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December 2012 - Christmas is coming and we're all getting fat

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WillYouDoTheFandango Tue 13-Nov-12 22:26:19

New thread people, can't link as we ran out of room

AlisonDB Thu 22-Nov-12 21:40:55

Just found this link, on how to use the excersize ball.

Hopefully we find it useful! :-)

ellliebelle Thu 22-Nov-12 21:52:31

spotty good luck with whatever happens but how scary that things are moving fast.

WillYouDoTheFandango Thu 22-Nov-12 22:05:13

I'm getting a little freaked out now, it's amazing how quickly everything can change. Think I'll pack my bag at the weekend just to be safe confused. i hope you manage to get some sleep spotty

ISpyPlumPie Thu 22-Nov-12 23:08:39

Thanks for the link Alison> Sounds as if I have been doing it ok then. Just hope LO moves down soon.

utopian99 Thu 22-Nov-12 23:15:38

Good luck spotty, thinking of you!

pidj we're aiming to use cloth too but have bought huggies newborns to use just until cord stump comes off as none of the cloth have the dip...

37 weeks tomorrow, so he could arrive anytime but the rental house is finished and listed so no more ladders for me! Have just moved and assembled 3 beds and a wardrobe though and v achy bump..

Cookiesandcoffee Thu 22-Nov-12 23:34:58

Thinking of you tonight spotty
Was so uncomfortable in bed I went down stairs and fetched my ball and am rocking on it on the bedroom floor. I'm definitely thinking trapped wind (had a massive dinner blush )
Hope everyone manages some sleep tonight

WillYouDoTheFandango Fri 23-Nov-12 00:53:06

Evening all, restless legs have reached new levels tonight. They're leaping about like Michael flatley's! I've decamped to the spare bed so that I don't keep DP up all night. Yawn!

SpottyTeacakes Fri 23-Nov-12 01:44:27

Dp's gone home sad they came to take me up to labour ward for the steroids hours ago but the went went before I got there. It's bloody boiling and I'm just laying on the bed still dressed. Sugar levels low again pretty sure they won't do anything now until the morning

HoneyMum21 Fri 23-Nov-12 01:50:08

Poor you spotty. Can you call them and find out what's going on? At least that way you might be able to get some sleep? (Hugs)

SpottyTeacakes Fri 23-Nov-12 02:13:24

Labour wards just really busy tonight so still waiting for a bed. I can't see me sleeping what with fag ash lil snoring her head off hmm poor dp's got work tomorrow!

Oh spotty it sounds like you're having a hard time. (we all understand when they're busy blah blah blah. But when you're worried and it's you they are mucking around it really doesn't help does it?) how many weeks are you now?

cookies I've been carting my ball up and downstairs daily for about 3 weeks lol. It's what I do when I can't get comfy (like right now) or have restless legs.

Bored of being awake at night with no good reason. Roll on the newborn baby!

SpottyTeacakes Fri 23-Nov-12 02:15:35

I'm 35 weeks. Dd was born at 36+1..... Stupid pancreas! I really fancy a cuppa soup confused

EggsMichelle Fri 23-Nov-12 02:54:56

I hope they have fed you something Spotty, atleast ask for some toast.

I was sleeping nicely until DH woke me poking me in the back in his sleep, I can only assume my snoring was interrupting his dreams!

Walnut8 Fri 23-Nov-12 02:57:32

Oh spotty you poor thing!! I hope you are doing okay. I had a sort of similar experience with DD when I had a bit of bleeding at about 40 weeks and they almost made me stay in overnight for monitoring or immediate induction. In the end I burst into tears, said I wasn't ready (went in at 6pm, hadn't had dinner or a shower, had nothing on me - not even glasses or contact lenses case - and by the time I was seen at midnight I was well and truly fed up) and said that I was going home dammit! I know your situation is very different though and much more risky, I hope you are okay and manage some sleep.

Really recommend the bravado bras for those bigger than a DD cup. I went up to an F (or G, can't remember) after DD was born and these were comfy and more supportive than most.

Had a wobble last night. DH put a hand on my bump and said with shock that it suddenly felt like my bump was entirely baby (like a "puppy in a sock" was how he put it) and I suddenly panicked about how the hell I'm going to get this baby out. DD was only 7 lbs and if this one is 8.8 already, I really don't know how I'm going to cope. Plus she feels so heavy ... everything was aching last night, I felt like my pelvis had been punched, shooting pains down my legs and through my hips and had a BH every time I moved. But all signs of pre-labour have completely vanished despite the show on sunday. Feel a bit better this morning, not so achey.

Hope everyone else is doing okay.

utopian99 Fri 23-Nov-12 03:20:20

I know I'm being stupid but crumb seems very quiet since about 8pm; normally he's pretty frisky all evening... Now worried I've done something bad because of all the furniture shifting, have tried cold drink and a lie down but no major change. Please say he's okay. sad

EggsMichelle Fri 23-Nov-12 04:02:20

Utopian he is probably just having a rest himself, if you have been busy you will have run down your shared energy stores. Give it until the morning, get some breakfast inside you then see how he is. My Shrimpy is getting less active, but think that's a space thing, instead of his violent tumbling I now just get slow stretches.

Walnut8 Fri 23-Nov-12 04:02:41

he'll be okay utopian. If I were you, I'd give it another half an hour of sitting upright, a drink of OJ, and then ring the hospital. Or if you are really worried go straight to the hospital, but I'm always more inclined to give it one more try because as soon as you get in the car he'll start moving!!

Walnut8 Fri 23-Nov-12 04:05:20

I agree with eggs too - I tend to find that LO is quieter after I've done a full day's worth of activity.

SpottyTeacakes Fri 23-Nov-12 04:10:12

On labour ward finally! Had just got to sleep though hmm being monitored then steroids. Mw is nice but i don't like the way she smells v

Walnut8 Fri 23-Nov-12 04:14:18

grin spotty

Sorry for ignorance but what are the steroids for?

HoneyMum21 Fri 23-Nov-12 04:15:06

I'm sure he's fine utopian. How many weeks are you? They slow down a lot towards the end. If you're still worried call the pregnancy assessment unit and they'll check crumb out for you.

HoneyMum21 Fri 23-Nov-12 04:17:48

Good luck with the steroids spotty. They hurt like mad (especially I'd the MW rams it into a nerve) but totally worth it

SpottyTeacakes Fri 23-Nov-12 04:19:15

Steroids are to develop baby's lungs.

utopian just to reiterate what everyone else has said cold sweet drink lay down (I find laying on my left hand side best). But they are always happy to see you even if it's just for reassurance smile

SpottyTeacakes Fri 23-Nov-12 04:26:43

Where do they do it honey? I stick a needle in myself five times a day but don't like other people doing it!! At least I have an en suite now....

EggsMichelle Fri 23-Nov-12 04:33:21

Glad you have been moved Spotty, maybe now you can get some proper sleep.

Hit DH in the face (it was dark and he was all over my side of the bed and he was snoring) couldn't control my laughter so have moved myself to the sofa, but words will be shared about him disturbing my sleep!

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