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graduates of the wine-and-shagging-after-mc thread come hither!

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wilderumpus Fri 28-Sep-12 19:25:49

Seeing as practically all of us have now got pg, here is a new home for all of us to come to carry on chatting after getting the BFP after our mcs. Today we are pregnant! smile

WildeRumpus Thu 31-Jan-13 16:18:46

Thanks snow! All my colleagues got a 1then. They are super brains. I hope to get. 2b. Did you know before the viva what kind of problems might need work or was it A surprise?

And anyway, how are your meds doing now?

Hope everyone is well! I have a poorly ds today poor thing. Cbeebies day. And I think my.bump.must have grown because I keep hitting it on things!

Sorry for typos am on phone. Arg

WildeRumpus Thu 31-Jan-13 16:21:30

Me again, so snow if I got a pass with corrections could i say I was a Dr then, or would one wait for the corrections to be received and noted? So so sorry to harp on about it everyone. I did ought to pm this I now realise! Eek!

LittleMissSnowShine Thu 31-Jan-13 19:44:30

Wilde - I think it depends on your subject a bit. Mine was arts/humanities and it's pretty much unheard of to pass correctionless, even if your thesis was perfect they would find something to ask you to amend, not least because the examiners like to show off just how smart and amazing all their ideas are. <rolls eyes> So yes, I knew I would have some corrections to do, but I didn't really know what they would focus on as a thing to change. Really all I had to do was amend my introduction a bit and make some changes to referencing.

They did begin viva by telling me I'd passed though and said congratulation Dr Snow lol Rest of viva was tough enough as they basically wanted me to clarify, explain, defend, explore loads of different things and I think if they hadn't told me I'd passed from the word go I would have been really nervous!! But to answer your question, as soon as they tell you that you've passed you are allowed to call yourself Dr grin Tho I only started using it on job applications and stuff once I'd submitted the final corrected thesis, I was superstitious!

WildeRumpus Thu 31-Jan-13 19:59:47

thanks snow! you are very kind sharing your time and info with me smile

I shall not mention it again!!

Arf DS had a nasty temp of 40 degrees so we took him to the dr and it turns out a chesty cough has turned into a bacterial infection and I think he has probably been suffering from it all week sad Am feeling like a bit of a crap parent, how did I not notice he was so poorly?! I put it down to the new nursery and simply being worn out sad ouch.

LittleMissSnowShine Thu 31-Jan-13 21:57:48

Oh wilde hope your DS feels better. My DS had an.awful temp spike on Monday night and it came as a real shock to me too - he threw up once on Saturday but he'd been eating sweets and messing around at my mum and dads so i just thought sugar&too much excitement. He seemed ok on Sun and he was ok at childminders on Monday tho a bit quiet, then he refused his dinner and then by midnight we were this close to having to bring him.down to a&e. Kids just go like that sometimes, looks like just a cold or a tummy bug and then.all of a sudden its something more serious. Its a bit scary but you cant blame yourself brew

Sheldonella Fri 01-Feb-13 09:22:49

Hello! How are we all today? smile Hope you are all having a nice relaxing Friday. I had my 34 week check with the midwife yesterday and all was fine with me - BP etc and baby is now head down. The worrying thing was I'm only measuring 32 weeks and she said I might need a growth scan. Mentioned being checked for low fluid levels. As usual with my hospital there is a long wait. Another great thing is I have only 1 week left at work.
Ooh there was more name talk! Great bunch of names you have there boo. I think Electra is my favourite of yours. I love Violet and Seraphina that have been mentioned too. Violet is still a contender for middle name actually.
Snow Dara is a lovely name, what a great name your DS has. Yay for the scan, past 12 weeks, how exciting! twenty I always loved Athena too!
I find all this PhD talk interesting snow and wilde as I would love to do it myself one day so it's good to see how it all works smile How exciting to call yourself Dr! Good that they have come to compromises on dates wilde, I hope it all goes well (I'm sure it will).
ice Hoping new motherhood is going well smile

LittleMissSnowShine Sat 02-Feb-13 20:19:10

Hello sheldon - so glad everything is looking really well! V exciting baby is getting ready for arrival, head down and count down to blast off!

Just wondering - re: dtd. I decided not to dtd for first 12 weeks because of mc, d&c, the bleeding at the start of this pg, and also the horrible nausea. I forgot to ask mw at my booking appt last week because I was still feeling pretty queasy so dtd was last thing on my mind! But I can see in the next week or two I might be feeling a bit better and early bump bloat and rapidly breaking out skin aside (sexy uh huh!) and we might be inclined to dtd. Did any of you ladies abstain from dtd in first tri? When did you start again? Were you nervous about it possibly being a risk?

