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Jan 2013 Part 5: Once we pop (on time!), we just won't stop!

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BuntyCollocks Mon 12-Nov-12 13:07:31

New thread! I've lost my lovely spreadsheet <sob> so if someone can add in the stats and update, that would be wonderful; I'm sure someone else had a spreadsheet that was as anally organised as me

newbie6 Sat 24-Nov-12 12:22:10

Hi all,

Well I am still full of the cold, grrrrr! Staying in bed today in the hope that may help. Have sent DH out for throat lozenges and paracetamol. My stomach and ribs ache every time I cough, hope the baby is okay? Does my being ill affect the baby at all or will he just wonder what all the noise is?!

We were supposed to be meeting the in laws for lunch today so feeling bad we've had to cancel too.

Due to go to a birthing preparation workshop on Monday as my local ante natal classes are rubbish and are either not being held in time or you get the feeling no one knows what they are talking about so figured for reassurance I would go to this workshop so I have some confidence, fingers crossed! The day running it sounds lovely and v experienced in different types of pregnancies including high risk ones like mine so here's hoping it all goes well.

Hope everyone else has a good weekend.


newbie6 Sat 24-Nov-12 12:23:11

Typo, should say lady as opposed to day smile

AppleCrumples Sat 24-Nov-12 12:38:57

newbie I had 2 awful stomach bugs when pg with dd and ended up in hospital. I asked about the effect on baby but they said I will sufffer long before baby does - she used the word parasite! So rest assured baby is probably fine hth

mrsbugsywugsy Sat 24-Nov-12 12:43:40

Birdies I'm so sorry you are still having a stressful time. How are you feeling today? I just wanted to echo what everyone else said; I am sure the doctors would tend to be overcautious if anything so the fact that they aren't worried should be reassuring you. Stay away from google!

Squealy midnight finishes shock. I have no idea how you are doing that, I am in bed with my Horlicks by ten most nights.

Happy how are things today?

Allchik I think Stilton is OK, however I always have port and stilton together at Christmas and sadly I think the Stilton on its own would just make me want to drink port. Can't believe I will be having a booze-free Christmas shock

I'm another one with an endless cold. The sore throat seems to have lasted forever. Pah. I guess our immune systems aren't working as well as they could be, what with growing a baby, lack of sleep, etc.

I had a midwife check-up yesterday, mostly to check my blood pressure, which was fine. She's told me I definitely need to go on the proper prescribed iron tablets as they are stronger than spatone. I am really keen to get my levels up so that I can have a homebirth, so will have to put up with the nasty side effects.

Apparently the baby is now head down, and is facing the left. I think she has been in that position for a while now as I feel kicks high up on the left, and what I think must be punches lower down on the left. But I forgot to ask the MW if she is likely to stay in that position now, and if so is it good position for birth (Obviously the head down bit is good, and I know it is better for the baby to face your back than your front, but have never heard of anyone giving birth to a sideways baby!). Does anyone know about this? I am 32 weeks.

Birdies Sat 24-Nov-12 14:17:13

Hi bugsy,I'm feeling ok today thanks! I've started thinking more sensibly about it and baby seems an ok size really purely based on what she measures now. She was big at 20 week scan but maybe had just been through a growth spurt. So I'm trying to assume the best instead of assuming the worst all the time.

I think bunty knows about baby position and which is best. I know mine is head down and I think back is facing outwards. I can usually feel her little bottom and legs which is quite sweet.

newbie hope you feel better soon.

I read the previous page but I can't remember who said what now and I'll lose this message if I go back! Sounds like everyone is ok though. Whoever's friend had the accident I hope they're not too bad.

happyhow Sat 24-Nov-12 15:35:44

Everything is fine with me today. Haven't had anymore bleeding so that's good. I've had a very busy week so I think that's been part of it. I'm going to try and take it easier this week but I've got so many ends that need tied up before I go off that I'm not sure how easy it's going to be... Seriously thinking about finishing early...

Went to the school dance last night (after I'd spent all afternoon on the sofa!) and had a really good time. It was a really good evening but it was 1am before we got home so I'm def feeling the effects today - absolutely shattered.

Went to look at new cars this morning. No idea what's going to happen with that. We've both got 3 door cars and are realising it's not going to be practical but with the house etc at the moment, financially it may have to wait for a bit...

Glad everyone else is feeling better for the most part. xx

CreepyCrawly Sat 24-Nov-12 15:45:54

Feeling tired, huge and uncomfortable today so have decided I'd like my baby to come now!

