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March 2013 VII: Our little pumpkins are getting fatter

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Sheldonella Tue 16-Oct-12 08:31:21

Old thread here

Stats thread here

StormyBrid Tue 16-Oct-12 12:19:49

pinkpeony From Hull to the arse end of Cornwall. Not a journey I'd like to undertake very often. With most websites I'm fine with mail order, it's just sometimes when they ask you to supply your house number and postcode, it suggests a house on the street instead of down our terrace, and if there's no option to manually edit it, I'm buggered.
Not sure when half term is back home. Here it's not next week but the week after. I deliberately came down in term time so for once I wouldn't be stuck with babysitting all week!

What do Braxton Hicks feel like? I certainly get a lot of weird sensations in my stomach, but as I've never been pregnant before I have no idea what's what.

confuddled Elder niece slipped and fell in the toilet bum-first when she was two. Major crying fit was averted my sister telling her about the time I fell in headfirst. Not recommended. grin
Also, yay for a girl! Fingers crossed I get to say the same next Friday.

theTramp Yep, insanely fast-growing nails here. Handy given my face seems determined to erupt all over the place. (What do you mean, we're not supposed to squeeze spots?)
I'm not sure potty training's about teaching a kid how to use a toilet - the ones I know have no concept of bathroom privacy so have always seen adults using it. I think it's more about getting them to recognise when they need to go, and to actually use the toilet instead of just going wherever they happen to be. Still not sure how one goes about it though.

My birth plan: go to hospital, try not to scream, have lots of drugs and then a baby. We've yet to work out most of the fine details.

The man has said all along that he doesn't want to be privy to the gore-fest, so my sister's coming up for a week either side of my due date to hold my hand - fingers crossed I'm no more than a week early or late. Younger niece is coming too, but will be stashed at my parents' house during the screamy part, elder niece is staying in Cornwall because she has school. They don't know about this plan yet, so I am anticipating tantrums when they find out.

The man has, however, recently decided it would be really cool if the first thing baby hears is him playing guitar. He already serenades my stomach, so it'll be a familiar sound. I have assured him he won't have to go anywhere near the business end of proceedings, mainly because I'm planning more than one kid and letting him witness one appearing will probably rule out any more sex ever again. Anyone know if they let guitars in when you're giving birth?

Chefette Yes, Penelope is a very nice name, but I'm biased because it's my mother's.

Sheldonella I find a fairly flat cushion very handy for reducing bump-aches. Lie on your side and tuck the edge of it just under your stomach. Also very good for stopping you feeling paranoid about squashing anyone if you roll on your stomach! I'd definitely recommend it while you're waiting on a pregnancy pillow, though it does make turning over in bed a bit of a chore. Personally I will just be happy to get back to my own king-size bed with ten pillows, which I get all to myself since I wriggle too much and the man snores too much for us to share a bed at the moment.

First hormonal-emotional-crying-ridiculousness of the week for me this morning. The taps in the bath are set to shower mode and I can't figure out how to make it fill the bath normally. I've been looking forward to a daily bath here for weeks (only got a shower at home) and now I can't have one! Cue weeping, gnashing of teeth, flailing of arms, etc. Fortunately there is no one else here to see.

Long post is very long. Time for a cup of tea and a duck and bacon sandwich to recover from all the typing.

Lexiindisguise Tue 16-Oct-12 12:22:56

Place marking - love the thread name! smile

sarahs999 Tue 16-Oct-12 12:43:03

More place marking. Had scary swollen legs yesterday which really upset me as that's how my pre-eclampsia started. They are better today but still feeling a bit wobbly.

myjobismum Tue 16-Oct-12 12:43:48

Hi all!

Thanks for the new thread!

We took the children for a suprise weekend away, which is why I haven't been around - we had a lovely time, but it was very tiring!

We are also having housing troubles <issues with where we will move as this place is getting too small, were hoping to buy but is looking like a no-go now all of a sudden despite having a healthy deposit sad > I am feeling irrational and weepy about it, which I assume is to do with being pregnant?!

Hope everyone is well! I have my flu jab on thursday and my 20 week scan on monday <yay> am 20 weeks exactly tomorrow, cannot believe I am halfway there!

sundaesundae Tue 16-Oct-12 12:44:11

Stormy, there should be something between the taps to push down or pull up for bath to fill or twist the overflow thingy.

eigmum Tue 16-Oct-12 12:57:13

Angel my birth plan is the same. After placenta privia last time and a c section I am thinking of going the same way again. Have to say as someone who was really dull and never did drugs as a youngster I thought the morphine was fabulous!!

eigmum Tue 16-Oct-12 12:58:08

And sundae thanks for the lovely message yes brat and diaroltye my new friends. Can't wait til I feel up to some fruit ...

