taken to check for something I've already forgotten what she called. My legs are really itchy. I'm scratching at them most evenings. Anyone have any experience of this?
Come home for a cuppa before going into work. Feel like going back to bed. It's so ruddy cold! Want snow to fall tonight-enough for a snow day tomorrow please!

Picklep Thu 06-Dec-12 10:22:19

artigene thanks - I have a suspicion that I have an anterior placenta as they had trouble finding heartbeat, all we could hear was the placenta for ages, they had to kind of tilt( dig in) the doppler and I read that an anterior placenta would make it less likely to feel movement since baby has a pillow to kick! Does anyone know they have an anterior placenta? Just wondering if it will affect scan - will the baby be playing peepo???

Hope you feel better soon beaut, I've been using 4head for when I get sinus headaches, it helped me.

MammaBrussels Thu 06-Dec-12 10:38:43

I had an anterior placenta when pregnant with DS. It meant that I felt movements later, felt fewer movements in later pregnancy and DH found it harder to feel movements. I don't remember it affecting any scans though. It was nothing to worry about.

Picklep Thu 06-Dec-12 10:50:36

Sorry cross-posts maybe, that's terrible. Poor you. What a morning! Try to chill out now and forget about it. Hate things like that especially with a mw appt to go to. Have a couple of biscuits too!

Thanks mamma that's reassured me, we're so looking forward to the scan so just wanted to prepare if we might not get a great scan and therefore not find out gender. (Even though I know we still might not, if baby wants to hide its bits)

TerracottaPie Thu 06-Dec-12 11:34:29

I've not been around for ages what with being ill and going back to work after maternity leave (finding that very tiring at the moment).

Belated hello to all our newbies smile

I finally had my consultant appointment yesterday (just for having a big'un last time) and he was lovely. Happy to have a wait and see approach like I wanted, happy for homebirth if things look ok, even said how he doesn't see the point of growth scans in late pregnancy when it's a large baby due to how inaccurate they can be. Really nice bloke. But he's retiring. In bloody February. No doubt his replacement will be the kind that catastrophises everything without giving a balanced view to enable informed consent. <sigh>

picklep I had an anterior placenta last time. No issue at all on seeing gender. We couldn't have not seen DS was a DS even if we'd tried!

There's been lots going on since I last posted. Too much to pick out. So I'll just say look after yourselves everyone smile

And finally LittleB I don't know if you'll be wanting to look in on here or not. But I wanted you to know my thoughts are very much with you. This must be heartbreaking for you and your DH. I'm so so sorry this has happened. Huge hugs for you x

BlueSkySoftSand Thu 06-Dec-12 11:46:51

Hello, I'm new to the thread - I am 15 +1, due May 29th and this will be DC3.

Got my consultant appt today (DS1 was a tough and long labour resulting in an EMCS and DS2 was a VBAC which went well and was much quicker). If all ok will be going for another VBAC.

Just marking my place smile and hope you've all had a relatively smooth time so far.

DizziDoll Thu 06-Dec-12 11:54:51

It has been a very ... very long time since I posted. But I have been lurking (kinda).

Welcome BlueSky!

LittleB So sorry to hear your sad news sad.

Maybe, what a horrid morning. I hope the cupa sorted you out.

Milk DD is a result of a great night out. Her father is not DH and we are expecting number 3. Sometime we just get lucky. I hope this is the same case for you.

I had my anomaly scan today (early at 18+4) and all is looking great. It is always a relief as I get nervous about every scan. We have decided not to find out the gender this time which I find quite exciting. DD isn't happy about this though and is piling the pressure on for us to find out. We've booked an ELCS for the 29th of April (EDD 6 May). Can I stick around with you lovely ladies though?

We have also decided to move in the beginning of February so that will probably cause a lot of stress. That is why I have decided to go on maternity leave very early, at 10 weeks before EDD. I. Can't. Wait!
My plan is to make a start on a new business selling slings online. Does anyone here have their own online business?

10storeylovesong Thu 06-Dec-12 12:05:57

This is going to sound like a stupid question, but my bump has shrunk - should I be worried?!

My sickness is still really bad and I can't take the cyclizine as it knocks me out and I'm back at work so couldn't drive, concentrate etc. I'd put on half stone in first 12 weeks but have lost that plus an extra 2lbs in last 2 weeks and now can't see my bump at all. In fact, I can now comfortably fit into all my pre pregnancy clothes, even those that felt tight before!

