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graduates of the wine-and-shagging-after-mc thread come hither!

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wilderumpus Fri 28-Sep-12 19:25:49

Seeing as practically all of us have now got pg, here is a new home for all of us to come to carry on chatting after getting the BFP after our mcs. Today we are pregnant! smile

Sheldonella Wed 03-Oct-12 09:34:55

Thanks for sharing yours too boo - minimal pain relief too, wow. The vomming scares me a bit though blush but I guess there isn't much I can do about it. I've had entonox before and it didn't make me puke, I will hold on to this thought smile
Whilst it all sounds painful and traumatic, I can't wait. Is that weird?
Hope you enjoyed your chips one.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 03-Oct-12 11:14:28

Ice I'm glad you looked back at them pityingly when you spoke about long babies. I still hold a grudge against the medical establishment! And that's funny about your boob pics. I was impressed by what I'd got to last time, might do that this time!

Boo I've some cm, it's scary, until I checked I assumed it was going to be my period. I googled it after reading your post, it is a common sign of early pregnancy at least! How are you feeling today?

I've been far too anxious about this though the last couple of days. I get the strangest pains. And this morning my last digi test still read 2-3 weeks. Strictly speaking 3 weeks IS correct, and I did it on only 1 hours' wait since last loo trip but I still would have loved to see "3+". I'm hardly sleeping. I've booked a private scan for 7+1, in two minds as to whether it would be a waste of money. Luckily I've got two weeks off after this week as I'm no good at work at the moment.

Wild I think I might be interested in pregnancy yoga, whya re you waiting until week 13, is that the recommendation?

Is/was anyone freakishly cold? I'm trying to take it as a good sign that blood is being redirected or something but... I might just go google it!

Sheldonella Wed 03-Oct-12 11:19:00

one Freakishly cold - yes (unless I'm at work then boiling hot). I tend to sit under a blanket in the evenings at home. It was worst in the early weeks.
CM - I seem to have loads and have been tested - all fine.
Oh yes and digi tests - I don't think they can be trusted at all, mine were certainly not accurate and I've seen lots of info about them being unreliable.
I'm feeling really huge today as I tried to lift my knees up to my chest to keep warm last night and couldn't!!!

icequeenkate Wed 03-Oct-12 11:41:27

LOVING this thread! It's like having a coffee morning group - which sadly I don't have locally as all my friends have moved on from having kids... Thank you, ladies! brew and biscuit? Eaten the flapjack already - sorry had raspberries in so def part of my 5-a-day

one yes -very cold, apart from my hands which are warm (unusually). And ignore the digi tests - I relied on them too much during mc and drove myself round the bend. You've had the informative result - all you can do now is wait which I know is impossible. It sounds as if all is going well; gosh, I do feel for you as the memories of those first few weeks are very very fresh here too.

CM is meant to be a good sign - loads here blush. Kept texting a very close pg friend in the first few weeks to check if she'd has the same as I couldn't remember from the other DSs. It's supposed to be nature's way of keeping germs etc out?

Water birth. Haven't tried one yet. Remember climbing into bath at home when in labour with DS1 and almost getting stuck. DH had to get in to get me out!

sheldon I'm probably not the best person to ask about birthing... DS1 and DS2 were long and traumatic at the end mainly because I am stubborn and didn't listen to any advice the mw was giving... but DS3 was better. Managed all 3 on gas and air, although tried to demand an epidural with DS3 but wasn't allowed one. I think the major difference with DS3 was mobility. Because I had really bad SPD got the blinking thing again now, hobbling around as if I need a hip replacement and couldn't get myself off a bed if I lay down, the mw was excellent at ensuring I DIDN'T lie down at all. Gravity and moving around played a big part I suspect. And the confidence I got from the mw when trying to push him out; I kept thinking that he was going back up inside me, and she pointed out that always happens or feels as if it is happening but actually he's staying in the same place, I was just expanding around him? That statement gave me the massive confidence boost to carry on pushing, whilst draped over the bed and biting DH's thumbs to pieces. And it worked; he popped out and she caught him!

Sorry - essay! Off to take more photos of my boobs, and eat more pecan and almond granola with greek yoghurt and honey. Yummmm. grin

PS wilde have you bought calamine lotion for the pox yet? Provides a great distraction for boys as you can pretend it is in fact camouflage paint....