StormyBrid Tue 16-Oct-12 13:00:08

Sundae, my sister just rang on her lunch break to say she's booked me a hair appointment for tomorrow, and I was able to pick her brains about the bath. It seems the knob also requires twisting, left for shower and right for bath. It is also very stiff, and a knife is required for the shower lifting movement. I shall go and investigate!

zoeymlucas Tue 16-Oct-12 13:14:55

My birth plan is fool proof - go in have a GA, wake up find out about baby weight etc and how he is doing. DH will stay with me until I am fully awake and will then go down to special care to see little man and as soon as I can I will be wheeled down - no one visits until I have seen him smile Good job I am a control freak!

Ummmm I just had another subway steak and cheese thats 2 in 2 days!

StormyBrid Tue 16-Oct-12 13:19:46

Mmm, steak and cheese. I may be full of duck and bacon but I could totally go for that right now.

My cousin had a baby last week. I've not spoken to her yet, but it sounds like she really didn't get to stick to her birth plan - long labour, baby not shifting, eventual caesarean. I can't help but think it must be so annoying, going through the labour part and still having to be cut open. If only we could know how it would go, then you could just jump straight to the caesarean part if need be!

Bath is now running. I am so looking forward to this. There's nothing quite like floating for taking the ache out of one's back.

sundaesundae Tue 16-Oct-12 13:21:49

TMI question ladies, is it normal for your nipples to suddenly get EVEN BIGGER and itchy? My ladybumps haven't grown that, that much but the nipps... jeepers!

TheAngelshavetheOod Tue 16-Oct-12 13:30:14

stormy I did that with dd2. Worst of both bits!

sundae yep!

sundaesundae Tue 16-Oct-12 13:36:37

They are raspberries!

Sheldonella Tue 16-Oct-12 13:42:37

sundae You are lucky they haven't grown smile I just tried on maternity bras and it seems I'm up to a G!
Thanks for the cushion tip Stormy I'll give that a go.

EthelredOnAGoodDay Tue 16-Oct-12 13:44:41

confuddled my MW is a SoM and said there was a high risk of it happening again! confused. Anyway, I think that opting for the natural third stage this time. Last time I was labouring for a long time and then pushed for a long time and ultimately ended up with an assisted delivery (ventouse) and was absolutely exhausted, so I think I was just in the mindset of, have the injection, get it all over with...little did I know what was in store! Ha!
This mw though is generally much less risk averse than the one I had when I was pg last time (one that ended with MMC). She had said that I wouldn't be allowed in the pool and would need a canula in from the get go cos of PPH. None of that this time, so think if I can I will use the pool. Hopefully the pushing stage will be easier and won't have to have an assisted delivery.

sheldonella the downside of the managed third stage is that the uterus can clamp down too quickly before the placenta has actually been delivered and therefore you end up with retained products, which is IME, just a ballache really. Adv's are that if it works it's all over very quickly and you don't have to wait long for it to be delivered.
Am sure others will have much more advice on this!

pinkpeony4 Tue 16-Oct-12 14:03:35

Cool thread name. My boys are very excited about Halloween!

My birth time first time was like yours Tramp. I ended up with an epidural, episiotomy & pph but it was totally fine and a positive experience I think. I wanted the same for ds2 and as soon as we got into the hospital I asked for it, sadly it arrived when I was pushing & so too late. I did have lots of G&A though and no stitches. Ds3 was almost born in the hospital reception so no drugs at all and again no stitches which was lovely! I did have G&A for the placenta though!!! I have had the injection for the placenta each time and it has come out quickly. My Mum had 3 pph's due to retained placenta so it's something I want out asap. This time I am hoping for a homebirth so a quick, birth like ds3 would be fab and no stitches again a massive bonus!

Tramp My nails are really good and strong in pregnancy and shit the rest of the time. It's one of the perks that I can have nice looking nails!

Stormy Braxton Hicks feel like a tightening of your bump. Not at all painful but you are aware of them.

Sarah I hope your swelling was just a one off. Did you have a busy day maybe with not much chance to sit down?

