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graduates of the wine-and-shagging-after-mc thread come hither!

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wilderumpus Fri 28-Sep-12 19:25:49

Seeing as practically all of us have now got pg, here is a new home for all of us to come to carry on chatting after getting the BFP after our mcs. Today we are pregnant! smile

Sheldonella Wed 06-Mar-13 13:45:20

Hi everyone. Glad to hear the bleeding went away snow. Always a worry isn't it but very glad to hear you are 17 weeks and progressing so well. Take care of yourself.

wilde Glad to hear you are settling in well. What a lovely time of the year to move somewhere so lovely. How many weeks are you now? Hope you get a rest on mother's day, you deserve a double rest smile

I miss chuckle too. Hope all is ok.

I'm so very very uncomfortable now and sleeping has become pretty impossible. I got excited on sunday as I had some painful cramps and thought I might be leaking a bit but it came to nothing. Still having lots of braxton hicks but they never come to anything. My due date is Saturday which I realised this morning is only 3 days away! I hadn't thought about it like that. I think I will go a week over though as I'm sure they got my due date wrong. I went for coffee with my NCT group on Monday which was lovely and two of them were overdue already. One baby has been born which is lovely too.

I hope I will have some news for you soon, please send me your laboury thoughts smile

WildeRumpus Wed 06-Mar-13 15:38:33

Sends hardcore labour vibes for Sheldon smile lovely to hear your news chuck tho sorry to hear you so uncomfy. Cannot believe you are so close to popping tho!

17 weeks is so far along snow smile am 30 weeks now and completely huge! Dh cannot believe how huge my tum is - my babies do not like to hide...

Went to beach today instead of the park. Ds clambered on boulders while I sat and took in the sea air. Amazing! smile Oof baby tucking feet into ribs as I type. Am also being a complete dolt atm. Yesterday I kept forgetting why I was in dunelm mill and so just went to the coffee shop instead (!), and today I have managed to drop and smash a reed scent diffuser thing so my house stinks... And turned onmy brand new spanking oven to de fume it without taking out all the plastic rubbish inside. Omg. Dh is tutting AMD huffing at my general incompetence as you can imagine smile bad baby brain. Arg typos and I can't fix them on my phone!

LittleMissSnowShine Thu 07-Mar-13 08:25:49

wilde - the beach! How lovely smile yesterday and today have been such a wash out here so no park for us boo!! My brain is permanently on that setting lol I forget everything all the time

sheldon - lots of cervix dilating thoughts heading your way!! V jealous you have reached this stage of the game envy hopefully not too much longer to go...

Well after having a nice week chest infection and noro virus free by bloody cough started again on Tues and I am feeling thoroughly miserable and flu-y again. So cross!!! I feel like I might have overdone it over last 10 days cos I was feeling so good again but apparently my immune system has disappeared so I'm just going to catch everything going. 18 weeks tomorrow so 'only' 22 more weeks of feeling like a Victorian lady invalid type!!!

booboomonster Thu 07-Mar-13 19:14:20

hi all
ooh sheldon I feel for you getting close to due date. I remember how things start to drag at that point. Although I was lucky to be on date for DD1, I was 10 days late with DD2. Do you know what your mum's history was? Sometimes it can give you an indication. I think lots of walking or bouncing on a ball good, but apart from that everything else is pretty much an old wives tale. Sex maybe? Good luck!

snow glad your spotting was brief. And poor you with noro and chest infection. illness while pg is a killer - it really does zap your energy. In the past I haven't found that I've caught everything (despite lower immune system etc) but I did find this time that the flu just exhausted me. I do think if you are tired already you are less able to fight things off. Even more reason to stay in bed/ rest/ get help for as long as you can post illness to make sure you are back to health! Are you taking vits? I'm not sure they help but they make me feel a bit more protected!

I realised after opening the wrong page of thread that I never said how much I liked your names wild! I really do - unusual boys names are harder to get right imo but I really really liked them all. There is definitely a cornish feel to a couple of them, but I'm not sure why I think that.
And beach! Lucky you, specially with some of this lovely weather (ahhh, the sun.....!) that we've had. I am desperate for more of that, please. I too have become clumsy pregnant person now - I managed to knock a pyrex dish from a high shelf into the shelf below where it broke 3 nice teacups including one remnant one which my mum gave me (no saucer, just a beautiful tea cup I'd use when I was the only one drinking tea) sad.

