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graduates of the wine-and-shagging-after-mc thread come hither!

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wilderumpus Fri 28-Sep-12 19:25:49

Seeing as practically all of us have now got pg, here is a new home for all of us to come to carry on chatting after getting the BFP after our mcs. Today we are pregnant! smile

Sheldonella Thu 14-Feb-13 16:11:03

Hello smile I'm on day 4 of maternity leave and have not yet had a day of rest. I've had visitors and only just have my house back. I have just been to the hairdressers for the first time since being pregnant and feel so much better now. I will not make plans for the next few days, I want to sleep!

My baby is being so funny. I went into a clothes shop yesterday and they were playing very loud music. This resulting in her seeming to kick in time to it the entire time I was in there, so funny. Either that or it was the second coffee I had just before smile I'm 2 days off full term now. Eek!

twenty Great to hear from you and I'm glad you got some answers from the hospital. Also that you both have an appointment, I hope they do everything they can and good luck TTC. I'll be keeping an eye out for good news, you really deserve it thanks

snow Flu-ey symptoms sounds horrible sad Did you go to the doctors? It is so hard to shake anything off when pg isn't it. I hope you and DS are feeling better brew

wilde I love your list of names! Leo was one of my favourites if we were having a boy but your whole list is great. Austen/ozzy is fabulous. Never come across Auden before, wouldn't say beige at all. Different and in a good way. I'm no help, sorry smile

Well the babies have started arriving on the March thread. This makes it all very real now and I can't believe it could all happen in the next couple of weeks. I was very teary this morning just imagining actually having her in my arms. I can't wait!

WildeRumpus Thu 14-Feb-13 16:42:49

Wow Sheldon is all go for you! Hope you have some lovely peaceful days smile

Really look.forward to the excited stage of being near term... Being 27 weeks it is freaking me out that I could have a newborn in ten weeks time. I really am.not at all ready! And breathe...

Aw thanks for your positivity re namessmile Austen has been the frontrunner but then this week I have thought it is a bit boring or just meh. Can imagine this one as a cheeky ozzy tho I really can.

Packed loads this aft! Whee!

LittleMissSnowShine Fri 15-Feb-13 18:03:18

Ehh it ended up being norovirus for me and ds so had quite a scary night on we'd getting us both pumped full of anti nausea drugs and liquid paracetamol to bring temps down on Wed night.

Well we've stopped throwing up now & temps are back down. Feel hideously post viral tho, tired, cold, no appetite and absolutely no energy plus stuffed up nose and nasty cough. Could really do with a nice long hibernation!! 15 weeks today tho woo hoo!

sheldon - ahh maternity leave sounds like bliss...tho busy for you at the same time! Hope your new hair looks gorge smile

wilde - love all your names, esp Auden! I'm a total book nerd lol two friends of mine have little Ozzies, one short for Oscar and the other for Oisin so it's a v adaptable name! Hope packing is going well

WildeRumpus Sun 17-Feb-13 12:36:15

Norovirus snow?! Nooooooo sad hope you ok x

LittleMissSnowShine Mon 18-Feb-13 15:54:55

Thanks wilde, hanging in there, still feeling a bit energy-less but def better than I was and just in time for my birthday tomorrow smile Going away just overnight with DH so v glad haven't had to cancel!

Hope you're all well x

icequeenkate Mon 18-Feb-13 20:05:51

Happy birthday for tomorrow, Snow! brewthanks and biscuitsmile

Sheldon - what news?!! Any twinges...?

Wilde - are you packed up yet?! Good luck with the move.

Hope everyone is well and developing nice round tummies. (Still have mine, depressingly; must see someone about how to knit my tummy muscles back together. Can't seem to locate them...blush)

Sheldonella Tue 19-Feb-13 12:03:25

Hey hey.

Happy birthday snow! thanks Hope you are having a nice day and that nasty virus has gone.

wilde Fabness on the packing. You done yet?

ice Nice to hear from you. How is that lovely new DS doing? No news here really but just want it over now.

I just walked to the shop which is about 2 minutes away and am now in agony and want to go back to bed! I'm over this pregnancy thing now, come out baby! smile I'm 37+3 and I'm hoping she decides to come at the weekend, that would be nice.

WildeRumpus Tue 19-Feb-13 14:37:01

Happy birthday snow! smile smile hope you have some of this lovely sun!

How is your ds ice? Hope you doing ok, wonderful to hear from you!

Ah Sheldon. So close! How exciting smile how you doing in general now?

Afm yeeeees am packed so we are sort of camping now. Packing the van tomorrow, shifting out on thurs am... Love being pg as dh is doing a lot.more than he usually would! Ds has been fine thru it all but is kicking off today out of the blue so is either stressed or coming down with something. Poor love. So sad to be leaving my life here!

Am 28 weeks today! Woot woot woot! What a happy milestone. Little one is definitely not so little any.more and busy busy. Mw appt today said am sizing well for dates and was my first straightforward appt which has also cheered me hugely. Tho they were a bit put out that I was moving and couldn't stress enough how important it was I got a gp and mw asap. Like I don't feel that too! They werent my normal peeps who knew I was.moving and were perfectly sane about it.