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 03-Oct-12 11:43:33

Thanks Sheldonella! That's reassuring. And your post about not being able to raise your knees to your chest reminded me, does anyone know that saying I've heard from pregnant women that refers to washing yourself in those later stages of the bigger bump when you can no longer see or reach everything?

And I googled the cold, there can be things like hypothyroidism and iron, but it also looks quite common. After my mc I went to the GP for the results of the bloods the mw took and they showed a normal thyroid functioning and iron so I'm going to just keep on the hot water bottles for now!

wilderumpus Wed 03-Oct-12 13:15:44

hello chatty ladies!

lots of CM is great boo and one! It is part of the mucus plug forming so your baby stays in a sterile environment and your fanjo is constantly cleaning itself. You might find you get quite a lot as the pg progresses!

one my scan was at 7+2. AFAIK if you are sure of your dates then at 7 weeks you are pretty guaranteed to see a HB. I didn't want to be sent away and then brought back again with any fob-offs but 7 weeks seemed ok for an early scan. Are you ok or worried?

AND DON'T DO DIGI TESTS ANY MORE! when you get to a certain stage they get all inaccurate. Leave them be and just know that today you are pregnant smile Strange pains are good - your womb is growing for your bubs!

13 weeks is recommended for the pg yoga at my group, don't think they want to risk owt in these early days. Too tired anyway wink

ice - boob pics! grin DS is completely FINE still thanks! Not itching and has hardly any spots. I think he might have one or two new ones and some have blistered. I think if he is like this again tomorrow I might start to hope we will get through it lightly. <fingers crossed> calamine camo sounds funny!

I am not cold in the main but I would get really cold, particularly in the very early days. Shivery. I always put it down to the fact my body was working so hard. I get cold when I am tired so feel like my body can't be arsed to keep me warm when is trying to keep me awake/grow a baby!

I am quite with it today! I have cleaned my house, baked a cake, made a lovely healthy lunch and my cravings for crap are calm today smile I also have a non underwired bra on YAY so my bbs are nice and comfy. Bloated as anything though.

booboomonster Wed 03-Oct-12 15:07:09

wow wild you are putting me to shame today. I have a list as long as my arm of things to do and I've done... not one iota. Apart from online shopping - it's got to be done now the supermarket makes me wanna vom! Though, freshly baked cake... mmmm.

Re cold - me me me. I am so f*ing cold it's untrue. I was getting proper shivers which seemed to have calmed down, but I either seem to be shivery or boiling. there's no happy medium! I thought it was just because I was refusing to wear tights yet (I don't really wear trousers and I know maternity tights will just emphasise my belly) but then I googled it. It's so weird, I don't remember that from previous pregnancies at all.

I love the thread too ice - it's so nice to have a pg thread when I know where everyone's up to and what they are doing. I find the ante natal ones I am constantly looking up people to remind myself who they are / what they said before etc. Your granola concoction sounds yum!

One yes the others are right, ditch the tests. I have been sorely tempted too, but I don't think they tell you anything accurate after a while. Like ice says, we just have to wait.... it's a test of character, it's bloody tedious grin

wild reassuring what you say about CM - I don't recall that from other pregs either but I think I am more aware of everything this time because of the worry and also because I am feeling it more.

Re: yoga I am still going to normal yoga, but I've just carried on from doing it before I was pg. I told my teacher I am pg and she's adapted some poses etc for me, and I just lie down if I'm feeling ug. I thought I would feel too sick but actually it's an opportunity to lie down in the middle of the day which is fab! (I do it during lunch at work). I found preg yoga a bit pedestrian, although a very nice way to think about baby and hear birth stories - I'd definitely recommend it for a first baby.

sheldon yes the voming doesn't happen to everyone though - I am unfortunately a bit prone. And if you were ok on G&A before then you should be fine.

wilderumpus Wed 03-Oct-12 15:30:06

boo am just feeling quite normal today, is rather lovely. My head fug and need to sleep has temporarily shifted! The cake was gross btw, I have had to bin it. If i pg woman won't eat it you know it is dreadful grin I can cook lovely savoury food, I really can, but baking I am terrible at. Once I cooked some lovely cookies, and once i cooked a lovely cake, and sadly those memories keep spurring me back into the kitchen to make more cookies and cakes that are dreadful smile

ah boo I never do yoga! I find it too faffy but after doing some amazing cvore stuff with my shredding dvds I really like the idea of stretching a lot and holding poses more than running around now! Am learning smile