Gosh I feel like I've just been so busy. At work, at home, everything. Had builders in at home so co-ordinating all that as well has been busy. I am also just feeling very very tired, a lot of the time. I am really looking forward to stopping work - only 3 weeks to go after this one. I'm stopping quite early this time (forgive me if I've already said this) because of Easter hols so I'll be doing childcare for the DDs. Slightly anxious that this will totally wipe me out so thinking of stuff to do for them. Also hoping it will just be nice not to have to race into and back from work every day. I am debating stopping cycling at the mo as it's exhausting...

Anyway, epic post - sorry I've been so quiet just knackered really!
Hope everyone else is well & taking it easy. We aren't pregnant for long, we do need to be kind to ourselves! I have also just decided against going to a big family wedding abroad when DD3 may only be 4 weeks old. I was all up for it and then I just thought - why put the extra pressure on? It's quite a relief to have decided not to go, DH will go and I'll just be firefighting at home! grin.

booboomonster Thu 07-Mar-13 19:17:02

ooh and wild is it too soon and too presumptuous to buy the birthing pool? I have this ridiculous idea that I will tempt fate, but one website has an offer on and it seems a good price (this is for birth pool in a box). Did you use the basic kit of filling and emptying or was that a hassle? I'm worried about spending a lot of money (£139) on something I'm not going to use....
I'm 31 weeks tomorrow...

WildeRumpus Fri 08-Mar-13 10:17:11

Oh snow you poor sausage! I hope you get well soon x

Boo I would get your birthpool if you want. I can't remember how much mine was and afaik we have the basic filling upkit and was absolutely fine. Just a hose that fits to the taps? And a pump to pump out the water after. I have put the cot in our room now tho still needs assembling! I remember waiting until about 35 weeks before organising for ds and was just so tired and huge so presumptuous or no, I am getting things sorted smile. Whatever I can do now I am doing tbh tho the baby clothes, muslins etc all still in storage up north till we go back for the viva.

Boo am completely whacked atm too! Amtaking iron vits but think just am plain ol' tired. Have pins and needles in wrists and ankles now too which is worrying. Hands so fat holding a pen is awkward. Good for you cancelling the wedding that really would be hard work!

Ds chats to bumpy now like he is a real.person about his food and the cot and how he will show him all about being a rock climber and fire fighter. I could quite pop with happiness while he chatters on smile
Cycling boo?! How brill you are still on your bike! But yes, maybe time to stop soon smile I was unpacking my sports stuff yesterday and had a snigger at the sight of my little triathlon suit. Hehe is tiny!

LittleMissSnowShine Fri 08-Mar-13 12:20:16

boo - 31 weeks! Wow! Yeah, go for it and get your pool, might as well be prepared grin Sorry about your broken cups, def think clumsiness is worse in pregnancy! We have a family wedding that's not abroad but is a 3 hour drive away when this DC will be about 3 or 4 weeks old and I am in 2 minds about it - might leave DS with the in-laws and bring the newest DC and just go down for the evening reception but another part of me thinks I'll be bf/ing, leaking milk everywhere, totally exhausted still and don't like the idea of leaving DS overnight like that so soon after baby is born, so might follow your lead and give it a miss!!

wilde - i did literally no real organising before DS was born. Bought pram, carseat, some clothes, bits and pieces of nursery furniture etc but was so paranoid about tempting fate and also so certain i'd be overdue that i left LOADS of stuff to do to fill up my time when I was 40 weeks and fed up that I had a bit of a task on my hands getting it all sorted when I came home from hospital with DS. Not making that mistake this time! Doing DS's new room next weekend so we can set his current room up as the nursery, and going to spend Easter holidays getting him toilet trained and then he starts with new, much closer to home childminder in May so those big jobs will all be sorted out before maternity leave. Now just need to decide whether to find out gender at scan in 3 weeks time, so i'll know whether to hang on to or give away all of DS's old clothes...decisions, decisions...

Still feeling pretty ropy today and threw up in the car y'day. Fun!! Had a really early night tho and MIL has taken DS for me today because I have some work to do from home bed and I really want to try and knock this virus on the head before it needs antibiotics to clear it up. I'm on a Berocca cocktail but this time round I'm just finding my immune system is non-existant! Not sure if that's courtesy of all the toddler germs tho or just a diff experience of a diff pregnancy... 18 weeks today tho! Time flying along grin

WildeRumpus Fri 08-Mar-13 13:43:48

Good for you having some proper down time snow smile is probably being preggers making you so poorly isn't it. Berocca sounds good.

Yes with ds I didn't want to tempt fate or anything either! Plus having a baby felt pretty weird. This time I know a baby and am.chuffed to bits I have got to 30 weeks smile the thought he could be here in 7 weeks like ds was is crackers. Am not ready!

