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March 2013 VIII: feeling kicks, comparing knits and halfway there

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theTramp Sat 03-Nov-12 23:24:19

Old thread

JoJoBella84 Thu 22-Nov-12 09:55:44

sheldon. defs not too soon. I was pulling pram wheelies with mine last week smile

GummiberryJuice Thu 22-Nov-12 09:57:45

Morning all

Hands out tissues, hot drinks and chocolates to all those with nasty colds etc

Jojo I'm tired I'm going to have a sleep then contemplate starting paperwork, I imagine if I tried now there would be mistakes made.

Pink I'm reading too and then by the time it comes to reply I have forgotten everyone

Tramp hope your friend is cuddling her new baby now and they are both well. I think the pain can be a shock to some people too, which is why I don't lie, it is sore but I have always looked at it as in so many hours I will have my baby and this will be a distant memory, but then I think I have had relatively short labours in comparison to some I have heard of so no idea how I would cope if I was exhausted as well. Thats why like we discussed (many threads ago grin) an open birth plan is the best idea.

Sheldonella Thu 22-Nov-12 09:58:07

Thanks JoJo that is all the convincing I needed grin

Sheldonella Thu 22-Nov-12 09:59:55

Ooh cheering your friend on tramp, how exciting.
We will have this thread filled soon, will the next be a christmas one?

ThreeForTea Thu 22-Nov-12 10:23:43

Good job MN don't charge us by the thread really isn't it!

Gosh, really is like a sickroom in here at the moment. Good job these bugs can't travel through the internet smile

DD is watching Peppa Pig in Welsh on iPlayer, she doesn seem to mind and is laughing away!

LexiandBeanette Thu 22-Nov-12 10:30:31

Busy day of meetings, but get well soon everyone who is suffering!

sundaesundae Thu 22-Nov-12 10:55:28

Three, did the GP send your urine sample off? Mine always come up clean and then grow in the lab, the standard is to treat symptoms. My dip was clear on Mnday, but as my symptoms and history all say uti / kidney infection (nausea, shakes, kidney pain) I got AB's and my symptoms are improving.

Hate all of us being poorly, I am going back to work tomorrow! Was supposed to be on annual leave but something urgent has come up.

Having a few quiet bump days, I feel bubba has moved behind my placenta and I just feel odd kicks on my right. Still having several periods of movement a day, so all good.

sundaesundae Thu 22-Nov-12 10:56:58

Oh and as soon as I type the Q word I get several kicks, obtuse bubba.

Not ordering buggy till over 30 weeks and then it will live elsewhere. Weirdly superstitious I am finding!

sarahs999 Thu 22-Nov-12 11:46:46

Gosh sorry to hear everyone is feeling so poorly. I'm fine (fingers crossed) but dh seems to be brewing something. As he works at the largest boys school in the country this is not unusual.

Nothing to report really. I'm kind of jealous of all of you buying stuff; everything we need is in the loft though I did cave in and buy the most adorable patchwork quilt for him to lie on. And now I'm past 24 weeks dh finally let me get down the first batch of baby clothes from the loft so I've had fun washing and sorting them. Can't find our premise ones at the mo and hopefully won't need them but a couple had slipped in - my god, ds was so tiny. Like a doll. <lump throat>.

Anyway. Big tissues and a lemsip to them that needs it. X

sarahs999 Thu 22-Nov-12 11:48:19

Premmie, that should say. Damn predictive text.

dameflamingo Thu 22-Nov-12 13:17:40

ok so this is my first name checking post in ages! I'm with pink and stealth just cannot keep up - however I do think that FB really does help as its much more immediate. Anyhoo - here goes:

