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graduates of the wine-and-shagging-after-mc thread come hither!

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wilderumpus Fri 28-Sep-12 19:25:49

Seeing as practically all of us have now got pg, here is a new home for all of us to come to carry on chatting after getting the BFP after our mcs. Today we are pregnant! smile

WildeRumpus Mon 29-Apr-13 15:27:04

Hey boo aw chuck are you ok? Am.glad your baby was too wriggly to monitor! Good luck.for the scan - what are they scanning for?

Yes I get lots of punches and jabs and scraping of my lady bits. I assume this baby has long nails (owch). More jabs down.low than kicks up high this one but he is def head down and very engaged. I feel like am sitting on his head! Hope that reassures you a bit. stressed about movements just before my viva - I wondered if I would have worried so much and had monitoring if I wasn't travelling so far... Completely understand your thought processes, and of course you are doing exactly the right thing. My bubs took a good five mins to wake up yesterday morning and I was actually frantic, poking and prodding and imagining the worst. And the worst thing about it was that the night before I was a bit concerned about quieter movements and odd hiccups and I was thinking what a twat I was for not ringing someone. All was ok obviously but still, just goes to show.

Good luck and let us know how you get on won't you. Will keep checking in... smile

I have made some disgusting scones with ds. Help yourselves! smile smile

booboomonster Mon 29-Apr-13 18:39:35

the scan is just because I reported fewer movements (although I didn't really - just different movements). And because the sonography unit was closed over the weekend, I had to go for monitoring on both sat and sun, and a scan on monday. It's one of those 'once you're in the system' things. If I had just reported it today I'd have only been in the once.

So all looked good with babe at the scan today, except that it was a bit of a pita because she's (predictably) measuring big. They think 10lbs 5 already (I'm 38+3). Because I am booked for a home birth, they referred me to the doctor, so I had to wait about an hour in a sweltering hot corridor, thus being late to pick up the DDs for a doctor to say that I'm at risk of shoulder dystocia and haemorrhage and refer me back to a consultant who I have to see next week. I am a bit pissed off to be honest as they are all going on about large babies like its some kind of freakish thing. The sonographer said that scans at this stage are not very accurate at measuring weight, which I know anyway from personal experience. My last DD was 10lbs4 so I'm not particularly scared of a large baby. I just resent all the fuss a bit. I probably should be grateful they are taking notice but honestly today was just tedious in the extreme.

Anyway, I will talk to the midwife at the weekend and go from there. At least baby is ok so obviously I should be relieved about that (although weirdly I didn't really think anything was wrong...).

Thanks for the scone grin. Have been nervously munching all day... roll on kids bedtime so I can have a nice relaxing bath...

How are things with you?

WildeRumpus Mon 29-Apr-13 19:37:06

Oof what a stressful day for you.

I presume that seeing as dd was large you have been prepared for this baby to be bigger too, and that your mw is aware? In which case nothing has changed apart from the hospital putting the wind up you. Bloody drs. Do you think they could change your mind about the HB?

Hope you have a lovely relaxing evening smile

Arf am fine thanks but utterly exhausted all day today. Ds also tired after super busy weekend so prone to tantrums etc today. Am completely delighted to be in.pjs in front of my tv and alone! All early labour pains have gone so think they were all.about getting the baby well engaged. I have to confess am getting impatient already!

booboomonster Mon 29-Apr-13 22:10:23

Hi yes you are right - nothing has really changed as I was expecting a large baby. I suppose I am worried that I could be 3 weeks away from delivery, and so time to get even bigger!
I will chat to my midwife and get her view, then decide about homebirth.

Glad all well with you - I can imagine you getting impatient as you are more preggers than ever before! I was ten days later with DD2 than DD1, and that was both a surprise and tedious! I really don't want to go over this time - don't need the cooking time too, clearly!

Anyway better go - am on phone & it's playing havoc with my carpal tunnel. Hope you sleep well!

