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December 2012 - Christmas is coming and we're all getting fat

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WillYouDoTheFandango Tue 13-Nov-12 22:26:19

New thread people, can't link as we ran out of room

SpottyTeacakes Thu 22-Nov-12 10:22:48

That's great to hear pidj smile I think having a supportive DH helps too, I'm really lucky with DP too. It's actually quite encouraging to hear as well, I will no doubt be asking your advice in a few weeks time! Has your milk come in yet? (If you don't mind me asking!)

Secondsop Thu 22-Nov-12 11:35:11

brooke I'd love the breastfeeding info too - thank you v much in advance.

I am feeling slightly sensitive about people asking about my induction date (people in real life, that is - I love sharing on here because we're all in the same boat and i can say exactly as much or as little as I like). I want family and a few close friends to know, but I sort of want everyone else to butt out. Is that weird? I'd rather announce the birth than have loads of people know when I'm going in and know that they'll be hanging on waiting for news and potentially bothering us for updates. I'd like to let people know in my own time rather than have everyone know when it's happening.

SpottyTeacakes Thu 22-Nov-12 11:38:11

I'm the same Seconds I nearly considered not telling anyone but that would leave poor dd with no one to look after her! In fact I just wish everyone would leave is all alone and STOP asking when they can see us at Christmas and stuff. Bugger off. <grumpy pregnant lady>

kate2boysandabump Thu 22-Nov-12 11:50:33

Seconds That sounds completely reasonable. Giving birth is a private thing for some people, it certainly is for me. The idea of anyone but me and DH being there fills me with horror. Don't tell anyone if you don't want to. It's not their business and it will make the birth announcement a lovely surprise smile

Pidg That's good advice, it should hurt for the first bit, enough to take your breath away I found, but ok once the feed gets going. Don't be so hard on yourself for not correcting, it's very early days for both of you.

I'm boiling all the time. DH has set up the fan by my feet, so if I overheat in the night, I can stick my feet out for some relief.

Not thinking about the size of my baby today. Sticks fingers in ears lalalalalalala. I'm in denial dontcha know wink

brooke89 Thu 22-Nov-12 11:53:59

second, pidj, spotty, jojo - On my phone and can't work out how to PM so i'll copy and paste below.....ignore all the other bits and sorry to everyone else for the mammoth post!