Ooooh gender scan! smile

WildeRumpus Fri 08-Mar-13 13:47:02

Ps ds was in our room when he was born.until we moved out when he was 18mths so we didn't have a nursery. This time we have the cot and Moses basket in our room... So what do u put in the.nursery?!

LittleMissSnowShine Fri 08-Mar-13 19:32:35

DS was in our room til he was 4 months - wd hav kept him in there longer but he was such a light sleeper and I do like to read in bed but turning the lamp on always woke him up!!

I just find nursery handy for storing clothes, toys, changing table etc. and you can always put LO down for their naps there during the day in case you are trying to use hair dryer or something in your room while they are sleeping...thinking ahead this time lol

Sheldonella Sat 09-Mar-13 14:36:22

Morning all. Today is my due date smile I think I had a show this morning and braxton hicks are getting more intense but I can't see anything happening for a while yet. Will be having a nice hot curry tonight so will see if it makes a difference! Just been for a long walk and feel quite a bit of downward pressure now.

wilde and boo I can't believe you are both past 30 weeks now. Doesn't seem so long ago you got your BFPs!

boo my mum's experience isn't much to go on as she was induced at 38 weeks and only had me. She is getting a bit stressed at the thought of me being overdue. Your family wedding trip sounds like it could be stressful if you have a 4 week old. Sounds like a good idea to not go.

wilde your beach walks sound lovely. That is so lovely that you DS is talking to his brother smile

snow sorry to hear that you have been ill again. My immune system has definitely not been great in pregnancy, I feel for you.

Hopefully I will be introducing my DD in the next few days!

WildeRumpus Sat 09-Mar-13 15:15:28

Sheldon! Ahhhhhhh! I will be logging in whenever I can for updates smile good luck chick hope you aren't kept waiting too long! Lots of walking and bouncing for you smile smile smile x

WildeRumpus Sun 10-Mar-13 10:14:21

Still stalking Sheldon smile x

Waving to everyone and wishing you a happy mothers day!

booboomonster Sun 10-Mar-13 12:15:53

Happy Mother's and Mother's to be day everyone!

wild the kit that also pumps out water is more expensive - but because we have a drain outside which is lower than the floor, the website implies that we can just use the hose to get it out (it describes how to do this). I'm not sure it will be that easy - or pleasant - I have told DH it's his job but don't want to make it impossible for him! I might do a bit of research. I haven't ordered yet as it does seem a little early and don't want to tempt fate (don't really believe in fate but...).
Re organising - I am feeling exhausted doing much so am trying to start with organising the DDs rooms and make space for baby etc, before sorting actual baby stuff. Though I did go through most of the old baby gros, vests etc a while back so that, at least, is done. Apart from buying newborn/ size 1 nappies and I'm going to get some flannels for reusable wipes this time, I don't think I need to get anything else. I will bring the crib from mum's house nearer the time but I think baby will be in with us if at all possible. It seems like eons away but I guess it will come pretty quickly now...

We won't really have a nursery as DD2 is going to share with babe (that's the plan anyway) so we're just storing clothes in another room. I am moving the DDs around so DD1 gets her own room and DD2 will share. I am hoping this will suit their personalities - and if we get babe in with DD2 quick enough, they both won't know much difference!? Not sure if it will work though.

snow I did do a wedding with DD2 when she was 4 weeks and it was ok. It was a drive away and we left DD1 with parents. But I do remember I completely missed speeches because I was joggling the baby outside, and I was breastfeeding throughout dinner/ ceremony. It was ok but not hugely fun, iykwim. And despite still being pretty large it was nice to dress up and put heels on. I don't think we lasted long - I think we left pretty much before the evening bash. I do like weddings though, and find them happy occasions. As it turns out, we've just heard that the one we were invited to is having a 'no kids' policy!! So thank goodness we didn't book any tickets, and it gives us a watertight excuse!

How's it going sheldon? I gave birth barely 2 days after I had my show with DD1. It all sounds good. If I were you I would go for a walk or something, keep the momentum going as it were! Good luck, will be thinking of you and checking back. You are lucky if you aren't waiting too long after due date, that's when things really start to drag I found (second time around).

Anyway, hope everyone else is well. I am just trying not to be too moany and miserable at the moment as I do feel very lucky really - it's just hard not to be able to put boots on easily and sleeping badly!

Hope you all have nice days today. DH is working so no time off for me, but when I pointed out to DD1 (5) that because it was mother's day we were going to do what I wanted today (ie tidy house and get jobs done!) she has made more of an effort and been helping out and saying please and thankyou a lot! So can't complain!

thanks to you all!

