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graduates of the wine-and-shagging-after-mc thread come hither!

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wilderumpus Fri 28-Sep-12 19:25:49

Seeing as practically all of us have now got pg, here is a new home for all of us to come to carry on chatting after getting the BFP after our mcs. Today we are pregnant! smile

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Tue 20-Nov-12 17:00:05

Ice wow 31 weeks! I can't believe how much you're doing. Do you think you're pushing yourself too hard?

You're all doing well those with the scissors stories! Hands up if you gave yourself your own haircut at the tender age of 3!!!blush

Boo wonderful that those awful TWs have gone. I understand it would be hard to imagine they are really gone. Is there a test or anything you all can take?

Wild that sounds like you're getting very clear instructions from your body, I so hope it's more manageable now. (and your ds3 sounds adorable!) 15 weeks, woohoo!

thanks to Ice and Wild for your mc dd dates. Mine was a weird time, I mostly kept it quietly to myself but lovely OH is always hovering around keeping an eye out for any tearfulness!

Sheldonella grrr angry, these people! Glad your GP got angry on your behalf. Glad it all turned out well enough, enjoying imagining just how big this bottle is! 24 weeks, woohoo to you too!

What a busy thread this has been, hope I haven't forgotten anything! I'm just home from work and am off to have a lovely bath. I'm ok re tomorrow. 22.5 hours to go. Thankfully. As long as this wait has been I can't believe that I never went for an earlier scan. It's a bit of a paradox for me. Nothing like confusing your very own self!

Sheldonella Tue 20-Nov-12 19:45:37

Massive good luck for tomorrow one thanks smile

booboomonster Wed 21-Nov-12 07:33:26

Lots of luck for today one! Will post properly later.

wilderumpus Wed 21-Nov-12 10:23:16

good luck today one! thanks

icequeenkate Wed 21-Nov-12 10:41:23

Good luck today one! Let us know how you are later? Will be here with brew and biscuit <might have eaten all the biscuit tho grin>

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 21-Nov-12 17:00:23

Hey guys, thanks for all the well wishes and biscuits and tea, will scoff them while I lick my wounds, dust myself off and get ready for the next bit of this mmc to take place. Pease don't let my news bring you down off your clouds at all. You have all been lovely, brave people I've been lucky to have for this time and I will undoubtedly lurk from time to time to see how all you are getting on!

Sheldonella Wed 21-Nov-12 17:03:18

Oh one I am so so sorry sad thanks There is nothing I can say at all I know but if we can be here for you at all we will.

wilderumpus Wed 21-Nov-12 17:08:32

one you are kidding. Am so sorry, I can't tell you how angry and upset I am for you sad

sending you the biggest hugs and I can't imagine you will want to post here really but if you could let us know how you are we would love that. Will you be ok? Do you have lots of support and can take time off work?

gutted for you lovely sad sad thanks

icequeenkate Wed 21-Nov-12 19:05:04

Oh one. sadflowers

So so sorry. Truly devastated for you.

As the others have said, please let us know how you are? So sorry.

booboomonster Wed 21-Nov-12 22:05:30

one am truly gutted for you. Life is so unfair, I really thought this was your time. I'll be thinking about you & mentally sending you courage to deal with this. You've been so strong before, I'm sure you can get through this, but I really wish you didn't have to. Hope your lovely DP is ok too & you can support each other. Please do post if you want to but dont if you dont. Lots of love xxx

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Thu 22-Nov-12 03:33:29

Thanks, I do feel like I'll be ok. It's not the shock/suprise/horror of last time and I feel stronger having been through it before. I've prepared for this, have planned for it over the last couple of weeks (which includes a diet!) and am not without my sense of humour... I said to my lovely OH yesterday "I won in one way, that awful mw did not take my blood!" and I have taken at least the next 2 days off to work out what/when. Take very good care of yourselves.



wilderumpus Thu 22-Nov-12 08:25:18

oh one thanks

I admire your strength and attitude. Do remember though that if you feel down and shitty and angry you can go with those feelings too, they are just as healthy and necessary. Thinking of you brew biscuit x

Sheldonella Thu 22-Nov-12 09:29:50

I'm gutted for you one thanks. I'm glad to hear you are sounding strong though but do take as much time out of work as you need. I wish you all the best for the coming days and hope you have as smooth a time of it as possible x
Thanking of you.

booboomonster Thu 22-Nov-12 17:17:22

one you are being so brave and sensible about this. I am full of admiration. I hope the next few days are ok, and go as well as they possibly can. I am glad you are keeping your sense of humour - you'll know how to deal with the midwives next time! I sincerely hope there will be a next time, and soon. You'll be a great mum. Have wine, biscuit and thanks.

wilderumpus Fri 23-Nov-12 16:22:04

thinking of you today one x

booboomonster Fri 23-Nov-12 22:34:08

How is everyone doing? What a terrible blow for one, I just didn't expect that. I keep having dreams about it.
I was convinced I wouldn't hear a heartbeat when the midwife came over yesterday, but all seemed well. I am now booked for home birth & have a stamp in my notes to say so!
Not much else to say - been thinking a lot about one and how she must be feeling. Hope everyone is well & bumps are good.

wilderumpus Sat 24-Nov-12 08:44:19

hey boo. I just feel so down for one, I realy can't believe it and will miss her loads, she is so kind. I just hope she is ok.