Hi Hunny! You must be getting so excited!?! Of course I don't mind you asking :-) I'm actually a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter so if you have any questions or need any help at all once your little one has arrived just contact me :-) I'd be happy to give you advice on here or come and visit if you need it.
The only things you need in preparation are:
1) Lanolin Nipple Cream...this is the best one on the market and it's completely harmless to your baby so if you apply it to your nipples there's no need to wipe it off before your feed which is great!
2) A few good nursing bras that are comfortable and have no wires! The best ones I found to start off with were Carriwell stretchy ones, then once I got the hang of it, I moved on to some more funky ones but these are so comfortable and easy to use which is the most important in the early days :-)
3) Some muslins to use to mop up any spills and help cover you up if your nervous in front of people.
4) Some people find a nursing pillow helpful. I did buy one but never really used it as Suzie was very light and easy to hold but might be worth getting in case? Mothercare do a cheap one that I now use as a pillow in bed and it's lush so wasn't a complete waste of money! Ha!
Really that's all you need, that's the beauty of breastfeeding, you don't need anything except your baby and your boobs! Makes life much easier in the long run as there's no bottles etc!!
With regards to getting in some formula, that's entirely up to you. I didn't as I was so determined to BF that I didn't want the ease of switching to formula if thing's got a bit tough but that was my personal decision. And don't forget you've got Tesco up the road open 24hrs so if you did ever need it you could send Nick out to get some. It's a myth that women don't have enough milk and need to top up in most case, not all but most. The general rules is your body makes whatever your baby is demanding, the more baby feeds, the more you make. So the only reason you might not have enough milk is if your baby is feeding correctly or isn't latched on correctly and has an inefficient suck. You'll usually know if this is the case as you'll be as sore as hell!
The best tips I can give to avoid this happen is...
- Try to feed as quickly after birth as possible (within the first hour)
- Have plenty of skin to skin contact (babe in nappy in your bear chest with a cover over baby but not in between you) with bub in the early hours and days after birth - this really helps with BF.
- Get help if you think you need it, either in hospital from the staff or from your local midwife and support group (they'll be invaluable!)
- Feed baby on demand - not try to follow routines as baby need to tell your body exactly what it needs in the early weeks so just go with baby. To start with you may feel like your feeding all the time but this is normal and it will get easier so stick with it.
- Make sure baby has a big mouthful of breast when feeding and look for all the signs in the leaflet you'll get given (full cheeks, rhythmic sucking, content at feeding, most if not all of your nipple in baby's mouth, etc).
Finally, try not to listen to well meaning friends and relatives telling what your doing is wrong. Lots of people will have opinions on BF and how they think it's going. Just listen to your baby, your body and the experts!
Trust your body. it may take a bit of practice and sometimes mum's need some help to start with but this is what you were designed to do it and you can do it. It's been one of the most rewarding things I have experienced while being a mum and I strongly recommend it it.
If you want to pop out to mine sometime for a cuppa and a chat I've got books you can borrow and some really useful leaflets etc. You're totally welcome :-)
Just believe in yourself and your body, be confident and determined and you'll be fine. It's totally normal to feel like babies feeding constantly and it doesn't last. One other tip - get some cheap black and white regular cotton vests (like from H&M) and wear them under all your tops while breastfeeding. That way you don't have to feel paranoid about getting your tummy out when you lift your top to feed. And try to wear loose tops over them (that just makes it easier to pop baby on whenever needed)
Let me know if you need anymore help....sorry I've written an essay!! Ha!!

SpottyTeacakes Thu 22-Nov-12 12:02:10

Thanks Brooke! I'm going to buy that bra with dp's money grin

soapnuts Thu 22-Nov-12 12:16:30

I was expecting to see another baby on here by now! Hope dated is just enjoying some quiet time with her little one.

Seconds - with DS1 I didn't tell anyone when I was being induced (well DH was there obviously!) because I didn't want the stress of everyone wanting to know how things were going etc - plus it was a lovely surprise when we called them and told them there was someone who wanted to meet them (on Skype!). I'd have felt so much pressure if they were all waiting. If you're worried - and they already know the date, how about telling them that they're not sure if they're going to induce or not but that either way you'll be kept in for a few hours monitoring and you're not allowed to have your phone on cos.... er.... it interferes with the monitors? and of course you'll let them know as soon as there is something to tell!

Pidg - it sounds like you're doing an amazing job - and am very relieved to hear it's not as bad as I'm building it up to be!! I know this is second time around for me and I should know better but for some reason the sleepless nights and sore nipples are worrying me more this time - probably because I've got DS1 to worry about too but I guess we'll all just get on with it when the time comes!

I've had good and bad this week so far:

Good - Have finally (yes at 35+4weeks!) got registered with the hospital!! yeah!! Had several midwives tell me I'd have to go into the consultant led unit but very nice and sensible consultant said there was no reason I couldn't be in the midwife led unit and has sorted out my next appointment there - am very happy!! (plus baby looking all good at the hospital and poised and ready to go!) and DH will be in the country from tomorrow night (he better not miss his plane).

good and bad, my parents have gone back home for a couple of weeks..... was lovely to see them but am kind of looking forward to having some space.... but then again they have been very helpful around the house!!

And the bad was DS1 taking one bite of his dinner last night and projectile vomiting everywhere (over everyone else's dinner too!!) - I thought it was a one off but he's thrown up his milk this morning too and is now laying on the sofa in front of cbeebies holding a bowl (which will never be used for salad again!!) .... he's never really thrown up before and seems a little confused as to whether the throwing up bowl is an aim or a precaution - he keeps doing little coughs and apologising for not producing anything!!! (then demanding biscuits)..... am just hoping that if I succumb to the bug it's not until after DH gets here late tomorrow!