Anyways. Have also ballooned and rarely get my rings on now. Mw also said that ok.
Be well all smile.

LittleMissSnowShine Wed 20-Feb-13 05:10:34

ice - if u figure out how to fix your tummy muscles let me know, mine have never been the same since DS boo hoo smile glad all is going well

sheldon - awww hope the baby does decide to make an appearance this weekend for you, completely know that knackered and fed up late pg feeling. You're on the home strait now tho!

wilde - wow tomorrow is moving day! Bet that feels like it has crept up! Good luck with it, im sure it's tiring but also a v exciting time for you smile im sure your new gp&mws will all be lovely too - catch! thanks heres a housewarming present!

Been having lovely birthday, crazy hormones woke me up at 4 tho! 4! And i forgot to bring cereal bars so now im starving lol one downside of hotels...i miss my kitchen to snack in!!

icequeenkate Wed 20-Feb-13 09:05:18

Tee hee - Snow! I remember ringing down for room service at a swanky Chelsea hotel at 3.30am on one occasion! DH had booked it for 2nd wedding anniversary as we'd missed 1st one as I'd had mastitis with DS1, but I was pg with DS2!! It's a running joke in our house that I'm either bfeeding and on antibiotics or pg for our anniversary!!

Happy van loading Wilde, and safe journey down south tomorrow.

Sheldon - what methods of bringing on birth have you tried? I am an expert in this now wink

Have made a physio appt for Friday to see if she can find my tummy muscles grin... will report back.

Boo - hope things ticking along nicely.

icequeenkate Thu 21-Feb-13 13:39:24

Wilde - hope the moves goes well today!! Good luck, safe drive down. thanks and a nice brew for when you reach your destination.

Went to the baby clinic today - haven't been there in years. DS4 is putting on 1oz a day - no wonder I'm spending all day and night feeding the little blighter!

LittleMissSnowShine Fri 22-Feb-13 18:12:35

ice - room service would have been a good idea! I held on til breakfast time and had delicious french toast, bacon & maple syrup...then threw it all up again ten mins later grrr!!! At least i was back in the privacy of the room before that happened tho lol

good luck at physio!

16 weeks today grin Had mw appt this morning and got to hear a lovely strong heartbeat for first time - happy Friday woo hoo!!

LittleMissSnowShine Fri 22-Feb-13 18:14:30

And wilde hope you are settling in ok in the new place!

booboomonster Sat 23-Feb-13 19:31:48

hello all
just posting on quickly as am aware that I've been rather absent!
I had the kids on half term so had booked a seaside holiday (4 nights) for us as a last hurrah before baby. But... I got flu so was laid up in bed (looking out at lovely view...) for first 2 days. DH got fed up of doing everything and bored of being on holiday (which he often does, is not a holiday person). So it was a bit of a disaster. And I felt terrible - shivery, whole body aching, coldy etc. Was just awful. Felt a right numpty for having refused the flu jab too.

Anyway, back home now and normal duties have resumed. Am determined not to get quite so run down again though.

Hope wild the move has gone well and you are enjoying a sip of something exciting in your lovely new abode!?

snow wowsers 16 weeks, well done you. I heard no heartbeat at 16 weeks so lucky you! Sorry you are still vomming...

hurrah for baby's healthy weight ice! Were your tummy muscles located? or MIA?!!

Any sign of baby coming sheldon? I am feeling too big and uncomfy now so I can imagine how you are feeling! Lots of walking is a good idea. I am planning on a get baby out schedule of walking from about 37 wks!

On the good news front my GTT went fine and I don't have it. Hurrah. Though I do hate lucozade - yuk, kept having lucozade repeating on me for days.

LittleMissSnowShine Mon 25-Feb-13 20:17:52

boo - Sorry to hear about the holiday flu! When you're pg these things just seem to get on top of you angry I got so run down from all the vomiting that I managed to pick up norovirus and then that made me even more run down so I got a chest infection! And I still haven't totally shifted it, even with 5 days of penicillin so you have all my sympathy. Glad you made it back in one piece tho smile And also glad GTT went well...

How's everyone else doing? No news with me really, except that nausea is really calming down tho I do still need to take the anti nausea meds to stop it from rearing its ugly head but provided I take it easy and eat small(ish) meals I'm starting to (TOUCH WOOD!) emerge from the worst of it now. I have a lot on with extra freelance work projects on top of the day job and we are trying to get DS potty trained (not going well lol) and set up a new bedroom for him so baby will be able to have one next door to us when it arrives. Busy times but figure this is a good time to get plenty done before third tri tiredness and discomfort arrives!!

Sheldonella Wed 27-Feb-13 09:13:05

Morning everyone smile Unfortunately not much to report here, still just plodding on uncomfortably. I have had a few twingey pains but I don't thnk they are contraction type pains and other than that just hips hurting and lack of sleep. I was having a slight hope that she would come early but I think I'm looking at being overdue really. I'm 38+4 today and have midwife tomorrow. Hopefully she will find some sort of sign that it will happen soon. The weekend would be nice.

