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graduates of the wine-and-shagging-after-mc thread come hither!

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wilderumpus Fri 28-Sep-12 19:25:49

Seeing as practically all of us have now got pg, here is a new home for all of us to come to carry on chatting after getting the BFP after our mcs. Today we are pregnant! smile

booboomonster Fri 28-Dec-12 22:03:27

hurrah wild so glad all good with your scan. And congrats on a boy! It is amazing to see it all looking so proper baby-like, isn't it!?

snow sorry to hear about spotting - but like wild says - it can be normal for some pregnancies. Keep your spirits up, when is your next scan?

LittleMissSnowShine Sat 29-Dec-12 11:01:36

Aww congrats wilde!! I know my DS would love a little bro grin Boys are just go go go all the time but so affectionate, really delighted for you!

No more spotting since y'day afternoon and woke up puking again this morning so keeping fx - next scan on Wed

Sheldonella Sat 29-Dec-12 17:02:29

Finally home after all the xmas family duties! We had a nice time visiting but I really missed being at home and am so glad to have my own bed back. We also got our nappy lady delivery and have a great selection of reusable nappies now. I am ridiculously excited about using them smile I've had some huge kicks the past few days, some quite painful! I'm 30 weeks today, this is SO exciting!

YAY for the happy scans! boo Congratulations on your new DD, are her big sisters excited? I have an anterior placenta too which made kicks a bit patchy at first. Definitely having plenty of them now.

foof So happy for you too, so much deserved. Hope you have had a nice xmas and have been relaxing as much as possible.

wilde Huge congrats on DS2! And the PhD! Oh, and the new more relaxed lifestyle - what an amazing year you have coming smile Great that the placenta has moved too.

snow Sorry to hear about more spotting but it must be just one of those things. Mine stopped at 8 weeks with this one so hopefully yours will clear up soon too. Sorry to hear about the sickness - not long until next scan though at least.

booboomonster Sun 30-Dec-12 18:47:56

Symptoms sound good snow. Not long til wednesday now... hope you aren't stressed out by the waiting - it's tough I think - almost harder when you have a scan coming up (as the rest of the time I know I seem to be able to put it out of my mind more easily!)

hey sheldon glad you are home - you really appreciate home comforts when preggers don't you? Specially BED! Good for you with the nappies - I remember being really excited when I got mine... they look so gorgeous and cute (not for long it has to be said). Wow 30 weeks - not long to go now!

Also, glad you say that about patchy kicks... I haven't felt any for a couple of days, but felt loads before that. It's weird how it comes and goes at the moment...

Is anyone doing anything for New Year? We are (blissfully) doing nowt. We've not done anything dramatic for it since the DDs were born, but we have always had people staying / over for it. So I am quite excited to be having a quiet one. We can see the central london fireworks from our loft so will be looking out for that if we can stay up late enough - in fact, might miss it this year grin. DH is working tomorrow so I've got a creative day with the DDs. I am planning to get some nice dinner in for me and DH too. Maybe a glass of bubbly?

I'm 21+2 now - it's quite exciting seeing on my what to expect app that I have passed more time than I have left! Hope everyone else is well.

WildeRumpus Mon 31-Dec-12 16:29:57

hey all, thanks for the congrats smile Am delighted but utterly stuck for names but what a wonderful and fun dilemma to be in! It sees through my 4am insomnia hour a treat (better than thinking about the thesis!)

boo my kicks are still patchy. Some are getting quite big tho! ah, tonight we are having a nice steak and glass of bubbly together at home but nowt else.

sheldon glad you had fun and that you are safely back at home in your own bed!

symptoms sound good snow, hope you are doing ok?

hope you had a good chrimbo foof?

All cool here. Am on a strange come-down after submitting and sort of don't know what to do with myself. I think I might be sulking because we haven't been able to celebrate or go on holiday due to NY and DS is full of energy at the mo so am shattered and really want a break! Are looking for houses to rent in cornwall atm, (and schools for DS so we are settled in a decent catchment area which is really weird as he has only just turned three!) And then thinking about what we want with a newborn, e.g. a garden and spacious bedroom we can all fit in etc. Is crackers! and exciting, of course smile am keen to move asap now, get to the beach.

