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June 2013 thread 2 - Are your jeans feeling snug yet?

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PseudoBadger Sun 11-Nov-12 19:14:37

New thread for June 2013 smile

Withalittlesparkle Wed 02-Jan-13 10:40:53

Ella Congrats about having a girl!! how exciting

We still have another 4 weeks to find out, we're going to find out because the not knowing is driving me mad, I hate refering to my baby as 'it'

I've started a baby spreadsheet, and am now getting worried about just how expensive these babies are!!!! wishing we'd started saving up ages ago!!!

MrsBri Wed 02-Jan-13 10:56:10

I'm avoiding a spreadsheet so far, Sparkle...I've only just got over the shock of the wedding one, ha ha!

We are getting quite a bit of stuff from friends, so hoping to keep costs to a minimum. Sure it won't happen though.

I'm hoping my parents want to buy stuff as DH's parents are buying the pram!

Not sure if we have had a gender on here yet...ella could be the first :-) Very exciting!

MrsBri Wed 02-Jan-13 10:57:01

Oh, and our bump is 'he' or Bumpywump! :-) I prefer not to say it too.

Withalittlesparkle Wed 02-Jan-13 11:03:47

Bri I'm not sure our parents will buy us anything of the larger variety, not because the dont want to but because money is a little tight all round, so we're having to budget as if we have to buy everything, and then if we do get any donations we'll just have extra money left over!!!

MrsBri Wed 02-Jan-13 11:11:01

Fingers crossed you get some help, Sparkle. I've not broached it with my parents yet, but will do at some point. It's so hard trying to save for maternity leave as well as buying stuff :-/

forgetmenots Wed 02-Jan-13 11:23:35

Congratulations MrsBri on your boy. I'm determined not to find out, but it is tempting! Not keen on 'it' either so been calling 'it' Baby + initial, know quite a few people who have done this and it's not as bad, if still not ideal...

ella0 Wed 02-Jan-13 11:46:38

Thanks mrsbri, forgetmenots and withalittlesparkle smile

MrsBri, I am so excited about having a girl! I'm very girly, so I'm looking forward to buying pink and barbies etc grin .

I feel like I've really bonded with the baby since finding out the gender, so it was worth doing for that alone.

When are you moving MrsBri? It's a nightmare at the best of times, isn't it?! The furniture is lovely, I can't wait to decorate and get it set up.

Pinkapples, I have a noticeable bump now; I think I finally look pregnant rather than like I've eaten too much!

I've got a wish list of things we want/ need to buy. We're starting to buy things now to spread the cost, especially as some things are on sale. We're lucky that the pram is being paid for by the in-laws (we're going for the icandy strawberry). I know my parents won't buy anything expensive.

MrsBri Wed 02-Jan-13 14:08:14

Ah, forget, we don't know it is a boy. Though everyone thinks it is, for some reason. We've just decided that the word 'bump' is masculine, so use he instead of it! Could be a mistake, but never mind!

We haven't found anywhere yet, ella. It is proving rather difficult. I really want to move on 9th Feb, but that means giving notice in 8 days' time without anywhere to go! As DH's family is away for the corresponding time in March, it would be April if we can't do Feb, as they're helping us so I can supervise.

I'm not really up for it, but this flat isn't big enough, so we have no choice!

Awww...glad you're bonding, ella. I feel I'm bonding a bit more now my sickness has thereabouts gone. Hard to bond with a baby when it is making you feel so wonky!

forgetmenots Wed 02-Jan-13 14:19:25

Haha sorry mrsbri - wrong end of the stick! smile

MrsBri Wed 02-Jan-13 14:58:54

We are making a rod for our own back calling the baby 'he' as it's now bound to be a girl :-)

arlandria666 Wed 02-Jan-13 16:59:21

MrsBri have called baby a he since 12 week scan haven't even got a girls name only boys oops i haven't got a preference as long as its healthy had my results from downs screening today 1: 38,000 still unsure if i have felt any movement or if its just my insides lol! 18 weeks tomorrow should i have felt definite movements by now?x x

MrsBri Wed 02-Jan-13 17:06:50

We have both names, but agggggeeess before we get to name baby as we aren't finding out!

Is it your first, Arlandria? Think about 18-20 weeks is normal to feel baby move.

