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Jan 2013 Part 5: Once we pop (on time!), we just won't stop!

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BuntyCollocks Mon 12-Nov-12 13:07:31

New thread! I've lost my lovely spreadsheet <sob> so if someone can add in the stats and update, that would be wonderful; I'm sure someone else had a spreadsheet that was as anally organised as me

Tugstonia Tue 13-Nov-12 10:52:05

boutique that must have been so scary, very glad to hear baby is all ok and hope you are too. That MIL in the other room would have been ejected if it were me! How dare she shhh!

TMI alert: discharge. Anyone else getting/had watery clear discharge? I've always had discharge but this is thinner than usual and I'm now scared it's my waters breaking. Surely I would know about it if it was my waters I'm just being massively paranoid?!

SquealyB Tue 13-Nov-12 11:00:22

mrsbugsy - I have been a bit up and down throughout pregnancy. I tend to have a massive melt down at least one a fortnight wink. Normally am very level headed so very strange feeling.

Can I have a massively self indulgent moment please just don't think I can voice this in RL......blush

I had a lovely evening last night as DH took me to a seriously fancy restaurant for my birthday (which was last week but this was the only reservation for 3 months!). I felt thoroughly spoilt and nearly burst into tears at the table as I realised that I am generally so happy at the moment, how great 2012 has been and how much we have to look forward to in 2013 smile. Totally soppy though but trying to count my blessing as I can something get a bit wrapped up in the "pregnancy is hard and I am tired, moody etc." way of thinking and I am trying to be more positive.

See totally up and down, no doubt I'll be in tears by this evening grin!

SquealyB Tue 13-Nov-12 11:01:37

Boutique just read back in the thread and oh my gosh that must have been so so scary! Really pleased everything is ok.

CreepyCrawly Tue 13-Nov-12 11:18:35

boutique that must've been awful! So glad you're both ok.

Ah squealy that's lovely. I'm getting like that a bit too. An overwhelming feeling of happiness and contentment, and then I hear the 'beep' of the playstation being switched on!

I'm counting down the days until I finish, 13 left in work! I've got 3 weeks annual leave to take, so finishing on the 7th. It can't come soon enough!

CreepyCrawly Tue 13-Nov-12 11:20:51

I'm also counting down to an acceptable time to get started on my lunch!

happyhow Tue 13-Nov-12 11:21:53

Glad everything is fine Boutique. I have a feeling it will be my hubby telling me to shhh! We have Labour Part 1 tonight so we'll see how shell shocked he is when we leave - needless to say he's not looking forward to it!! He tried to wangle a work trip to Holland on Thurs meaning he'd miss Part 2 but he was told not to come back if he did...

I'm off work again today although feeling much better than I was yesterday.

On the emotional stuff I've pretty much been the same as normal apart from getting VERY VERY angry a couple of times at stuff other people have done. I did cry at my bro's wedding though which is most unlike me!! I've been thinking about my dad a lot though and all the things he's missing out on since he died. I'll be a mess about that when Baby is born because he'd always wanted to have grandchildren but life doesn't always work that way...

bealos Tue 13-Nov-12 11:22:09

My lovely doula, Rebecca, has written this article in The Guardian about breastfeeding dolls ....

"The debate surrounding the "Breast Milk Baby", a doll that allows children to pretend to breastfeed, highlights how confused we are about breastfeeding. So confused in fact, that a child imitating the biological norm is seen by some as "gross".

djvesi Tue 13-Nov-12 12:34:40

So glad you're OK Boutique and lets hope this is the most stress you'll have to deal with for the forseeable future! That MIL sounds insane, perhaps she was having flashbacks to her own birth? Scientology wanna be? Sheesh! I was in Emergency for 24 hours before they sent me for an emergency CS with DC1, I reckon I heard shrieking from child birth about every half hour. My god, didn't do much to calm me down I can tell you. Starting to get quite nervous and scared about the whole thing now. Anyone else thinking VBAC? Or elective CS?

BuntyCollocks Tue 13-Nov-12 12:44:34

squealy you're not alone, and no need to feel embarassed! I had a moment like that last night, the three (four I suppose!) of us were cuddled in my DS's bed whilst we read him a story goodnight, and he kept cuddling us both. Had a few tears spilled, it was just lovely.

happy glad you're feeling better, and so sorry again about your dad. I feel like that about my grandfather's, and my uncle. It's not the same as losing your dad, but I definitely wish things were different and that they were here.

tugs YES! I have had this for a good few weeks - it's even more worrying when it's <ahem> 'pooled' whilst I've been lying down/sitting and then comes out in a trickle. Definitely discharge though - have a good sniff <boak>, and check it. If it still looks milky, it's discharge. If it's properly clear, or any other colour, I'd get checked out.