How's everyone else??

booboomonster Sat 02-Feb-13 22:08:35

hello! Just posting briefly before bed. Hope everyone is well! Can't contribute to the phd chat but don't mind it a bit wild so don't apologise!

Nice to hear from you sheldon - exciting about mat leave approaching! I've no experience of bump measurements being off but I'm sure it's not an exact science. A friend of mine was measuring over (by about 4 cm) and just had her baby which was 6 pounds something (so pretty small given her huge bump). I had 'normal' measurements for DD2 but 10lb4 baby! So I wouldn't worry about a couple of cm. Also the scans are notoriously inaccurate - I had one on the day I gave birth to DD2 and it was about a pound out. I think Violet might be our middle name too!

snow I didn't decide to refrain from dtd in first tri but, thinking about it now I don't think we did dtd at all, as I felt so crap. I wasn't nervous about doing it once I felt better though tbh - just didn't really occur to me. I honestly think that anything that makes you feel good is good for baby. I guess take it slowly and see how you feel - if you are nervous or it feels odd then you can stop. We really haven't done it much though! Glad you are feeling better now and able to contemplate it!

No news here - had a ridiculously busy week & knackered either from work or from various family members waking me up extra times in the night (apart from my habitual wee break) including DH coming home drunk without keys which was a particular low point. Have decided to cut down on chocolate as the tiredness was meaning I was reaching mindlessly for copious amounts of sugar. Anyway, off to bed. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

LittleMissSnowShine Sun 03-Feb-13 10:46:44

boo - another violet, lovely smile I know i dont know why im so nervous about dtd this time, did it with DS and all was fine but just v paranoid about bleeding starting again, not really a good frame of mind to get you in the mood iykwim!

WildeRumpus Sun 03-Feb-13 19:39:18

hey all!

sheldon I wouldn't worry about a couple of cm, it really is an archaic science but if it gets you another scan then woot. So glad everything else is well and you are 34 weeks?! Time is flying by!

Dara is indeed a lovely name snow. Violet is my niece's name and is lovely!

boo I am going to cut down on choc too. Am starting to get restless legs and think it is made much worse with all the caffeine blush Am also very tired. Are you feeling pretty full of baby and pg now? I all of a sudden feel really rather pregnant and huge and feel squished grin Is uncomfortable as anything! love it tho, of course smile Aw I hope you have some peace and quiet soon chuck.

snow with all the bleeding episodes we haven't dtd'd once since BFP sad I just can't bring myself to do even tho I now know it would be fine. I think being a bit bleedy in general makes me feel rather unattractive and bleugh. I might mention it soon tho (altho with moving house and viva I think niether of us will be in the mood hehe).

Thanks for your reassurance about my parenting and DS snow. It turned out he had awful bacterial tonsilitus which would have been caused by his cold (secondary infection). He had a temp of over 40 degrees even after paracetemol and ibuprofen so I ended up taking him to the drs on thurs AND fri night in a panic! He is much recovered now tho hurray. I have never seen him so ill and shivery and weepy! (or me!)

hope all is going well with you ice and twenty and foof.

Am getting all hormonal again after a few weeks off. I feel the rage has returned, am off veg, want to eat chips and chocolate constantly and sleep a lot. And I have a sizeable bump. eek!

Move in three weeks. can't wait!

WildeRumpus Wed 06-Feb-13 19:39:44

I killed the thread sad

Hope everyone is well!

LittleMissSnowShine Thu 07-Feb-13 08:21:48

Wilde - My DS had tonsillitis once when he was nearly a year old and I felt like the crappiest mummy in the world because I took him to GP thinking it was an ear infection but hadn't even noticed his poor throat tho in fairness he was a bit young to tell me!! V glad your DS is doing ok smile And v glad I'm not the only one avoiding dtd as well! Vomiting and bleeding or fear of bleeding is NOT sexy!!! Next mw appt is in a fortnight so I might ask then... Good luck with the move, wow! 3 weeks woo hoo!

How's everyone else doing?

I had a very vomity night on Monday so I was off work on Tues but yesterday was a good bit better. Now me and DS are loaded with a horrible head cold tho and every time I cough I feel sick. It sucks!! I want a lemsip with added whiskey! Bah! wink

icequeenkate Thu 07-Feb-13 08:37:26

Hi all, 2 wks in and I'm just about surviving. Currently got my 2nd round of mastitis which is making me feel like confused. DS4 is just gorgeous, sleeping quite well at night (tut tut, he is in bed with us which the HV didn't like, but is only thing keeping me sane) but like all my others he isn't brilliant at getting a good latch hence my sore boob I think.