I always do online shopping. opur supermarket is an hour walk away and I couldn;t buy enough and look after DS atm. When I am on Mat leave in Jan (smile) I will be out doing mroe stuff like that I hope!

ice echo boo's admiration of your granola and yog.

and I love this thread! I like the AN thread I am on but with my preg brain I can't remember for the life of me who is who and I still find it quite shouty - like the early days of BB when everyone is joslting to talk! I also find it very sad seeing people leave because they are miscarrying sad I hate how people say 'oh so sorry to hear that' and in the next breath go on about their pg. Reminds me too much of how I felt when I was the one dropping out.

better wake up the child... ohhhhh, do I have to?!

one my supervisor has told me that there are two chapters I have written for the PhD that I don't need sad I am so sad! And now my dissertation is 15000 words short! I am demoralised. can I have a hearty pat on the back please?! Only three months left... YAY! and shit! smile

wilderumpus Wed 03-Oct-12 15:30:58

btw the supermarket is NOT an hour walk away. It is a mile. One mile. Not an hour! what a drama queen! and sorry about the typos. I can't spell in early pregnancy, it is a fact.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 03-Oct-12 17:56:22

Wild you are full of energy today! --Mmm freshly baked cake!- (oops!) My ability to cook is wayward, unreliable. OH has temporarily banned me form unsupervised cooking.

I'm doing the same as you Boo re the antenatal thread, struggling to remember everyone, it's so full, hard to really get a sense of someone. And if I'm honest I'm anxious about coming across what you've described Wild, I might be more active there later on. And thanks all re the tests, I'm not sure I have character, I'll check the cupboards, but what I don't have is loads of money so since I don't have anymore tests I shall stop, I just really wanted to see it say 3+!!!

Pedestrian yoga sounds right up my street since I don't do anything ever!

And yes, thanks Ice I'm stuck on the moment on porridge and banana, meusli and yogurt would make a nice change!

Wild - oh god no! (patting back and nodding sympathetically) Damn. Why? What a terrible waste of time and effort. (just think, at least you don't have to trek an hour to the supermarket wink.

Ok, quick bath to warm up then to eat something!

wilderumpus Wed 03-Oct-12 18:16:57

<sobs quietly> one I am most distressed! In a tantrummy way I want to know why on EARTH in all the years I have been submitting chapter outlines to my supervisor he has not once said 'you know the lit review is just 4000 words in the intro don't you, not its own chapter? And there is no 'methodology' chapter?' But NO. Off I toddle in my own world and write two fecking chapters to be told one is irrelevent (but will be put in the intro somewhere) and the other needs to be cut in half. blush Ho hum. Luckily I still have plenty of time to complete so can see as a learning curve rather than be stewing and upset (and am growing a baby which generally chills me out). GAH.

ooooh a BATH! soooo envy I have adored baths since getting pg, they are the best. can you crave baths?!

energy went at 4pm. I actually hit some kind of wall and thought all of a sudden that I might die of tiredness. Die I tell you! filter coffee sorted me out for the toddler's sake or he would have no tea and a mama sleeping on the floor!

booboomonster Wed 03-Oct-12 19:36:19

ooh I'm craving baths too. But sadly it's just no fun with kids running around grin. Means I have to wait until they are in bed, and then I am just so dog tired! So my baths have been sporadic. Here's to more baths wine (alcohol free).

oh wild we should cook together - I hate cooking savoury but have a knack with cakes (it's just following the recipe to the t). Love your mile/ hour confusion!! The speed I'm moving at the moment a mile probably would take me an hour, mind! Really sorry to hear about your dissertation mix up. Why on earth didn't your supervisor say something? How utterly frustrating and annoying. Only consolation is that you have some time - imagine how awful it would be if it was due next week? Have a brew.

ooh one I am looking forward to getting back into porridge, it might be for after 12 weeks when I feel better (I hope, and am still pg).

wilderumpus Wed 03-Oct-12 20:01:50

i understand boo, I will have a bath at the weekend when DH can look after DS... I shall shut the door and I can't wait!

ah the work thing is fine. Just a pain but if i socialised with other PhDs more and my sup wasn't on the other side of the country having left the dept two years ago (but kindly still looking after me) I might know these things.

