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November 2012 - lots of babies that can't wait for November

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StuntNun Tue 16-Oct-12 18:59:27

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Post-natal thread for the graduates:

Chunkychicken Wed 17-Oct-12 09:09:02

Think bump seems lower today (which means nothing with #2 I know!!) and having LOADS of BH but nothing really painful. Only 35wks so need baby to hold on for another couple of wks at least, especially as I have a wedding a week on Sat and have bought a dress for it!! grin Plus, I went to the hen do a week & a half ago so want to go to the wedding. smile

GT hope you see this!! Congratulations on your baby boy. smile Breastfeeding is tricky at first, but so worth it in the end. My RL friend had inverted nipples & she successfully breastfed so it can be done. Her nipples are not as inverted now either apparently grin but I think she used shields & other latch aids to begin with.

My top tips;
1) get expert help. Phone La Leche League or go to a breastfeeding support group at your local sure start/childrens centre or ask your HV/MW to give you contact details for the breastfeeding support nurse or peer supporter. They can offer specific advice, check the latch etc.
2) drink lots
3) get lots of skin to skin so baby gets used to rooting around for your nipple etc and feels comforted etc
4) your milk can take a few days to come in - 4 days is average, but c-sections & induction can sometimes delay it slightly because your body hasn't had the spontaneous flux of hormones required to get things going. The key to stimulating supply is baby suckling. So get him latched on as often as possible, especially at night, as this is when milk production really gets going. In the meantime, colostrum really is 'liquid gold'.
5) use a good quality nipple cream. Even with a good latch, it can be uncomfortable. Lanisoh is usually recommended, but I like Multi-Mam balm (available in Boots) as its a really easily absorbed gel, made from plant extracts. Provided immediate relief for me when DD was feeding.
6) it is quite tough to start with but it is SO worth it & SO much easier than washing & sterilising 6-8 bottles a day IMO!!! If you want to succeed, you can. There are actually very few woman who can't, its just about getting help when you need it.
7) check out Facebook groups - there is a group local to me that is run by peer supporters & is a fantastic resource.
8) if you really, really can't get on with it (2wks is when it started to get easier for me, but lots say 3wks is a turning point) then formula isn't poison, its just an expensive man-made alternative. Just be content with your choice & it'll be fine.

Sorry if I sound preachy, hope that helps!!! Good luck smile

MissMummy1 Wed 17-Oct-12 09:10:34

Congrats GT. Can't wait to hear what you call him and read your birth story x

I had the worst night ever. Went to be about half 9 in the spare room. Woke up an hour later with awful braxton hicks, convinced myself I was in labour then spent the rest of the night (I mean literally till 6am) projectile vomiting - tmi? The last time I was that sick all at once with no warning I was a fresher and had drunk an entire bottle of tequila! DH quite freaked out, but has buggered off to work anyway leaving me a bucket and a bottle of water. I feel like shit. At least the bh stopped.... Don't think the pizza was to blame, but it's put me right off having it again! Woe is me... sad

GTbaby Wed 17-Oct-12 09:24:09

Omg. Lady who was on phone at 5am. Followed on by her alarm goin off at 7am when she was in shower. So went off for ages. N now is on phone again. Argh. She has such an annoying voice! Like a little kid. angry

On another angry note. Just asked mw if they have breast feeding support. N have been told no one is currently in post sad. Felt bad for mw as she said she hopes she can help me but is very busy, to pls complain to the hospital, as the more ladies who complain means they might sort it out. Ok so aim for today is lots of skin to skin.

ShellyBobbs Wed 17-Oct-12 09:29:05

Blimey, that's rubbish GT! Next time that woman goes to the toilet, hide her phone and switch it off grrrrrrrrrr, it's so ignorant......

Titsalinabumsquash Wed 17-Oct-12 09:30:23

My day of doing 'at least something' may be on the back burner, I feel sick as a pig <knew this would happen, damn me and my big mouth!>

Brockle Wed 17-Oct-12 09:30:32

congratulations GT I am so glad you got there in the end and cannot wait to hear the name you come up with smile I second lots of skin to skin and keep trying. Babies are tend to be sleepy on that first day so today is a good day to persist. Student MW's are often very clued up on BFing if there are any about. They were a godsend with DS1.

DesperateHousewife21 Wed 17-Oct-12 09:32:57

Congrats gt on your baby boy!

35 weeks and starting to get veeery fed up. Have my WC jab today aswell.

Iheartpasties Wed 17-Oct-12 09:35:15

mm1 oh no, thats ounds awful, can you have a friend or your mum over to hold your hand today, you need to rest up and relax and try and feel better. being sick all night long sounds awful awful awful. bless you.

gt its sad that they have to ask you to complain. there is good advice on here though smile

Sophiathesnowfairy Wed 17-Oct-12 09:36:25

Big hugs gt. Good plan for the day.

And for you mm, hope you feel better later. It must have been the excess of miniature heroes!

And you too Tits another day chilling.

Well I might join you all. A bit of dioreaha this morning, followed by shooting pains in my fanjo and a massive hot flush. Have loads of stuff and feeling a bit OCD, to do but just would like to fall asleep.