MamaMary Sat 24-Nov-12 16:18:26

MrsBugsy and Newbie these never-ending colds are tiresome aren't they? And last winter I wasn't sick once! As you say, Bugsy, our bodies have so much more to cope with in pregnancy I guess so once you succumb, it's harder to bounce back. Newbie you may not be well enough to go to that workshop on Monday - don't push yourself.

Happy, when I had DD DH and I were both driving 3-door cars and it was fine! The buggy fitted in both our car boots (and it's a huge buggy, but you can take one wheel off if necessary). We got a four-door when DD was one. We are also hoping to move house within the next couple of months. We have accepted an offer on our house. We just have to get a mortgage now (the tricky part....)

Hope all are having a nice weekend. My DSis is staying and it's lovely to catch up. smile

newbie6 Sat 24-Nov-12 18:45:35

mrsbugsywugsy I'm sure ur baby is in the best position for birth so well done, I went to a antenatal yoga class run by a midwife and she told us head down to the left was the optimum position smile

Thanks for everyone's good wishes, glad to hear baby isn't affected by me being ill.


woody2313 Sat 24-Nov-12 19:05:52

Well we've had a 6 hour antenatal class today (including 2 hours of breastfeeding advice... and DH stayed for it all!) and survived - lots learnt and time flew by... just ready to get on with it now!

happyhow Sun 25-Nov-12 18:27:43

Been speaking to a friend from work and she thinks I should be going to the doctor tomorrow to get signed off as a result of the bleeding on Friday and I've been getting cramps/round ligament pain from doing to much and running around - literally have to walk at a snails pace to avoid them. I'll have absolutely no let up at school owing to my maternity cover not starting til the last week of term either. Got a shit load of work to do in the next few weeks before I go off sad. I've done practically nothing all weekend at the insistence of my hubby and I'm just torn...

Do I try and limit what I do etc or see if doc will sign me off?

Lora1982 Sun 25-Nov-12 18:42:43

id try take a couple of days off happy just to rest up. i find the pain isnt everyday but when it is its a killer. i was late today because i was walking like a sloath. but no1 really cares and if they moan at me il moan back :-D

BuntyCollocks Sun 25-Nov-12 19:29:36

mrsbugsy sounds like your baby is in the same position as mine - right occupit lateral. Back down the right side of your tummy, facing left hip, limbs all toward your left. Not the best position but not terrible!

see here

birdies glad you're feeling more positive - did you decide to go to babybond or are you going to the other private place?

Sympathies for everyone with the cold - so rotten when you're pregnant and can't squirt otrivine up your nose!

woody [shocks] six hours? My arse would have fallen asleep!

happy I absolutely would be taking at least a couple of days odd, especially with such a heavy workload ahead of you - you and baby have to come first.

In other news, I won a six month old, practically brand new pacapod Phoenix on eBay for just over half price. Can't wait for it to arrive. It's a replacement for the handbag DH bought for our anniversary which broke after 3 months use (leather anniversary!) - as I said to him, no point in a normal handbag any time soon, so this is a great compromise.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of your weekend. DS is away to bed early as he's a tired little grump, so I'm hoping he wakes up in a better mood tomorrow - was a lovely weekend up til about 5pm!

PricklyPickle Sun 25-Nov-12 20:36:20

As a first timer I'm confused by changing bags. I don't understand why we need a special bag, won't any one do? Please tell me if I'm being a doofus [smile
Just won a As tens machine on eBay. I've no idea what I'm doing with it or whether it will make any difference, but it makes me feel a bit more prepared for the birth at least, so its worth a go.

AppleCrumples Sun 25-Nov-12 20:48:19

prickly a changing bag will gen have a change mat etc for out and about and specific space for bottles etc. Tbh I've only ever used mine at the very beginning and then I have a shopper bag that works just as well. All you really need is foldable changemat and bag big enough for spare clothes, nappies, wipes and bottles if your using them.

happy I agree with others that you should take some time out to rest. Listen to your body and everyone else be damned! smile

ChutesTooNarrow Sun 25-Nov-12 20:49:58

You don't need a special bag prickly I used to just stick a few nappies, wipes, babygro and blanket in my normal bag, or bottom of pushchair, or car boot.

On the cheese front I have happily eaten stilton and other cheeses whilst pregnant. I am aware of the food guidelines but haven't really followed them - although am vegetarian so stuff like pate doesn't apply.

I feel really pregnant today, bump is suddenly big and a bit uncomfortable. Just want to put my feet up and eat chocolate until the end now! I went to a gig last week and I think it was the latest stage in pregnancy I could have managed it, was very grateful to have seated tickets.

