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Due in October 2012 - Part 9...the final few waddling uncomfortably and hoping things start moving soon!

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Kyyria Tue 23-Oct-12 14:36:09

Just getting us sorted with a (hopefully) final thread before we all decamp to the PN thread!!

dosomethingmutley Fri 26-Oct-12 21:06:38

Wotcha peeps, I am still hanging around like a bad smell too. losing bits of plug for the last couple of days, and a few crampy feelings and some v. strong BH contractions, but nothing more than that. Sweep booked for Sunday so maybe that will help things along a little.

Thanks for all the support and cheering from 'the other side' grin we'll be with you soon enough I'm sure, and then we'll be able to plunder your hard won experience unmercilessly!

londonlivvy is it tomorrow you're off to see your dp race? Hope it all goes ok and you have nice tea and cakes in the clubhouse smile

Lets hope we all have productive weekends!

londonlivvy Fri 26-Oct-12 21:15:51

howdy mutley and sorry you are still waiting too! Hopefully your sweep will do the trick. Yep, tomorrow is his race, last of the season, so hopefully that'll all go well. Cake is my friend!

Beccus Fri 26-Oct-12 22:11:19

hi ladies, i am still here, too!!!

bella, i have decided to just ignore the impending arrival and get on with things as normal. If he/she comes before induction and interupts my social calendar that would be lovely, if he/she doesn't, i'm sure induction will be ok - we must be pretty close to getting to being ready anyway, so hopefully won't need too many drugs.

Had a busy morning cleaning the bathroom and tidying our bedroom and also cleaned 'frig on tues - am lovng having everything all clean - this is very unlike me, normally i hate cleaning, so i guess i must be nesting. I am LOVING being off work - all those little tasks like cooking and cleaning that piss me off no end when i have to do them after work are not much trouble at all at the moment when i have all this free time smile Then i dropped food goodies around to friend with new baby, had a nap and went to the pub. If it's nice weather, i will go for a walk in park tomorrow, then go for sweep tomorrow pm (hopefully my cervix will be open like a 24hr macdonalds) and then out for dinner tomorrow nite.

OMG kyrria, so excited for u, u've had such an uncomfortable time of it!! Your little bean will be here in time to wear his halloween costume after all!! You are going to have such a cool little goth baby, in his/her skeleton sleep suit and skull and cross bones shoes and t short smile

where are orenhsi, zara, londonmrs and cherry - i want some news smile

Hi Squid and huffle , thanks for popping by and for the support - there's no way whoever is last will be left here on their own!!

Good luck at the race, livvy, hope u get lots of cake and birth encouragement from the oldies - they were hardcore back in their day, no epidurals for them, they just popped them out whilst cooking dinner smile

mickey, i might be copying your xmas pressie idea - thinking about xmas pressie shopping is too overwhelming!!!

Night ladies, happy birthing vibes x

bella2012 Fri 26-Oct-12 22:40:06

squid and huffle thank you so much for popping by-you have both really cheered me up. So glad you are both doing so well.

livvy good luck with the race tomorrow, hope the bean behaves and your DF enjoys his day of fun and is grateful to you for being generous and accomodating to him.

mickey hang in there you superwoman. You are being amazing. You must be so sick of these false starts.

beccus you have the best attitude, I will try and follow your example. Am resigned now to DH being off work with no baby here and all the masses of family ensconsed for the week and probs not even getting to meet baby. Going to try my best to make the most of it. I feel strangely detached from everything that is going on to be honest. Like it is all happening around me but I am not playing much of a part in it. Will try and go with the flow. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping your second sweep is much more successful. Lots of love to you.

Hi mutley nice to have another one on here sharing the wait!

Thinking of all the others too. Looking forward to hearing some news before long.

Off to bed now, fingers crossed for a maximum of three wees!

Angelico Fri 26-Oct-12 23:23:43

Ooooh Zara and Kyrria good luck! smile And Livvy sounds promising grin More biscuits needed in PN thread (not that an excuse is ever needed for biscuits you understand grin)

Bean was a month old yesterday, really filling out. Can't believe how different she looks already. Take LOADS of photos when they arrive because they change every couple of days smile

Hang in there peeps! thanks

Kyyria Sat 27-Oct-12 04:24:49

Hiya all - just checking in..

Baby kyyria born Friday 26th October at pm weighing in at 9lb12oz. As yet a beautiful unnamed little boy.

Had a bit of a rough time of it - post partum haemorrhage requiring blood transfusion and will have to be taken to theatre in the morning if bleeding hasn't settled.