Was it your 16 wk appt? Am glad it went well for you, congrats smile Am so glad to have a HB buddy! Am under consultant-led care atm but am confident I will be discharged when 30 something weeks and have my homebirth (oh - presuming this placenta shifts or I'll be having a CS! the opposite experience!)

all is otherwise ok here tho am getting into a wee tizz about the fact I can't feel any movement yet really. So many second timers on the May AN board are having flutters now! Oh! hang on - I just had an odd teeny nudge! oh hurray for that and what a weird coincidence. I hope it was bubs!

finished my PhD thesis the other day so have been trying to relax smile Not that good at it - I feel terrible often, like I am skiving! Will have it back with suggestions for improvement on friday and then into the final month of editing - then am off for EVER. weird!

epic post!

ice I hope you are ok? have you had some down time yet? thanks

I really want to go skiing!

Sheldonella Sat 24-Nov-12 10:51:35

Hi all. I've been thinking about one lots too. She has been such a great friend to us all and I hope she is due some better news in the coming year.

How would you feel about having a CS wilde? I've been thinking about it a bit just in case. Still hoping for that calm water birth though. I'm sure the kicks will pick up soon. I'm 25 weeks today and they are so powerful now, I think she's trying to kick a hole in me smile excellent that you have finished writing your thesis. Celebration this weekend?

boo glad all is well with you and you heard the heartbeat again. Not long until your next scan. Will you be finding out the sex? How about you wilde?

I have a sudden craving for very healthy food so am going to find a why to get lots of spinach into everything this weekend smile lots to do again though unfortunately but at least I slept until 9 today. A record!

ice how are you getting on?

wilderumpus Sun 25-Nov-12 10:11:42

oh i can't wait to hear good news from one. And my other friends who mc'ed.

yoyo sheldon. hmmmmmm having a CS would be WIERD as I am really, really into natural birth - HB obvs as with DS, wouldn't let anyone induce me if it came to that; love Ina May and am really fightened of hospitals and medicalised birth! BUT what has to be has to be and tbh with all the mc's etc I am a bit different now... I just crave a healthy baby, however it comes. Would be sad to have a scar tho as my tummy is my best bit in normal life (is that super duper vain?!!!) I dn't know anything about CS but will start reading up after 20 week scan if placenta not shifted and try and make it positive smile any experiences anyone???

yay for craving healthy stuff! i slept until 9 too and we have to be out of the door for an NCT meet up (all our babies are turning 3 now!) er, NOW. feel a million times better for sleeping tho. and have a cute bump today.

thanks for the congrats smile am not celebrating as such but if i wasn't pg I would be very, very drunk! we had a nice takeaway and am just trying to relax - is strangely difficult having felt worried for so many years. and am worried about how awful it is but hey, I wrote it and even if I was incapable of writing another thing between now and NYE I have something to hand in!

the friends who sprung their baby announcement on us all on a projector screen at their wedding a week after I Mc'ed just had their baby. I hate them a little bit! this is awful isn't it. even tho my EDD came and went last tues and I was ok! them having theirs has pissed me off and made me sad. And wildly grateful for my bump. I hope I get some weird wriggles again today to reassure me, had a few yesterday and last night smile am a cow aren't I.

<waves to all> hope the weather isn't freaking you out too much brew

booboomonster Sun 25-Nov-12 14:28:52

I read the messages yesterday but didn't have time to post. Yes it was my 16 week appt, wild. I haven't been having much (if any) movement, so I really wouldn't worry. When the midwife listened in she said 'oh it's moving around a lot' and showed me what it sounded like. She said I probably just didn't feel it as I was pretty busy (I had DD2 with me and she was illustrating as much). Anyway, I am kind of sceptical about movements as I often think it's just something stomach related or wind, or shifting innards (!) It's not really until you get proper kicks that it's particularly satisfying, I reckon. The midwife said feeling movement around 20 weeks was pretty normal, so don't let it worry you.

Well done for finishing phd!! Excellent work! I hope you are basking in post work glow... or something!

Re CS - I know what you mean, wild - I was pretty gutted last time at one point when they falsely said she was breach and it might have to be CS. But this time I just want a healthy baby. I think any scarring is very low down, so you should be ok in a bikini!

sheldon glad you are having healthy cravings - I need those to start! I will find out the sex - am too nosy not to! Will be good to have a serious think about names too. Next scan is 27 Dec.