Zoey - belated message to say great ews on the work front - your boss obviously is a slow on the uptake type ( this could explain his somewhat inappropriate sense of humour too)
Lanny Sorry you're feeling a bit hormonal - I empathise utterly and with sheldon ethel and sundae who are all reporting a certain lack of get up and go. I really cannot bring myself to do the stuff I need to do and everything feels like a major stress at the moment.
* everyone with colds, bugs and general germs* sympathy , lemsip and 'mother clucking' to you all. Hope you get well soon you poor things. ood DS3 should receive punishment for bringing home germs....perhaps a duvet and a mummy cuddle will make him see the error of his ways!
Zoey Manda and stormy toffee crisps are a big craving of mine - you can get biscuits now that are more choc less..prickly stuff - amazing find! I just need to train Mr Flamingo to replenish supplies when he tops up my other two top craving treats - lucozade and onion rings.
possum fingers crossed for jobs - well done you for even getting the evil apps done. A feat in itself.
Teaforthree thanks for book recommendation - I saw trailers for the SJP film and wondered whether somewhere a decent book was being ripped apart!! they made a film of 'what to expect when you're expecting too' I haven't seen this one either but a big hollywood ensemble piece might not be quite what the authors had in mind wink
tea operated tiredness sucks - I started to get tired again in the last couple of weeks - after what felt like only a couple of weeks of energy ( where is that BLOODY GLOW I was sold? hmmmmm! smile ) I'm 25 +3 today and feeling tired but not as weary as before...could actually just be the season and the awful driving incessant rain that seems to be pelting on us all!
jojo after worrying too much at the beginning about who would cover my role etc ( I was a bit self obsessed thinking only I could do what I do blah blah - not proud of that!) and having had some great reassurance from * the tramp* that if you do your job well your succession cover will also be good as a mark of howgood you are ( she should be bottled!!) I'm joining your camp on the childcare planning, I know that I am taking at least 6 months out and I'll deal with childcare arrangements at some point in that time when the baby is here and I know its personality, my reaction to its presence etc. I'm lucky insofar as Mr Flamingo is very relaxed and equally up for taking time out etc so that takes a big pressure off.
october a new haircut that you like always raises the spirits - glad it went well - any way you can post a pic?
sarah you are very organised having everything in the loft that you'll need. means that if you do ecide to buy one or two items later on you will have a a) money guilt free experience b) opportunity to buy one special thing and shout ' its the ONLY thing I've bought so ner ner ner!!'
*anyone not listed above I am sorry ommission is purely due to running out of brain capacity and snapping pencil.
Love to you all, Flamingo xx

MrsBradleyCooper Thu 22-Nov-12 14:14:29

Hi everyone

I was on here at the very beginning but then was off MN for a while so I have clearly missed lots grin, but as time is getting on I thought I'd come back on and see how everyone is doing.

I obviously won't be able to read through all the threads, so I am not sure where everyone is at, so this will unfortunately be a bit of a me, me, me post! blush

I am 24 weeks with my 2nd boy and due on the 11th March (I was on the stats but have probably been removed now!). I am feeling very tired at the moment. Iron levels are ok according to the MW but she has suggested Spatone anyway.

I feel like I am about 42 weeks, not 24 and struggling to get my head around it as I was not like this at all in my first textbook pregnancy.

I was just wondering at what stage everyone is going to start getting things ready? At Tesco's today I bought a pack of nappies, wipes and maternity pads, as I figure that you can't have enough of these things and it is expensive to buy it all in one hit. I'm sure when DS was first born we were going through half a pack of nappies a day!

Anyway hope all is well with everyone - I will try to have a skim through the thread to see what everyone is up to smile.

zoeymlucas Thu 22-Nov-12 14:45:06

Dame be careful with the Lucozade I got my butt kicked by my consultant for drinking it as it was my craving and he said MAX a small glass a day as can cause problems went pregnant - I was drinking a small (individual) bottle a day and he told me it really wasnt good for me or baby!!!!

HermioneBoo Thu 22-Nov-12 15:27:15

Hey everyone! Long time no speak ;)
Thank you all for the 'not centre of universe' comments, I knew you lot would understand, very glad to be in contact with you all.

Thank you also for the comments about my DH, not sure who teared up at him selling his Xbox for my present but it had the same effect on me too, he makes me tear up regularly atm though not sure how much of it is hormonal! He's going through a rough patch atm as he gets SAD and the recent miserable weather coupled with money worries and the usual pressure he puts himself under to provide for us is making him very upset. Every year I think about getting one of those SAD lamps for him but they're pretty expensive. Dark chocolate and eating regular meals seem to keep him on an even keel so I'd better get my arse in the kitchen smile

Really interesting points about childcare, we're going to visit a nursery tomorrow on DH's suggestion otherwise I'd be thinking the same thing as some of you- that ill sort it out when she's definitely here. Even though it doesn't make financial sense for me to go back to work, we're going down the childcare route because I love my job and I've worked so hard to get the job I have. It doesn't pay what I'm worth (not being big-headed, it's what my boss tells me and I'm over qualified compared to my colleagues) but it has so much potential, if I took a break I'd have to start again and tbh I'd go loopy in the house on my own. Everyone tells me ill feel differently when BabyBoo is here, but I know my own mind and I know how difficult it will be for me to adjust to maternity leave.