ChutesTooNarrow Sun 25-Nov-12 20:54:44

Oh I had a great changing mat that took no space - this one. No idea where it currently is...

pmgkt Sun 25-Nov-12 20:58:45

I ate pate today! Evil mummy!

ChutesTooNarrow Sun 25-Nov-12 21:18:35

Am sure baby enjoyed it!

PixelCarrier Sun 25-Nov-12 21:31:34

happy I was struggling at work, but not badly enough to be completely signed off, so my GP wrote a note about reducing what I was expected to do (I reduced four 12.5 hour shifts followed by a 9 hour day to four 9 hour days and then a half day). I'm sure your GP could do something similar (although more tailored for your job), which would mean that you could carry on at work and not feel like you were letting them down, but also that they couldn't overload you. However, if you need to be signed off, you need to be signed off and they'll just have to cope with it!

happyhow Sun 25-Nov-12 21:46:13

Thanks guys. Just feeling quite crap and low in general today which is not helping. Have felt exhausted all day and now starting to feel really uncomfortable and all squished up inside!

Spoke to my hubby when he got back in and he said if nothing else, go to the doctor just to talk it through and see what he thinks (He happens to be a parent at the school so knows the set up). I really don't see how my workload can be reduced at school apart from not having to do form duties - I've got a lot of certificate classes and there's no one that could teach them for me. I know I should say "stuff school!" but it's so difficult as a teacher when you're so involved with your classes and you are, to some extent, responsible for how well they do in your subject and being a fee paying school that's a big pressure for us.

Still doing bloody school work as well and desperately wanted a bath and an early night tonight. I'm just being moany now.

AppleCrumples Sun 25-Nov-12 21:55:59

Oh happy it's such a hard stage isn't it? You feel so big and tired and don't want to let anyone down at the same time. At this point though you do need to put yourself first. I had a good rant on another thread on mn yesterday as feeling pretty sorry for myself now too. Ate half box of chocs that were meant for MIL but felt better for it (a bit sick too tho) smile

Birdies Sun 25-Nov-12 21:57:09

happy I agree with your friend, you should be resting now. I know what you mean about being the only person who can do stuff but if let's say you suddenly got really ill and couldn't go in then they would still manage. But speaking to doctor in the first instance sounds like a good plan and ultimately if you'd feel less stressed working than not working, then maybe that would be the best option.

bunty I contacted babybond but they just said to ask my midwife what she thinks (as I was asking if they would be able to comment on size etc). I don't really have a midwife as I've seen loads of different ones so I've stuck with going to Leeds screening centre where a specialist consultant will do the scan. Has meant waiting til Tuesday but maybe babba will have grown a bit more by then. I did google again today though and frightened myself a bit, am a first class wally.

Anyone watching the X factor? Who is voting for chris malwotsit? I don't get it

MamaMary Sun 25-Nov-12 22:02:57

happy please put yourself and your baby first. Definitely go to the doctor and be honest. If you can't scale back your workload, then it may be best to stop. No one is indispensable and no one will thank you for being a martyr either.

And please don't apologise for moaning - we're all entitled to at this stage I reckon!

RE changing bags I just used the free Boots one for DD when she was little - i like the pockets and the space for bottles. However now she's 2 (still in nappies) I'm more likely to throw a couple of nappies and a pack of wipes into my handbag rather than bring a special changing bag. She rarely needs a change of clothes - but they do when they're babies.

newbie6 Sun 25-Nov-12 22:53:58

Hi all,

Well ended up in hospital today. Due to me coughing so much I got myself in a total state as couldn't remember when I last felt baby move and then started wondering if the soreness around my stomach was movement or just pain and spasms caused by my coughing fits. Hospital was great and told me to come in, got strapped to a monitor for an hour and they measured baby's heart rate, it was measuring a little high but it then calmed down to a base rate of 140. The MW said the higher readings were due to them moving lots, I couldn't really feel the baby move due to my stomach being so tender so was so relieved. I have to go for a scan tomorrow as a precaution but doc said that is mainly due to me being diabetic type 1 as opposed to anything else so whilst I still feel rubbish due to the cold, feel much happier that junior appears to be none the wiser.

Really hoping this cold goes soon, I have never felt so ill it's ridiculous! I honestly cannot remember the last time I stayed in bed due to illness, feel so pathetic and sorry for myself. I actually shouted at the tv earlier when an advert came on for clearing a head cold simply because I couldn't take the medicine and was so desperate for sudafed or something similar, I am definitely the crazy pregnant lady now!

Hope everyone else has had a good weekend.


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