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graduates of the wine-and-shagging-after-mc thread come hither!

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wilderumpus Fri 28-Sep-12 19:25:49

Seeing as practically all of us have now got pg, here is a new home for all of us to come to carry on chatting after getting the BFP after our mcs. Today we are pregnant! smile

wilderumpus Thu 04-Oct-12 15:00:17


I am going to make some shit biscuits to take my mind off this anxiety! Would be fine if I was working I think (sort of) but being at home alone is making me mental! grin I wish I could go sausage roll hunting.

Sheldonella Thu 04-Oct-12 15:03:56

wilde That made me giggle (shit biscuits, not anxiety) grin I'm sure they will be lovely though. Oh I keep spending money blush I've ordered a skirt and 3 tops now.
boo I was worried about twins too when the doctor said I was feeling sick far too early! It isn't though, even though my bump looks like it it.
Oh I so so want a cup of coffee!

wilderumpus Thu 04-Oct-12 15:13:28

are you abstaining from coffee sheldon? I have to admit to drinking a filter coffee every day and sometimes (not often) two! eek! but everyone in italy was at it and now when I am too tired to think I have one to get me through Ds's teatime. tbh am a bit off it really though. I like peppermint tea hmm

Sheldonella Thu 04-Oct-12 15:18:09

Nope, not abstaining. I have one fairly strong one in the morning but I got a stern look from the midwife about it so I feel bad having two (although I have sometimes). I used to love herbal tea but DH made me one the other night and the smell made me gag sad

wilderumpus Thu 04-Oct-12 16:06:25

yeah herbal tea is a weird one. I normally feel very saintly when drinking peppermint tea in real life but I do actually enjoy it atm. Ginger not so sure about. Tea is pretty gross if it isn't made completely perfectly. I had to have a stern word to DH about the tea he keeps making me as it is milky and too sweet and YUK! poor DH smile

bah MW. whatevs MW lady! <nod and smile, nod and smile>

wilderumpus Thu 04-Oct-12 16:52:13

yay! my hormonal anxiety and rage has lifted! phew whee.

am having my first true and proper craving. Am completely and utterly in love with the idea of a big packet of cheesy doritos. I never eat these. And I would like some smoky bacon wheat crunchies too. I eat these often smile I am waiting for half five so I can text DH and see if he can get some on the way home blush I daren't text before in case he is in some kind of tip top meeting and suddeny gets a text from me wittering about crisps, but really it is Very Important!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Thu 04-Oct-12 17:58:03

You've all been so active on here today and funny with the shit biscuits and the shopping! I've had a good read. I share the anxiety. And I worry about twins as I'm old and they are more common for old people. I worry about all the things that happened before to me and others happening again. And I'm abstaining from coffee so don't have a crutch. And then from time to time I get a good night's sleep and I'm ok! I'm not off anything but I do find strong smells deeply, viscerally unnerving. I'm a bit obsessed with eating. And I had an awful bleeidng dream a couple of nights ago. Very reminiscent of the MC in symbolic dream form. Luckily I sometimes think I have prophetic dreams (a week before the mc I dreamed of saying goodbye to the baby) and I don't feel that this one was, but still ewww. (and by the way this is a good day for me!)

1 more day to holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wilderumpus Thu 04-Oct-12 20:02:32

yes one that is exactly it, smells are more visceral. Like the smell of the bins by the dr didn't just piss me off a bit like in normal life, it was like it was IN me! Yack!

I am sorry you worry about your pg sad I dont worry about the baby so much as just feel worried. But that is because I need to work and instead I am cavorting about playing drs with a child with apparent chickenpox. By eventime, like now, I could be working but instead I slope to my office, sit down, write a new plan that doesn't need today in it and come downstairs to veg out! eek!

eating is amazing when pg one smile

I will probably be haunting you all again tomorrow as will still be quarantined. I nipped out to co-op for my cheesy doritos (completely lush salt fix. and got some really expensive granola bars - baby better appreciate it smile) when DH got home and that is the highlight of my social life since monday... hmm cabin fever anyone?!

one tell us about your holiday!