I had been feeling lots of flutters, and am still feeling a couple but not as many as before and now I'm feeling a bit concerned. I have my 20 week scan this time next week - should I just hold on till then and see how it goes?!

wilderumpus Thu 06-Dec-12 12:06:32

maybe that sounds so scary. she was only one car more back in the queue, why did she go so mad even if it wasn't an innocent mistake? hope you are ok that would have shaken me up a lot.

pickle definitely sounds like movement to me! With DS my first inkling was at about 3am when I woke up and felt a wee fizzing in my womb area. not had it with this one tho.

dizzi congrats on your scan! I think you might be our first 'surprise'? what slings do you sell? am always looking for more, am a bit of an addict blush

beaut I am just getting over a horrible cold. I had olbas oil, honey, lemon and ginger drinks, and you can have lockets and soothers sweets in moderation. NOT lemsip or strepsils, boo.

I was feeling completely blue earlier and yesterday because this baby hides a lot but just now I got a fantastic thwunk out of nowhere which has completely reassured me that there is a baby in there. I was feeling kicks from DS by now and thought with your second you feel them much earlier. I have had 'feelings' but nothing I could say for sure was a baby. but that was brill grin so pleased.

anyone else eating a lot? I have my evening meal which used to do me fine but now I dig into cereal and toast later in the evening blush. Am soooo hungry. Am starting to put on weight too which is unnerving but... has to be done! 17+2

wilderumpus Thu 06-Dec-12 12:08:52

10 bumps come and go, don't worry, and if you are losing weight then is likely you will fit into smaller clothes grin. am so sorry you are still suffering - can you try a different type of antisickness med? Am really surprised the GP isn't helping you more, you shouldn't be so poorly still chuck.

ArtigeneAuberchoke Thu 06-Dec-12 12:21:58

Pickle - I had an anterior placenta with DC1. No problem at all with scans and we found out the gender at 20 weeks. I didn't feel movement until 20 weeks but then that was also true for DC2 and with her I had a posterior placenta.

10 - Sorry you are still feeling sick. I am sure there are other drugs you can try. I would go and see your GP about it if you are losing weight quickly. Your baby will be fine but you need nutrients.

Nice to see you Dizzi. A ten week pre-maternity leave sounds like heaven! And great news on the anomaly scan.

Welcome Blue.

I feel awful today so am not at work. My head is thumping and I was worried that it might be a sign of early BP problems so I went to the GP and it turns out I have a raging UTI. She gave me antibiotics. I hope they improve things soon.

Can we talk weight gain??? How much have you all gained now? I have gained 14lbs so one stone. I gained it all in the first 13 weeks and was horrified. I have gained nothing for the past 3 weeks which is comforting but I do feel flabby and heavy. I don't want to gain more than 30lbs over all and I am starting to feel that is unrealistic given where I am now.

10storeylovesong Thu 06-Dec-12 12:24:27

Usually I'd be made up about smaller clothes but I'm just so worried baby isn't getting the nutrients it needs. GP did say I could go back for another sick note but I was getting really down sat at home moping and work have been brilliant - cutting my hours down without cutting pay etc and sending me home early on quiet days and at least it gets me out the house. Think they're sick of hearing me throw up tbh though as toilet is next door to office so they can hear everything!

wilderumpus Thu 06-Dec-12 12:31:17

10 why don't you go back to the GP and say that you are still really sick and can you try another med? There are a few different types and honestly, you shouldn't need to suffer. Being really sick at this stage really is odd and should be fixable. Am glad work are looking after you. Don't worry about the baby's nutrients, they take what they need from you - it is you, really, you need to worry about!

artigene sorry to hear about your uti! I hope it clears up soon. With DS i gained a lot of weight very quickly and, well, piled it on all through the pg. This time I have put on 5lbs so far but my appetite has gone up and my exercise right down (probably linked) so will likely start piling it on now especially if I keep eating two bowls of coco pops for lunch Is normal to put on a lb a week at this stage!

FWIW with DS I said to myself I would only put on so-and-so amount but being pg is so weird and fat would just go on, and on, and on... all on my arms (wtf), hips and ass. I looked like a weeble when I gave birth but lost it within the year without trying (BFing). It'll be ok! wink

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