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Has anyone had low hcg levels and have then gone on to achieve a healthy pregnancy?

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ShouldKnowByFriday Wed 22-Mar-06 10:19:40

Have had two tests, one last Wednesday and the other yesterday (Tuesday) and while levels have doubled since first test, it dawned on me that all is not well accoding to figures which are 38.4 in first test and 182 in second. Am having another test on Saturday and read on internet that hcg levels are not an exact indication but a scan is so am still hoping but really not wanting to get my hopes up.


TearsBeforeBedtime Wed 22-Mar-06 10:25:19

My problem with HCG levels was slightly different - that mine only went up by 30% in 48 hours, so they were very concerned it was an ectopic pg, had me in for a scan the next morning, and all was well. So sometimes the HCG levels aren't 100% reliable indicator, it's the scan that's the important things. From what I googled on the subject when I was PG, it's the fact that it's increasing that's important, rather than the actual numbers.

btw how many weeks PG do you think you are? and when are they likely to let you have a scan?

Best of luck.

desperatehousewife Wed 22-Mar-06 10:26:42

i think scan is the only really reliable way of testing. My EPU told me that hormone level testing can be misleading sometimes.

ShouldKnowByFriday Wed 22-Mar-06 10:29:07

Thank you for your quick response TearsBeforeBedtime! I am 5 weeks and 2 days. I did read that the fertilised egg doesn't start creating the hcg until it implants itself so maybe my egg was fertilised later in the 36-48 hours that it was released? And also have had 2 healthy pregs and children and have never had hcg test so maybe I am low anyway? Don't know but thanks for your message. Am back on Saturday for another blood test and they can scan next week.

ShouldKnowByFriday Wed 22-Mar-06 10:30:39

Our posts crossed DesperateHousewife! Thank you for your message.

spinach Wed 22-Mar-06 10:39:39

your hcg should double every 48 hours. I've been having mine done, at 5+2 my level was 7902. it depends where you start from though, I guess its different for everyone.

ShouldKnowByFriday Wed 22-Mar-06 10:49:45

Spinach, my levels therefore are a no-hoper. PLeased yours worked out. How many weeks are you?

spinach Wed 22-Mar-06 10:53:16

oh thats not what i meant... they may be measuring it differently for a start, ie a different concentration per blood unit (or whatever they do). I know when I was looking things up, in the states their levels seem to be recorded differently. What have the doctors said about it? and a scan will be more accurate, especially if they can detect a heartbeat. I'm only 6+5, had a scan on monday and they could see a heartbeat, so you shouldnt have to wait long.

spinach Wed 22-Mar-06 17:32:57

found this for you... shows how much of a range there can be in levels, its ver individual it seems. Hope you're okay.

ShouldKnowByFriday Wed 22-Mar-06 18:23:27

Thank you Spinach. Looking at this site, 15 days post ov the average is 21 and I was 38.4 and 21 days post ov the average was 42 and I was 182. I don't understand the next chart though but thank you anyway. I am fluctuating between hope and denial and the cold facts. YOu mentioned the quantities and how they read them and the mg or whatever and I really don't know. Am off for blood test again on Saturday so will know either that day or Monday. Many thanks.

spinach Wed 22-Mar-06 19:39:21

hope you're ok. from what I've read this afternoon, its not useful to compare results with others cos the levels are so individual... I know mine are at the higher end but that dont mean anything...only that i get horrendous morning sickness!

ShouldKnowByFriday Thu 23-Mar-06 14:33:57

Thanks Spinach. I am having the blood test at 11.45 on Saturday morning but I will have to wait until 6.30pm for results on Monday which is a bore. I am feeling more pregnant which I am hoping is a good sign. Felt sick this morning and enjoyed the feeling for the first time ever and my breasts are enormous and tender. Part of me feels that my hcg has never been monitored at early preg and therefore it might be particular to me and the other half thinks that these drs and nurses know what they are talking about as they are dealing with this all the time. It's a waiting game I know. I did find the link you posted reassuring so thanks for that. 4 days to go for the results.

spinach Thu 23-Mar-06 19:38:25

good luck, fingers crossed for you. let me know how it goes.

spinach Thu 23-Mar-06 19:43:19

btw... you're due in November? come over to the Nov antenatal thread... theres a few of us there who are having difficult starts to our pregnancies... might help you feel a bit more 'normal' about it , if you know what i mean.

