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Sneeze births please, and we'll BROOK NO ARGUMENT

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TheLittleFriend Sun 07-Oct-12 20:35:45

Over here Brookers. I'll stick a cake in the oven

BartletForTeamGB Thu 15-Nov-12 13:52:24

smegs, thanks. Sadly the AMH isn't the only issue so it seems unlikely to happen naturally, but we live in hope!

nutella, sounds tiring. Can you go downstairs for a cup of hot chocolate and then go back up after a break? I find that it sometimes helps me more than staying in bed getting annoyed that I can't sleep!

clickingtock Thu 15-Nov-12 14:08:37

Hello all

Hope Whims, Smegs and Nuts are feeling more rested? We seem to have a bunch of wrigglers on our hands, and all in team yellow. Intriguing.

Brooking for Bartlett's SIL. And my cousin. She has had 3 mcs including twins at c.22wks, which really set her back. Now her sister (my other cousin) is 17wks pg and it's a v tough situation. It's so hard TTC through tragedies - my heart goes out to both of them.

More sleep here so feeling much more positive. MIL never responded, but that's fine by me. Denial is a strong suit with her. I don't think I have ever heard her say sorry or thank you in the five years I've known her... I should think someone being so direct as I was in the email was v unusual for her, but I'm sure she will keep her opinion out of it now (saving it all for DP's sister, lucky her, who I'm sure will thoroughly disapprove of the wedding too). We don't feel great about this but have decided we will invite parents only from the two families, otherwise we would be swamped by relatives and we want quite a small wedding group for reasons of intimacy more than anything. DP is actually a fairly shy man so I think a big bash would be v odd for him. Anyway, enough. Thanks Smegs for your encouragement, and great about hospital bag. Now just brooking for a punctual spidersmegs.

Little - how did you get on with test? Please update us.


Stacks Thu 15-Nov-12 15:05:28

Waiting for my MW appointment. She's 40mins late so far, and counting.

whimsicalname Thu 15-Nov-12 17:12:24

Oh dear stacks hope your mw turned up eventually. I must say that despite it's failings, I'm really missing nhs antenatal care. I was in and out of my rather plush docs today in 12 minutes, having seen 4 different people (and the receptionist) to individually weighed me, took my pee in a pot, took my blood pressure and the actual obstetrician. Not a single one actually asked me how I was. Which was probably just as well as I'm so tired I probably would have cried!

I was woken up last night with terrible leg cramps, first in one leg and then the other, twice. Each time required getting out of bed and walking up and down stairs to make it go away. Any idea how to stop them? I've suffered in the past, but never this badly. The Ob just recommended Tylenol Night, which is paracetamol and benadryl which is allegedly safe in pg. It's not that I don't beleive her, but I don't think I'd sleep through these cramps and I don't like the idea of being groggy and having to deal with it.

Glad you had a better night though tock. Will you do all my jobs for me?

Stacks Thu 15-Nov-12 18:05:27

One of our NCT ladies last night said she drinks a glass of tonic water every night, and hasn't had any cramps since starting. She tried it first on recommendation of a friend because she'd been getting cramps at night also. I've also heard doing stretching exercises before bed can help, or a warm bath. You could try all 3?

I've found when I wake up with cramp, if the very first thing I do is stretch my foot up toward my shin, it can stop the cramp before it properly starts. It was taught to us in our physio group, and I've been doing it since early pg. however, I've not had a proper cramp... Maybe because I do that, maybe because it wasn't a real cramp to start with.

Midwife called me through 50mins late. One of their midwives left (I think 'my' midwife) suddenly and without cover. So the rest are all picking up the patients as best they can. It was only really annoying because I turned up to my appointment 40mins early. I also left the house this morning with the wrong book, picked up book 3 instead of book 2 in the series. So had already read the entire Internet this morning on the way to work. There are no magazines at the doctors, and the chairs are bloody uncomfortable. I just wanted to go home and sleep!

Biscuitsandtea Thu 15-Nov-12 19:05:27

Second the foot stretching as stacks suggests - I avoided cramps in the same way. You have to do it immediately though. And I did get full on cramps if I didn't do it so it definitely did work (ie it wasn't that they wouldn't have been cramps iyswim)

I've also heard about eating a banana before bed? I've heard the tonic water thing too but never tried it.

