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March 2013 VIII: feeling kicks, comparing knits and halfway there

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theTramp Sat 03-Nov-12 23:24:19

Old thread

EthelredOnAGoodDay Tue 27-Nov-12 20:49:31

Hi all

Thanks for the X-ray reassurances em, threefor and flowery. Makes me feel better about it!

All fine here, going to try to get a slightly earlier night, but all in all feeling a lot better than I was this time last week.

Zoey, that's rubbish, hope you are feeling better soon.

Not really finding bump too heavy yet, but know it will come at some point as definitely got to that stage last time! Still feel pretty mobile at this stage, so enjoying it whilst I can. Only 24 weeks tomorrow though, do got a long way to go yet!

DD has been practicing songs for her Xmas concert on Saturday, she's doing really well, she can remember lots of the words and is even relatively tuneful for a not-quite-three year old! grin DH and I were very pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, had better go, need to start labelling up these items for the NCT sale!

Take care all!

zoeymlucas Tue 27-Nov-12 21:11:31

Lexi my mulberry bayswater handbag is perfect for iPad and everything's else- maybe hint to DH for Xmas smile

StealthToddler Tue 27-Nov-12 21:23:43

Lots of news to catch up - wont be able to remember all names but hope to remember the topics!!!

flowery I also saw my consultant on Monday - we seem to be quite closely timed on appointments. Glad you were able to talk through some of the issues and get some reassurance.

sarsh big milestone.... Hope it continues going well. Must be strange going past that date.

zoey you really are going through it. Hope your infection gets sorted and everyone is right.... Get some rest girl!!!

Cot beds etc we have 2 cot beds , one which is drop sided and one which the side comes off so can be a toddler bed. We never had cots but had Moses basket for a few weeks, lots of co-sleeping, then in cot bed and by 3 into normal single bed. Eldest son was in a single bed as we needed his cotbed for ds3 and ds2 just wants to copy his big brother so by 2 1/2 was also in a single. The one the side comes off is great - we got it from mamas and papas 5 1/2 years ago in a half price sale and it is still in great condition.

Sorry on builder delays whoever it was.

I am tucked up ready for bed after being up from 5 last couple of days with ds3 who seems to think that is acceptable. Am very ashamed I ended up really shouting at him this morning and I have felt terrible about it all day. Ds2 then had a half hour tantrum at breakfast (and I had made pancakes!!) over wanting to watch fireman Sam at the same time (such a mean mummy no tv at mealtimes) and I had to leave for work taking ds1 to school en route leaving ds2 still screaming with nanny. Then hideous central line and missed the start of my meeting.... Not the best day!!! Improved massively by a lovely bath time - I get in with the kids which they love!!!! Going to sleep now and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!!!

ThreeForTea Tue 27-Nov-12 22:46:13

No tv at mealtimes is a good rule stealth! Funnily my enforcement of that and of the eat-at-the-table-only rule with dd coincided with the arrival with my new sofa! grin

I really want to be in bed now, but I put a wash on really late. What a silly idea, will have to wait for it to dry as well now! Still have managed to catch up with my correspondance while I wait (texts and fb). Has anyone started writing/sending christmas cards yet? was thinking I could do them tomorrow, nice and early, would be a total first for me highly unlikely to come to fruition but a nice idea!

sarahs999 Wed 28-Nov-12 04:09:33

Three, I wrote the majority of mine at the weekend in front of crap telly. Always enjoy that ritual. Bought the stamps today and nearly had a coronary at the price angry.

LexiandBeanette Wed 28-Nov-12 09:21:34

Three I am a bit funny and don't start Xmas cards before the 1st December! smile
Talked to DH and whilst we normally get our decorations up quite early, I think they will be only just before Christmas due to impending building work and a house full of stuff. Also we need to tackle the loft clear out of doom....eeeek!
Got someone coming to see my little Mini today, so that might go - not sure how I feel about it.
Hope all the non-sleepers and poorly folk are feeling a bit rested today.

LexiandBeanette Wed 28-Nov-12 09:22:36

ps zoey I love the handbag idea - sadly I think DH would have a heart attack if I asked for one! Gorgeous bags! smile

FloweryBoots Wed 28-Nov-12 09:59:39

Zoey get thee to bed! Serriously, rest woman. grin. I know it's hard when you know a few days away from work makes it so much harder when you go back. Can't believe how you keep going through everything. All the issues you cope with and you keep gong, yet I've droped to 4 days a week essentially (using holiday) and starting mat leave at Christmas. Mind you, unlikely I would be doing that if I didn't detest every minute of being at work! Hats off to you I say.

I thought I ought to start Christmans cards the other day, then remembered it wasn't December and banished the idea. We always end up doing them frantically the night before last posting day so should get on with them really. But there is lots to do at the moment. Complete on house purchase on Friday so will start shuffling stuff from that point and do bulky stuff in my big bro's van weekend after and move in properly, to sleep and everything. Still have nothing to sit on or any appliances bought. Hmmm.

