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NCT- how to choose the right one- Herne Hill

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sw21 Mon 15-Oct-12 16:02:47


I am currently trying to choose between all the different NCT groups in Herne Hill and wondered whether anyone had any advice as to the best one?
I have read some threads on here already as to how they are a great place to meet other parents.

The costs vary between around £262-293 and I just wondered whether the one at the Prince Regent for £293 was particularly good? Do I need the 17 hour classes or are the 15hour classes sufficient? Would it be better to go to a teachers home or the Regent etc? We are late 20s and would like to meet a mix of parents including ones our age. Any advice would be great form anyone that's been.

Also I have heard that NCT weekly classes get booked up pretty fast?

Thanks all x

BettyandDon Mon 15-Oct-12 16:09:37

It's a lottery. The main reason IME that people do them is to meet others and therefore you either get people you bond with or not depending on who else signs up. It is normally organised by due date and your/ DP availability is a factor as some timings are different - some with weekend classes etc. I don't think a 15hr vs 17hr class would be any different. The personal styles of the course leaders make a difference but I don't know how you would find out about those.

doireallywant3 Mon 15-Oct-12 16:11:18

hi, i attended nct with (i think) maria pinter at effra parade. we did weekend sessions, i think over 3 weekends. we were really happy with the mix of parents. there were 6 couples and we are still good friends with 2 of them. the others moved away from the area and we lost touch. i was glad that we did the wekend ones rather than weekday ones. they do get booked up fast but it's worth doing them for sure. enjoy and good luck with your pregnancy

sw21 Mon 15-Oct-12 16:11:35

Thanks BettyandDon- where did you do yours?

sw21 Mon 15-Oct-12 16:12:44

Thanks doireallywant3- why were you happier doing the weekend ones as oppose to the weekly ones?

doireallywant3 Mon 15-Oct-12 16:13:26

bettyanddon is right, the people part is a complete lottery. however, most people i know have met great people and statyed friends. only a couple of friends have found they were with people they didn't stay in touch with.

BettyandDon Tue 16-Oct-12 18:20:09

SW London. I'm still in touch with 2/5 of my group, although they are not really close friends at all tbh we just do it to be polite! We meet up every 6 weeks or so. All of my group except me had boys too and now they are toddlers I especially wished there were other girls in my group - they tend to leave her out of play as she's not much interested in their rockets and punching games...grin

seeker Thu 18-Oct-12 21:47:10

I think it depends very much on the people. I am still in touch with all the people in the NCT group I went to with dd, and two of them are among my closest friends 16 years on. But the one I went to with ds was a disaster- and I can't even remember their names. Pick one and hope for the best!

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