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July 2013

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JazzAnnNonMouse Thu 18-Oct-12 06:22:16

Anyone else just poas? Think I'm right in saying I'll be due in July smile

Hai1988 Thu 01-Nov-12 09:48:02

So do we all no how far along we are? Im 1-2weeks on the clear blue test, so the mw wud date me 3weeks.

Booking my first app today smile

MysteriousNameChange Thu 01-Nov-12 10:35:49

Hi again, and congrats to newcomers smile

I did the ClearBlue wotsit today and it said 2-3 weeks which I felt a bit relieved about as my tests on my internet cheapies haven't really been getting darker.

I'm not sure what to do next and I already have one son! But last time I had some fertility treatment so it was a while before I got released to the GP.

Do you make an appointment with the GP or midwife or just see what the receptionist says?

esme80 Thu 01-Nov-12 10:36:53

Hi Hai, fabulous to see you here! According to my calculations I am due 2nd July, same day as FIL and SIL birthdays!

Welcome calm as I wrote on conseption thread, am also very worried about spd. At least we can support each other! Or miraculously neither of us will suffer from it in 2nd pregnancy!

CottonSock Thu 01-Nov-12 11:54:45

SPD sounds awful, I know a friend who had it. Hope it does now strike you again!!

I called the midwife this morn (couldn't help myself). The won't offer an extra early scan after two MC's, but she was lovely though and willing to offer advice. Basically, where I live they do dating scan between 10-12 weeks. So I could have at 10 w, and then maybe pay for a private scan at about 15w when I could see alot more (as I know I would never be able to wait from 10-20 wks!). Rather than having private one at 7-8, when there can still be some uncertainty about dates and baby will still be teeny tiny. Can book next week for first week in december.
Private scans seem to be £100 - a lot, but small price for some sanity smile. So, can I wait an extra 3 weeks is the question.

Time is standing still, is everyone else the same? A friend of mine said it was the longest 8 weeks of her life and I agree. I have only known for two weeks, and feels like forever.

I'm 6 weeks tomorrow.. Sickness gone, was a bug after all I think. Unless eating smaller amounts more often had a dramatic effect.

2nd July is my wedding aniversary. A lot of activity on that
Hope you are all having a good day. Must do some work...

esme80 Thu 01-Nov-12 12:43:41

Mysterious I would speak tothe receptionist as it seems to differ depending where you are. Some places you see GP then get referred to MW. Where I am you leave your details at practice and they forward it to mw. When I was pregnant I didnt get mw details till she called at 8 weeks to schedule booking in appointment for 9 weeks. So got no information or anything till then!

Cotton it really is agony waiting isnt it! I am 5 weeks today I think. I remember how much I calmed down after The 12 week scan last time, felt like I was walking om eggshells till then!

esme80 Thu 01-Nov-12 12:45:27

Oh and hai 14th july is my wedding anniversary! Busy month it seems!

Calmisthemantra Thu 01-Nov-12 15:22:08

Thanks Esme. Fingers crossed for both of us

Even though this is my 2nd pregnancy I totally can't remember when to ring the doctors.

Quinandthem Thu 01-Nov-12 15:37:10

Just updating - bit long:

Met with the Dr this afternoon to get booked in, she was very nice, if not a bit dotty…

Anyway, went through all the usual checks. Obviously told her about the mc and she said that statistically if you’ve had one you’re less likely to have another. Decided that was my ‘take home’ piece of advice.

She asked if I had any MS yet, I said no and she said good. So that makes me feel more relaxed about not have any yet (although I am grazing throughout the day anyway).

She has passed my referral onto the next stage and said I should be getting a letter within the next 2/3 weeks to arrange the first proper appointment and that they now often scan at this appointment to make sure things are going OK. This scan would be before 12 weeks and would save me going for a private one.

She estimated my due date as 29th June as she didn’t take into account my 31 day cycle so I hope you don’t mind if I stay in this thread.

Hope everyone else is just ticking along nicely.

emblosion Thu 01-Nov-12 16:33:55

<tentatively stepping in> hello everyone can I join?

Am in blimmin shock, just poas and got a very faint line - this is scary as buggery as I have a 5 month old. Can't quite get my head round it, twas a v faint line - I initially thought I was imagining it & I feel a bit crampy as if af might arrive so think I'll leave it a couple of days and test again.

Mega congratulations to you all though! smile

princessllama Thu 01-Nov-12 17:23:15

hi emblosion, i remember the shock i had when i realised i was pg with ds and dd was only just 6 months. not sure it makes it any better but my two play together all the time and are really close-also quite convenient when they are only one school year apart. you will need help (we called in all our friends to help out in the early days!)
ellie i was thinking about your holiday dilemma and i think actually it could be great, let dh take the kids and then stay at home, knowing that your boys are having a lovely time. then you can get (hopefully) some friends to come over and help you out a bit and it could be quite peaceful-possibly?
i've been struck by how many on here have had m/cs. when it happened to me i felt like i was the only one because none of the people i know have talked about it and didn't meet anyone who'd had any-plus the fact that v few people knew i was pg.
quin-great take home piece of advice, i will take that one home too!
anyone else feel their trousers are getting too tight? or is it just my stomach muscles have given up after 2 kids?
thinkingofyou-flying with a new born is a bit hardcore, but that's probably because i am a natural born

CottonSock Thu 01-Nov-12 17:28:48

Me and my sister are 18 months apart and it's great. Congrats, but what a shock it must be.