WildeRumpus Mon 29-Apr-13 23:17:12

Be well boo. You don't know that the baby will just keep growing... Might just chill where

Came over all poorly at 8 so came to bed and just woke up feeling like I had a good nap. Back to sleep for me! Night all x

booboomonster Tue 30-Apr-13 11:27:48

Yes you are wise wild! I feel much better today actually - sleep better last night. The most important thing, after all, is that baby is born healthily - home birth or not! And so far so good so I shouldn't worry! A good sleep makes a hell of a difference!

WildeRumpus Tue 30-Apr-13 14:43:31

Yay for sleep!

Personally tho I can sleep loads and still be exhausted all day atm. What's with that?! Am such a grumpy mum to my poor ds but seriously, I am counting down hours until dh takes over and I can switch off with my feet up. Boo.

booboomonster Thu 02-May-13 16:58:39

Hey wild it's May and our babies will definitely come this month!
Any news with you? I have got to the stage that a lot of people are asking me when it's due... it's a bit tedious tbh as I've got at least another 8 days if not 2 weeks longer...
DH away at mo but don't think anything is happening here - had the odd twinge but I think it's just preparatory stuff...
I've chilled out a lot about the hospital visit and consultant appt next week. I'll see midwife on Sunday and see what she says. I have packed hospital bag and got birth pool half pumped up with all stuff ready, so either way I should be prepared!
Come next week when DH is back in UK I am going to do quite a lot of walking, I think - it's always worked quite effectively before. I might wait til due date though so I don't pre empt anything/ tire myself out before there's even a chance.

I seem to have energetic days and exhausted days at the mo - today was the latter, just sat in garden, did a bit of cooking as my Mum is coming tonight to stay for a few days, then went for a sleep before school pick up. pretty pathetic! Yesterday I did loads more.

Hope everyone else is doing well, love the pics on fb.

LittleMissSnowShine Thu 02-May-13 18:49:20

Oh jealous of the approaching babies! I start maternity leave on 8th July which is only 2 months away (sort of) and baby is due 4 weeks after that so I'm SLOWLY getting there! Starting to feel v tired and getting SPD twinges but having to disregard all of that cos we're away for a holiday in west of Ireland for a week from Saturday and then I have weeks and weeks of exam invigilation and GCSE marking to get through before I get to flop around and be on leave!! Seems like forever away but I know I will be very busy so the time will go quickly smile

Love all the pics on fb too! When I get back from Kerry I'm going to be a more active thread participant lol

WildeRumpus Fri 03-May-13 18:52:16

Ooh I love the pics too smile

little have a lovely time away! Are you in the third tri now? Hope the spd stays well.away. avoid hills! Your work sounds busy busy but hopefully as you say time will fly by!

boo having a quiet day when you are about to have a baby is not pathetic! Glad you got a snooze in smile. I have fallen asleep in the afternoon about three times this week - more than the whole.pregnancy! Is tiring being this preggers and looking after people. Hope you have some rest with your mum coming to stay.

I am still in weird stop/start labour limbo! Have half.convinced myself my body doesn't know how to do labour and the baby will be distressed. The baby is fine tho, am being silly. Is quite stressful tho will see mw on weds and ask her what this is all about then. Today has been nice and quiet pain wise so expect tomorrow or Sunday to be more aggro! So weird. If I relax about it I know it is all part of the fun of waiting for labour so just trying to do that. And ds is really enjoying his nursery which is a complete weight off my shoulders and a joy to see him smiling more and being more settled smile

Happy bank holidays everyone! Hope your baby waits for your dh to come back boo, sure it will!

booboomonster Sun 05-May-13 12:13:07

Have a lovely hols, snow. Believe me, the time will come quickly enough!

Any news wild? I am very much expecting you to go before me... It is easy to worry at this point isn't it!? I have definitely had a few practice contractions, am sure it is all normal.

Well no news here. Just waiting for midwife now (routine appt). Meant to say wild how cute your DS is - I'm worried if I comment on facebook it will show up! Love his name too - though where did he get his hair colour from!?