Am loving catching up with how everyone is - think you'll all helping to make it real - I've had so much else going on that it hasn't really been real until now (despite the moving stomach between me and my laptop!!).... or maybe my little bubble of self-denial is keeping me sane! grin

ellliebelle Thu 22-Nov-12 12:20:50

Brooke all that advice is fab i did bf last time and reading that through was a great refresher smile especially the part about not listening to what friends/family try and tell you i found last time competative bottle feeding mums were always comparing there babies weight gain to dd's and until i learned not to listen it was hard to deal with sad it was also difficult when people felt the need to tell me dd clearly wasnt full from my milk cause she didnt go 4 hours between feeds.......very demoralising when you are doing your best and now i have a healthy happy 3 year old i know every negative comment i was given was a load of rubbish smile

HoneyMum21 Thu 22-Nov-12 12:26:55

Emmajane does a similar bra to the carriwell one but I preferred the emmajane one - will link when I get on my computer. I think it's slightly cheaper too

HoneyMum21 Thu 22-Nov-12 12:33:45

here is the basic bra. They also do the same one but with removable pads. Not needed so much for the size at the min but offer a bit of nipple comfort IMO!

Had my obstetrician appointment this morning. As my levels are stable and I'm only on a low dose of metformin they don't want to induce me until 39+5 sad but as I went into labour naturally at 38+5 with both the others I'm hoping I can skip induction tbh.

brooke thanks for all the bf info, really useful.

soapnuts glad you've got hospital sorted and DH will be with you soon.

2blessed Thu 22-Nov-12 12:44:00

Hi Ladies,

Hope everyone is well.
soapnuts glad you're registered now and that your DP will soon be with you. Hope DS feels better soon.
Brooke really useful, thanks. At my bf class last week they spoke of nose to nipple which helps baby to latch on. may be another useful tip...

Just been sent this from Avent and thought it may be useful, I remember a conversation about heating and layers, maybe in the last thread (I lose track, the chats move so fast wink

2blessed Thu 22-Nov-12 12:44:54 Sorry don't know if this is any better...

JoJoB77 Thu 22-Nov-12 12:45:04

Thanks for the bf info brooke, very helpful smile

HoneyMum21 Thu 22-Nov-12 12:50:47

2blessed thanks- that's really useful

stacey glad you're levels are good bit sorry you don't get to meet you LO sooner - lets hope this one takes after your others and comes early on its own!

Secondsop Thu 22-Nov-12 13:09:17

Thanks ladies re the "not telling people the date" - for people who've been asking and who I think might be a pain rather than a support, I've been saying vaguely "some time around the middle of next week onwards".

brooke thanks so much for the breastfeeding info. Have copied and pasted it into an Evernote note so that I can easily refer to it.

I've completed my main task for the day - my tax return. Am inordinately proud of myself!

SpottyTeacakes Thu 22-Nov-12 13:13:57

That's great Honey thanks!

Stacey I know you're fed up but nice to avoid induction smile how did you get on with the consultant?

Soapnuts what a lovely, positive post grin apart from your ds being poorly! He sounds very sweet though, I bet you can't wait for your DH be back with you.