Quin - Due date calc is giving me 30th June, but I have a 30 day cycle too. I'm sure no one will boot us out smile

emblosion Thu 01-Nov-12 17:46:59

Thanks princess & cotton, am still in shock I think, I was happy when I saw the line but then pretty much started to freak out - ds is still so little! Good to hear being close in age has some advantages tho smile

Ha ha, quite a bomb to drop on DH when he gets home.....

livismum Thu 01-Nov-12 17:51:51

I've been given 30th June online as well! But pretty sure I conceived on cd16 so that will make me just in to July! (would rather be at the start of a thread than join one already mahoosive!) smile

Bodice Thu 01-Nov-12 19:00:32

Think I still am on of the latest due dates so far.
My period dates put me at 15th July and that's not taking into account my long cycle either. Oh I just want to fast forward a few weeks!

Cotton sock - If you have a scan at 12 weeks you will be able to see a lot more detail than at 10 weeks and (in my opinion) it will be a lot more rewarding. Also they can rule out a lot more abnormalities at 12 weeks than at 10. Just something to think about.

If I was going to spend my money on a private scan I would have one at 7-8 weeks to put my mind at rest and have my dating scan a bit later.

PS i don't know any acronyms - QUIN - what is MS?

Cutandstick Thu 01-Nov-12 19:11:23

Hi all, can I join? Due on 2 july I think. Finally seeing doc tomorrow, though not mine. It's my first and I am cacking myself blush not told any relatives yet, but had a family get together at the weekend with me looking grotty, not drinking and then sick in the car - so who knows what the speculation is!
Good luck everyone! smile

SundaySunshine Thu 01-Nov-12 21:28:33

Hi all,
I've felt like hurling all day....yay!!!! I've been pretty desperate for any small positive sign, so bring on the buckets is what I say grin

livismum Thu 01-Nov-12 21:46:58

Yay for sickness Sunday

I was eating beans on toast for tea and thought yuk these taste horrid, really tinny, I thought "I'm going to complain to Heinz!" (other makes of beans also available!) (I like a good complain, got a £5 voucher from Aunt Bessie's once!) (and a free meal from McDonalds!) then I remembered I'm pregnant, metallic taste is a symptom! But not one I had with DD's! grin

MysteriousNameChange Thu 01-Nov-12 22:19:55

Thanks for advice above, esme

Rang GPs and I have a telephone appointment with my doctor on Monday and he will then refer me to the midwife.

I'd really like to find out when my scan appointment is going to be (assuming everything is still all right by then, touch wood), as 12 weeks takes me to Boxing Day and my mum's 60th (which requires travelling halfway across the country) is a few days later. I really want the scan to be before we are due to go as my dad will be gutted if we're late up, but I know we don't have much choice in these matters.

Still getting a heavy feeling in my abdomen in the evenings, but boobs are definitely feeling different too so hopefully the pregnancy is developing okay.

I didn't have morning sickness last time. I know it's wrong but kind of hoping I have a bit this time to reassure me a little. Is that weird?

CottonSock Fri 02-Nov-12 09:34:36

Bodice- thanks for advice. That's what my dh thinks too and he is medical trained. Also I'm going crazy too so think I will take your good advice. So convinced something wrong as suddenly feeling better. This misery guts needs some major distractions!

CottonSock Fri 02-Nov-12 09:38:18

Ps ms is morning sickness

Hai1988 Fri 02-Nov-12 09:38:43

Hey all hope were all ok this morningsmile

Probs tmi.but i am soo bloody consipated and bloated went to chemist to get something for it but guess what every single thing i can take for it you take when pg sad
Boobs are starting to be a bit sore now and really sensitive to touch, almost like i have sun burn ikwim, anyone getting this?

Well have been referred to the mw so shoud here bk from them in about 2 weeks, so about 5-6 weeks then.

Hai1988 Fri 02-Nov-12 09:40:48

Soz that was ment to say 'cant take when pg"

emblosion Fri 02-Nov-12 11:48:59

Hai1988 is lactulose allowed? If not I recommend prune juice (gross) if you can't bear that, drinking gallons if water worked for me with ds.

Hai1988 Fri 02-Nov-12 12:45:45

Thanks emblosion where can u get laculose is it in shops or is it behind the counter or on prescription?

Ewww prunes

HannahJayne Fri 02-Nov-12 13:28:06

Hello! Can I join in? I'm having a bit of a traumatic week. I POAS on Sunday at 3am because my AF was three days late and I was going to Tunisia for a week (hello from the sunshine btw!). Although slightly fainter than the control line it was definitely positive. Kicking myself for not buying a CB at the airport now...

I've had light cramps for the last couple of weeks (thought I was starting my AF), and yesterday I started spotting (five weeks exactly). Today it seems to have mostly stopped but I've got the odd teeny tiny slightly bloody fibroid type thing in my wee. The spotting was only when wiping, and pink/brown.

I hate being away and not being able to test again or ring anyone and ask for advice. I'm constantly googling and it's driving me nuts. I'm normally a proper control freak and this is terrifying as I have no control over it and just have to wait and see what happens.

I sound like a right nutter. Sorry!

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