<waves to all>

TheLittleFriend Thu 15-Nov-12 19:19:45

whims those cramps sound awful, hope some of the advice helps

stacks so you waited 1 1/2 hours shock

tock the slap cheek results won't be back for 10 days! Apparently they send them off to be double checked somewhere as I'm pregnant confused. They will be thorough enough to say if I'm not immune but incubating it though, but i'll almost certainly have it by then if I am (iyswim).

Saw Mw today, all is fine. First bump measure and I was 26 cm at exactly 26wks. Something to tell all the people who need to say either I'm 'huge' or 'tiny' wink

itsMYNutella Thu 15-Nov-12 19:29:00

I've heard the tonic water tip - but I can't remember if it was light tonic or full fat tonic... I have a feeling it was something (quinine?) in the light version... hmm
I've suffered leg cramps for years and its only since moving to Germany that the medical world has paid them any attention. So even prepregnancy I wore compression stockings and they are an absolute godsend! Other top tips that I find work are: walking, put your feet up (to help the fluid drain out), do circles with your feet when you put them up, take magnesium tablets as close to bedtime as possible. And I've even tried at the end of a shower using the shower head to shower my legs with cold water - the colder the better - it's supposed to improve blood flow.... HTH!

Bartlett I live in a flat so I don't think the neighbours would appreciate a 4am hot chocolate run grin seriously I normally go and sit in the lounge and try and read a bit to tire me out and if I'm hungry I eat something and then try going back to bed for a snooze... But this morning nothing worked ...

whimsicalname Fri 16-Nov-12 00:34:25

Thank you all. Unfortunately much of that is tried and tested!

biscuits and stacks I've trained myself well to avoid stretching my toes down when I wake up over successive pregnancies! In the morning, if i stretch wrong I go straight into cramp, but the ones that wake me up are far past that point.

Nutella you're right, it is the quinine in tonic that helps with cramps. I've actually been prescribed quinine for leg cramps in the past, which completely knocked it on the head for years - until I got pg in fact. I don't think there are any contraindications for being prescribed quinine but for some reason not many doctors will.

I will def try the magnesium, and have started on bananas although i'm none too keen on them. I hope it's not a nightly occurrence as I'm a wreck already!

But thank you all for listening and offering suggestions. I didn't get a whole lot of sympathy at the Ob.

SecretSparkle Fri 16-Nov-12 08:09:52

gah you diffed ladies can't half talk!!!!!
but I have nothing of value to add... other than


clickingtock Fri 16-Nov-12 10:36:18

Ah Whims - poor you. I don't like cramps or bananas either. Hope that you find something to help. I get cramps at night too but goes quite quickly. Strangely it is in calves or actually in my feet. I am just assuming that it's only for the next 7/8wks so not really doing anything but it obviously can't be nearly as painful as yours, poor love. I have done some tidying for you and put a load of spag bol in the freezer for you so you can put your feet up.

MWs seem so up against it don't they, Stacks? It just makes me a bit worried about the actual birth and whether there really will be someone to support us on the big day(s). Need to stay positive on this one, I think, as it doesn't do anything helpful to worry.

Little - at least they are being thorough. Brooking that you are fine. Oh and that rang a bell with me - your measurements. I seem to be bang on cms/wks measurements too though I often get comments of being quite small in the bump. People love to analyse and comment. I shall try to take it as a compliment rather than get annoyed. smile

Hello Sparks - hows the vom-fest? wink

whimsicalname Fri 16-Nov-12 13:58:46

Morning all. Much better night last night, thanks. I still woke up about 5 times, but went back to sleep fine. And hopefully I can sleep in tomorrow (although inevitably I wake up at 6.30 full of energy at the wkd)

tock I like to think that mws are so stretched when we see them normally because they're devoting lots of their time and energy to people actually in labour. I also think that if you need a lot of intervention, they're there for you whereas we're all quite competent types in safe relationships and the like. Advice to wipe from fron tto back notwithstanding!