Day off today to rest and to pack. Feeling guilty that have sent DS off to childminders as usual (though an hour late to allow for more relaxed getting ready) but must do packing. DH told me to make sure I have a nap too today and only do 'easy' packing like spare crokery or taping up boxes ready for him to pack into bless him.

Right time to get going and stop procrastinating.

theTramp Wed 28-Nov-12 10:46:23

I second the easy packing only suggestion. How exciting though, new home for Christmas!

I'm sleeping but not feeling rested so suspect much tossing & turning and I wake up achey - which is bloody annoying. Really couldn't stir today. If didn't have lots of v imp stuff to do I'd have taken a duvet day. Instead I got a cup of tea & went back to bed for an hour with two v happy, purry cats who love curling up by me in the morning. Away to work now though and brrr it's nippy.

Quite excited as have been treated by MrM to a ticket to see Carlos Acosta at the Colisseum in August. I've always wanted to see him dance & one time I got tickets his understudy was on. This is a 5 days only special performance of all his greatest dances, and we've v good seats. smile

Also bought tickets for Bournes Sleeping Beauty for Jan. My Mummy's Christmas presie as I know she'll love it and we're going week of our birthdays too - so an opportunity for dinner somewhere snazz pre show as well methinks.

No Christmas cards before 1 Dec I say. Although I'm doing well with my Christmas shopping. We've imposed strict budget limits this year. So no more than £50 on nearest & dearest and no more than £15 on friends. Which means I have my creative hat on & I'm rather chuffed with what we've got thus far, not one gift that the person it's for won't love. A few left to sort mind, including MrMs - hmmmm. How's everyone else going on this front?

Hope everyone is feeling bit heartier today - I'm particularly looking at you Zoe. Good luck on loft clearances, builders, databases, teeth and the rest.

Rainbowbabyhope Wed 28-Nov-12 10:52:16

Zoey totally understand the need to keep going as normal as long as possible. I find taking time off and doing very little actually raises my stress levels because it feel like you are waiting for something to go wrong.

zoeymlucas Wed 28-Nov-12 12:13:31

Is hard Rainbow I know I should be in bed resting but stopping work and doing that seems like accepting its happening and gone belly up and in effect have given up any hope of getting the result I want!! That said if it was anyone else I would be having serious words!!! There is a management buy out this Friday so am hoping after that it will be less mental and I can chill in the run up for christmas - DH has told me in no uncertain terms if I am still pregnant I WILL NOT be going to work in the new year and he will take my car keys if need be, plus have booked xmas off so finish on 21st Dec which is 17 working days and I still have 6 days holiday left smile

StormyBrid Wed 28-Nov-12 12:44:37

Christmas cards? Nah, not this year. I always vaguely mean to send them, and don't get round to it. Shame really, as I have family scattered all over the place. But the only ones who send me cards are coming over just before Christmas, which removes the need, really. As for presents... I'm a poor person, and we're moving house, so presents are going to be a bit limited. Books for siblings, whisky for father and jelly babies for mother. No idea about the man, as he wants a guitar or a ferrari and they're both outside my budget!

Munich on Saturday, so today's plan is to ring the doctor about getting a letter saying I'm fit to fly. Tomorrow we have an antenatal appointment and get the little red book. Friday is mad packing day. And I should really ring new landlord and see if we can get everything signed before we go. Limbo-month appears to be coming to a rather hectic close!

pinkpeony4 Wed 28-Nov-12 14:47:25

Hi there

Sorry i am way behind to do personals but I hope everyone is Ok? I have managed to have a quick read but feel very out of touch!

Had a manic few weeks with builders, illnesses and school stuff. It's ds3's 2nd birthday on Friday so we had a party for him yesterday and ds2 & I have just been baking cakes so we can try and make a Gruffalo cake tomorrow!

All well with baby 4. Had a 4d scan on Saturday which was fantastic, could see gorgeous button nose and lips and we could see her yawning etc.. It was a lovely experience and something we didn't do with the boys so nice for our final pregnancy. 26+5 now and actually feeling pretty good. Back and pelvic pain are in control thanks to the Chiropractor. Have horrid pregnancy insomnia but to be fair haven't had a great nights sleep in 6 years so it's manageable! Doing lots of walking on the various school/nursery runs and no pain yet so I really hope it stays away and I don't have a repeat of my pregnancy with ds3.

Sorry for a me, me, me post. Will try and get better at reading and replying quicker. Can't even imagine how hectic things will be with 4 dc's under 6 in March shock

With beds, ds1 & 2 stayed in their cotbeds with the sides on until 3. I hate doing anything that disrupts sleep and they slept well in them and never tried to climb out. I am expecting ds3 to be in his for the same amount of time. We have 3 cotbeds and so ds2 sleeps in one with the sides off and ds3 in it as a cot. When the next baby outgrows the crib we will buy ds2 a proper bed and she can have his.