Am also spotting more now, is getting to be a watery dark pink and a daily occurance. Am quite stressed about it in a passive 'oh shit, ho hum, stay calm' kinda way... I don't know if I should bother mentioning it to anyone or not. What can they do apart from scan me again and I can feel the baby is o in there. I will say something to the MW at my 24 week appt which is three weeks away. I feel more concerned now I know it isn't the placenta. But the baby is fine, and the scan showed no anomolies that might cause this spotting so I should chill out. I just wish someone could say what was causing it!

Anyway. Am absurdly glum today, I think I am hormonal smile

Happy New Year everyone! thanks and sneaky wine grin

WildeRumpus Mon 31-Dec-12 16:30:15

ps apologies for the brain dump!!!

booboomonster Tue 01-Jan-13 17:22:57

wild I am totally stuck for names too. I always had a boys name but never a girls... I used up my one original one with DD1 and went leftfield with DD2, so goodness knows where we'll go with this one...! Tis quite exciting though...

Re: the spotting - that's annoying, but if nothing was picked up on scans I'm sure it's fine - keep an eye on any changes.

Hope you are feeling more cheerful today - we actually had a beautiful day here which was a nice change from all the depressing rain. I am quite glad to see the back of 2012 - have good feelings about 2013! Congrats for finishing phd, wild and house hunting and planning a new life sounds very fun...!

Happy New Year everyone else - hope you're all well and putting feet up (what I am about to do after all day out with kids!)

booboomonster Tue 01-Jan-13 17:23:48

Happy New Year to wild too - sorry just re read that and it looked like I was excluding you confused!

LittleMissSnowShine Tue 01-Jan-13 18:26:11

Happy new year everyone!!

I am wretchedly sick which I am hoping is a good sign tho hav scan tomorrow to confirm anyway. Im not back to work til Monday but DH back in.on Thurs and im a bit nervous about coping with DS on my own while im.feeling like this confused but if i'm really sick i hav MIL and childminder to fall back on tho i feel guilty and hormonal, like im being a crap mum but at least with DS the wretched sickness stopped by week 14 so at worst only another 5 weeks of this!!!

wilde - the move sounds v exciting! We moved out (a bit!) to the burbs in.the summer - i miss being so near all the stuff i was in easy walking distance to before but our little garden and our quiet street. It will be so great for you and the wee ones!! Tbh if it was me i wouldnt want to ignore spotting for 3 weeks, but only because i seem to hav become a total worrier blush

boo - hope u enjoyed fireworks! We had a quiet night too, but then.i couldnt sleep all night anyway lol and ds has had a tummy bug so our plans of a nice day out became tv, toys and lots of cuddling!!

sheldon - also deeply into my bed and sofa at the min!! Hope you had a lovely time with family tho and enjoy the nappy appreciation time grin

LittleMissSnowShine Wed 02-Jan-13 15:26:02

Scan went fine today!! 8+4 beanie in there, picked up immediately on scan so no rooting around while we waited nrvously, clear heartbeat, arm&leg buds forming, growing at expected rate phewwwww!!

At least this bloody sickness which kind of has me housebound at the min is all FOR something!! I can cope much better with being stuck in bed when I know baby is doing well and that there's an end distantly in sight grin

WildeRumpus Wed 02-Jan-13 19:22:03

little that is amazing news, congratulations smile The likelihood of mc after seeing a HB at 8 weeks is fantastically low!