I've stupidly agreed to look after a friend's 2 year old this morning. Why do i do it? I think I'll rake up some leaves in the garden and let them jump in that. That should take up 5 minutes. Snack time, that'll be another 5. and then only an hour and 50 min to fill after that. Still, I'm hoping the mum will look after my boys while I'm having the baby (so tricky without an existing support network) so it's an investment!

Anyone doing anything for the weekend? It's a slightly strange time of year here as it's ramping up to Thanksgiving, so the kids only do a half week at school, finishing at lunch time on Weds, then any Americans leave for the long weekend - no one is actually from DC so they all go off to their families. But that's not til next week.

itsMYNutella Fri 16-Nov-12 13:59:11

whims the other night I got DP to bandage a cold pack to my calf before bedtime while I had my feet up and I have to say that seemed to provide some relief.... But the Germans seem pretty interested in vein problems and their stocking selection isn't toooo grannyish. I didn't know you could have quinine prescribed... Must look into it post preg. Thank you!
Generally more movement (cycling is supposed to be good at getting the muscles to pump properly) is good; but at the mo I'm just too knackered! So I understand if you don't want to pop out (in the cold) for a cycle.

So sorry to hear about people's MW problems!

Stacks Fri 16-Nov-12 19:10:24

Last day of work done! Turned into a long day, but on my way home now. Carrying large bunch of flowers, a mum sized fleeces baby grow (with hood and ears) and far too much stuff from the various drawers etc.

Been there over 6 years, so kind of surreal to be leaving, even though I've been looking forward to it for months. Doesn't feel real yet, just like a normal weekend or holiday. Wonder when it will sink in, probably not till baby arrives?

Hope everyone is well. Will likely post more from now on. grin

Princessishavingababyboo Fri 16-Nov-12 19:19:54

Oh Stacks enjoy your leave, well done. When is baby stacks due? *Smegs next week, then who?

Whim I have no advice to offer, just brooking you find something that works for you.

I have had a Shite few days. I am chair of toddly boo's play group committee and after we agreed a few new things at the meeting I have been having 'discussions' by email with a few of them who changed their mind's after the meeting angry then I went boxing on Wednesday and even though I did a lot less than usual I have ended up in a splint bandage thing with inflamed ligaments now I have had to cancel all my spinning classes this weekend as well sad I like spinning [grumpy emoticon]

sorry I am a moaning old cow when I can't get to the gym, on the plus side, I am 16 weeks today and having lots of lovely butterfly kisses in my insides smilesmile

happy Friday everyone.

ScrambledSmegs Fri 16-Nov-12 22:33:29

Boo that does sound shite sad. I hope your ligaments settle down soon. Maybe give up boxing for a while? I know that higher impact stuff has quite a serious effect in pregnancy. Spinning sounds like a great idea though, so hopefully you can get back to it soon.

Happy maternity leave, Stacks! It is very odd, isn't it? The scary thing is that you get used to it shock

whims - Nuts has the right idea, as cycling has really prevented me getting cramps this time round. However... what do you think the locals would think of a pregnant woman on a bike? Would they roll their eyes at the nutty british woman?! Have to admit I'm a bit jealous of you seeing Thanksgiving up close, I hope enough people hang around to make it fun for you.

Sparks how are you feeling? I had mega-ms this time till about 20 weeks, so can offer some tips on how to drag yourself through without keeling over. Kind of grin

Little GAH! for the long wait. How ruddy annoying. But your appointment sounds good, and yes, people always have an opinion on your bump! Amusingly, although I've been told I'm 'massive' hmm all the way through this pregnancy, this I've had several people ask me recently whether I'm due in January. And a good friend told me I looked small for term! I'm also measuring bang-on for dates, so I can only assume that everyone is projecting.

tock can you come round mine and do some cooking too please wink

Not very much to tell today. Apart from I had the most bargainous trip to Sainsbury's ever today. Bought a 5 litre cast iron casserole dish in cream for £26.66 - down from £40 which is a bargain anyway! It looks a lot like the Le Creuset ones, but is obviously Sainsbo's own. I've been lusting after the Le C ones for ever, but couldn't justify paying upwards of £100. Now I can make double size stews and casseroles for the freezer. Just in time too!