DH back this eve - thank goodness, have had the odd middle of the night anxiety about going into labour alone...

Hope everyone enjoying sunshine - not that I am! DDs are playing upstairs which every so often results in tears or huge thuds (I think they are using the bunk bed as a climbing frame).

DH is working tomorrow so I might attempt to take them somewhere then! Being a lazy mum right now.

WildeRumpus Mon 06-May-13 09:57:56


boo I ain't popping any time soon! Told dh we are 39 weeks tomorrow ans he was shocked bless him. I am too, is weird being so pregnant!

Had a day off contractions yesterday so finished ds's cabin bed (no more flatpack furniture building for me, am now wrecked!) And then we followed the sun to st mawes. Was utterly wonderful! Today am shattered and good for nothing! Dh taking ds out to buy food soon yum.

Feel your lazy pain boo! My brain wants to do things but my body says sit sit sit!

Aw thanks, yes ds is pretty cute! He has my mums blonde blue eyed looks! His dad is half Indian so how he isn't dark we don't know! If it wasn't a homebirth... smile

Glad your dh is home smile

Waving to everyone else!

WildeRumpus Mon 06-May-13 10:14:16

Bloody hell sorry for all.the exclamation marks. Grr.

WildeRumpus Wed 08-May-13 14:33:58

Me again! How do boo?!

Had mw appt and declined a stretch and sweep! Am very proud of my resolve as actually I would love love to go into labour sooner rather than later... But also believe I'd better leave little bubs to his own timescale smile he is healthy in there and that is what matters. Bp was high today tho and mw said I seem tired (obvs we all are at this stage of pregnancy aren't we!).

Apparently I need to chill out about labour pains and then I probably will go into labour as baby is very ready to come out. And they think the birth will be very quick.We shall have to see! But eek!

Hope everyone is well. Would love to hear how you doing too twenty.

Sheldonella Wed 08-May-13 18:04:15

Hi everyone! Sorry I've not been posting, been so busy being out and enjoying this fabulous weather smile DH took some extra time off around the bank holiday weekend and we went on some lovely days out. Things are going pretty well. DD is still suffering with reflux but sleeping so well - she goes 8 hours in the night so I don't even feel sleep deprived any more.

boo & wilde very exciting that you are so close now. I keep checking in for news smile

snow, ice & twenty hope all is well.

Sorry, got to cut post short, DD needs some attention.

booboomonster Wed 08-May-13 19:54:17

hi y'all

sheldon love your new profile pic on fb. glad you are enjoying the weather and getting out and about with DD! Sleep sounds GREAT! Wow. I never had 8 hours until 7/8 months.

wild do you feel you need to chill out? I was thinking of booking some reflexology as I love it - not sure if it would be your thing though. Otherwise can you get some free time and just do something indulgent? I am not sure there is any magic formula though!!

No news on the birthing front here - last night I had a few pains on and off, and was sick yesterday for no apparent reason (I am always sick during labour, not before though). Had to see the consultant today who turned out to be another scare mongering registrar, talking to me on the consultant's behalf. Basically they are advising hospital birth and have offered to give me a C section or induce at my due date. It all seems a bit extreme, I have to say. I am totally confused now as my midwife is very chilled about it all. But having the Dr write risk of shoulder dystocia which could result in death on my notes is a bit sobering. She just assumed that I still wanted to ahead with homebirth (writing it in notes before I'd said) and I felt a bit like all the scare stories were just to cover themselves because I had some crazy homebirth fixation. I did say 'I was hoping for advice rather than just a repeat of what I was told the other day', but they basically said it's just about broad risks - they couldn't tailor it to me at all. To top all that, I measured small today - 37 weeks (am 39 + 5) and all my other tests - urine, baby's heart beat, my bp, all fine.

So now I just feel rather unsettled and unsure about what I am supposed to do. Waiting for DH to come home so I can talk it through. I don't mind going in for hosp birth (though I think I will leave the C section option FGS!) but I just don't want to be scared into it. I am actually starting to hate doctors...