Sundae Yep to large, itchy nipples - what a joy!

EthelredOnAGoodDay Tue 16-Oct-12 14:13:27

Actually, think it's maybe the cervix that clamps down quickly?! Not sure! blush

pinkpeony4 Tue 16-Oct-12 14:45:09

Ethel I had the canula with ds2 after my PPH with ds1. It meant I had hardly any bleeding compared to the first time (Post birth bleeding not PPH!) which was fab! I was still able to be active with it in too which was great. I think it's the Uterus that clamps down on the placenta which is why you have the injection to contract your uterus and expel it. (I could be very wrong though)

Rainbowbabyhope Tue 16-Oct-12 15:00:59

I have a dreamgenii pillow and it is great - really helps me with the sore bump and also stops me rolling on my back to much in the night. Basically great to help you stay in the optimal left side position as well as making sleeping more comfy.

Really interesting to hear everyones thoughts about birth plans and attitudes towards pain relief. I had a really weird experience during my first labour (induced), in that I didn't realise I was actually in labour and no one informed me I was - in fact the hospital midwives kept talking about giving me more induction drugs so I assumed I wasn't. In actual fact turns out I was in full blown labour and gave birth very quickly and naturally (with me absolutely refusing any further medication). My independent midwife told me it was actually plainly obvious that I was in advanced labour and progressing very quickly so no idea why the hospital midwives were unable to identify this. However the upside of not realising I was in labour was that I didn't feel any pain - I think because I wasn't expecting too until someone confirmed to me that i actually was! It was my first baby so I had no idea what I was experiencing. So for me last time giving birth felt like a really hard workout at the gym - the same kind of level of effort and discomfort as an intense spinning class at most. Immediately after the event I felt like the 'pain' of childbirth was a bit of a female consipracy! This has left me in a bit of a weird position this time in terms of coming up with a birth plan addressing pain relief at all this time because I can't see why I would need any given my last experience. However I fully appreciate that every labour is different and that in four months from now I may have a very different perspective on childbirth!

EthelredOnAGoodDay Tue 16-Oct-12 15:02:16

Seriously, to say I've had a child and am now pregnant again, I can't even remember the names of the key body parts! grin

Sheldonella Tue 16-Oct-12 15:10:37

Thanks Ethel. I am leaning towards trying to do it naturally but I may have other ideas when it actually comes to it smile
New horrible symptom today: painful heartburn. I've had indigestion for weeks now but this is the first time it has hurt. I don't have my gaviscon with me either. Grr.

Sheldonella Tue 16-Oct-12 15:12:45

Oh and thanks for the pillow info rainbow. I think I would like to see one. I'm not massively tall (5'9") but can never buy trousers so always assume things won't fit me!

Rainbowbabyhope Tue 16-Oct-12 15:21:50

Sheldonella I am pretty short but I actually use the pillow the other way from how it suggests - so that the long bit goes down behind me and the short bit under my tummy. This really helps me stop rolling on my back and I don't use it to go between my legs. I think if back and tummy support is the important thing for you then it may not matter if you are tall.

Rainbowbabyhope Tue 16-Oct-12 15:32:09

sarah really sympathise with the pre-eclampsia symptom spotting. I am also paranoid about this because last time they thought it had pre-eclampsia. Turns out the consultants were wrong and it wasn't pre-eclampsia but this doesn't make me any less worried about it. I do a blood pressure reading and protein urine dips every other day and it helps to keep from worrying - I like to feel I am doing something proactive!

GummiberryJuice Tue 16-Oct-12 16:24:16

lovely new thread thanks Sheldonella

Eek birth plans, I really would love to get my water birth this time, I am going to a completely new unit than I had the other 3 so I am abit nervous of change.

This time I am going to a midwifery led unit that has a bed settee for dh to stay the night if he wants when the baby is born, a massive birthing pool/bath in the ensuite, Plasma TV, I told dh we'll be checking in with first twingegrin

My last dc was born with just gas & air as I didn't have time for anything else, but Tramp my MIL & SIL both say you wouldn't go to the dentist and get a tooth out with any pain relief, so do what ever is right for you, the other 2 I had G&A and pethidine

Like someone else said I'm not getting too attached to a birth plan as I really wanted a water birth with dd2 and when I went into labour naturally I thought I would get it but with meconium in waters and a very distressed baby I wasn't allowed, understandably, but I had just stated I wanted one if possible.

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