ShouldKnowByFriday Fri 24-Mar-06 15:29:27

Thanks spinach for your messages. I feel that its abit premature to join an anti natal thread and yes, I am due in November all being well. Will have the scan next week (if I am still preg)and will join if that is okay. Will post on Monday after receiving the results. Thank you for thinking of me.

TearsBeforeBedtime Fri 24-Mar-06 19:20:57

best wishes for the blood test tomorrow, skbf!

mower Fri 24-Mar-06 19:44:04

Shouldknowbyfriday, I had the same worries as you when I got my hcg levels checked. Mine were thought to be low for the amount of weeks I were but they did double, and I had a scan on monday, saw the heartbeat and it was just that I was not as far gone as what I thought I was and I actually have high hcg levels. As long as they are rising I think everything should be ok.

ShouldKnowByFriday Fri 24-Mar-06 20:07:41

Thanks for that Mower. I did do a search on low hcg levels on Mumsnet and found your post and did wonder what your levels actually were. According to (the name!) I fall within the normal parameters. I got preg on after ttc'ing for 2 years and on my first month of clomid so I was in a state of disbelief and joy but came down with a bump when the levels were mentioned. I am pleased everything has worked out for you. How many weeks were you when you had a scan and saw the heartbeat which must have been such a relief.

TearsBeforeBedtime, I am having the blood test tomorrow but will not know the results until Monday 6.30pm. Will post as soon as I know. Thank you for thinking of me.

thirtysomething Fri 24-Mar-06 20:18:34

Only had mine tested with 1st pregnancy but remembering reading results with tears as they weren't going up as rapidly as the average figures they gave underneath my results suggested they should. Having done a BFP home test that morning and been totally elated I then convinced myself I would miscarry. I didn't and 7 months later (I always do early babies) I had my DS. I remember asking the doctor why the figures didn't seem high enough and she said it may be because I just implanted late and it's not an exact science. Do you have any symptoms?

ShouldKnowByFriday Fri 24-Mar-06 21:04:54

Thank you thirtysomething. Yes I do have symptoms: heavy and large breasts, dark nipples (sorry tmi), feel sick at some point in the morning, feel incredibly tired, strong sense of smell. I know that I am still preg as no bleeding but just wondering if it is a viable preg. Will have 3rd blood test tomorrow, results on Monday and will then go back for a scan. If I hadn't been tested for the hcg levels, I would then think everything was okay at least until a heartbeat was detected in an early scan.
Can I ask why you deliver at 7mths and how many babies you have had.

ShouldKnowByFriday Fri 24-Mar-06 21:05:55

Oh and very tender breasts, in fact they are porn star proportions!

mower Sat 25-Mar-06 10:46:14

Shouldknowbyfriday, I had a scan when I was 4 weeks and two days (but thought I was more like 5-6 weeks) didn't see anything in this scan. Had to wait two weeks for the next scan, which was on monday, and saw the little yolk and the heartbeat and confirmed I was 6 weeks and 2 days.

So today I am exactly 7 weeks.

I hope you are feeling ok. When I thought my test results were low I was so scared so I know how you are feeling, just wanted to know what was happening. But I should have known that everything was ok as I still felt the symptoms of pregnancy.

I wish you all the best, stay positive.

thirtysomething Sat 25-Mar-06 11:06:20

shouldknowbyfriday it's a very good sign that you have symptoms and the hcg depends largely on your actual ovulation/implantation times anyway so please don't worry! In answer to your question i meant that I delivered 7 months after the hcg test so therefore at around 8 months - I just don't seem to carry babies beyond 36/37 weeks - have only had 2 but both were fully "cooked" and scored apgars of 10 at birth so i think that's just my body's natural gestation period. Also since my cycles were 5-6 weeks I always conceived after the dates the doctors assumed i.e. at abour 21-28 days after last period rather than at 14 (never managed to convice them of this!) so babies were probably even earlier. This whole pregnancy thing seems to be about averages and approximates and most people don't even find out their HCG levels so try not to worry!

ShouldKnowByFriday Sat 25-Mar-06 19:19:29

I have 10 mins ago just received results from the blood test today and my levels have rocketed up to 1851 which the consultant said is very good indeed and that they are now very happy with my levels. So initial worrying all over, now have to go for scan next week Mon, Tue or Wed to see that everything okay.

Thanks everybody for your input. I hope this thread will be of use to others in the future who have the same worry.

TearsBeforeBedtime Sat 25-Mar-06 19:30:50

Glad to hear that the test results have put your mind at ease!

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