MissMummy1 Wed 17-Oct-12 09:37:29

My mums on holiday. Back tonight. Dh is phoning every hour and I've taken today off work so will just veg and feel sorry for myself. Yuck yuck yuck sad

applepieinthesky Wed 17-Oct-12 09:40:22

Congratulations GT smile Would love to see a pic when you are home and settled. Persevere with the bf, I know a lot of people who have struggled with it the first few days but then managed to do it successfully.

DP's day off today so we are both lazing around the house. Need to go food shopping so may venture out in a bit then might go to visit my grandparents this afternoon. Not seen them for a while as I was working up til Friday and then by the time I came home and at weekends I was too knackered to go anywhere. Must make an effort.

horseylady Wed 17-Oct-12 09:41:21

38 weeks tomorrow!!!! Still feeling fine, in fact feeling less huge, hormonal and pregnant as the days off work progress?! How bizarre?!

In the kitchens today and tonight. Need to swap my blinds. Might Hoover out my car too!! That would be a miracle lol!!

Iheartpasties Wed 17-Oct-12 09:41:50

gosh vomit and diarrhea, pregnancy is ALL GLAMOUR smile smile

SwissArmyWife Wed 17-Oct-12 09:44:27

GT Congratulations on the arrival of your baby boy! Hope you can get the bf established soon.

Well nothing has happened here, did initially think I was having contractions but now realise it must justbe his head engaging, which is a pain as I can barely do anything now, but a relief that he isn't on his way just yet!

Come on catbag it's your turn now!!

StuntNun Wed 17-Oct-12 09:51:58

Pasties ha ha, beat you to it grin

Sophia I'm coming. I'll bring sparklers and toffee apples and treacle toffee (but I'm secretly a bit scared of fireworks.)

GT hopefully you can keep your baby snuggled close to you (if your stitches aren't too sore) and figure it out together. It isn't rocket science, it just takes a bit of practice for both of you. There must be a midwife who can give you a bit of help ffs at least one of them must have breastfed before or been on a training course. You could even ask one of the other women on the ward for advice. But there's loads of stuff in the Internet and ask on MN. Kellymom is a good site too. I was very surprised they had you bottle feeding so soon, they let me have a day of trying to breastfeed DS1 before they started talking about a bottle. They were pissed off when I insisted on expressing and feeding him with a syringe so he wouldn't get nipple confusion! But I have reasons of my own for exclusively breastfeeding so there was no other option for me. Btw I fed DS1 using nipple shields exclusively for four months then supplemented with one bottle of formula a day from four to eight months. So they are an option if you continue to have problems getting the support you need.

I am still grumpy today and fed up with my DS1's misbehaviour, I really think he should know better at nearly ten. I can't go into the details but there was a sudden and unexpected death in the family yesterday and I'm obviously a bit upset. I won't be able to go to the funeral as it would mean a flight or ferry and I'm 37 weeks tomorrow, I can't see the doctor saying I'm fit to fly once he sees my notes, and I wouldn't really want to risk having the baby over in Scotland and having to travel back with a newborn.

So today I'm going to let the nesting run riot and get the house spotless until approximately five seconds after DH/DS1/DS2 walk through the door. I must be having a bad day, I gave the dog and cat a tin of tuna between them for breakfast! But first I'm going to eat my emergency Minstrels supply.

Iheartpasties Wed 17-Oct-12 09:58:59

stunt sorry to hear about a death in the family. so sad.

Minstrels? I would swim back to the uk to get some !!!

Elizadoesdolittle Wed 17-Oct-12 10:02:04

Huge congratulations gt some great advice given re feeding and I just echo others sentiments in that it will get easier so please don't give up. Having said that, if it doesn't work out you're not a failure so don't give yourself a hard time.

Am currently at bluewater enjoying a coffee before I hit the shops. DD is at nursery and my in laws are picking her up so I can shop at my leisurely pace. Need new shoes for bil wedding in a couple of weeks. Figure that since i will look like a blob I may as well have pretty feet!

Iheartpasties Wed 17-Oct-12 10:05:56

oh eliza yes! treat yourself to new shoes, my feet are like big fat pasties atm!! smile

Lane81 Wed 17-Oct-12 10:12:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheDetective Wed 17-Oct-12 10:24:50

I'm exhausted now. Grrrr. I will not nap all day again. I need some sleeping pattern back again!

I've just done some hoovering (DP will be pleased!) and had my second breakfast of the day!

I've also cleaned the floor where my darling dog decided to do a great big turd this morning hmm. She really isn't herself at the moment. Between jumping in the shower with me, and getting on the beds when we DP isn't looking, I don't know what has come over her! She must be a little unsettled. I suspect she hasn't been walked enough lately due to various things. I can't take her myself either at the moment due to the stupid foot!!

ComradeJing Wed 17-Oct-12 10:35:30

Marking my place smile

Iheartpasties Wed 17-Oct-12 10:38:41

detective dog turd on the floor, yummo.

YellowWellies Wed 17-Oct-12 10:44:06

Get well soon MM that sounds awful sad I hate being sick. Just make sure you keep drinking lots of fluids xxxx

ValiumQueen Wed 17-Oct-12 10:50:48

detective she probably senses something is going on. My parents dog was extremely sensitive and would be physically unwell if something was impending.

TheDetective Wed 17-Oct-12 10:53:25

I hope nothing is impending! Not til after 28th... <crosses legs and stitches fanjo>

I'm still fighting the urge to go back to bed!!!

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