In other news I now have my own car and am not stuck in my village anymore! This makes me very happy as I couldn't even bare to walk to the corner shop as it hurts so much. So different to when I was jogging only a few months ago. I can't wait to get back to that.

ice I would love some bringing on labour tips smile So far I have been sitting on my ball and drinking raspberry leaf tea. I am having lots of BH but nothing else. Glad to hear your DS is thriving.

wilde I hope the move went well and you are settling in to your new life.

snow Yay for hearing the heartbeat smile I love hearing it so much, it makes me happy every time. Yuck to norovirus though, not what you need with the extra sickness on top. Glad you are coming out of it now though. Good luck with the potty training!

boo Sorry to hear you were ill on holiday, that is rubbish. Good news about your GTT and I sympathise on the horribleness of it. Sugary nasty drink after a fast it awful for a pregnant woman to endure isn't it.

WildeRumpus Wed 27-Feb-13 17:19:42

Hey all thanks for your well wishes smile moving has been great and exhausting with no.internet. have a dongle thing for my laptop to work for my viva (boo sob) so properly when back at work tomorrow!

Am feeling like crap these days, first tri nausea back AMD complete exhaustion.never had this with ds so am really surprised. Am also getting veer fat!

Be well lovelies smile

WildeRumpus Wed 27-Feb-13 17:30:13

Sorry that was all me, want to write to you all properly tom smile

LittleMissSnowShine Thu 28-Feb-13 08:41:28

Good to hear from you wilde, sorry to hear you're not feeling the best tho sad hopefully just a short term reaction to the move and you'll be right as rain again soon

sheldon - great news on the car, such a shame you're feeling so stiff and sore, really hope you dont go overdue. Spicy food time?

No real news here - we have a mouse as an unwelcome houseguest at the minute!! Traps are down tho hmm v busy with work, a training course im doing and a couple of freelance projects at the min - want to get credit card paid off and holiday in may paid for before im off on mat leave & down to stat pay!

WildeRumpus Fri 01-Mar-13 21:54:56

Bah still no internet!

Snow a mouse?! Oof poor you. Good lick with work, am so happy to hear you are feeling a wee smidgen bit better. Fingers crossed for better and better - don't overdo it mind!

Boo so sorry you were ill.on hols.sad And gtt test. Hope otherwise you doing a ok. Can't believe we are in the home straight now!

Sheldon am so excited for you! Hope you are waddling around ok and yay for wheelz smile

Moving has been brill as we have seen friends or family every day, ds is exhausted from all the loving heading his way and our house is like it was made for us. We are all moved in now - been so busy today am.wired and up unusually late!

I.still miss.chuckle. hope she was and is ok.

Waves to ice and twenty smile

LittleMissSnowShine Sun 03-Mar-13 20:34:55

Had some v light staining today confused - haven't had any since 7 weeks (17 weeks now) and while I've prob been a bit more active than before since I'm not feeling quite so grim I wouldn't say I've been especially overdoing it. One poss factor is that after errr 11 weeks of total celibacy brought on by bleeding at 6 weeks followed by sickness of doom me and DH did some non-penetrative dtd last night. So I suppose being out, about & upright more or sexy time last night could have caused it but even tho its been v light, no cramping and not red blood it is freaking me out a bit, ESP after hearing good clear heartbeat last week. Big scan isn't til 29th but if this continues 2moro think I'll have to phone mw. Typical - just as I was finally starting to relax --a bit--hmm

Sorry for me me me post, hope you ladies are all doing well - so glad your move has gone so well wilde x

WildeRumpus Mon 04-Mar-13 16:27:05

Aw prob the dtd and movement snow like you say... More blood flow to your uterus. I know you know it is all ok more than not so good for you for keeping a level head about it smile but yes, do get checked out anyway. Even with my condition the drs have said I must be checked after any bleeding just in case so they really do prefer to see you.

Hope you ok and it has all gone now smile

WildeRumpus Tue 05-Mar-13 14:16:44

You ok snow?

LittleMissSnowShine Tue 05-Mar-13 17:55:26

Yes no more spotting phew!! Even tho it wasn't a lot of bleeding it was pretty stressful. No more dtd at least for a while...bleeding might be normal but it freaks me out too much. How are you wilde & everyone?

WildeRumpus Tue 05-Mar-13 19:14:13

Phew smile bleeding does feel all wrong in pregnancy even tho we know actually it is very common. I find it weird being so preggo buying my sanitary towels!

Aw am ok thanks tho today was a crazy pg day! Think bubs is head down now as have felt weird pressure sometimes when walking and have felt him wriggling and poking down low while kicking my ribs! I dont remember being this uncomfortable with ds, this baby just feels so big! So tired and just a bit fed up today. Looking after ds all day every day is full on... I really want a day off (mothers day woot!) Anyway,whine over is all great really. Joined drs today too and have appt with new mw next week... Ooh!

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