SpringFlowers Tue 13-Nov-12 12:47:06

Oh my goodness you have all been chatty! If we go on at this rate we won’t have any babies before we need a new thread!

Birdies My bag is not packed either. I have washed my ‘spare’ dressing gown and have found one suitable bag but that’s it. You are due nearly three weeks before me though. The gap between dd3 and dc4 will be two years and three months – the same as the gap between dd1 and dd2. I haven’t thought what to get dd3 for a gift yet either. She loves her dolls so maybe so baby accessories that she doesn’t already have (can you get a car seat for a doll?)

Bernie We are buying a Bugaboo Donkey which can be used as a single or double pram. DH is planning to start using it for dd3 as soon as it arrives…so not a lot of superstition here! Brugs & Bealos I’m with you on this one. Better to be organised to make things smooth after the baby arrives.

Complicated I think that right at the end of pregnancy a baby puts on about half a pound a week so there is still plenty of time to gain weight. Once you are off work you will do nothing but sit around and eat (if you’re anything like me) so that would help…

Pascha I got the newborn clothes out of the loft at the weekend and washed them. If my baby is a boy he will either be a pink one or naked. I really must go and buy some neutral clothes. Does anyone know where is good for unisex newborn things?

If I ever get organised and buy things for the baby (I haven’t done anything at all yet) it will all be stashed in our room. Dd3 co-slept with us for 15 months and then moved into her cot in our room. She is just over two now and has moved into her own room in the last week. I expect the baby will do the same. I have co-slept with all of my children and it has been the single most bonding experience for me. Apples I always feed lying down in bed too and it’s been fine. You must have been really scared finding your ds all squished in the duvet. I only have duvet over my back and sleep facing the baby – there won’t be any bedding anywhere near the baby at all.

MarasmeAbsolu What kind of sling do you have? I couldn’t get the hang of the newborn tie on my Kari-me but loved it once dd3 was a bit bigger. I’ve been watching you tube videos of how to tie for a newborn and am determined to be able to do it! I bought a maternity coat intentionally so I could sling the baby and still do my coat up.

Bunny I have SPD too and the night times are awful. I wake up every time I move I think. I had become so tired that I have been falling back asleep but the situation had become extreme last weekend. I hope you have been getting better sleep since you last posted. I’ve been listening to the natal hypnotherapy pregnancy relaxation track on my iPod to help me get back to sleep. Not exactly it’s intended use but it works well.

Boutique I really hope that you are ok, you must have been so worried. I’m glad your baby is ok. I hope you aren’t feeling too bruised today. I was very noisy in the final pushing part of labour last time (bloody gas was not working, cylinder was empty) and the midwife asked me to be quiet blush. It was a drug free labour and I went from 8 cm to birth in under ten minutes. Ouch. Of course I was noisy!

Tugs Put a pad on so that the discharge can drip onto it and call your labour ward. They will be able to tell from the pad if it is your waters, definitely shouldn’t take risks with this sort of thing so it’s worth getting checked out. You are going through it a bit, will you be glad when your baby is safely in your arms now?

Wow, a mammoth post, I must keep up so that that I haven’t got so much to catch up on. Is anyone else nesting? I am so busy cleaning my house at the moment and seem to be able to see dust and dirt that’s probably been there for a hundred years!

BuntyCollocks Tue 13-Nov-12 12:47:38

Good on your doula, bealos! An excellent article. The Daily Fail's is, predictably, about 'the breastapo' and how the doll is 'sick'. Eyeroll.

PixelCarrier Tue 13-Nov-12 13:40:54

Thanks for the new thread, & the stats update. My stats seem to have fallen off (or I never got them on- not sure which!) Anyway am 37 and it's DC1.

Tugstonia Tue 13-Nov-12 14:02:21

Thanks bunty and spring. I've got a pad on and it's a bit milky and has no odour so I think it's just discharge... I am ridiculously paranoid about everything now after the last few weeks and will be SO frickin happy when this baby is out and safely in my arms. I know I should 'enjoy the journey' and all that but I would really like to fast forward at least to Christmas now.

Squealy sounds like a lovely b'day dinner and evening, what a good DH smile

I so can't be arsed to do any work today grin

bealos Tue 13-Nov-12 14:06:29

tugz possibly tmi from me, but I've actually been leaving a damp patch on seats - through knickers and tights. Yes, really. Have taken to sitting on my jumper at work. Nice.

