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Sneeze births please, and we'll BROOK NO ARGUMENT

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TheLittleFriend Sun 07-Oct-12 20:35:45

Over here Brookers. I'll stick a cake in the oven

Stacks Wed 12-Dec-12 09:42:19

No symptoms or baby yet. Had an awful night sleep with aching hips and back. Was also far too hot. Slept without covers even though room was only 12 degrees, and still felt sweaty and yuk.

Grumpy now today. Cat is on my lap dough punching me, he's trying to show his love but I'm getting annoyed at the nagging and claws going into my leg. It's silly to say I just want a decent night of sleep, because that's not going to happen with a baby either.

Plan was to walk to swimming pool this morning, go swimming, then walk home. Long walk including a hill and swim to bring on labour. It feels a bit pointless though, as there really is nothing to indicate this baby will be here soon. I've had like 10 BH this whole pregnancy, and that's it.

Still, I'm a Brooker, and you're all Brookers. Being grumpy and disillusioned is not brooking! I will have this baby eventually when the MW forces him out today!

TheLittleFriend Wed 12-Dec-12 11:16:27

Oh stacks, I feel for you, it's rubbish when you're overdue. Especially when you're tired and uncomfortable. Remember though, lots of people don't get Pre-labour symptoms, so there is no reason why today won't be the day you meet your boy xx

GenericDietCola Wed 12-Dec-12 11:25:59

Still brooking for you, Stacks, walking is a good way of getting things started, so it's worth a try!

Whim that woman sounds a bit loopy. I always wonder why people say those sorts of things (presumably for 'something to say') but don't they know you have no choice what gender baby you are going to have, you just want a baby. Drives me mad. Especially with what we all know about prolonged TTC/mcs etc. Grr. I am slightly worried about cord prolapse too since I stupidly googled about transverse babies and it is one of the risks. Think MiniGen is still transverse and brooking like mad it will move soon. Still, I scrubbed the kitchen floor this morning, which may have helped (early nesting?)

Smegs you are tough. I would have been terrified with that man sitting by me! And thank goodness for your nips of steel to have thrush to contend with. Hope you are both better soon.

Hi to everyone else. Ooh and happy scan day, Sparks!

clickingtock Wed 12-Dec-12 13:38:02

Happy scanning and happy sneezing... but only one of each activity for Sparks/*Stacks*.

Not quite a parallel to TTC I hope Stacks - 18mths overdue would be v tough! However, from personal experience, DS was 15 days beyond scan due date, so you may have to be a little patient yet (though brooking that's not necessary and tiniStack hurries up). Hope you get some sleep and peace of mind.

Whims - she's clearly a twat.

Just been to dentist - everyone v lovely about babybump but did feel quite weird as tiny hands blatantly danced out from my side in response to the treatment. Felt v exposed on the dentist's chair with a 37wk bump. I last saw hygienist in Jan and we'd discussed infertility - her sister has had 3 attempts at IVF and they're young and healthy etc. She seems to know so many women who are struggling in early 30s. Feel so sad for folk going through this. Meanwhile my 2 cousins are in a stand-off because the sister who has experienced 3 MCs is devastated that her younger sister didn't tell her at wk5 that she was pregnant (but guessed because of her not drinking). V sad for all family that it seems impossible to celebrate the first of the next generation as Christmas approaches. Cruel world innit.

But it's ok because Pope Benedict has just made his first 'tweet'. I'm sure you're all overjoyed.


clickingtock Wed 12-Dec-12 13:39:53

Oh and Smegs - go girl. He sounds unbalanced, a tad. Hope thrush clears up quickly - not fun for you, but everything else sounds v positive. It's lovely you have 2DDs and anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't know what they're on about. xxx

BartletForTeamGB Wed 12-Dec-12 14:12:24

Sorry I've not been around much. Yesterday was a bit traumatic! Sounds like smegs had a bad experience as well. Did you tell the receptionist or GP about what happened? They might be able to take things further?

So bad news first: a cyclist and I had a collision yesterday. He came through a red light just as I was turning right and went into the front of my car. He then refused to give me his details although I eventually got his mobile number off of him. I reported it to the police and had to go down with my documents and have given him the incident number and insurance details. We both thought he'd only damaged one of his fingers but he's broken his wrist again.

I am so very, very cross. I am a cyclist too. I am obsessive about checking for them but he must have been obscured by the waiting traffic at the lights and just zipped past and into me. Thankfully I wasn't going very fast (5-10mph max?) but I hope this gives him a jolly good scare and he doesn't through red lights again! I'm just worried he decides to try to claim on my insurance (he, of course, is not insured) whereas my DH is all up for making him pay for the damage done to our car (not that much, but this will, of course, put our insurance premiums up for the next few years!). I just want it all to go away.