Wilde - what wonderful news that you are to move in 3? Weeks? Very exciting but also nerve-wracking? You will be fine and it will be a great move for your family. I'm also really glad they found out what's causing your bleeding, although I wish for your sake it would stop as it must be unsettling.

Boo - how are you coping? Looking after multiple other DCs I found really tough as I got bigger. Don't work too hard - and I loved your possible names btw. Especially Electra.

Sheldon - you must have 5 wks left now? Mega exciting to be meeting your first born. I can't believe how quickly I fell in love with DS4. DH commented that its line flicking a switch - groaning and cursing whilst pushing him out and as soon as I touched him when they passed him up between my legs I was a different person. DH reckons its a personality change of the most significant order and he's loved watching it every time. Do tell your DP to watch out for it! I'm so excited for you.grin

One/twenty - hope that the ttc is well underway for you and I am keeping everything tightly crossed for you and your DP.

Snow - how's the sickness? Are you beginning to resurface? Can you keep these down? brewbiscuit You must be chugging along those weeks now - 14 maybe?

DTD? I didn't DDT at all in the first 14 weeks til I was sure this one was sticking. DH was quite good about it, but then this was my sexiest pregnancy ever! Unlike the other 3 I was up for it quite a lot actually - although from 36 weeks I did have an ulterior motive of using DH to soften up my cervix, which apparently worked. He did pass comment once that it had become a bit perfunctory but I just reminded him about the shortage he'd suffer after birth and he got on with it!!blush

Anyway, mammoth post - sorry. I do read all your posts but don't get the chance to write anything very often now. Keep my beady eye on you all!! smile It's good to hear that all is well with the world. grin

icequeenkate Thu 07-Feb-13 08:39:44

Oh and sheldon, I was measuring 2 cm smaller this time, and he is my heaviest and longest baby yet! Try not to worrywink

Sheldonella Thu 07-Feb-13 09:46:53

Hi everyone, sorry for the silence again! I'm in my last couple of days at work now and trying to get finished. I haven't forgotten you I promise smile I'll have a proper catch up this weekend when I'm all done.
ice Lovely to see you posting and great to hear about your lovely new DS smile

WildeRumpus Fri 08-Feb-13 19:41:42

congrats on starting your maternity leave sheldon! Wheee! Are you excited? Do you have plans?! (sit, eat, sleep smile) What's your EDD again? <waits excitedly>

ice hellooooooooooo! So lovely, lovely to hear your news! So sorry to haer about the mastitis, that must be utter shit. You have such fortitude with illness after illness affecting you and yours. I am wiped out after my sole DS had tonsilitus for a week! <wonders how on earth I will cope with two> And I had DS in with me too (until he was 18 months hehe!) Love a good cosleep, me, when BF it really is the best way to sleep. In fact, this time round DH is so wary about it all he has already sussed out the spare room in the new house and knows he will be in there for some time after the birth while me and bubs suss each other out!

Does anyone else think we should make a secret FB group just for us, so we can be nosy at each other's babies and ting? I would love to see what your weans and family look like, but no worries if we want to keep it just MN grin

how you doing snow, I really hope you get a break soon chuck.

big hollars to twenty smile

We move in two weeks eek! Can't wait to be in the house I shall have my baby in and unpack the birthing pool etc into the labour room etc. Ooooh smile And I will get to get all our newborn stuff out of storage, cannot wait. My bump has exploded again over the past week, I look huge! Am eating a lot, being fussy and grumpy and tearful. I wonder if this is me now, or just a hormone surge linked to the growth spurt confused

booboomonster Sat 09-Feb-13 13:31:39


Great to hear your news ice sorry to hear about mastitis - sounds agony. I don't see why HV wouldn't like co-sleeping, it's the only way to do it IMO (as long as baby likes it too - my first didn't, second did, fingers crossed for this time). It's the only way to get any sleep!