boo I can't follow recipies to a t. I am lazy and shove anything in, and nothing I cook ever rises properly. I am not fastidious or patient enough smile DS, in comparison, is very careful; when he is three maybe I shall let him bake us all cakes grin

DH is doing bedtime. I have actually died of tiredness and also when DS is going to sleep sometimes he inadvertently tweaks my boobs, a habit from old BF days and if he went NEAR them tonight i would be murderous! They reallllllly hurt! night peeps! smile

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 03-Oct-12 20:41:50

That's awful Wild, so much work, and how odd not to have a methodology section??? Clearly your assumption that there should be one is infinitely smarter. I think a tantrum and distressed sobbing are the most appropriate plan of action for tonight, and maybe a bath (!) and eating something nice and then hopefully wake up tomorrow with this hideousness now incorporated into your world view. Hope you rest well.

Sorry you can't have more baths Boo (and how about we all just continue to be pregnant after 12 weeks with lovely babies aka Sheldonella's, none of this other nonesense, agreed?). I'm really not a breakfast kind of person but since the first day of my last period I've been having porridge and banana alongside all those viatmins that were meant to help me have a better period (ha!), I stopped all the extra vitamins but kept on with breakfast. I wake up kind of starving now, which is really odd, I don't know if it's because my body is now expecting food or if it could be the beginings of nausea, but I chug a glass of milk with my antenatal vit and feel better.

And I can't cook, but as I was eating on my own tonight I had both salmon AND steak followed by a hot chocolate...zzzzzz

So, um, there, I've now fully informed you all about my recent food goings on blush

Ice, where are you weeks-wise?

wilderumpus Wed 03-Oct-12 20:52:35

one I am completely sanguine about the whole thing! I am so close to finishing I can't be arsed to care too much, as long as I am doing my best! Apparently examiners in humanities (or my dept) don't care how I did it, just what I did so methods only take a para or two! I have a chapter for my theory but methods ethics etc apparently they don't care! Bizarre hippies. They could have told me before they threw the rulebook out of the window smile

I am having pie and mash with gravy for tea! no veg! (ate lots all day though!) salmon and steak. wooooow!

proper porridge gives me heartburn! bizarre. someone said about oatso simple though and tho I have never had this it sounds lovely... and sweet! oooh, and with granola on top?! oooooh!

Sheldonella Thu 04-Oct-12 09:41:32

Morning! How are we all feeling today? It is my original due date today but I have felt lots of flutters from DD and had some lovely news from my friend who had her 12 week scan yesterday so I feel cheered up. I'm also wearing a lovely new maternity dress that I bought late night shopping last night. It was an exhausting trip but very much needed! DH and I are going for a meal tonight too as we feel the need to mark the day.
ice You did all on gas & air too? Amazing! I like these birth stories as it really just shows what we are all capable of (well, I hope to be).
one The cold - I was checked for low iron and hypothyroidism and all was fine. One thing that has happened though is my blood pressure has fallen quite a bit. Could this cause the coldness? Also, salmon and steak - yum, that's my next too meels inspired smile
wilde Grr on the chapters but still great that you can write so much. I'm rubbish at writing, I've really lost the skill since leaving uni. Sounds like you are close to finishing now though which is great. I know what you mean about the mc comments on the other threads, they made me sad too. There weren't many on the March one compared the my original October one but I noticed them much more having been through it.
boo I hope you manage to get a bath. I haven't much either but that is more because I've been lazy than busy!
Have a great day all! Guess I had better do some work...

wilderumpus Thu 04-Oct-12 11:41:20

sheldon hope you are ok today. I have no idea what I'll be like on the EDD... but generally think it might be nice to have it come and go? Does that sound harsh? I wonder if it will mark the end of the saga. how do you feel, if you don't mind me asking? I hope you are ok. Going out for a meal sounds like a lovely, positive thing to do.

low blood pressure can make you cold I think... I don't know!

I am pretty hormonal grumpy and anxious today. feel like i have pmt and should just be left alone with a lot of comfort food! Instead I am with a lovely but demanding toddler who is just starting to grate on my tired nerves (sorry DS). He isn't ill at all but he is a bit off which usually manifests itself in naughtiness. Does my box in. We went out for a walk for 15 mins as I thought maybe I had cabin fever (I didn't, the walk irritated me too!) and missed the post with my new book I am dying for! How annoying!