Sheldonella Fri 05-Oct-12 09:24:09

Morning! Well the meal out was mostly nice but I couldn't eat the main course as I developed an aversion to the beans that were in it. I managed about a quarter and then the small suddenly became very off-putting sad Still, it was nice to go out and the starter was delicious.
one I has a serious panic about twins at first until someone on the March AN thread said it would be a ready made family and they would entertain each other which I thought was nice. I was still relieved to find it was only one though! Sorry about your crappy dreams, I've had a few too but I'm getting more confident as the weeks go on. Hopefully your worry will subside soon too.
wild Did you make some shit (or delicious) biscuits? smile Glad your rage wore off and you got the crisps!

wilderumpus Fri 05-Oct-12 09:39:45

yo yo. small child is crackers today, think we may have to venture out pox or no! he barely has any pox anyway. when will it get proper?! <really hopes is over>

sheldon sorry to hear about your meal! i am very interested tho because that happens to me too but i thought i was just being overly fussy! sorry it put you off your dins tho.

no biscuits here, could not be arsed. i watched a cbeebies programme that made me cry instead hmm

am not 'hormonal' today (tho obviously am) but am sooooooo tired. think i would call in sick if i had a job! i told ds to watch tv for a bit so i could zonk but instead he is sat on me using me as a fire engine that keeps crashing... 'eck.

so bored of being stuck in! Thank god its friday!

icequeenkate Fri 05-Oct-12 11:39:08


caffeine: strong cup of tea first thing in morning (DHs only concession to me being up-duffed - he normally refuses to, and I quote, 'pander to your whims, and I don't want you getting used to it' pillock. Followed by a cup of milky full caff coffee mid-morning. Then nothing but water for rest of day coz I can't sleep at night if I have caffeine after lunch.

Well, tuesday was viability day. Officially 24 weeks. So I went shopping yesterday. Trekked round Bluewater, or to be more precise John Lewis. Was meant to be getting bits for baby as I'll be too fat to do it in late Nov, Dec is full of Christmas cheer and I won't be safe to be let out as I'll try and kill everyone, and January has sales which I can't abide at the best of times. I came home with DS1's winter clothes (all mix and match as he is colour blind, love him) and one packet of newborn vests. Didn't want to jinx it. How rubbish is that?

Still having bleeding dreams too. Think it's only natural one but that doesn't make it any easier. Mine are beginning to be labour and pain dreams... DH said I woke him up with my deep breathing!

DS3 demanded banana and chic cake - must be off to cater to his every whim... have a good day all.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Fri 05-Oct-12 16:01:37

Ice how wonderful!!! Fantastic news. I hope it doesn't bother you too much that you only brought home a few things. This whole journey is one of extreme bravery. You went out, and you did buy something, so what it wasn't the whole kit and kaboodle, you have time still.

Wild hope your DS is on the road to recovery, good he's getting it over with when young. I had it only a few years back and it was hideous and I scared myself looking in the mirror!

Sheldonella I've also heard the ready made family line and part of me would love that since we're only going to have one. I just also think about how hard that would be. I would be delighted to have either one or two healthy babies really!

Food update: My new fetish Magnum dark chocolate coated vanilla ice cream bars. I've had 4 in the last two weeks. blush

Wild, holiday is to Sardinia for one week and then a second week doing little day trips and diy around the house. And I am officially home now, laundry is on and the house tidy is about to begin. And I think as I'll be able to nap when I want that hopefully I'll get my diet under control a little bit since if I keep on people will start commenting!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Fri 05-Oct-12 16:02:02

Ps, Chic Cake? grin

wilderumpus Fri 05-Oct-12 17:46:27

congrats ice! I was perfectly content in my pregnancy with DS but still only bought a hat and one set of babygrows by 30 weeks. Had his cot up etc a week before he was born! is hard to get your head around I think.

one sardinia sounds wonderful! and pottering! sleep a lot and have lots of baths <dreams> sorry to hear you had the pox not so long ago, having it as a grown up sounds shocking. MIL had shingles and was hospitalised sad And yes is good he has got it now not that you would know he had it AT ALL.

chic cake! how posh?! grin no shit biscuits in ice's house! grin

chinese takeaway for tea! will satiate my need to eat salty-sweet things!

Sheldonella Mon 08-Oct-12 09:41:28

Morning everyone! Hope you all had nice weekends. I completely overdid it visiting my parents and doing their garden and could barely drag myself out of bed this morning, I ache so much!
We also went shopping to look at everything baby related, tried out prams and melted over all the little clothes smile I also think I want a moses basket as they are so cute although I guess it won't last long. Decisions...
wilde How is DS?
one Are you on holiday now? Hope you are having a fabulous time!
ice I can't believe you are past 24 weeks now, how lovely. I am 18 and saw some family at the weekend who couldn't believe how huge I am smile

wilderumpus Mon 08-Oct-12 12:15:58

18 weeks sheldon! wowsers smile

DS is fine thanks! I thought it had all gone actually but found a couple of straggler new spots so guess he won;t be able to go to the childminders tomorrow. will do some reading, every other one has scabbed over so thought we were over it! arf.