Wow wild moving in 2 weeks.... are you all packed? Gosh I think I would find that quite overwhelming right now - I have hit a right old tired spot. But exciting! I hope you have got lots of help, or at least don't try and unpack everything all at once.
We could do a facebook group - I am very nosy after all! Lets see what the consensus is...
Did you buy a new birthing pool? I am putting it off until I know it's likely - need to have the GTT this week which would rule it out (though I'm really hoping I don't have GD, having not had it before). Also I think I'll have a growth scan around 37 weeks so I might order it after that. I like the look of the regular birth pool in a box, although not so keen on spending the money. Second hand ones seem to go for a lot, though, so I thought I can sell after on Ebay. I've got my eye out for a second hand one where I know the provenance (i.e. a local one) but they seem like gold dust! What type is yours?

I'm slightly dreading getting the newborn stuff out of the cellar in case it's gone mouldy. We've had such a wet summer and winter, it's possible... need to do it sooner rather than later. I got the maclaren out of the car the other day and the seat was mouldy - that's only after 3 or 4 weeks (DD2 walks mostly). It did clean up fine, but was a bit hmm.

Oh and yes I am feeling very big and uncomfy, wild - it feels like my stomach has been pushed up to my chest. Urgh. I have also put on a stone and a half, which is not good. I am dreading the big lose weight plan afterwards, just because it is such hard work, and I am so very tired....

Good luck with finishing work sheldon, hope it all goes well. It's an odd feeling, specially if you've worked since you left uni. I hope you have a couple of weeks before due date just to chill out and relax. Enjoy it!

snow I've had a cold this week too - it has really knocked me out - just got to the stage when I had to go to bed, luckily have been able to either because DD2 had dropped off or I was home alone. Next few weeks won't be like that though so I am very much hoping it was all part of feeling under the weather rather than the old 3rd tri exhaustion approaching...

I'm 27 + 1 today! I think the 3rd tri is 28 weeks so moving on... although with this cold weather etc, May seems like a very long long way away!

Hope you all have good weekends. My DH is working so I'm on survival techniques with the 2DDs. Also my DSD is with me because she's in trouble - after holding an impromptu party last night at her house when her mum was away. DH (and I) were up with a call at 1.30am and he had to go and collect her. I didn't get back to sleep til about 4am! Oooh teenagers, we'll all have this to look forward to!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

WildeRumpus Sat 09-Feb-13 15:18:27

yay boo (in a weird way) I have put on about a stone and a half too smile we shall be post-preggers worry buddies (in a good, supportive non-stressful way!) I was doing FINE then all of a sudden I weighed myself and had put on 5 lbs since the week before blush. It did this to me at xmas as well, I went from having put on 6lbs all pregnancy to adding about 5lbs just like that. I have eaten a lot, I admit it, but am also erm, bloating too. my rings are tight and I just look enormous! I do love it, of course, but today I chickened out of going to the pool with DS because my thighs are too yack. I try not to castigate myself for fatness, especially when pg, but I used to have weight issues and sometimes I am not strong enough. So I eat more lemon drizzle cake (<sigh> but oh YUM... and we are pregnant... hurrah!)

We shall be fine tho. My friend put on tonnes with her second baby and is now, 7 months later, looking trim as anything. And i remember during her pg she worried about being so fat and actually to me she just looked pregnant and lovely!

OOOOh homebirth chats!! I got a birth pool in a box, and shall use it again for this one. I hope it is in ok condition, DH put it away after DS was born in a kind of lazy daze... I will buy a new liner for it tho, which will be sterile and hygenic. You can hire birthpools from some MWs if you don't want to buy, can you do this? Tho they do have good resale value which is why I bought mine (and I wanted my OWN birthpool!) And I don't mean to be annoying but I would have it bought, up and ready to go when you hit 37 weeks if that is possible. I say that because mine arrived when I was 37 weeks and when I was 37+3 I thought 'right! Today I shall get it out of the box and check it over etc for my niced slow labour in three+ weeks time', but it was heavy... so I left it and had a snooze on the settee... and went into (my 4 hour long) labour that night! So DH was unable to be with me because he was putting up and filling the birthpool for yonks! I only got in it after transition in the end so this time I will have it up and ready to go at 37 weeks smile That is just me tho!

Oh boo thank you for your sympathy re preggers moving. I have also hit this tired spot, I haven't felt this sleepy since the first tri. When are you on maternity leave? I am so tired I am quite weepy with it all! Packing I don't mind, and I have done LOADS and am rather proud of myself and bumpy. however, I am tired, tired, tired. I fell asleep at 8.30 in front of the tv last night! I am also not really cooking etc and I only just realised it is because at 5pmish I am just too tired to start lifting pans and chopping veg. Wonder if it will lift or is here to stay... (it has to lift really, I have my viva at 32 weeks then will have to work hard to finish my thesis proper before the bubs comes!!! Oh crikey, what am I DOING?!?!!) May does feel like ages away... but 10 weeks until being in the 'drop zone' does not!