Tugstonia Tue 13-Nov-12 14:07:40

bealos what a great article, a voice of sanity and reason! A friend of mine's twatty husband and MIL were so disgusted with her breastfeeding ("it's pervy") they bullied her into switching to formula. They told her she was poisoning her baby by breastfeeding. WTF?? Anyway thankfully my friend went back to breastfeeding after a couple of days of formula and is now separated from her husband.

Tugstonia Tue 13-Nov-12 14:09:00

bealos ah so glad I'm not the only one!! I noticed a damp patch on my seat the other day it was mortifying. I knew things got a bit 'moist' down there but still.

dieciocho Tue 13-Nov-12 15:27:06

Woah, Tugs, do real people actually believe/say things like that?!

mrsbugsywugsy Tue 13-Nov-12 15:38:07

interesting to hear that others have been feeling emotional. I have been quite calm throughout most of the second trimester, but now I am starting to feel hormonal and prone to bursting into tears at any moment.

Chutes where do you hire a birthing pool from and how much does it cost? I've been watching a few on ebay and they seem to go for around £50. I'm not going to get once till a bit later on, in case something comes up that stops me from having a homebirth.

boutique that sounds terrifying, glad you are OK now.

Tugs I'm sure I read somewhere that your waters can go with a trickle instead of a bang. I am having a lot of discharge these days and (TMI alert) I am wearing one of the light pantliners, but it is always white and sticky.

Squealy that sounds like a lovely birthday. It's so easy to get bogged down in the physical discomforts, you have reminded me to take a step back and remember how amazing and magical it is that we are growing whole new people.

I had a terrible night last night, I barely slept as on top of the usual discomforts I seem to have picked up a nasty cough. I have coughing fits where I cough so much I can't breathe and think I am going to be sick. I also can't face eating anything. I think it must be some kind of virus. sad I went home from work at lunchtime so am now chilling out in bed.

Does anyone else feel quite uncomfortable when they walk? I have an uncomfortable poking feeling low down towards the front of my bump,like the baby is bouncing up and down on one of my internal organs.

Brugmansia Tue 13-Nov-12 15:52:16

I've been finding walking uncomfortable for a while now. After a short while it's painful just under my bump. I don't have any other pelvic pain, just when walking.

mrsbugsywugsy Tue 13-Nov-12 16:20:58

Same here brug

Birdies Tue 13-Nov-12 16:21:39

I get pain sometimes from walking and then it lasts the rest if the day. It's low down and kind if where my legs join my pelvis - like they're not in their sockets properly! Then I struggle carrying DD about and going up the stairs for the rest if the day, but I keep going as I need to burn off all the chocolate!!

Spring I'm glad you decided to get the Donkey. Mines arriving on 3rd Dec, very exciting!!

Tugs I've worn pantyliners the whole time, couldn't be without them. I think it's very normal what you're experiencing.

Brugmansia Tue 13-Nov-12 16:25:58

I have heard from my midwife that my blood sugar is raised so I gave to have a glucose tolerance test.

SquealyB Tue 13-Nov-12 16:34:09

Thanks for putting up with my sentimental mush...glad to know I am not the only one. Still beats the almighty rage I felt in the second trimester. DH out-did himself this year, have informed him this sets a dangerous precendent for married life.

Tugs appauled by what your poor friend faced! When you look at some of the comments people make re. breastfeeding it boggles the mind.

On the walking front, I am exactly the same mrsbugsy and brug. Kind of a sharp pain on lower left bump to be precise but usually only happens after around 10 mins. Fair to say I am also a bit (ehm) moist down there too.

Be sure to rest up mrsbugsy and take it easy.

AppleCrumples Tue 13-Nov-12 16:39:43

Wow you ladies can talk!

spring that incident with ds1 was 9 years ago and it's still one of my clearest memories I was absolutely convinced I'd killed him and so careful not to fall asleep when feeding the others. Co sleeping just doesn't feel safe to me, although I do have a system that means I never have to actually get up in the night grin

bealos and tugs that's happened to me too. I have noticed a constant wet feeling but I think I remember having this with the others too so poss normal!

mrsbugsy I feel pretty unconfortable when walking. Really heavy like my legs are carrying too much. Doesn't help that we live up a hill and I'm getting so slow I now send ds1 ahead with the keys, then I have to have a good long sit to recover!

tugs I am shocked that anyone can be like that over breast feeding! My ds1 used to pretend to breast feed his teddy when I was feeding his brother! (he would kill me now for telling people that)

Sorry to anyone i've missed <waves>!

Still not sleeping, finally went off late last night then woken up by dd coughing and needing her inhaler and dp failed to notice! Just can't get comfy sad

AppleCrumples Tue 13-Nov-12 16:45:29

boutique meant to say glad you and baby are ok. Hope your not too bruised and taking it easy for a bit

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