Other than that have to say labour was better than expected smile

Kyyria Sat 27-Oct-12 04:26:01

Meant to say born at 11:42pm x

Zara1984 Sat 27-Oct-12 05:01:26

YAY!!!! Congrats kyyria!!! Sucks about the haemmorage though, hope you don't have to go to theatre. What a big boy! Same weight as my DH when he was born (DH is disappointed hmm ours is only estimated to be just under 8 lbs. grin

Been awake since about 3am... Due at hospital at 8am. Going to make myself bacon butties and a big mug of strong tea for my pre-induction breakfast brew . Here's hoping bubs arrives today! smile

Smorgs Sat 27-Oct-12 07:25:36

Congratulations Kyyria! Sorry to hear about the haemorrhage hope things go ok today and you're not too sore.

Thinking of everyone else who is counting down the last few days, it's all so frustrating I know. Hang in there lovelies!

londonlivvy Sat 27-Oct-12 07:40:19

kyyria 9lb12 is very impressive for first baby! Sorry to hear re hemorrhage though. I hope it settles ok. And of course huge congrats to you and your DH. Hope your cankles have gone already.

Good luck with induction, Zara.

Right. Back to bed with me I think (only got up to feed howling cat).

bella2012 Sat 27-Oct-12 08:12:21

fantastic news kyria! Huge congratulations! Hope the blood loss sorts its self out-you poor thing! What a lovely big baby! Well done you! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Good luck zara! Got everything but my legs crossed for you!! Enjoy your bacon sarnie!

Well, I had about 40 minutes of contraction type pains last night at about midnight. They didn't amount to anything alas, but I am thrilled that at least SOMETHING is happening! All i could think about was my little DS sleeping soundly in the room next to ours and feeling stressed about how he would feel if we weren't there in the morning. I hope the baby comes during the day, but guess I can't be picky now when there's only 4 days left before induction...

Angelico Sat 27-Oct-12 09:08:05

Congratulations Kyrria! smile Sorry to hear about the blood loss, hope you can avoid theatre - but either way your bean is here smile thanks

smileyhappymummy Sat 27-Oct-12 10:05:13

Congratulations * kyrria*! Glad baby kyrria is here, hope you are getting some lovely snuggles and tht bleeding has settled, pph not nice at all.

Midgetm Sat 27-Oct-12 12:45:53

Congratulations Kyria sounds like you did an amazing job with such a big baby. Hope the bleeding settles. ERPC is by far the best option if it doesn't though. I hardly bled at all after DC1 when I needed one of those. Fingers crossed its not necessary though. Congratulations and welcome mini Kyria.

Beccus Sat 27-Oct-12 13:07:18

congrats kyrria!!
ooh, bella, keeping my fingers crossed things r on the move for u.
good luck with your induction, zara
on my phone at hospital after ? waters broke this mornin.g midwife did speculum and thinks it was hindwaters :-). lots of gunge as well, hoping it's plug and not meconium. bubs a bit quiet last couple of days, so waiting for fetal monitoring and docs to check pad to decide whether or not waters have def gone and if there is meconium. hope it's def waters without meconium and i can still go to birth centre x

Cherrychopsticks Sat 27-Oct-12 13:44:16

Hi all, just a quick one to say Little Cherry Boy arrived at 11:05am Japan time (3:05am UK time) on Friday, October 26th, weighing 2996g (approx 6.6lbs?).grin
Will post birth story later as I'm on my phone and, of course, one handed! I'll just say it didn't quite go to plan. But we're both fine so I'm happy with it.
Will put name and photo on Facebook later.

Congrats Kyyria! Little Cherry and Baby Kyyria have the same DOB!
I wonder if any more will, sounds like it was a busy day on here.
Hope you're recovering well and didn't have to go into surgeryshock. Take care thanks

Sorry if this is a bit late, but good luck Zara, hope all goes well.

Midgetm Sat 27-Oct-12 14:13:47

Good luck beccus hope it's not meconium. Will check in for updates. Congratulations Cherry and mini Cherry. Excellent work even if it didn't go to plan it rarely does

Beccus Sat 27-Oct-12 18:09:31

well done, cherry, congrats on the arrival if baby cherry :-)

thanks for the support, midget , baby beccus has had a little poo, so they want to crack on and induce me. just had some gel and will go to antenatal ward, but happily boyfriend can stay with me. at least not needing continuous monitoring, which they orriginally said i would.
i guess i would have preferred to be at home for this bit, but am happy to avoided the dreaded taxi journey in and am pretty happy not to be competing for taxis with saturday nite revellers

Midgetm Sat 27-Oct-12 18:11:25

Good luck beccus thinking of you. And naughty baby beccus for crapping in their mother!