Sheldonella Sat 09-Feb-13 15:39:52

Hello! I'm free! Work all done! Woo hoo! smile

This is so weird as you say boo! I can't quite get used to the fact that I won't be going there for ages. Last day was nothing, didn't do anything in particular other than hand over all my work and have some nice chats with people but it feels so final. Now I have to have a baby! Eek!

Just been to my final NCT class which was lovely. We bathed dolls and talked about co-sleeping, night feeding and swaddling. I wasn't sure about co-sleeping before but now I have heard all about it it makes perfect sense and I want to do it. The teacher said we must have a firm mattress though and ours is a bit squishy so will need some more thought.

I'm 36 weeks today and suddenly feel absolutely massive and I think baby has dropped as I'm uncomfortable in new ways. I'm getting lots of Braxton Hicks too which take my breath away a bit. Sleep is now impossible for more than about 45 minute bursts. Grr!

wilde Moving in 2 weeks, how exciting! I'm not sure how I would manage it but it must be so lovely to be moving somewhere so pretty. What a lovely place to set up your birthing pool smile I definitely want a water birth, hope nothing gets in the way of me trying.

ice I hope you are getting some rest and enjoying your expanded family.

twenty Hope all is well with you.

I would be up for a facebook group. How do we go about it?

LittleMissSnowShine Sat 09-Feb-13 18:08:59

hello everyone!!

ice - yes some health visitors and midwives are very anti co-sleeping. I see what they mean if people aren't making an effort to do it safely but if you are doing it with some safety measures in place i also think it's a great way to get the baby to sleep!

sheldon - woo hoo on being finished work! and also on the BH...things are heating up in the baby blast off department grin

wilde - that birth pool story is hilarious and also v true about third tri exhaustion. yeah, i'll do it in a minute...after i sleep for a while lol

boo - also dreading dragging all the old clothes and baby stuff out of storage, probably cobwebbed and dusty!

DS had also given me conjunctivitis along with his cold. I look a state!!!

booboomonster Sat 09-Feb-13 20:00:37

ooh finally mumsnet has speeded up - it's been sooo slow all day (or maybe it's just me).

Anyway, good to hear everyone's news!

Glad to hear that you've gained the same as me, wild. I suppose it's not too bad an amount, I'm sure first time around I gained 2 stone by this point. But I started off about a stone lighter then - I think I've gained half a stone after each pregnancy (even after losing weight). You are right we WILL lose it after. I just wish I could be a little bit more circumspect about food right now - I seem to be snacking a lot and it tends to be on crisps/ biccys/ cake. oops. I think I am going to do a kind of no sugar for lent thing... maybe... I looked up the shred DVD today (for after, obvs) though I have not bought it yet. Also planning on various gym joining...

Re: I like birth pool in a box best too. Renting is almost as expensive as buying new pool and selling on ebay. I totally see what you mean about not getting it in time, although I would be amazed if this baby comes early and almost glad if it did, even if it meant missing the pool! Having had one birth out of the pool, and one in the pool I would say although the pool was nice it wasn't hugely different iykwim. It was a little bit more enclosed and private, but I would say the pain levels were the same. My first was on due date, second ten days late which was tedious in the extreme so should this one put in an early arrival, I might just celebrate that fact and do without the pool! The other problem is that I don't really have room to have a pool hanging around the house for a few days before baby decides to come... but if I do get to do that - how do you keep it sterile (with other kids around)?

I am definitely getting more tired. Though just took a pic of myself in the mirror as I did this last time around 39 weeks - and I've a lot of growing to do. Feel big and exhausted enough....

sheldon you are at a lovely stage now, I'm quite envious! Except not of the lack of sleep, I remember that. Try and nap when you can, you will need energy for the birth. I recall at my first birth I was so tired because I'd not been sleeping well and then I had a false labour the night before so been up all night thinking this is it! And it wasn't for 24 hours later! My eyes were rolling up in the back of my head during labour I was so tired - I remember the sensation quite clearly.

Poor you with conjunctivitis, snow - honestly, pregnancy really is not glamorous at the best of times without other DC to give us all and sundry! Co sleeping also works because you can sleep without having to get up every few minutes to feed/ cuddle/ comfort babe! We used to joke that DH was sleeping through from DD2's birth, as there was no crying to interrupt his slumber!