WildeRumpus Sun 10-Mar-13 12:35:10

Aw boo your dd sounds lovely. Am so glad (and hugely sympathetic, don't get me wrong!) That you feel uncomfy and a bit moany too now. I feel really very big and ungainly and hurt a lot etc but just dint remember feeling Iike this with ds so feel v. Whiny and dramatic. smile

Ah is the pump one more expensive is it. Don't remember at all, so sorry!

Hehe my ds is dying to share with unborn brother so he can have bunk beds! Good job because that is what will happen in a few years (can't believe am.contemplating my next - and last - pregnancy already!).

booboomonster Sun 10-Mar-13 13:29:14

Well glad you are feeling this way too wild - I feel enormous - much bigger than previous two times, though not sure I am. I suppose one forgets... But it does seem more cumbersome and awkward and tiring than before!

Anyway, are you contemplating no3 then?! I had a fond idea my first two would share but their personalities don't seem to suit it (DD1 likes everything tidy and in it's place, DD2 is a messer), so hoping will have luck with DD2 & 3. We have a bunk bed but will be investing now in a high sleeper so DD1 can have the small (previously baby's) room. She seems to be into the idea... fingers crossed. Re pregnancies, I think we will be done with 3 (DH 4 as have DSD) although DH prob still keen for boy... but I can't anticipate another pregnancy and am getting old, and we'd have to buy a new car etc....

Leave that decision for another time I think!!

WildeRumpus Sun 10-Mar-13 15:25:26

Very interesting what you say about personality types, didn't think of that at all! Ds is also v tidy and likes things organised so I guess we shall have to see!

Yes dh and I always wanted three Childers as we are from three parent families and this pregnancy isn't anywhere near so awful that I couldn't contemplate another. The spd I had at 20 weeks has cleared up amazingly since I stopped working at a desk all day all week... Anyway, we shall see! Eek.

LittleMissSnowShine Sun 10-Mar-13 15:25:37

boo - a no kids policy! eek!

sheldon - ooh due date time! hopefully the BH are turning into something more productive for you now smile

Happy mothers day everyone!! Hope those with kiddies got breakfast in bed! I did, then went to see my mum and now lying down with DS who is watching Peppa Pig while DS hammers some IKEA stuff into submission down the hall lol Off to in laws for dinner at 5 - hoping i have a bit of an appetite by then!!!

Sheldonella Sun 10-Mar-13 16:10:20

Hi everyone. Happy mother's day all round smile

Still no more progress here I'm afraid. I have had a couple of mild cramps and plenty more BH but nothing timeable or particularly painful. I predict I will still be pg next weekend but I will hope smile I'm currently sitting on my ball but I can't stay on it too long as it makes my hips hurt. Midwife tomorrow for a sweep - eek!

The birth pool chat is interesting. I'm booked in for a water birth at the hospital and quite pleased about that. I didn't dare go for a home birth due to distance from the hospital and general first time nerves but if this one is uncomplicated and I do it again then I might next time. The rooms at the hospital are so homey and lovely with lots of different coloured lights and comfy chairs and the like. I just hope I don't have to be induced as I would miss out on all that.

You have my full sympathy with the discomfort wilde and boo. By 30 weeks I was finding it very difficult to sleep.

Hmm, number of children... I would love 3 but I think we would have to move and I don't think we could afford the childcare unless we had them spaced out quite a bit. I would definitely like a second at least but we will see smile

Enjoy the rest of your day all, I need to get my lamb in the oven.

WildeRumpus Sun 10-Mar-13 21:04:48

Good luck for your sweep Sheldon smile

Glad you had a.nice day snow!

I have what feels like womb pains which are freaking me out! Tho.more likely I ate toommuch curry at mils... Doh.

booboomonster Mon 11-Mar-13 17:33:47

Hi all,
sheldon I just responded to your other post - hope you aren't worried too much about big baby. Just out of interest - do you know what you were and what your DH was? I found out recently that my Dad was over 11lbs - and his Mum was my height (5,8) but waif like, not sure how she did that! But it does go some way to explain why I have had larger babies - they must run in the family.

Has anyone else been following the home birth discussion on here - triggered by the Alice Roberts Observer article? I've been a bit irritated as my SIL texted me (last night just before bed) to say that it was a good article and worth reading. I have not asked for advice about home birth (or even mentioned it, though DH must have) and the article is IMO biased against it. It also starts off with a para about how hard it is for humans to give birth. I mean, for Christ's sake, why would I want to read that!? It totally kept me awake worrying last night as I suppose I am anxious that I am tempting fate, if something does go wrong etc. I am keeping an open mind until Dday just in case of unforeseen problems, but essentially am booked for home birth. Anyway, just wondering if you wild had any thoughts about it (but don't read the article if you haven't already, it's annoying!).

