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Bicornuate/septate uterus

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piercey Thu 18-Oct-12 10:15:18

Hi All,

Am hoping someone can give me some advice. I'm seven weeks pregnant smile i have a septate uterus with two cervices. I've known since i was 18 so expected a not so 'by the book' pregnancy. My question is what treatment/monitoring can i expect on the NHS being classed as high risk? I was told i should be closely watched and was expecting an early scan but neither have come about and as my GP doesnt know much about my condition she cant advise what the process will be.

Ive had a date through for my midwife app at 12 weeks but nothing through for a scan yet. the specialist gyno i was with is at the princess royal in farnborough and I'm not sure if i will be monitored by him? or if i should go to my gp to get a referral to him?, also worried that again as there's not alot of doctors that understand the condition although it is getting more common, i don't want anything to be missed. Advice has changed so much since i found out about the bicornate uterus, when i was first diagnosed 10years ago it took 5 specialists b4 we found one that knew about it!

I know i have to have a c-section which I'm fine with but am also dubious as don't know which hospital to go to for birth, do i have to be at the one where they have the specialist is or does it not matter?
anyone know if the princess royal is any better than its bad previous reputation?

I know i'm quite worried about everything and just want to know if I'm going to have to be really on the ball or not throughout the whole pregnancy as iv had to be through my diagnosis and treatment of the bicornuate uterus because of lack of info/knowledge, like i mentioned the advice I've received has changed so dramatically over the years as they have learnt more, up until 2 years ago i was told I'd never be able to carry until I'd had the septate removed, i then found out that post op carried more risk than carrying before an op as scar tissue could form in place of the septate which doesn't stretch and cannot be removed! understandably its all put me a bit on edge :-S

any advise to put my mind at ease would be much appreciated smile xx

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