They have also said that I will be induced after 41+3 because of the big baby thing. I think I might take up the offer of a sweep on Sunday because of this - I'd rather have a sweep get things going than drugs. But I totally see your reasoning, wild - if things were different I wouldn't be so keen.

WildeRumpus Thu 09-May-13 09:47:16

yay for lovely weather and newborns Sheldon! 8 hours?! Wtf, I waited two and a half years for such sleeping pleasure, lucky you!!! Poor reflux baby, that sucks.

yo boo. Are you term tomorrow?! How exciting! Sorry for your pukiness... It is odd. I have been feeling randomly nauseous, I wonder if it is hormones gearing up etc? Bugger about your bloody drs appts, they sound really, er, relaxing and reassuring sad You have it bang on saying they are covering themselves; drs and hospitals are all about managing risk, they have to work up from the worst-case scenario and make sure it doesn't happen - regardless of the alternative side-effects to the patients. But they can't predict childbirth so the risk assessments are pretty stringent. I completely understand how having it written in your notes would be frightening sad Even though for me having a HB makes the most practical sense for both mine and baby's health (I don't want to give birth in the car!) I still get worried about it as, like you, I don't want to be 'crazy homebirth lady'! Is normal isn't it, to worry, and we are probably a bit more sensitive because of the mcs. Did you talk to your DH and make a decision?

Ah induction. There are some nice induction stories around the childbirth thread which pleased me. I do think that I might have the sweep next week (I would be 40+1) if the bubs is still not here. it goes against the grain but I don't really care at the mo, like you I would rather have a sweep style induction than proper hospital one if it can be avoided! Am hoping he will be here by then anyway.

Yes I was quite stressy boo. I am still waiting to hear back from uni about whether I have finished or not, am hoping I have but might still have some work to do! That would be crap with a newborn! And I realised last night that I have not organised anywhere to labour apart from the birthpool which I have to fill up first, obviously. So I made a wee nest with towels, cushions and an old cot mattress in a cosy corner where I will hang out and labour while DH drops DS off at his mums and then fills the pool for me. DH's mum will look after DS when I go into labour but she is a bit crackers and decided three weeks ago to cancel ALL social engagements until the baby is here sad So my poor womb is under a lot of pressure, and with the near-misses I really do feel like I am under a bright spotlight! And I was so worried she would come to the house when she got wind of anything and she isn't very atuned to social niceties like, she wouldn't really get that I might want privacy etc. So I have decided to risk being alone while labouring and will get DH to take DS to her house rather than have MIL pick DS up here. (Is only a 20min round trip and atm I like the idea of having some time to myself while waiting for MWs.) This has relaxed me a LOT. Am all ready to go I think.

DS is in nursery this morning so I, joy of joys, am alone. I am going to have a bath then watch daft tv I have serieslinked (apprentice anyone?!). DH is even picking DS up so I have no deadlines, just lots of lolling about smile My back is utterly wrecked!

take care y'all!

booboomonster Thu 09-May-13 16:16:59

hi wild your message really did cheer me up - it sounds like we are having similar feelings/ anxieties about the next few days.

I totally agree about the birth in the car thing - this is one of the reasons I opted for homebirth too. It would not be pleasant.
Having talked things over with DH we called the midwife last night (bonus of having a one to one HB midwife) so we could both put our points to her (DH was away when she came last Sunday). So again, she reassured me massively and basically I think we are going to play it by ear and see how I and the midwives feel when I am in labour - basically if I get nervous I can transfer, and if they think things are going too slowly or that the head isn't engaging etc (both indicating poss problems), then they can advise transfer. So that's the plan!

