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Jan 2013 Part 5: Once we pop (on time!), we just won't stop!

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BuntyCollocks Mon 12-Nov-12 13:07:31

New thread! I've lost my lovely spreadsheet <sob> so if someone can add in the stats and update, that would be wonderful; I'm sure someone else had a spreadsheet that was as anally organised as me

Complicated24 Mon 12-Nov-12 17:08:59

AppleCrumbles I though 3 lbs sounds fine too but Dr seemed concerned so that's what got me worried. Had a McDonalds afterwards as thought that might help!

I haven't got pram in house yet as am superstitious. Baby shop are storing it for us. But do have other things we've bought or been given in house as garage leaks so don't want it stuff going mouldy in there.

pmgkt Mon 12-Nov-12 17:14:13

Moan time. I had a hospital appointment and Mil had ds1. I packed him lunch, so she didn't need to worry. He had breakfast yet when he got there she got him a muffin, then at lunch she got him an ice cream. I wouldn't mind but she is the first to moan if we give him a treat. Moan over

mrsbugsywugsy Mon 12-Nov-12 17:40:30

Well done on the new thread, just marking my place. Anyone else been feeling more emotional recently? I 've been a bit up and down this weekend

I'm not superstitious, had our pram for ages. The cat has been sleeping in it!

djvesi Mon 12-Nov-12 18:06:15

Added myself to the list smile

BuntyCollocks (29) DC2 EDD 28/12/12 (NE Wales) She's a girl!
Pmgkt (33) DC2 EDD 28/12/12 He's a boy!
Birdies (33) DC2 EDD 30/12/12 She's a girl!
Pascha (35) DC2 EDD 30/12/12 (Kent)*It's a surprise!*
PricklyPickle (31) DC1 EDD 31/12/12 (SE London - Eltham)
sanam2012 (?) DC2 EDD 1/1/2013 She's a girl!
LowLu (31) DC2 EDD 02/1/2013
TootieMaroo (32) DC2 03/1/2013
MarasmeAbsolu (31) DC2 EDD 03/01/13 (Scotland - Central Belt) She's a girl!
Lora1982 (30) DC1 EDD 04/01/13 He's a boy!
IsSpringSprangedYet (?) DC4 EDD 5/01/2013
DollFisher (28) DC1 EDD 5/01/13 She's a girl!
Allchik (30) DC1 EDD 06/01/13 It's a surprise!
Pockemuchka DC3 EDD 06/01/13 It's a surprise!
AriNi31 (?) DC2 EDD 06/01/13
Happyhow (26) DC1 EDD 07/01/13 (Scotland - Aberdeen) It's a surprise!
EmilieFloge (38) DC? EDD 07/01/13
Complicated24 (44) DC1 EDD 07/01/2013 It's a surprise!
Newbie6 (36) DC1 EDD 08/01/13 (Scotland - Ayrshire) He's a boy!
Norfolkinway (25) DC1 EDD 09/01/13
Octanegirl (34) DC1 EDD 09/01/13 He's a boy!
BumgrapesofWrath (30) DC2 EDD 10/01/13
DoIgetastickerforthat (age) DC4 EDD 11/01/13
Kim222 (30) DC1 EDD 11/01/13
Lulabel27 (29) DC2&3 (twins) EDD 11/01/13
CraftyGirly (26) DC1 EDD 11/01/13 She's a girl!
Cejay8 (32) DC2 EDD 12/01/13 It's a surprise!
Tinyeyes123 (30) DC1 EDD 13/01/13 She's a girl!
CreepyCrawly (21) DC1 EDD 13/01/13 (West Wales) She's a girl!
PixelCarrier (?) DC? EDD 13/01/2013 It's a surprise!
Shakemyhead (37) DC1 EDD 14/1/13 (West Yorkshire - Wakefield) She's a girl!
Godzookey (35) DC1 EDD 14/01/13 He's a boy!
PeshwariNaan (33) DC1 EDD 14/01/13
Hormonalhell (40) DC2 EDD 15/01/13 He's a boy!
Theboutiquemummy (35) DC1 EDD 17/01/13 (Norfolk)
djvesi (37) DC2 EDD 18/01/13 (Helsinki, Finland) She’s a girl
ChutesTooNarrow (33) DC2 EDD 18/01/13 She's a girl!
Glorious (28) DC1 EDD 18/01/13 (SE London - Hither Green)
Tugstonia (33) DC1 EDD 18/01/13 (SE London - Crystal Palace) It's a surprise!
SpringFlowers (39) DC4 EDD 18/01/13 It's a surprise!
Eagleray (40) DC1 EDD 18/01/13
13mma (29) DC1 18/01/13
LetThereBeCupcakes (30) DC1 EDD 20/01/13
Silversixpence (29) DC2 EDD 20/01/13
mulan07 (27) DC1 EDD 20/01/13 He's a boy!
BadgerFace (34) DC1 EDD 21/01/13 She's a girl!
bealos (34) DC2 EDD 22/01/13 She's a girl!
AppleCrumples (?) DC4 EDD 22/01/13
PreggoFabulous (30) DC1 EDD 22/01/2012 (South West) He's a boy!
Bunny222 (31) DC1 EDD 22/01/13 It's a surprise!
Woody2313 (33) DC1 EDD 23/01/2013 (West Midlands - Shropshire)
SigningGirl (age) DC1 EDD 24/01/13
SquealyB (29) DC1 EDD 26/01/13 (SW London - Richmond) It's a surprise!
knuckingfackered (39) DC2 26/1/13
Mrsbugsywugsy (34) DC1 EDD 25/01/2013 (Sussex) She's a girl!
Thinkingpositivethoughts (28) DC1 EDD 26/01/13
MrsMallard (35) DC1 EDD 26/01/13 (Hertfordshire) She's a girl!
Salt1 (38) DC1 EDD 27/01/13 She's a girl!
Lilblondepessimist (33) DC4 EDD 28/01/13
MamaMary (31) DC2 EDD 28/01/13 She's a girl!
Sebsmama (32) DC2 EDD 29/01/13
BionicEmu (26) DC2 EDD 29/01/13
Missymoo (32) DC2 EDD 30/01/13
DiscoDomina (31) DC1 EDD 30/1/13 (West Midlands)
Brugmansia (35) DC1 EDD 31/01/13 (SE London - Kennington/Elephant and Castle)
Mummypud (32) DC3 EDD 31/01/13
PipIsOutNow (?) DC2 31/01/13
Deiciocho (32) DC1 EDD 31/01/13 It's a surprise!