Also I get very low groin pains wild - is that what you mean? It's quite uncomfy but I assume baby is kicking down below (even though I can't actually feel those kicks). I have also had way more braxton hicks this time around but no idea if that means anything.

Yes snow no kids policies are a bit odd aren't they? Mind you, this particular couple have unsuccessfully been having IVF so maybe they don't want to be reminded of their problems in that dept.

I have only eaten sweet things today so far. [confession]

Sheldonella Mon 11-Mar-13 18:07:57

Hi boo I was going to post all that here too but thanks for reading it and responding! I was 7lb 10 and DH was just under 9lb (although I'm not 100% sure I've got that one right). Just posted on the other thread but I'm mostly annoyed with the midwife for making me feel like I'm bound to fail. Also that my hospital will do everything in its power to prevent you having an elective section. I feel much better after reading all the responses on the childbirth thread though.

So yes, appointment was positive in some ways - BP healthy, baby is completely engaged and healthy heartbeat. She didn't want to do a sweep until Thursday so I'm going again then. But the scary thing was that she thinks the baby is big and her comments about the birth were "well, you can have a go and see what happens". Not very encouraging.

I will be induced next week if nothing happens naturally so there will be a baby within the next 10 days hopefully smile Can't wait!

boo I haven't seen the homebirth discussion but an opening paragraph about it being difficult to give birth is really stupid. Exactly what I have been struggling with today! Grrr. I have only heard good things about home births from people that have had them.

wilde What sort of womb pains? Are they painful braxton hicks? Hope not too bad!

WildeRumpus Mon 11-Mar-13 18:20:28

Sheldon you ok? I didn't see your other thread... Will have a look see if is owt I can help with. (prob not!)

Arf boo I read some of the thread analysing the report and it sounded like Dr Roberts may.not have read it properly. Hb came off ok I thought. Tho I have read so much shit about hb over the years I just ignore it all now tbh. For me I will happily labour at home in my own space etc for as long as I want to or can, then if I want or need to deliver at hospital I will. I am.not on a mission to prove a point. The longer I stay at home the better for me tho, but I am confident mws would off to hosp way before any serious issue arose smile they do not take risks! Shame the article was a bit shit tho.

Aw I bet your friends def dont want other peoples kids ruining their day if they are TTC. Dh was best man for our friends wedding when ds was 7 months so I had to leave him overnight and I cried a lot. And so did poor ds sad shouldn't have gone.

Arf I keep having low back pain like period pain. I think it is the baby lying awkwardly but still frightens me. My back has gone today, have ducked out of dinner at mils because am just too mardy with it all today! Adore being pg but need some space to feel a bit owchy! Owch!

Love the confession smile

WildeRumpus Mon 11-Mar-13 19:27:06

Sheldon your mw is a scaremongering pillock. The tape measure system is woefully inaccurate, even scans are often out when guessing weight! And unless she has a crystal ball she cannot possibly foresee how your labour will go whatever size your baby. Crikey.

Grrr. Poor you. Please don't dwell on it nd concentrate on your imminent, wonderful relaxing birth experience instead smile x

booboomonster Mon 11-Mar-13 20:03:25

honestly sheldon that is too bad about your midwife saying 'well you can give it a go' - I mean, that is just disgraceful! She has no idea how you will cope etc, so basing that on a fractionally larger measurement really is madness. I would not give it a seconds thought, I bet you will be absolutely fine.

Yes I feel same as you wild - I will labour at home and see what happens after that. I don't want to prove anything either - just to do what's right for baby. There is a really really annoying sentence in the article which describes hb as prioritising birth experience over a healthy baby which just seems such bollocks to me. It's not about that. It's about making a choice based on all the information you have, and not wasting hospital resources that you don't need. and breaaaaaaathe. I think some people (SIL included, her DH is a doctor who constantly self medicates) just are anti home birth. I confess I wouldn't have had the guts to do it before but after 2 straight forward births I feel confident.

Anyway, your pains don't sound disimilar to these ones I am having - mine are very low down, groiny type pains which I assume is kicking low down or stretching pains, but they do feel a bit period-y. Try not to worry if you can.

Right, feeling a bit light headed so about to have a curry - won't be good for the old indigestion but I do need some proper food blush.

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