Anyway, better go - I have a tetchy DH wanting to catch up on The Killing from last night while DD2 sleeps. Yes am really hoping that one gets a successful pregnancy soon. I hope she knows she can post on here if she wants to. It made me slightly regret moving the thread from the conception section, though I'm not sure of the etiquette on that.

wilderumpus Sun 25-Nov-12 18:42:17

ok then boo! I won't worry smile Sometimes I get weird feelings and then nothing for days. my 16 week appt is on tues eek.

I haven't finished the PhD yet, just written it and sent to to Supervisor to check for glaring errors/omissions. will still need to edit but is ok. am doing xmas/DS b'day plans this week while off. lovely.

I will find out the sex too! i wish I knew when the scan was, will be 20 weeks on xmas day so would really like to know when the appt is so can make plans as that, obviously, comes first but would like to start house hunting in cornwall late dec/early jan too smile

Hmmm... am glad we moved the thread from conception; i felt I couldn't talk about the nice bits of being pg/worries/moans about sickness etc in a ttc-after-mc thread, felt waaaaaay too smug hmm. one would so much be super welcome to chat about ttc here tho, of course!!!!

went to my NCT meet and was so weird them all knowing and congratulating me on being pg. as i am away from friends and family all congrats and discussions have been on email/text so was weird to talk about it face to face, and have the menfolk congratulating DH. I was really shy about it all!

booboomonster Mon 26-Nov-12 17:30:49

I feel shy about it too wild, always have. It's slightly like saying 'I had sex!' I know it's not really but I can't seem to forget that part!

Anyway, sorry I got wrong end of stick re phd - at least you are on home straight. When is your deadline?

Yes I am sure you are right about moving thread.

Sheldonella Tue 27-Nov-12 10:17:18

Morning everyone. Wow, I don't feel like I will ever sleep a whole night again. Every night I wake up with something hurting :-( It was quite nice while I was trying to sleep yesterday though, I had my hand on my belly and I think I felt a knee or elbow or something as it stuck out for a few seconds smile
Hope your appointment is lovely today wilde and you get to hear the heartbeat. I have heard DD 3 times now and it is amazing every time. I have my 25 week appointment on Thursday, don't know what this one involved but I really want to listen again.
boo How lovely to have a post xmas scan. Lovely time to find out what you are having. I think we have decided on a name now although people keep telling me that we might change our minds when we see her. I hope not as I really love the name.
I can't believe it is nearly December now, the months really are flying by. I think after xmas I'm going to be hit by the reality of actually giving birth in the not too distant future. The thought of a section is pretty scary but I'm telling myself there is no point in worrying too much as I won't have that much control in that situation. I've had major surgery before and would like to avoid having it again smile

wilderumpus Tue 27-Nov-12 14:51:59

boo yes I understand about the sex thing, I feel like that when I have to tell work, it's hideous.

I told my supervisor that I am pg on an email but he has completely ignored it. so either he hates me being pg and won't even mention it or he didn't read the email! 'eck. am not mentioning it again!

sheldon am sorry you are so uncomfortable at the mo. can you get any decent painkillers to help? How exciting and lovely that you have chosen a name grin Can't wait to find out! We know our girl's name too, but don't have any at all for boys tho I hunt around smile so it will surely be a boy! the girl's name is really flexible, for any kind of personality, very rare and actually unisex so think whatever this munchkin looks like (if it is a girl) it will fit. Anyway, it is yopur baby and you have a feeling for things so whose business is it to say whether it will or won't work?!!

sheldon are you going to have a section?! remind me, am thick atm. and of your EDD?!

hope you are ok ice? <waves>

I never did hear from chuckle sad

waves to one

AFM i had my 16 week appt which was gorgeous. Heard the HB which was strong and perfect. so happy, happy. DH recorded it too! That will be my version of whale music when am stressed grin. She also booked me in for a 24 week appt even tho as a second time mum I normally wouldn't be seen until 28 weeks, so I can't get too anxious which is so lovely. Even tho I was saying I'll be ok once I get kicks just because I had expressed a slight worry she booked me in smile. And I got a homebirth pack and will get some info on workshops and meet other homebirth mumz which will be nice.

Am crying at the drop of a hat today! Oh crikey, hormone alert.

was a day out on my reckoning of how pg I am, am 5+6 today, not 16 weeks as I thought. How on earth I did that I don't know. feel absurdly miffed at being put back a day confused

take care my lovelies thanks

Sheldonella Tue 27-Nov-12 14:58:39

wilde No not planning on a section but just scaring myself with all the possible outcomes! Bad habit of mine smile I would ideally like a nice natural water birth but I guess I should keep an open mind. There is a lovely new birthing centre at my local hospital with a pool in every room so that would be my preferred choice. EDD is 9th March.
Yay for the heartbeat! Lovely idea to record it. DH tried to video our 20 week scan but he got told off. Sounds like you have a nice midwife there.
Yeah, on names we have been using her name so much that I can't imagine her to be called anything else. I think the only way we would change is if she turned out to be a boy.
ice How are you getting on?

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