bealos Mon 12-Nov-12 18:14:16

oh dear pmgkt... that sounds like 'grandparent rules'. The things my mum lets ds1 do, that I would never, ever be allowed to do as a kid!!

Brugmansia Mon 12-Nov-12 18:31:06

"mrsbugsy" I've been emotional but I think it's a case of still being so rather than any more than I have been anyway for the last 6 months.

ChutesTooNarrow Mon 12-Nov-12 18:39:12

Marking place, will try and actually post more than once on this thread...

BuntyCollocks Mon 12-Nov-12 18:52:34

mrsbugs I've been ridiculously emotional. To the point I had a screaming match with DH and stormed off for half an hour blush

Not the finest moment for either of us. Back to loving harmony half an hour after that.

Welcome back, chutes!

CreepyCrawly Mon 12-Nov-12 19:42:03

Marking my place!

I've been an emotional wreck the last week or so. I got a 'new' car Thursday and cried for about an hour because I love my old car so much. Cried this afternoon because I'd just had enough of everything and wanted to go to bed.

Eaten a bit too much chocolate this evening and watched 3 episodes of 24 so feeling slightly better now smile

Birdies Mon 12-Nov-12 19:42:08

Complicated my bag is......well, in progress. But I've done well honest! I've piled loads of stuff up on our table and just need to get it into a bag. Was funny digging out the old enormous cheapie Asda pants I used after I had DD. Oh and bunty (I think it was you who recommended them?) I've found my nipple former things and it says I need to start wearing them for an hour a day, eek.

I was very emotional at the weekend, not like me at all.

Pascha, pack your bag grin

MarasmeAbsolu Mon 12-Nov-12 20:01:52

bag packing!? you are all very very organised! smile

The bag from last time is in a box somewhere
The baby room, is, well, ahem, still very much a dump site for all the other rooms, given impending arrival of the builders.

No idea who will look after DD when I go in for my CX, and since we have no family up here (and no intention of having visitors at that time) I might as well start thinking about it (but eh, why rush!?)

mmmm - and I am still piling on work on my plate, like there is no tomorrow (or no maternity leave upcoming).

On the plus side - I might have a finished kitchen (or at least a functional but not quite finished one) before Christmas!!