I'm currently getting some weird kicks, it literally felt like BabyBoo was doing forward rolls on my left side, and now she is giving me kicks above my belly button - first day she's been up so far!

manda The Denby factory is in Derbyshire, about 20mins away from me and the factory shop is amazing, so many bargains! If you ever take the twins walking in the Peaks then I'd def recommend stopping off at Denby factory smile

I went to the new Kiddicare store and was able to compare the Uppababy Vista and the Oyster side by side. There really wasn't any comparison, it was like driving a Merc compared to a Fiesta - both do the job but the Vista was so smooth and felt better put together. I kept trapping my fingers in the Oyster! My inlaws have told us that they will put £200 towards it as that's what they gave my SIL, DH has told them that we're grateful but you just can't get a travel system for £200 (PIL wanted to buy us the whole thing and thought we were just being fancy). Feel a bit bad as £200 will really help, I've managed to save enough to cover all the baby things and can get the Vista with the PIL contribution. However DH still wanted to make his point!

Sorry for the huge post!

dameflamingo Thu 22-Nov-12 15:56:36

zoey just goes to prove 2 consultants 3 opinions rule - mine suggested lucozade for my hyperemesis! not gallons of course but isn't that interesting?

ThreeForTea Thu 22-Nov-12 16:52:54

Ah, its Earl Grey and mince pie time in my house at the moment. Dd having a late nap so it's just me and the stereo for now. I feel like Mrs Large from Five Minutes Peace!

Just got back from midwives drop in at the Children's Centre. I had to really push to have my bloods taken early even though Community midwife and gp both prescribed it! DD had a lovely play, poor thing has been in isolation all week due to her 'disease'. Spots have faded a lot now so you can't really see them luckily, and gp said that she wouldn't be contagious anymore. There were some trully edible babies at the MW postnatal clinic too which was lovely, they are so tiny!

Got my mat b1 form so that should make my boss happy if I make it in tomorrow.

Sundae oh I never knew that about the samples. No, I don't think she did send it to lab. Rubbish, i'll have to go back next week if I still have the feelings. My uti history is pretty long as well during all my pregnancies unfortunatly.

Hermione does your dh get time to excersise or go to the gym much? My dh can be really similar to what you describe, really working so hard and then finding it difficult to unwind. He self medicates with excersise though and it makes all the difference for him, I think it is meant to have the same effect as some anti depressants. He also used to game all the time. One of my lasting memories of my 17 day stop start labour was him playing Call-of-bloody-duty all the time! He's cut down considerably and getting out on his bike or for a run or something seems to make him feel better in general. Pretty sure he also suffers from SAD too.

Hi MrsBradleyCooper welcome back!

Dame with book, yes, one should definetly read the warning signs when any British novel is spirited away to be set in America for the film!

theTramp Thu 22-Nov-12 17:51:25

Friend had baby boy at 11.53am this morning. All is well apparently, although everyone is a bit shattered.

Hanah77 Thu 22-Nov-12 18:15:25

My brief history is that I had 3 2nd trimester I am 21 weeks pregnant and quite worried . With my history I am being offered regular scans every two weeks.i had low lying placenta to start with but after 18 weeks it was not low anymore. On my anomaly scan last week she wrote it as placenta site is anterior and high.
Now for the past two days I am having uti and feeling pressure down there so today went for a scan again . In today's report she wrote placenta site anterior low.
Now I am very concerned that how can placenta come low after being high. Do you think that this is a sign of preterm labour starting.please reply with your knowledge

LexiandBeanette Thu 22-Nov-12 19:37:37

Welcome MrsBradleyCooper and Hannah77!
Tramp Brlliant news about your friend's baby and also a big hooray to backward on job applications. Am admiring your get up and go smile I'm another one Dame who can empathise with the tiredness - wish I had bags of energy as a bit worried I have so much to do!
Anyone have any tips for beating mad sugar cravings? Pre-pregnancy I didn't have a sweet tooth, today I had a Danish pastry for breakfast, two cookies off a colleague and cake with my lunch. I actually feel a bit sick and I know it's not good for me, but I am like a woman possessed!
Hermione I suffer with SAD and I love my sunrise alarm clock. They aren't cheap but it really helps me in the winter. I have a Philips one and the Lumie ones are also good.

EthelredOnAGoodDay Thu 22-Nov-12 21:51:25

Well, on top of feeling tired and unenthused, I am now also in a really grumpy mood-I'm a real little ray of sunshine at the mo! grin

Like mrsbradleyc I too feel more knackered than I did at the end of my last pregnancy. Am achey, tired and just generally whiney feel massive already.

zoey, was the lucozade issue because it's so full of sugar? I do really like it, but don't have it that often I must admit cos the thought of all the sugar in it puts me off a bit. Will get some at my GTT in a few weeks!