thanks for the positive vibes snow and boo, they must have worked as am feeling much better now! I think I was a bit confused when I handed in and worried about my work but now I am settling into not having to do it (sort of, still think I have to work but maybe next week...) and had my first day as a SAHM today! Tidied most of my uni notes away last night, the spare room looks very bare now and I walked out with a little box of things like my lip balm etc that had kept me company all through working and it was like leaving a workplace (minus colleagues!). So weird. Anyway, we have 7 houses to see in cornwall next week, are going away for the night JUST me and DH on Tues (exciting!) and am seeing my baby niece so am all very happy. Oh and am reading wolf hall and is most enjoyable.

snow I have been spotting regularly since six weeks, so for nearly four months! I have had lots of scans (seven?!), an internal exam and swabs done for infections and no cause other than the low lying placenta (which has now resolved itself) has been attributed to it. So I am now in the position of knowing I can call a MW and say about it and they would offer to send me for another scan... but I know the baby is ok because he is tapping away in there regularly. so is no point bothering unless it gets worse. I will mention it at my 24 week appt tho, just to have it 'out there' and they may give me another consultant appt.

<waves to ice, chuckle, one, foof and sheldon>

FoofFighter Wed 02-Jan-13 19:43:09

[waves back] nothing to report really hence my quietness smile

Littlemiss, great news smile [hugs]

LittleMissSnowShine Wed 02-Jan-13 19:50:16

Yay wilde - took me weeks to get over that post-phd feeling of having more writing / editing to do! Do you still have your viva to do or was that your final submission with corrections done?

WildeRumpus Wed 02-Jan-13 19:54:59

still the viva to go snow sad am not thinking about that till I hear about a date! kept certain notes back etc for easy access when I need them. Am dreading it but is ok.

Sheldonella Wed 02-Jan-13 19:58:37

Happy new year everyone! I had a quiet one with DH and I had a teeny glass of bubbly which was lovely.

I've been shopping again today blush I bought a cute little green dress, a fleecy suit with ears and a little warm jacket, all in the sale. We also got our cot delivered but it is damaged and has to go back sad

Still no news on the GD test but hopefully I will hear this week.

That is great news snow smile Hope you can relax more now.

wilde Congrats on your first say as a SAHM! It must be strange having been so busy for so long. I don't know how I'm going to feel when I finish in 5 weeks. Do mention the bleeding to the mw but I have read a lot of threads about unexplained bleeding that just seems to happen.

How exciting about all the house hunting, cornwall is so beautiful <envious> smile Do you know when you will move? Will you be close to the beach? Sounds amazing.

LittleMissSnowShine Thu 03-Jan-13 10:33:39

sheldon - wish i could have had a wee glass ofsomething for new years but i have been.completely tee total all over xmas, so flipping ill!! I'd even bought a couple of shandies (woo hoo living on the edge!!) but DH ended up drinking them for me. The day I have a half glass of vino will be an exciting one grin

wilde - I had about 7 weeks between.submission and viva which is a fairly long gap and it was a bit of a nightmare cos obviously you dont feel completely done til it's iut of the way!! Glad you have lots of other stuff to keep you busy, oh, like house hunting near the beach!! I live about half an hour in car from some lovely beaches and a good friend of mine and her DS live in one of the more well known beachy towns locally so we hav a nice time visiting and goung for icecream on sunny days. Love the fresh air!

Still pukeapalooza here since 4am - its getting a bit worse everyday so I think I am going to need signed off work for a few weeks - I'd been hoping to avoid that but dont think I can realistically drive anywhere let alone sit in an office anytime soon. Wish I could do a Kate Middleton and clear off to a private hospital for a few days and then recuperate in a palace grin

booboomonster Thu 03-Jan-13 11:08:51

Hi all just checking in quickly from the playground!

snow fantastic news! Really pleased it went well - and as much as it is crap feeling so rubbish, as you say, it's reassuring!!

Glad you feeling better wild - yes lucky you house hunting in Cornwall. I discovered recently that family (way back) on my dads side were from there so I think I have a yearning that will one day present itself strongly!

Exciting shopping sheldon! I was looking vaguely for a nice new sleep suit (with 2 DDs already I need nothing!) but not seen one yet. There was a cute zip up one (handy!) in gap sale but only 0-3 months and given my last was a whopper I'd need the next size up to be safe.