Pascha Mon 12-Nov-12 20:03:46

I've got the clothes out the loft! What more do you want from me? I keep looking at maternity pads and newborn nappies in the supermarket and mentally saying "nah!, not today" and walking on by. We're going to be the one scrabbling for stuff in between contractions aren't we?

Complicated I heard the thing about 1/2 a lb a week in the last 4 weeks so I wouldn't be worrying too much.

MamaMary Mon 12-Nov-12 20:05:19

Hello - marking my place too!

Which series of 24 are you watching Creepycrawly? DH and I recently finished the last series. Now we're on to Homeland!

Pascha Mon 12-Nov-12 20:06:17

This in-utero growth chart shows 3lb at 32 weeks to be well within the norm.

ChutesTooNarrow Mon 12-Nov-12 20:08:09

Oooh are people packing bags! I suppose I ought to even though still planning a homebirth. I have just been looking at birthing pools for hire grin

I have not been quite as terrifyingly and irrationally emotional as in my last pregnancy but I have had my moments. MIL offered us her washing machine last month, I said yes without really thinking about it because I got my ear chewed off as it was a Miele and therefore superior to my crappy hotpoint. Washing machine duly installed, I took one look at it and burst into tears, and sobbed, really sobbed, because it wasn't my washing machine. I then took to my bed whilst my very patient and very lovely partner and BIL removed it and reinstalled aforementioned crappy hotpoint.

So I think that is up there with crying for an old car!

CreepyCrawly Mon 12-Nov-12 20:22:00

Mama we've got 2 episodes left of series 3. DH has seen them all, I've seen series 8 and the first 2, and now almost all of the third. Homeland has been catching my eye, my hero Randall Flagg is in it. The Vice President I think.

I really need to get a move on with packing my bag. First, I need to get bag! Any recommendations??

CreepyCrawly Mon 12-Nov-12 20:23:16

Chutes that definitely trumps my crying for my car! Bless you!

katolla Mon 12-Nov-12 20:46:43

I've been up at night worrying about Gary barlows stillborn baby sad how likely is that and does anyone know what caused it? If it can happen to super rich people with all their medical care then what about us? %23irrational

AppleCrumples Mon 12-Nov-12 20:48:30

marasme I suddenly realised yesterday that we have given no thought to who will take care of dcs when baby comes! Think my mum will probably come up. She lives an hour away by train and got here pretty quick last time but I should have a word with her and mil (who lives here but works) just so we're all ready! I tend to have quite longish labours so time shouldn't be a prob although mw told me it's poss as it's my 4th to go quite quick - I have been warned not to hang around!

I haven't been any more emotional than normal, I am much more irrational and cranky though. Practically everything pisses me off!

AppleCrumples Mon 12-Nov-12 20:49:46

katolla that worries me too but think that's really rare

frillyhasababy Mon 12-Nov-12 20:52:00

Hey!! I'm gate crashing briefly grin I had my DD1 on September 10th and have been reading your thread a bit tonight (along with other's on my Thread). Please don't pin all your hopes on a birth plan! They rarely work out. Also, make the most of your sleep now and enjoy your bumps, trust me, you'll miss them once you've had your babies. Not because you won't love your baby, but because you will miss the little things: maternity clothes, people noticing you, the wiggles and kicks. Also, the first few weeks are tough, but so worth it! When you hit 4 weeks and they start to smile...oh it's fantastic!! smile Finally (then I will leave you in peace wink), of you want to breast feed, stick at it!! It's so worth it. My LO is EBF. It was hardcore to begin with but I used loads of Lansinoh Lanolin cream and it worked a treat.

Good luck everyone grin

woody2313 Mon 12-Nov-12 20:53:26

Oh and my baby's a surprise too smile

woody2313 Mon 12-Nov-12 20:54:52

Oh, somehow posted my ... posts (?!) in the wrong order!
Bunty have you read Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson? - one of my favourite reads this year

frillyhasababy Mon 12-Nov-12 20:59:40

Oh, another of the girls on my thread said that you can breast feed lying down! Was a revelation to all of us who BF and made a huge difference for those that co-slept!

AppleCrumples Mon 12-Nov-12 21:19:42

frilly once you've got the hang of it you can breatfeed in pretty much any position! I would never co sleep and feed at night like this though as would be terrified of falling asleep and squashing baby.
I did once wake up and find ds1 asleep with his face all squashed into duvet which was terryfying and is probably the image that kept me awake when feeding the next 2 babies!

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