I also relate to your feelings about preparation and logistics of the birth too - I am going to labour on birthing ball as I have before, but haven't really properly thought through everything I need - didn't put change of clothes in hospital bag, for example. Also haven't checked that pool fits ok in kitchen alongside our table etc so will do that at the weekend. My mum is going to come and look after the DDs but it is a bit stressful in itself as she is a stress monkey and will be worried about me in labour. Last time she was with Dad (a calming influence) and I was in hospital so easier to relax about. She too has cancelled all engagements until 25 of May or something, so totally know what you mean about pressure. She has said it's fine but in the odd phone convo it comes up - 'and I can't plan that yet because I can't plan anything at the moment' kind of thing.
I think your plan about getting DH to take DS to MILs is a really good one - I laboured alone a fair bit last time and found it fine - as long as I knew where DH was and that he was there at the end. If I could get the DDs to mums I would but it's too far away. I just hope they don't keep coming in to kitchen, etc. Also if Mum doesn't make it in time we will call DH's sister who is the one who was anti homebirth, so hoping we don't have to resort to that. I don't want to be thinking/ worrying about anything else apart from baby coming out!

Hope you hear from Uni soon and that you had a relaxing day. I too had free time today and went for a long walk then had some reflexology which was fantastic. I feel very loved up (with the DDs) and chilled out right now so am trying to sustain that as long as possible! More walking and relaxing for me the next few days in an effort to get things moving south! Due day tomorrow!

booboomonster Fri 10-May-13 09:22:15

Due day today. Nowt happening!

WildeRumpus Fri 10-May-13 10:03:28

Happy due date boo! Congratulations smile

icequeenkate Fri 10-May-13 20:47:21

What news? What news? <rushes off in general flap>

grin Am checking regularly for updates.....

booboomonster Fri 10-May-13 21:33:58

No news here! Went for a long walk today and am a bit achy down below, but no sign anything is happening! Don't worry, will keep you informed!
I am starting to worry about induction....

WildeRumpus Sat 11-May-13 08:03:41

Fnar ice smile

No bloody news here either smile back so bad am almost crippled by it so am going out for a walk today to try and loosen it up. Also need to take my mind off constant period pain cramps and random contractions. But slept well and feel good this morning so... Nothing happening. Tbh am dying to go swimming but think, cossy issues aside, that would be unwise. I would probably frighten everyone with the enormity of my bump too! Did I tell you the checkout lady at sains last weds asked me if I was in labour?! Cheeky mare.

Also getting frightened about induction boo. Will almost certainly have a sweep if my cervix is favourable on weds, am just sort of fed up. Is that bad?

Is mad to think that if bubs was still breech (if he ever was, I don't think he was
now) I would have had my cs this week!

I just want him here now, and safe.

WildeRumpus Sat 11-May-13 08:14:53

Ps boo I think your labour plan sounds very wise. I too think in terms of labouring at home - like everyone does - except we have mws with us. We can go to hospital at any time so will just go with the flow. My mw was lovely and picked up on my anxiety about wasting people's time if it turns out am not actually in labour and told me if I think I am to just call them out. How nice is that?

booboomonster Sat 11-May-13 12:10:43

Thanks wild.
Had cramps during the night and thought something might be happening but they stopped by around 4.30am. Had to come back to bed as so knackered! Will go out for a walk later & do some bouncing!
I go swimming every week with the DDs, wild - I get looks - I think people worry that I will misplace all the water! It's nice to go but of course I am not doing proper swimming just hanging around after DD2 who likes diving despite not really being able to swim and comes up gasping for breath or doing a massive burp & spluttering.
Anyway, am really hoping labour kicks off soon. I am feeling more 'in the zone' - like I know what to do if that makes sense. I hope I am right.
Surely with both of us getting pains labour must be imminent? I had a false labour with DD1 the night before real labour started. I am v hopeful induction is avoided!
Monday would be a better day for me to labour as DDs at school and DH not working... But obvs I have no say...
Hope everyone has a good day. I am getting sick of the 'still here?' Comments so becoming v anti social! I got on the bus last week and an older last before me said to the driver 'I fink she's in labour', indicating me. I sort of laughed and muttered no I'm not in case he thought he best not take me on the bus. I ask you?!
So weird to think we might have a new baby soon wild?
Sorry for erratic typing am in bed on phone - milking the free time DH has offered!
Good luck!

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