I think I might go and cry for the hell of it. <definitely pregnant smile>

yeah I like writing sheldon as you might have noticed! I am a prolific communicator chatterbox and general irritant. I have a blog and write the PhD easily and adore reading, it is research and planning that takes me yonks and donks! I am not very careful or detail-y.

anyways. Am off to find some comfort food for lunch!

has anyone read 'ina may's guide to childbirth'? Is meant to be tip top.

booboomonster Thu 04-Oct-12 13:01:16

sheldon thinking about you today. Glad you are having a nice evening out and got a new dress! And the sun is shining here which always makes optimism easier (in my book). My previous edd is 4 days after my scan, 5th nov (remember, remember...). But I feel philosophical about it. I suppose I just think what if it had carried on and there had been an awful problem later down the line or even at birth. Anyway, look after yourself.

I have taken a leaf out of wild's book and actually done some jobs today. I am feeling knackered but not quite so nauseous. In fact, I've just put a very demanding DD2 down for a nap so I'm shortly going to be going off myself. grin. And I made a cake! It's for DDs birthday part at the weekend (groan).

Yes I think low blood pressure can make you cold - I always get very low blood pressure when pregnant.

How annoying about the post wild - that always happens to me, and I sympathise about demanding boy - although am I right in thinking you have just sailed through chickenpox? I remember a couple of sleepless nights with the itching and fever.... yawn. Not read that book, I think, although I did read quite a lot first time around. But as for baby care books, I can really recommend Baby Love by Robin Barker. It's very laid back and sensible.

Food order arrived and I got tempted by an offer which I thought was for almonds but they are actually chocolate covered! I am rather fancying one now...

hope everyone has a great day.

Sheldonella Thu 04-Oct-12 13:03:39

Hi wilde I feel surprising ok today actually. I am glad to have it come and go as it feels like some sort of closure and I feel I can really look forward now. Being pg definitely helps, I don't know how I'd have felt if I wasn't but I feel very lucky. Tuesday was my difficult day as I felt a bit teary in the morning.
Hormonal days, oh yes, I get plenty of those! I think I get a patch of that every day which I just feel very irritated and want to cry. Glad DS is feeling ok though. Missing the book would have got me ranty, I hate missing deliveries too.
I like your chatty posts! I wish I could write more like that but as a sciency type I've never really had the practice.

Sheldonella Thu 04-Oct-12 13:07:04

Thanks boo. Yes, sunshine here too, maybe that's why I'm in a good mood. Loving all the cake making, I think I'll do one at the weekend.
Oh yes, I was thinking about getting that Ina May book later as it seems to get really good reviews.

wilderumpus Thu 04-Oct-12 14:17:57

well envy at you guys making nice cakes!

glad you doing ok today sheldon x what dress did you buy?! tell, tell! are you still wearing normal tights then? I couldn't!

boo don't do jobs. jobs are not for pg people, my house is still a mucky skankpit despite yesteryda's energy smile. yes, I think I might be sailing through chicken pox blush and absolutely should not complain! He has a couple more spots today, but is sleeping well, is his normal boisterous self and isn't really scratching the few that he does have. Am thinking that seeing as I think I noticed the first spot around Saturday ish (thought was an old mossie or insect bite from hols) then if he hasn't come out in more by tomorrow we might be able to breathe out?! naive positivity

I need DH, a random cry, takeaway food and probably my bed, although i feel so worried (about nothing) I don't think I could sleep for 'worrying'! <wanders off to walk into walls and stare into cupboards. Angrily>

Sheldonella Thu 04-Oct-12 14:24:33

It is this dress. Only in maternity tights now (dark red today)!

wilderumpus Thu 04-Oct-12 14:27:05

aw whee! looks lovely, comfy and bumpalicious!

Sheldonella Thu 04-Oct-12 14:29:35

Oh, I hope you can stop worrying! I'm the same! Today's worry - that my makeup has something nasty in it that I have been wearing the whole time and it is bad for the baby.

booboomonster Thu 04-Oct-12 14:55:21

Just posting quickly from my bed blush someone phoned and woke me up! I seem to have daily worries! Yesterday it was an ectopic worry as I had an ache on one side, I also worry about phantom pregnancy, and twins. And downs & stuff like that. As my mum said when I was first pg with DD "get used to the worry as it doesn't stop"! So that's, er reassuring (not) (but it is true).

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