MickeyTheShortOne Sat 27-Oct-12 19:07:21

Oct. 16: Liege07 DS1 by planned induction, Orenishii DC1
Oct. 18: Bella2012 DC2, Beccus DC1
Oct. 19: Willowtree DC1 by ELCS
Oct. 21: Dosomethingmutley DC1
Oct. 26: Londonmrss DC1, Zara1984 DS1
Oct. 29: Ayeasha DC1
Nov. 1: Londonlivvy DC1
Nov. 8: MickeytheShortOne DC1

Real live babies:
Sept. 20: Velo - Max 2.35kg
Sept. 24: Lisbethspposite, Paul 6lb 11oz
Sept. 25: Angelico – DD Mini Angelico, CWest30 - Naomi Louise, 4lb 10oz
Sept. 26: Elpis – DS 3.2kg
Sept. 30: Squidkid – Jess, 6lb 14
Oct. 1: WantAnOrange – Artemis Lily 7lbs 2oz, MrsConfusion – DD 7lb 0.75oz
Oct. 2: Planktonette – DS Planktonini, firstbubba – DS babyfirstbubba 9lb 2.5oz
Oct. 3: FjordMor – Ida 8lb 3oz
Oct. 4: Crazypaving – DS 8lb 3oz, Smileyhappymummy – Melissa Rose 3kg, Milk - William Andrew 7lb 8oz
Oct. 12: Katla – Erin Rose 7lbs 12oz
Oct. 16: Midgetm – Master Midge
Oct. 17: Hufflepuffle – Snuffly Huffle Boy 9lb 3oz, Lizzietow – Imogen Rose
Oct. 18: OctoberOctober – Max 8lb 1oz
Oct. 19: Beeblebear – Baby Bear 7lb 10oz
Oct. 20: YompingJo – Alice Jessica 9lb
Oct. 21: LoopyLa - Prince Loopy 6lb 10oz
Oct. 22: Shellwedance - Amelie
Oct. 24: Smorgs- Frederick 2.9kg
Oct. 26: Kyyria- Baby boy Kyyria 9lb 12oz, Little Cherry Boy 6lb 6oz

Wooo!! Stop popping out babies you lot!!! Congratulations to Kyyria and Cherry- So pleased for you!!!
Wishing Beccus and Zara lots of luck with your inductions.

Well I've been having on-off pains and v. strong BH all day.. and feel so wierd today. All light headed (which I'm aware is probably my blood pressure) but I just feel so... odd. Got a hot chilli con carne for tea tonight so lets see how we get on!!!

Livvy How was the race?

Hoping to hear news from Orenishii and Londonmrss soon...!

MickeyTheShortOne Sat 27-Oct-12 19:08:47

Bella How you doinnggg?

Cherrychopsticks Sat 27-Oct-12 19:50:30

Good luck Beccus, and well done for looking on the bright side as usual re getting a taxi!! grin

Londonmrss Sat 27-Oct-12 20:14:49

Hi ladies, well done and congrats to Kyyria and Cherry.
Sorry for the lack of news. Happy to announce that BabygirlLondon was born at 11.15pm yesterday, her due date and weighs in at exactly 8lb. She is beautiful.
The birth itself was good (just 20 mins of hardcore pushing, no tearing and no stitches, hardly any blood loss) but the 0-10cm was 3 days of pain and no sleep and to be honest has left both my husband and I quite traumatised. This labour certainly isn't representative of most- I was just unlucky so don't anybody freak out.
Will tell my full birth story at some point, but need to process it myself really. Feel rather shaky about the whole thing. Absolutely can't complain about the result though. Will check in soon. Currently attempting to force her onto my nipple, which she has so far showed absolutely no interest in whatsoever. Hugs to you all.

Midgetm Sat 27-Oct-12 21:20:49

Yay yay Londonmrs and extra kudos for being on time. Look forward to hearing more when you are up to it.

londonlivvy Sat 27-Oct-12 23:26:56

Hello ladies,

congrats cherry that's great news! and LondonMrsS too - a run of babies (is it full moon again?!?). YAY!

beccus boo to poo but great to have got things sorted. And goodness you are incredibly positive! I shall endeavour to channel your positivity over the next few hours.

Fab day today - very cold and windy at the race but sunny and DF came 5th out of about 80 riders which is really pretty good considering he's not had a chance to train since he started uni (he's been cycling miles to work and back, but not specific race training). Good fun shouting and screaming on the sidelines to support! Then we went out for spicy dinner and then saw the James Bond film which was great. Very fun day. During James Bond I started to notice a HUGE amount of wrigglage. And now it's feeling kinda crampy and uncomfortable. Not excruiatingly painful, but definitely sore. So things may be moving over here. Time to go to bed and see what happens I guess. DF looks slightly alarmed. It seems odd that things might have started in the cinema as I was told that adrenalin is the antidote to oxytocin (and thus labour). But it could just be weird pains (wind?)....

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