Currently bouncing on my ball, drinking tonic water & lime, watching series 5 of Mad Men not yet proven to bring on labour. Come on baby!

SecretSparkle Fri 16-Nov-12 23:37:00

smeg I have le cruset (sp?) stuff!!! In a gorgeous green colour grin I paid £20 for a casserole dish and £25 for a soup holder thing grin it's genuine stuff, I do luffs a good bargain!! Next time your in the market check on T K Maxx, it's normally a couple of seasons old but seriously what's a season in kitchen ware?!?

Morning sickness is still horrid sad I had a particularly nasty episode this afternoon that involved revisiting most of the days food, with something sharp hmm getting stuck on the way up, triggering a sort of cough/vomit combination!!! I'm only being properly sick once a day now though, so that's good!!!

Oh and the tiredness?!?!? How on earth do you guys cope?!? I nearly face planted the desk earlier!!! Doesn't help that there's a nasty case of man flu taking up residence in our house.

ScrambledSmegs Sat 17-Nov-12 08:39:31

Sparks I do have a couple of Le Creuset items (wedding gifts) but really don't want to be spending mad amounts with baby imminent. And my local Homesense (tk maxx) never has the cast iron stuff, just the stoneware sad. But this is lovely stuff, I'm v impressed with Sainsbos. Even the colours are classic Le C rip-offs wink.

ScrambledSmegs Sat 17-Nov-12 08:44:42

You need to get more sleep than you think to combat ms. 10 hours was what I needed shock. I'm glad it's easing off now for you, hopefully it goes for good.

I also found that eating sour or salty foods helped a lot. Oh, and many swear by vitamin B6. I was on a mega dose anyway so made no difference, but a friend took it and said her recovery was very quick.

SecretSparkle Sat 17-Nov-12 09:19:10

Smegs come to think of it all the stuff I have is stoneware rather than cast iron, so I'd say sainbos came good grin

Yes I know sleep is become a bit of an issue but last night I did manage a fair bit, I 'napped' from 7.30-10.30, then woke up when mrsparks came in to the bedroom, I think couldnt get back to sleep until about 12.30 finally waking up at 7.30 this morning (any later than that and my bladder would have burst) so I reckon thats roughly 10 hours, this morning Ive only been a tiny bit sick, so rather pleased with that!!!

Savoury/salty stuff is def helping, but its the convincing myself that I need to eat, like every meal is a bit of pyschological battle at the moment!!!

Anyone got anything planned for the weekend? we're off shopping grin and then we're off to see the spanish riding school of vienna perform in our local arena, we've had these tickets for ages, mrsparks bought them as a way of distractiong me from TTC hmm didnt time that very well did we!! just gotta hope I can go several hours without needing to do the vomit dash!!

ScrambledSmegs Sat 17-Nov-12 09:33:33

Have a lovely day, Sparks!

Live POAS thread currently in Pregnancy/Active Convos. Vair exciting. 10 years they've been trying. FX for Pondlilly!

SecretSparkle Sat 17-Nov-12 14:41:11

Oh bugger it I've had to give the tickets to my mum sad spent all morning feel horrid! The thought of sitting in a crowded place is making me feel worse sad

ScrambledSmegs Sat 17-Nov-12 15:19:59

Oh no sad. Have a nap?

Symptom-spotting alert - I've been having a couple of days worth of intermittent cramps which are worse than regular BH but not like actual labour, as far as I remember. Bit more like period pains than what I've had up till now. Is that exciting enough for you 'orrible lot? wink. It's not labour, but it's something!

Princessishavingababyboo Sat 17-Nov-12 15:41:01

Ooh Smegs something is vair exciting grin

<pulls up chair waits for more something's from Smegs>

Also I know I was daft still boxercising while pg but I love it so much sad it's that stupid hormone that makes the ligaments soft that's to blame!!

whimsicalname Sun 18-Nov-12 02:03:24

Any news smegs? I know it's 3am and all that, but you might be pacing corridors. Hope it goes well whatever!

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