But then good news - I answered a MN survey about ironing. I don't do any ironing and answered to that effect - but have won £100! grin

whimsicalname Wed 12-Dec-12 14:20:27

Gosh bartlet what a funny day! Hope you're not shaken still. You remind me tock I must find a dentist. Not high on list of priorities. The list is long, and includes, for example, 'find out where the hosp I'm meant to give birth in is'.

Try and get some rest today stacks while you still can

SparklySanta Wed 12-Dec-12 18:24:30

Bloody phone app keeps gobbling my posts!!

So super quick one to say all is very well twinks!! Official NHS due date is 21st June so few days earlier than private scan!!!

MissLToeishavingsantasbabyboo Wed 12-Dec-12 18:26:25

Yay for twinkle, and Sparks of course smile

TheLittleFriend Wed 12-Dec-12 18:49:24

whims, smegs sorry to hear you've both encountered idiots with too much to say. Sounds like you both handled it well smile
Hope that thrush clears up soon too smegs.

bartlet I'd have been really shaken by that accident, hope you're ok. Treat yourself with your £100 bonus for not ironing. I don't iron either, but no ones ever paid me for it ;)

sparks great scan news, hope you enjoy going public smile

I'm 30 weeks tomorrow, which is exciting. It feels like a big milestone, not that it means much in terms of the pregnancy. It's flying by though, can't believe the baby will be here within 12 weeks shock

clickingtock Wed 12-Dec-12 19:35:51

What lovely news for Little (30wks) and Sparks (official NHS due date). That's made my day. Plus Gen was very nice about my bump on FB. Thanks lovely! grin

Bartlett - sounds v upsetting/unsettling. Cycling scares me a little, esp' inner city cycling. I always give cyclists a big berth whenever possible, just in case. Impressed at your win and pleased to be among fellow refusalists when it comes to the hot iron. I v occasionally iron something if I'm going to an occasion and am completely cack-handed.

Anyone getting those weird crippling cramps in top of inner thighs? TiniTock must be digging right down into pelvic area, I guess, but it's enough to make you gasp with discomfort. Didn't have this (or quite full-on BHix) with DS so a bit surprised...

clickingtock Wed 12-Dec-12 19:37:26

Btw Bartlett - my first thought on reading about the cyclist running into you was that you were a pedestrian - extremely pleased in a way that you were in the car, ifykwim. The former would have been absolutely awful... xxx

GenericDietCola Wed 12-Dec-12 21:53:11

Bartlet, that sounds awful re the cyclist. Sounds like you were very sensible in getting his details etc. But hurrah re the win! Hope you enjoy spending it.

Sparks, great re scan and due date. Enjoy teling everyone! Have you decided when to tell work yet?

Tock you do have a beautiful bump! I'm feeling a bit whale-like at the moment and quite looking forward to (hopefully) losing some weight in the New Year. But it really is a small price to pay to get a baby and I am so excited about it all now. And only 7 days of work left for me - whoop!

Little, that is brilliant re 30 weeks. I do think it's a milestone - means you are three-quarters of the way there.

clickingtock Thu 13-Dec-12 09:15:17

Gen - I think I felt a lot more whale-like a couple of weeks ago. Baby has engaged so perhaps that's why? Also looking forward to slimming down myself come January - but like you say it's the least of our priorities and a bonny bump is just what we all wanted and brooked for. I'm sure you look lovely btw - it's hard to be objective when you're diffed and looking in the mirror. So great about your Mat leave; I hope you have a lovely few weeks before babyGen makes an appearance. I'm starting mine officially on 2 Jan but having said that I've had a v poor year work-wise so won't make much difference to me and we will be living on a v tight budget on basic SMP for most of next year; I'm hoping to rise to the challenge. Thank goodness for KIT days - I can do 10 days of a big project and get some dosh in my biz a/c. When do you plan to return to work or are you leaving your options open?

Waves and stollen to all. Brooking for Stacks.


Stacks Thu 13-Dec-12 10:07:56

Just a quick update from me. No baby still, but I did get a good nights sleep last night! Feel so much better today for it.

Today is DH's first day of his Christmas holidays, so we're going to get some more tidying and things done, and just spend some time together. So a quiet day for me on the MN front I think.

Great scan news Sparks did you get any good pictures? I really enjoyed all my scans, though its such a long wait from the 20w scan to meeting your baby.

Little grata on 30w, it is a nice marker for 3/4 of your pregnancy. Not too long now till you meet baby. Are you all ready? I left buying things really late, but I think it's a bit more normal to have things done just a little sooner than me smile

Forgotten what else I read. Sorry. Hope everyone else is well. Will try and post again later.

whimsicalname Thu 13-Dec-12 13:34:23

Glad you're feeling better stacks. Hello tock you do indeed have a lovely neat bump. I feel more compact than on previous occasions, but I've still put on loads of weight.

Today is going to be a long day as I have supemarket, obstetrician and a toddler who hates me for not being his daddy.

