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March 2013 VII: Our little pumpkins are getting fatter

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Sheldonella Tue 16-Oct-12 08:31:21

Old thread here

Stats thread here

Sheldonella Sat 03-Nov-12 17:19:18

Ooh and congrats on a girl lanny!

Countmyblessings Sat 03-Nov-12 19:52:38

Thanks for the welcome!
Zoey - we were on a " loss thread, losing our sears on previous buses"as we were both due in December 12!
It's nice to see you here and a big " whoop" as we are both pregnant gone passed the stages we lost! And starting to breath!!!
( well 1 day at a time)

Hamnvik Sat 03-Nov-12 20:30:37

Welcome Countmyblessings!

As for the weight thing I don't have scales but I don't think I've put on an excessive amount of weight. The weight I have put on has on gone on my sides/hips though, I got a lovely new crop of stretch marks already :-(

I have made a list of baby stuff today, its longer than I thought it would be! How many baby grows/vests do you need? Any one else made a list and would like to compare?

Just had curry for tea and am now getting big kicks!

LexiandBeanette Sat 03-Nov-12 22:24:43

Tramp I'm good, thank-you! Feeling much better and have been out and about all day and thus not on MN very much. Had hair done, really needed a cut and restyle so feel much more "myself". Caught up with a friend for a non-alcoholic beer and also bought some nice stuff from Boots to give myself a bit of a pamper. I'm also totally with you on avoiding the scales; at 20 weeks I'd put on 5kg which seemed a lot and it stressed me out so much I haven't weighed since!
Interesting your comments about Socs taking after you; DH is convinced Beanette has my rather 'strong' pointy chin, poor little thing! And she also looked to have long fingers and toes like me.
zoey your DH is brave - mine wouldn't dare unleash the wrath by commenting on my arse!
Ood glad the delay won't be too disruptive.
manda also snickering at thought of you using DH's trimmer!
Ethel sorry about DD & the sofa! Hope it is easily cleaned!
Welcome count and congratulations! And congratulations lanny on your girl bean! smile

theTramp Sat 03-Nov-12 23:18:13

Lexi - glad to hear you had a good day and that some pampering was sorted. As you say, makes you feel better.

Lani - congrats on scan news and baby girl news.

Welcome Count.

We went on v long walk today, MrM thinks it was a good 6 miles. Anyway, was a nice day for it and we explores a bit more of the area. Then home, quick shower and out again. Home now, pathetically early really. Bday bash was held in outside space, so bloody cold. Cold was ok it was the smoking that got to me. Bloomin heck so many people still smoke! Anyway had to head early was just too vile so made apologies to bday girl. Am now tucked under duvet with one cat who requires firework bang reassurance and another that just wants usual cuddles and with my blood red eyes thanks to all the fag ends earlier (splutter). Damn where's the potted when you need it!

Flowery - you're v patient. I just told MrM what I was doing and got on and paid for it. No way I was arsing about spending days packing! Anyway, good luck my dear as it sounds like you'll need it just to stop yourself from packing him in frustration ;)

theTramp Sat 03-Nov-12 23:19:14

Potted being auto coRrect for optrex, obviously!

mandasand Sat 03-Nov-12 23:27:03

mega post alert ... !

Sheldon gosh, fancy not actually being allowed to record the scan! Doesn't totally surprise me, but I can't imagine what the rationale behind that policy is…

Zoey sounds like you and DH have made up smile

Em we were talking about not sitting the kids on the sofa till they are v. old! <evil grin> Yay for your burst of energy smile

Backward you so have to go for that job! Sounds great! Timing is sometimes a pain, but if you're the right person then hopefully they will be imaginative about it! Fingers crossed for you.

Lanny yay for a girl! Aww, the emotion and then the tiredness is completely understandable! Hope you felt good on wake-up.

Tramp I was first girl at primary school to have to wear a bra and had the p*ss taken mercilessly - kids can be cruel!

Flowery what a long shift that would have been - glad it was more like a half day. Your DH sounds v. thoughtful, bless. Wow, big job ahead with the house move! I quite like packing - the sorting, organisation etc.

Ood like new name - well done JoJo!

Re weight I've not owned scales for years. I just go off what I look like in the mirror and jog accordingly although last year when trying to shift the last bit of USA weight I did go through a phase of getting myself properly weighed in Boots once weekly. Bit soul-destroying! I know I'm about a stone too heavy, without the pregnancy. What has amazed me is that I only seem to be gaining around the bump - it's really well-defined. The rest of me looks quite trim. Have no idea about arse-creep tho and DH would NEVER mention it, thank goodness!!! Am interested to see how much I'm weighing on Tues at hospital.

MyJob sounds like a lovely morning!

Hermione cleaner came with nothing, so it's a good job we were well stocked up! The agency websites I looked at seemed to suggest they brought stuff. I think, regardless, given the allergies you could insist on Ecover or whatever you need to have and they would just have to deal with that. We have half Ecover stuff and then half intense bleach and limescale remover stuff - a weird combination, really! Yikes re uncomfy kicks already! I'm feeling grateful for my anterior placentas, altho in the pub tonight I'm sure I felt movements behind them, in the middle - not had that before.

Lexi yay for new hair! Did you feel like you'd just stepped out of a salon? Nice, that. In a bit I'm going to go for a pedicure or maybe / also reflexology thingy. Feel like I could do with a wee bit of pampering.

Pink I feel for you not having your kitchen! Sounds like you're nearly through the worst of it now - and now the painting and decorating fun begins smile

Gummi my bump sore today too. And I'm getting even BIGGER, yikes! I had real trouble walking back from the pub tonight, too. I can't fathom how I'm going to get through another 3.5 months of growth shock Crikey, well spotted re nearing the end of the thread! Wow, we can TALK!

Count welcome!

Had a very nice day with DH and MiL. Caught up with a bit of marking this morning, then we drove out to Farrow and Ball and picked some colours for the living room walls without getting the testers first (quite radical for me!) DH did the picture rail and ceiling done in a gentle white ( last week or two. And this afternoon we did one coat on the three walls (Skimming Stone And a patch on the chimney-breast feature-wall just to see how it would look (Brassica We're really, really pleased with it (and DH actually getting interested in how colour changes a room!) Found a damp patch behind a corner unit which was a bit of a pain, but we can sort it no probs.

In other news, had a quiet evening in our local with the papers. I was a bit bold and sent my really crap dinner back. They didn't charge for it and I got a free pudding. Cheap date, me, as I said to DH.

theTramp Sat 03-Nov-12 23:27:04

Ok new thread sorted :

March 2013 VIII: feeling kicks, comparing knits and halfway there

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