I'm feeling really queasy now. Thought I was past that :-/

arlandria666 Wed 02-Jan-13 17:11:37

Yeah my first much awaited pregnancy and i am nervous and anxious about EVERYTHING! I know its not good to stress but any pain or niggle or feeling i haven't felt before worries me luckily i have a very supportive sister who listens to me moan lol!x x

MrsBri Wed 02-Jan-13 17:30:55

You sound like poor sister gets it too!

AlohaMama Wed 02-Jan-13 18:03:35

Congrats Ella on having a girl! I am sure someone else found out gender before Christmas but can't remember who it was. Anyone??

We have a girls name we chose for ds (we didn't find out gender for him), so this time we're finding out. That way we don't have to go through stress of choosing a boy's name if we don't need to! Lazy I know...

Arlandria I don't think I'm feeling anything yet but only 15 wks here. I think I felts something at 18 wks with ds, but some people don't feel anything till later so I wouldn't start worrying yet.

curlyclaz13 Wed 02-Jan-13 18:32:22

I haven't felt anything yet either at 17+3 and not really showing although my fat is a bit roundergrin I think bub is hiding my ribs a hurting today like all my inside are being pushed up. we have a nn for bump he is Tarquin ! we have next scan on 17th and will find out the sex then.

DontmindifIdo Wed 02-Jan-13 20:24:12

Oh, my next scan is 22nd, seems so far away! Pretty sure we're going to find out what flavour we've got.

Littlemissexpecting Wed 02-Jan-13 20:26:08

My scan is 24th so I've got even longer to wait!
Think we are going to find out but knowing my luck baby will be in wrong position.

AmIGoingMad Wed 02-Jan-13 21:13:23

Congratulations on finding our you're having a girl Ella!
Forget- we called DS baby + initial all the way through- I was even shouting ' come on lovely baby+' in pushing stage!!!
Like aloha we're probably going to find out this time around- will help DS get more used to idea and help us work out how much we'll spend/save dependant on which it'll be as we have so much blue stuff already!!!
I'm thinking that I was probably just getting carried away with wishful thinking when I thought I had flutters- I'm only 15 wks now and forget that I'm a bit behind some of you- scan not til feb for example! Think I need to eat a bit better if my tummy's that gurgly!!!
Like the name change by the way little miss! smile

AlohaMama Wed 02-Jan-13 22:06:26

hmm good point on preparing ds AmI. You're right it's probably easier to explain to toddler if they can expect a little brother or sister.

MrsBri Wed 02-Jan-13 22:08:31

AmI, my scan isn't until 5th Feb, which is an age away!

Withalittlesparkle Thu 03-Jan-13 06:57:17

Morning ladies, back to work today!

This morning I'm wearing one of my sales purchases from next, a sort of floral tea dress with leggings and boots!! This is the first time I'll have gone to work wearing something that blatantly shows off the fact I'm pregnant so it'll be interesting to see people's reactions!!!

How early do people plan to start mat leave, I'm thinking 4 weeks before baby is due (2 weeks annual leave and 2 weeks mat) so that mean mat leave starts in approximately 4 months!!! Just something to cheer me up on my first day back!!!

MrsBri Thu 03-Jan-13 07:48:43

I think I have that dress, sparkle :-)

I hate my job at the moment, so I'm thinking 4 weeks maternity plus 2 annual leave. 4 months for me too! :-) Not sure I could face the train journey much after that anyway.

Withalittlesparkle Thu 03-Jan-13 08:15:12

It's sort of brown with yellow and real tiny flowers? Sleeveless? So flattering!!!

I'm very lucky that DH has taken it upon himself to become my personal taxi! So, although it means getting in to work early I'm successfully avoiding 90% of all bus journeys!!!

I like my job, but am not willing to stay longer than I have to! I also don't want to finish too early because we have a bit of a busy period end of April/may so I'd like to see that through before going!!!!

DontmindifIdo Thu 03-Jan-13 08:17:32

hi sparkle - I'm thinking of going off at 36 weeks to start mat leave, as DS arrived at 38 weeks last time round... I might go even earlier and put holiday on first, but mid May was my current thinking. I think it's best to stay open minded as you don't knw what will be thrown at you - if this is an easy pregnancy I might want as much time as possible at work to have as much time as possible afterwards with the baby, but if I'm ill, leaving early sounds good.

I haven't decided yet about going back after having this one either, at the moment I think I'd happily quit and never go back, plus with 2 in childcare it's going to take most of my wage - after paying out for a railcard we're not going to be much better off as a family. But then, if I don't go back, I might regret that decision in 5 years time when this little one is at school and I'm trying to start a career again...

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