I have been sooooo tired recently - slightly worried how I will get through next 18 weeks! Don't recall feeling this exhausted at this stage last times but I guess the DDs take it out of me. Feeling more kicks though which is fab!

Hope everyone else is well! We are going home in a tic to make pancakes! (Yawn). I am also nearing the end of a quilt I am making - exciting (my first one!). Hope everyone has a good day!

WildeRumpus Sat 05-Jan-13 11:28:23

hope you get signed off snow and feel better soon thanks The first tri is sooooo hard.

oh, I thought 6 weeks to 3 months was quite normal to wait for a viva. Am not really thinking about it at all, I think it will be early march... we shall see!

boo am shattered too! I have to sleep nine hours a night or I am a zombie until lunchtime, don't feel well and don't want to eat. Like I might get a hangover. Obviously i don't get nine hours usually so there you go. Am so lucky I am at home and only have to drag my arse out to a playgroup with my friend, let our children off the leash and sip lazily at a macchiatio smile (and manage one child who keeps hitting and snatching toys off mine. grr)

off househunting on Mon. will be great, am getting very excited about our change of life now. will be about 10 mins from the sea, I just adore the sea so that will be amazing.

Off to get my brekky, starting to feel a bit better now!

ice I hope you are ok, am starting to worry! brew biscuit

Sheldonella Sat 05-Jan-13 14:52:11

Hi everyone smile Enjoying a very lazy day today. It is mostly because I had the whooping cough jab yesterday which left me with a very painful arm but it is nice to sit down and do nothing. 31 weeks today too! I start NCT classes on Tuesday which I'm a bit nervous about but it's all happening now.

In other news, I passed my GTT so am officially not diabetic. This is such a huge relief as it means I am still able to use the nice new birthing centre with the pools.

wilde Good luck with the househunt and have a lovely trip away.

I have been thinking about ice too, hope all is ok!

snow Have you been able to get anything for your sickness or be signed off? Hope you are ok too.

boo Glad you are feeling more kicks. I have started to feel specific bony little parts sticking out now, it is adorable smile Also think there has been a little bottom sticking out at times. Always funny when I'm sitting at my desk at work. Quilt sounds lovely, where did you learn to make them?

LittleMissSnowShine Sat 05-Jan-13 18:55:53

Hi ladies!

Still sick but the cyclazine tablets are helping a bit, not being sick as much now, still pretty nauseous, weak and shaky tho! Had my first trip out of the house in 3 days today and that was just to be chauffeured round to my mum's house briefly. Tis a bit miserable but hoping it'll lessen after first tri is over - going to phone GP on Monday to get signed off work.

sheldon - really glad your test came back clear and you're able to use the birthing centre you want smile

wilde - your timing will be exactly like mine then, submit in Jan, viva in March, corrections til June and graduation woo hoo!!! Enjoy the househunting trip next week. 9 hours a night sounds like bliss to me too grin

boo - glad you're feeling more kicks! I loved this website when I was pg with DS - made it fun to guess the position of the bay depending on where I could feel the kicks! Can't wait to feel those but a couple of months away yet...

LittleMissSnowShine Sat 05-Jan-13 18:56:43

sorry should be

WildeRumpus Sun 06-Jan-13 10:03:12

Eek snow I can only do any corrections until April as I have my baby in May! Tbh i don't want any corrections at all amd worked so hard to address everything knowing I will be in trouble if their are lots.. but think they could pick on my refs. If there are many corrections then I might not finish it.

Glad your anti sickness meds are helping a bit... Keep resting!

sheldon am glad you not diabetic! What a relief.

My anti natal thread are putting the wind up me! Someone went into hospital with a bleed and apparently bleeding regularly indicates early labour. Like, prem early. So will def talk to mw about mine. Quite frightened! oh and the open allegiance to Gina ford is frightening too

One of my dear friends died of cancer on Friday morning. She was only diagnosed last Feb. Is so sad and crap. I can't believe it Tbh.