I see from the May thread wild that one of our number has gone into labour - wow - a bit scarey, hope all's well there. A work colleague was telling me about his cleaner who has just given birth at 27 weeks - baby and mum doing well, so fingers crossed. Even though I don't want to go overdue, I would not like to give birth this early...

We are actually going out tonight - taking advantage of DSD being grounded and having to stay in. Not sure if I will last beyond 10pm which isn't great as restaurant booked for 9.15pm - but I will give it a go! hope everyone has a good evening!

Sheldonella Mon 11-Feb-13 10:47:44

Hi everyone. Just had my 36 week check at the hospital and a tour of the birthing unit. I seem to have grow 5cm in under two weeks and am now measuring 37 weeks! Quite happy with this smile All was good, baby is engaged and in optimal position. The birthing unit is lovely, all brand new with mood lighting, music and huge pools in every room. I just need to stay uncomplicated so I can use it now.

This afternoon we are going to look at a nursery. I can't believe we are having to think about this before she is even born but nothing we can do about it.

snow I hope you and DS are feeling better. Conjunctivitis is no fun. I hope it doesn't last long.

boo How did your night out go? Hope you had fun.

<waves> to everyone grin

Right, I need a coffee as had another rubbish night. No work today though smile

twentythirteen Mon 11-Feb-13 14:57:25

Just checking in rather than lurking, what a lot of excitement! So Sheldonella is 36 (37wink!) weeks. Where is everyone else? I got confused and thought Boo that you were 39 weeks now so I'm in a panic! Ice lovely to hear how you're doing and safe co-sleeping sounds great if you all get to sleep! Wild hope your upcoming move and viva (do you have a date for that yet?) go smoothly. I hope you don't have too much to do in preparation. Snow, I can't believe you are still struggling with the vomit/nausea, you poor thing, you've really had it rough. And sounds like you all need rest and health!

No exciting news here. The karyotyping (spelling?) came back confirming a genetic abnormality as a cause of the last mc, not very interesting but better than no result, which is the case about half the time. And as a result, rather than just testing my blood (which I was told was the usual next step) they invited both of us in. The results have come back but our appointment isn't until the end of Feb. We've started ttc but pretty half heartedly really. I will continue to check in with you all though!

LittleMissSnowShine Wed 13-Feb-13 16:26:13

hello ladies!

twenty - good you got a result, i didn't get one and of course it leaves you wondering (stupidly) if the baby was fine but there was something i could have done to prevent mc sad Very best of luck in resuming ttc again, hope to see you back here soon x

sheldon - hurray for growth spurt and baby getting into optimal position. Getting v excitied (and impatient lol) on your behalf!

boo - i put on two stone when I was pg with DS and it took me 18 months to lose it all. Over last year with two pregnancies it's fair to say a lot has crept back on hmm Hopefully nausea will pass soon and can start swimming or yoga or walking - exercise not really recommended for HG but lying around doesn't help your overall fitness much!

I'm starting to think I have the flu, shaking all over and throwing up all day. This is awful, I'm really worried about it - wish I'd had the flu vaccine but I was planning to have it done next week. Too late now!!! Out of hours dr surgery is 5 mins drive tho and they open at 6 so just hoping to hang on til then. Not sure if they can give me anything or not but DS is the same and with him being 2 and me being pg we're fairly high risk categories so feel like we're going to need checked out. Kept thinking it was only the cold last few days but it's really escalated since last night and off work today, shivering in bed sad sad sad

WildeRumpus Thu 14-Feb-13 14:38:00

Just checking in cause on my annoying phone...

snow you poor thing, I hope you get well soon! Secret hug - you really have been thru it.

twenty am so glad you have some closure and are being looked after. Good luck with the half hearted TTC! smile I am 27 weeks now, think boo is a wek or two ahead smile viva on 18 march so looks like I'll be busy right up to my due date! Eck.

Things sound so positive for you sheldon! Wonderful! Nearly there now...

boo I would.keep the pool sterile by not putting the liner in till in labour. I couldn't bear being on my legs so the water was a godsend, but who knows second time round! Seems that he 27 week baby is doing really well! How amazing.

Move in a week eek! Better pack something...

Oh and am having baby name dilemmas! Wonder what you think. List of names is thus: Austen, auden, Etienne, Leo or Sam (ds likes as is fireman Sam crazy tho is a nice name!). My ds's name is French but we are not French so Etienne might be too much... Austen would be called ozzy really which I really like but is Austen a nice name? Love auden but is it too bookish and beige?!! That was also my girls name... But we might never have a girl!

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