Need to catch up a bit. Will write more soon. X

Suburban Thu 22-Nov-12 22:15:54

Another who is more tired now than I was at the end with the last one. I wonder if it is the weather? Seriously draining at the mo.

Sorry to hear about your losses Hannah. Excited for you to join us and fingers crossed for you this time. Have you tried posting your worries in the pregnancy loss section? There might be some ladies there with more experience who can reassure you.

Welcome back MrsBC on my second too and haven't got anything ready. A going to an NCT toys and equipment sale on Saturday though to have a look at double buggies. TBH that's the only thing I am really worried about. Good idea to start stocking up on nappies though. I think I will do a big boots/ asda order after Xmas.

Sorry to all those feeling poorly, it really does feel the time of year for it.

Can I ask how many Braxton Hicks people are getting? I feel like I am getting a lot more than last time, but then I am doing a lot more strenuous things heaving 2.5 stone DD around for starters.

Lexi no advice on the sugar cravings, maybe try natural sugars like bananas and fruit juice instead. I think the problem is once you start with refined sugar you cant stop for the rest of the day. I fancy a danish now!

FloweryBoots Thu 22-Nov-12 22:17:45

Grr, half way through writing a post and DH stole the computer from my lap, then he closed the window so I've lost what I'd written. Grrr.

Finished the marking now, phew. Always enjoy it to start with and could cheerfuly burn the lot by the end!

Hope all those with colds and general grottyness are taking it easy and will feel better soon. I seem to be doing well avoiding them so far, thoguh it doesn't mean I don't find something else to whinge about grin. Feel like I've been a right whinge bag today but my back is getting so achy and that flippin pain in my side kicked in on the left side this morning. Was nearly in tears trying to walk from the station to the office. And yet the way back tonight didn't set it off at all. very odd.

JoJo I don't think it occured to me to think about child care until well into mat leave with first. Only reason I have to sort it now tis time round is because of needing to keep the place DS has now to go back to and wanting to send baby to same place ideally.

Welcome back MrsBradley adn Welcome Hannah. Sorry, have no idea about your placenta issue. Have you posted on the pregnancy board - someone there might know more.

Well past my bed time now so that will have to do for now. I certainly have NO energy. I never did get that burst, been uttery exhauseted the whole time so far but (whispers) have managed 4 days running without being sick now...

Oodthunkit Fri 23-Nov-12 06:40:49

Welcome back mrsbc and welcome to hannah smile

suburban asda do the baby events every so often , probably worth stocking up on the next one.

Em2010 Fri 23-Nov-12 06:50:16

Hello All,

Can't sleep this morning and have already been awake for at least an hour! Thought I'd use the time to catch up on the thread a bit as haven't been able to visit much this week.

Sorry to all of you feeling rough at the moment, not nice but fx that it means you'll all be feeling better for Christmas! flowery yay for no sickness for 4 days ! Maybe the beginning of feeling better?

Am so sorry that I can't properly name check as I'm on my phone and brain doesn't really work very well at this hour! Whoever was talking about being organised for baby? Well I'm really not! All my baby things (that I'm not still using!) are in the loft or the garage and most if the stuff that needs buying I'm leaving until January- need to get Christmas shopping out of the way first! Will buy nappies next time boots have a 3 for 2 baby event on. Was asked by ds nursery if I wanted to put new baby's name down for a place the other day but for some reason I don't quite feel ready to do that yet...!

Was given a magazine on attachment parenting yesterday so I've been pondering that in the wee small hours! It's not for me but does anyone else fancy it? I'd love to know other's views!

OctoberCarrot Fri 23-Nov-12 07:43:55

Hi em,

With you on the sleeping and DS as been wide awake since 4:30 with teething. Little fecker must realise I am going out tonight and will be shattered.

Had a lovely day yesterday with the library mums. Chatting about houses, second babies and stuff whilst the children played and thrashed the place.

Loved the house I saw though it is currently empty so was hard to get a sense with furniture but had a great sense of space and was old which is nice. A lot of mid level houses in Dblin are new builds with tiny footprints and not much family living so it is good to see somewhere with more family space. We are going to view it again tomorrow.

DS is ready for a nap so must take 40 awinks while I can.

TGIF! Happy. Friday all.

Oc x

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