LittleMissSnowShine Sun 06-Jan-13 10:21:40

wilde - so sorry to hear about your friend, that is really sad news sad don't let mumsnet scare you! You have been bleeding on amd off throughout a lot of your preg and mw never mentioned premature birth to you before so hopefully that's because she doesn't think you are at a high risk for that happening. That being said, def mention it to her to put your mind at rest! Also re: corrections, my PhD is literature so corrections are pretty much inevitable alas and my internal examiner (ooh sounds a bit rude!) got err v enthusiadtic and involved in mine and kept suggesting more&more stuff i could do, but he was head of dept so it was hard to say no! I'm sure it won't happen with you and i have no doubt you'llget it all finished...nothing like having a baby arriving soon to put a bit of pressure on!!

Slightly less queasy today - doubt i'll be going far from house again tho. Sucks! Had tickets for a stand up.comedy.night with friends tonight but think i'll have to give it a miss. Keeping mantra in my head...only 3 or 4 weeks more of this... Booking appt arrived in post y'day too. Something to focus on!!

booboomonster Sun 06-Jan-13 14:45:51

Oh wild so sorry to hear about your friend. What awful news. I assume she was young - it is just unbelievable when things like cancer take young people, just not right. I hope you are feeling ok.

Also re the bleeding - yes I have been keeping abreast of the thread but her situation sounds very different to you - I think she described quite a bit of blood, and has had some diagnosis. They have checked you out and can't find a problem which means likely that there isn't a problem. Some women do bleed. See how you feel but you could always go in for another scan/ check up if you want to. Try not to worry if poss!
Oh, and glad it's not just me that is knackered - though weirdly I have had more energy this weekend despite working with 6am start! Could it be down to baby growth spurts?

And Ha to the GF fans! Yes I think they will be in a shock trying it with baby number 2 tbh. I didn't use her (not my style) but I know people who did with no1 quite successfully (mainly formula feeders) but once no 2 came along they had no chance - the baby didn't like it, or it was just too tricky to time things.

snow glad you are feeling better with meds, and yes you might not have much more of this - it's an endurance! I remember wild (I think) saying in the early days it was like wading through treacle and that was really how I felt during first 14 weeks or so - just struggling to keep upright (metaphorically speaking!).

thanks for the spinning baby link too - I remember it from before although I have never been able to really tell position! I only get low kicks at the moment because I think it can hide behind my placenta if it's any higher up. So still sporadic kicks, but I do feel them most days.

sheldon good to hear from you - wow you are so nearly there! Glad you passed GTT, I will have to have one due to previous big baby. Didn't know they restrict you from birthing centre - why, and is that everywhere (or just your hosp?) Anyway, good you don't have to worry about that. Hope you enjoy NCT, I made some great mates from it and we are still in touch from 5 and a half years ago, although all but one have moved away from the city now.

I went on a quilt making course when my DH and kids were away for weekend, early December. It just started you off, so I have a lot to finish but in fact they are pretty easy to do - although now I am putting it together I am finding a lot of the bits are variably sized so having to jigsaw it together a bit! It's fun though - I've got some lovely liberty print fabrics in there!

Anyway, we think we might have got a name, sort of. Basically there was a name we liked but someone we know used it - well, gave us the idea, so we didn't want to copy. But I think it might be the one! It's unusual like all our others (better not say otherwise I will out self!). Quite exciting to think about a name rather than just 'she'... even if we change our minds. I also bought a couple of GAP babygros / vests yesterday in the sale. They were all from broken multipacks so only 99p! They are just plain, but nice soft organic cotton. Also got some wool for my mum to crochet a jacket - in purple, again very soft organic cotton, from John Lewis Sale. Exciting!

Oh gosh, sorry for epic post!!

booboomonster Sun 06-Jan-13 14:46:46

oh yes and I'm 22+2!

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