GenericDietCola Thu 13-Dec-12 13:45:30

Tock, I officially start mat leave on 2 Jan too, but start holiday from next Friday - whoop! I would love to have 9 months off, but that all depends on money and DH works for himself. Well actually, he's a SAHD at the moment, so we're swapping roles and he has to go out and bring home the bacon! We'll see. I shall be doing KIT days too! Thanks for your kind words re bump. Yes, I think I will feel more compact when baby decides to engage as my bump is very high up. Will try to use fancy phone to do a pic this weekend.

Stacks, glad you had a good night's sleep and you and DH are now off together. You do know this will bring on the baby, don't you?

Whim, enjoy your busy day.

Any news of Nutella?

Stacks Thu 13-Dec-12 13:54:15

DH is off out to meet up with work for lunch. I've got MW appointment at 2:30 when I think she'll offer a sweep. Fingers crossed. Though I'm really nervous that its going to be horrible and painful. However, I'm not nervous of labour being painful confused.

Going to walk to appointment today. It's about a mile or so each way, and hopefully combined with a sweep should get something moving?

Nutella has been posting a little on the Dec thread and seems well.

I should go nosey at people's bump pictures. I've got a pic taken of bump in nursery on due date... Was meant to be last pic, but seems ages ago now. I'll put it on fb later, as DH took it on a real camera, rather than phone.

FestiveFrootloopz Thu 13-Dec-12 13:59:36

Yay on the excellent scan news sparks! Are you going to tell people now? I was looking forward to telling people the whole first tri then got all weird about it when i was finally able to! Hope you have recovered from your hives sad

bartlett that sounds v scary about the cyclist glad you are OK. Was there much damage to your car? Sounds like he was very silly indeed and there was nothing you could have done.

stacks glad you got a good sleep in and brooking ministacks decides to make his grand entrance!!

Cant remember who asked abiut my 20 week scan but it was amazing thank you and i loved it smile the sonographer was also a really really lovely woman who chatted through everything she was doing so there were no nervous silences. We didnt find out the sex so its an UBB (although DH and I call it 'he' and I definitely reckon boy). 24 weeks tomorrow its really flying by!

Stacks Thu 13-Dec-12 15:53:32

MiniStacks is head down, but back to back and even less engaged than he was two weeks ago. MW decided not to do sweep, as he's so high it's unlikely to work, and she probably couldn't reach anyway. Another appointment booked for Monday to do one then.

So, anyone got any fool proof methods of turning baby and making him engage - and stay there!?

clickingtock Thu 13-Dec-12 17:09:12

Ooh Stacks - that's a bit nerve-wracking for you though I think it's good that MW didn't do sweep. You could walk up and down stairs but sideways - it rocks the pelvis and might give him room to move down a bit. Downward dog also good for creating room and squatting afterwards if you think he has moved round a bit. Also - if you have a yoga ball/birthing ball try doing rapid clockwise circles (make sure knees are below hips) or figures of 8... Did the MW suggest anything?

Will write to all of you properly soon... <wonders where Nuts is now she's 38wks...>

Stacks Thu 13-Dec-12 19:02:52

Midwife doesn't seem at all concerned tock. Gave no advice at all. I'm a bit worried because he was in a stable lie for months (back to left, head down) but the last couple of weeks has been really unstable, I've felt him left, right, back and front... Always head down luckily, but on Sunday he was really low down, such that it was uncomfortable to lean forwards at all. Next morning though he was high and turned.

Still measuring to dates, but there's a lady in dec thread who's got extra fluid making baby unstable. They've got her monitored in hospital and will be doing a CS. Too many risks to mum and baby with an unstable lie...

TheLittleFriend Thu 13-Dec-12 19:03:22

Hmm, sounds like you'll have to crawl around on your hands and knees for the next few days stacks, to get him in the right position. And no reclining on the sofa, it'll only encourage him to stay back to back!

I saw the Mw today, all fine, but he is breech atm. I could tell before i saw her as I can feel his head at the top of my bump! Still loads of time for him to get in position, but i might be doing those moves myself soon!

Actually, that's several of the third tri bumps that need shifting. stacks, gen, and olives too I think?

TheLittleFriend Thu 13-Dec-12 19:04:28

X- post stacks, hope you're not overly concerned?

Stacks Thu 13-Dec-12 19:17:15

I'm not that concerned, I trust that if there was something to be worried about, the midwife would be worried. Though then I wonder if I put too much trust in these things. She was one MW covering for the 5 that should have been there today, and as such running really late again.

Monday isn't too far away, and I'll just keep an eye on his position till then. I've been very aware of positioning for weeks though, as DH was an emergency CS for MIL as he turned back to back late in pg. As such he nags if I slouch on sofa etc. I thought my swimming yesterday would have been good for positioning, he just seems to spin round at night - though I don't think I lay on my back (it makes me feel really sick if I do it during the day).

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