moses baskets are VERY useful in the early days sheldon! DS didn't have a cot until he was six months... maybe buy one second hand and buy a new mattress for it if you don't want the expense? little babies like the security of being in a small space instead of a big draughty cot... Plus you will find they will sleep in the same bedroom as you for the first six months so you can pop the moses basket next you when you go up to bed; it means you can take their bed away when you go away and they will be familiar with it; and it means they can sleep in it while you are downstairs, sleep in the sitting room/kitchen wherever you are (if you have a baby that sleeps on its own! Mine would only sleep being cuddled and would wake up the moment we put him down hehe!). we would then carry the moses basked with sleeping baby upstairs to bed with us. are generally lovely things to have around! yours might never take to it but you never know grin

anyway. ice do you use a moses basket for your babies?

Am grumpy today! need more sleep!

icequeenkate Mon 08-Oct-12 14:52:09

wilde you beat me to it! Was about to say a moses basket is a must. My gran bought our one, and it's been used for all 3 babies so far, plus 3 cousins, plus two of my closest friend's babes. Really lovely. We've just replaced the mattress when needed. Just picked it up from my lovely sil (who was a little sad to see it go as she should have been due 4 wks after me, but as I pointed out to her, she can have it back again very quickly for when she needs it!).

Top tip: NCT Nearly New Sales. Not sure whereabouts you live sheldon but log on to the nct website and find your nearest one? You can pick up LOADS of bargains and actually inspect what you are buying (unlike ebay) I've bought travel cots for £5, stair gates for £5, clothes for £1 a piece etc. You don't have to be a member to shop at them BUT (another top tip grin) if you volunteer to help out at the sale, you get first pickings before the general public come in! Seriously, can't recommend it enough. They are usually held Spring and Autumn so quick!

prams? which ones? Addict here. Have had Mamas & Papas Pliko travel system (worst of the lot), Mclaren x2 (lost one somewhere confused - no idea where), Phil & Teds E thingy (brill for 2 kiddies), a Quinny 3 wheeler (heavy and cumbersome but great for country living), and a Bugaboo (which I will be using again this time). Hmmm, bit of a long list. blush I did see a yummy mummy pushing a Bugaboo donkey at Bluewater last week and had a moment of buggy envy...

DS1 stayed in our room for all of 2 nights - I couldn't put up with his snoring and snuffling (think it was all a bit of a shock to my system) but slept in his moses basket in his cot for about 8wks. wilde is right - they seem to like the confinement! DS2 and 3 both slept in the basket next to my bed so I could haul them out and plug them on during the night. Oh joy! Night time feeds...

Happy holiday one.

Boo how are you doing?

Have a good day all. grin

wilderumpus Mon 08-Oct-12 14:59:02

ice I am sling fetish lady, rather than prams! never got a pram but did get a pushchair when DS was 6 months old for going to pramfit! hehe. I don't think I will need a pram for this one either - DS will be 3.5 when it is born so figure he'll be walking everywhere then? what do you think ice? Otherwise I did like the look of the classic phil and teds, my friend had one and you just couldn't tell there was a baby sleeping in the pull out section at the back! so funny and sweet (and easy).

I got my moses basket off ebay but was able to inspect it first as was pick up only, and was nice to see the home and baby it had been used for before in a weird way! I was a total cow and didn't let SIL borrow it for her baby as I mc'ed and just could not bear the idea of someone else using my baby's moses basket. Does that make me dreadful?! blush

Sheldonella Mon 08-Oct-12 15:03:44

Thanks for the moses basket info ice and wilde. I'm going to get one smile I hadn't thought about the confinement thing but it makes sense they would prefer it to a huge open cot. It would make things easier having it in our room too rather than a cot. Ooh this is so exciting!
I have fallen for the Phil & Teds navigator as I want a three wheeler for all our country walks and I like the wheels. Not sure about the attachments though - the carrycot looks absolutely tiny but maybe the cocoon thingy will be ok. Also not sure about attaching a car seat to it - is this a good idea? I'm impressed by your pram collection ice.
I think I felt a big kick today, right in the middle which is a first. DH is getting impatient now as he hasn't felt anything at all and tries every day.
NCT sales - I saw a poster in my village for this, I must check it out.
Sounds like DS is on the mend then wilde, hope that is the last of the spots!