Cookiesandcoffee Thu 22-Nov-12 13:20:27

Oh pidj it sounds like you're doing fantastically well, if I do half as well as you ill be a happy mummy. I'm sure you'll have the knack v soon, reiterate what someone said about nose to nipple, they really need an open mouth apparently. After my failed first attempt at Bf am hoping this time will be better, any tips greatly appreciated. Thanks brooke that was really nice advice.
Come on dated and COD! I hope you're enjoying lovely snuggles and not in drawn out pain.
I had some lower pains on and off for ages last night, was starting to panic as am looking at a school for dd tomorrow and it'll be my only chance. Luckily nothing today. Still can't banish this lurgy, think baby will wait til I'm better.
stacey fingers crossed the day will come before then so you will escape induction. My dd was born at 38+5 as well, as I can't help but hope this one will follow suit... cow of a MW keeps reminding me this one may not be early! Talk about ruin my optimism!
brooke and jojo you are not alone. Over the weekend (before I became infected!) I rearranged my tea towel drawer, folded them all nicely and arranged them into 'nice' and 'ok to get ruined' piles. I also cleaned the drawer itself and wiped all down inside blush hormones !! Makes us do the strangest things. Despite feeling ill last night I cleaned the skirting boards in the bathroom?! Gave myself a terrible headache and regretted it after. Stooopid hormones.

Secondsop Thu 22-Nov-12 13:20:37

stacey they must be pleased with how things are going if you can wait till 39+5 - i was told i'd only go on past 38 weeks if everything was going brilliantly. although it must be frustrating not to get to meet the baby sooner.

PurplePidjin Thu 22-Nov-12 13:22:19

No milk yet, but due in the next day or so smile

Thanks, Brooke thanks it's the getting my massive areola into his tiny mouth I'm struggling with. We'll get used to it.

My mum got me an Emma Jane one from somewhere (we'd planned to get me measured for proper ones on Tuesday, oops!) and it's fab, i love it. I've tucked pads in for, as dp put it, armour plating!

We went out shock only coffee and a short walk, but we're very proud now. Rafa had a nice long feed and is now asleep on my chest. Might hand him over in a bit and join him in the land of nod

itsMYNutella Thu 22-Nov-12 13:24:09

Hi everyone! <waves> you're all sounding good today... our gift from the DP's parents arrived today, a shiny new tumble dryer... just need to figure out what the million and 1 functions are and I can't start using it! grin

Still keeping everything crossed for lovely news from dated

brooke thank you for the BF info!! It's brilliant. Also, I think re-arranging tea towels can be added to the 'perfectly normal in pregnancy list" which is an epic list... but then lists are also a normal part of pregnancy wink

Just had spicy instant noodles for lunch - quite tasty - but I think it's given the bean hiccups confused and they keep repeating on me... bleurgh!

Anyone else finding the smallest meal really filling them up? I suppose I've switched to eating little and often hmm ... wonder if losing weight at this stage in pregnancy is also normal hmm - I've put on a bit over 12 kilos so far but had lost 500g between the last two appointments...

Secondsop Thu 22-Nov-12 13:24:38

Re nesting: does it affect the men? I've done barely any, at least nothing that I can distinguish from my usual general desire to have things vaguely sorted rather than in a mess. My husband however is another matter - he's taken it upon himself to do heaps of bigger tasks including sorting out the whole spidery garage.

SpottyTeacakes Thu 22-Nov-12 13:48:38

So there's a sling meet going on nearish to where I live and at the bottom of the FB event page it says this:

'This bit goes without saying really but MILK! is of course a breastfeeding support group and many ladies there will be struggling with feeding so if you do formula feed your little ones then I'd ask that if they need feeding whilst the drop-in is still running then you do that with respect to the nature of the group so as not to undermine the fabulous work that Louise, Chloe and the other Peer Supporters do. Thank you for understanding'

I'm a bit hmm about it, I don't see what the point of putting that is and it's made me really angry confused In fact if I was bottle feeding an wanted to go to a sling meet I most definitely wouldn't go to this one.... or am I overreacting in my pregnant way?! wink

EggsMichelle Thu 22-Nov-12 13:49:42

Thanks Brooke and Blessed, lots of useful reading!

Seconds my DH has taken on an odd pride in the house, ordinarily he is painfully lazy with house work, but recently he has been doing things without me asking. If only he would walk the dog more and I'd be ecstatic!

Nutella my appetite is very different, I can't stop eating, and eating massive portions, I have horrified DH with the huge amounts I can eat!

EggsMichelle Thu 22-Nov-12 13:51:49

Spotty, wow that's incredibly rude and judgemental of them, typical militant Breastfeeders!

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