Take care everyone

backwardpossom Wed 28-Nov-12 18:33:09

Sheldon I kind of have it to my side and I pretty much cuddle into it - one leg over, one under, bump resting on top. Works for me - that's two nights of really good sleep if you ignore the 3am coughing fit last night

Get well soon, zoey

YY to the price of stamps. I'm going to get mine written this weekend, because if I don't, I'll forget and then have to send them 1st class... there's a Brownie post in the village, so at least I can get them done cheaper! We will probably receive our first one in the next few days as my aunt is always on the ball with them! DS is desperate to get our Christmas tree up. I'm hoping to be able to hold off until next weekend...

Oodthunkit Wed 28-Nov-12 19:13:01

Have had a boring day at work today.cant stand not seeing people or doing my proper work. Picked girls up and hip gave out after parking car. Then started getting BH again. Got in & heating not working. Gas fire already not working & I can't fiddle With heating til dd3 is in bed. Also starving and have to wait for tea.

theTramp Wed 28-Nov-12 19:39:22

I'm heading home now & I'm pooped. Why are non stop meetings always more exhausting then just getting on with stuff? Anyway, empathise 100% Ood. It's either beans on toast or an M&D microwave special for me tonight. Also brrrrrrr. Internal heater when preggers my arse, I'm frozed!

Oodthunkit Wed 28-Nov-12 20:22:42

Had a bowl of mash. Dh had left us a pile but dds ate at my mums. Got heating working now. The controls said 10 degrees but werent telling the boiler.

StealthToddler Wed 28-Nov-12 21:17:40

Egg chips and beans
Mmmmm at least it stays in!

zoeymlucas Wed 28-Nov-12 21:48:41

Yummy chips and beans stealth but would have to have chicken nuggets as I don't like eggs smile I got a Chinese as left work late so have kept some for work lunch tomorrow smile

tramp funnily someone told me today I shouldn't be cold as baby is an internal heater- didn't stop me being freezing- I always have my heatin at home on 22-23 I like to be toasty smile

Gt hospital (again) for physio at 8.00am so having an early night- think its a bit pointless but will go as she just recommends silly things like wheelchairs and expensive equip I should buy and don't actually do anything but maybe she will surprise me hmm

Can't really catch up properly tonigh sorry as after 12 hour hour day have just got into bed and plan a relax before I lay in the dark all night wishing I could sleep smile

Night x x

Oodthunkit Wed 28-Nov-12 21:55:43

Good luck with Physio zoey

ThreeForTea Wed 28-Nov-12 23:11:49

Just in bed but thought I'd pop in and say hi. Nothing much to report today. Feet like hadn't felt baby much today earlier. Have had a few jabs and wiggled this eve though so feel better about that.

Bought cards today, will start tomorrow. Always find never quite have all the addresses I need!

Been thinking about birth quite a lot today for some reason. Not anxiously exactly, just wondering what sort of experience it will be!

bbface Thu 29-Nov-12 07:01:03

Hi all, one of the early ones here that dips in and out,

Just wanted to let you know that we are all entitled to a flu jab. Had mine done yesterday and apparently super important because our immunity is low (so that we do not fight off the baby) and the jab gives immunity to the baby for the first few months of life.

Whilst there the nurse also said that v important I had whopping cough jab from 28 weeks. My midwife had not mentioned this, nor about the flu jab which I read about in an nhs pamphlet. I did not have the whopping jab when pregnant last time, but the nurse said they were not offering it last time, as it has only recently become a problem. Not so serious for us, but v serious for babies and the jab gives them immunity for first few months of life.

Hope helps. Hi to all xxxx

bbface Thu 29-Nov-12 07:10:00

Sorry if all this discussed upthread!

sarahs999 Thu 29-Nov-12 07:21:56

New thread needed v soon! Cruising to Christmas with burgeoning bumps? Bet we'll need another thread before the big day...wink

theTramp Thu 29-Nov-12 08:08:08

bbface - I think we've pretty much all had flu jab and are coming up to whooping cough time now so will get that too but thank you for thinking of us. Seems there are some MWs more on ball than others in recommending these and explaining why.

Zoey - hope physic went ok. Chinese sounds tasty. I opted for beans on toast in the end; protein from a can ;)

Three - my educated guess is it'll hurt, lots. But it has to be done, it's a natural thing and there is the reward of a baby at the end.. So fingers crossed the pain doesn't linger. I'm sticking to my less is more knowledge (ostrich) approach to birth or I'll just stress about it. My friend, who has just had baby boy, and is v zen about things had grand plans for birthing pool etc. Her view post birth - get an epidural asap. smile

Hope everyone slept well & has a good Thursday. I had a rare full unbroken nights sleep. The difference! Mind you I could still sleep all day if that could be an option...

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