Sheldonella Mon 08-Oct-12 15:06:27

That doesn't make you dreadful at all wilde, I couldn't bare the thought of that either.
Slings - I am interested in these too. Are the fabric ones better than the harnessy looking ones?
Oh yes the classic Phil & Teds - I was interested in that but haven't been able to see one anywhere.

booboomonster Mon 08-Oct-12 18:04:25

hello! I've had a manic couple of days - working on Friday then was in work 6am on Saturday, came home and had to organise DD2's birthday party and ice cake, etc, then do the party (and survive). I think I slept most of Sunday, I was absolutely knackered! I also ate a lot of crap on saturday so I think my blood sugar levels were all over the place. Anyway, I have not been working today but kids been at school/ pre school so finally had some free time to do some jobs and have more of a sleep! Can't seem to get enough zzzzz's right now.

Anyway, loving moses basket chat. We actually didn't use one, but only because my Mum still has the rocking crib that my Dad built for me when I was born, so it's nice to use that. Although in fact with DD2 we pretty much co-slept, as I found it so much easier for breastfeeding. I didn't dare to do it with DD1 but with DD2 it just felt natural. In fact I think DD1 was a snorer and sniffler like yours, ice. I remember thinking it was like having a little piglet in the room!! And I was totally paranoid all the time that she might not be breathing so in a way it was a relief to get her out of the room (I think we lasted 3 months). I think I will try and do co sleeping again, but it does depend on the baby I think. It was very handy just rolling over and letting her feed, and then I could drop off to sleep again. We'll have the crib on standby too.

Hurrah for kicks sheldon, I am so looking forward to that stage (all being well).

I am also a sling fan, like you wild, though as DD2 was so heavy I did well to keep it up for so long and slightly worried about my back. I tended to use it for short journeys, so much more handy than getting the whole buggy out. I had a lovely rainbow fabric ring sling which I loved, and also you could breastfeed secretly with it! DH preferred the baby bjorn though. But I still used the buggy and someone gave us a nipper which has 2 seats side by side which was handy for going for long walks and stuff like that (DD1 was 2y9m). Ooh all this talk is making me excited. I was looking at some old baby pics of the DDs earlier and remembering it all... and noted how tired me and DH appear!!

Anyway, sorry for essay! Also wild that is not awful at all, I would have done exactly the same. Moses baskets are easy enough to pick up anyway.

booboomonster Mon 08-Oct-12 18:07:52

oh and wild I couldn't recommend getting a scooter enough for your DS1. I got one when DD2 was born (in fact it was DD2s 'present' for DD1). It was incredibly useful to use when I was pushing DD2 in the buggy, or in the sling, and she'd never get tired of walking as she loved using it. The micro mini's are the best and if you have the buggy you can just sling them over the handle when not using it.

wilderumpus Mon 08-Oct-12 18:19:22

boo your weekend makes me feel utterly exhausted (apart from the sunday snoozing bit!) I can't get enough zzzzz's at the moment either. Has to be a good sign?!

A rocking crib sounds lovely smile and a co-sleeper and sling buddy yay! We coslept with DS until he was 18 mths! then we moved house and he had his own room then I pretty much slept in there after 1am each night until not long before we went on holiday! he is a terrible, terrible sleeper and needs so much bloody reassurance, wakes easily... but now he sleeps though. thank god I just hope, hope, hope the next one sleeps more easily!

re slings I have a stretchy moby wrap for the first six months, then a ring sling and mei tai. I prefer the fabric slings sheldon as they distribute your weight properly and help your back, I wore DS until he was 18 months, then he didn't like it any more, but would have gone longer. Hardly ever used the pushchair till then. In the sling he noticed so much of the world you don't get to see at pram level, and you can talk to them really easily and hold hands and kiss their heads and ah, is lovely. I love it for all these reasons BUT I know it is really just a sling to many people smile (I have geekified carrying around my child!) My friend had a baby bjorn, and DS wore a bb too. My friend liked it for short journeys and DH hated it, but used it anyway, bless him.

first sling essay over!

boo atm I think my blood sugar levels go all over the place if I don't eat rubbish. I have tried to eat lots of fruit and veg today when hungry and I wasn't able to keep myself from having that horrid sicky shaky sugar crash feeling until I scoffed some white toast and a cereal bar and then a chocolate wafer.... then I felt better! I feel like I just HAVE to eat rubbish! hmm I am getting fat though, sadly. Big fat pregnant thighs I get, nowhere else, just my bloody thighs. But if i have a baby at the end! wooooo whatever big thighs! smile


wilderumpus Mon 08-Oct-12 18:20:16

thanks for that boo! May will be a great time to get a scooter as a present too! smile

icequeenkate Mon 08-Oct-12 20:02:26

My DS3 is the little boy modelling the t-bar scooter!!

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