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graduates of the wine-and-shagging-after-mc thread come hither!

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wilderumpus Fri 28-Sep-12 19:25:49

Seeing as practically all of us have now got pg, here is a new home for all of us to come to carry on chatting after getting the BFP after our mcs. Today we are pregnant! smile

booboomonster Fri 09-Nov-12 18:16:23

wild you are catching up with me - my EDD is 10th May...
Also I didn't answer you about making pressies. I don't make pressies exactly but I make a lot of stuff - like chutney (green tomato, home grown as the toms didn't ripen last year) or lemon curd is very easy to make and a bit different. I am tempted to try making some truffles this year but think it might be dangerous (I might eat them all). I made fudge recently and did eat it all!! But mainly I paint and sculpt so often give those away (frustrated artist).

Hope your friend is ok one and you get a good nights sleep tonight! A late night can put me off kilter for quite a few days!

ice about me-time, to be honest work often IS the me-time. It's when I get to go to the toilet alone, be alone, walk out and buy a sandwich, alone.... ahhhhh.

I am pooped. Went out last night and was a bit angry that the bill was divided equally rather than between those who drank and those who didn't (I was the only one not drinking). I made a joke about it but paid up. I know it's mean but I am really trying to save money for maternity leave at the mo. And I had to pay babysitter and it was just for me as DH was stuck away with work. I normally can't justify a babysitter just for one of us, but there was no way round it. He's been away all week. I cancelled our night out tonight, thank god as I would have made it, as I'm up at 6am tomorrow, and DH isn't going to be back in time anyway.

Jealous of the kicks sheldon!!

Anyway, hope everyone is ok! What are we all now? I'm 14 weeks today!

wilderumpus Sat 10-Nov-12 11:45:54

I would love some lemon curd! The people I make gifts for are savoury peeps rather than sweet though, so is tricky!

I made truffles once and I can't remember why but after i put them in the fridge they 'sweated' so looked like slimy balls of poo. did something wrong there!

Work is my 'me' time too... I am 'working' right now but am actually insanely hormonal so getting my sociable fix by being on MN and avoiding the family. I have already decided that DH hates me which is definitely hormonal as he has barely said anything to me today! I will start a fight if i go downstairs so am hiding. In truth my brain is mashed today and i can't actually concentrate on work at all! Is nicer than running around after DS though, am shattered too but DH is stressy and doesn't have any sympathy today.

bugger about the bill situ boo. I did that once as a student, barely ate anything at a fancy politics do I had to go too, then they bloody split the bill angry I could have had wine and a main for what i ended up paying - it isn't fair is it. This is going back 15 years too, and I STILL remember it grin (hormonal)

am 13+4 today! yay for 14 weeks! can't wait to be 14 weeks, it feels really 'proper' when you say it out loud smile

oh, I got some new maternity gear today smile great jeans from new look and a lovely jumper that is too big atm. give it a couple of weeks though!

Sheldonella Sun 11-Nov-12 09:15:54

Morning! I've been a bit absent again due to mild food poisoning like symptoms on Thursday and Friday - not pleasant. I had to miss work again which I felt awful about but I just couldn't sit in my office feeling like that.

Yesterday was lovely though, my cousin came to visit with her baby and I cooked them a lovely lunch and we chatted about babies all afternoon smile I'm so excited, her little boy is so lovely and happy and I can't wait to have mine so they can play together. DH and I then went to see the new bond film and I bought another set of baby clothes blush

How is the second trimester going wilde? You should be getting your burst of energy soon not that it happened to me. Ooh, lovely new maternity wear. I got some jeans from New Look too, very nice although I think I've outgrown them now as they hurt when I'm sitting down.

boo I would have been annoyed about the bill too - alcohol makes a huge difference to the bill doesn't it. Still, hope you enjoyed your night out.

one Sorry to hear about your friend - is she ok now?

How is everyone sleeping? I just cannot get comfortable in any position at all so turn over constantly all night. It means I'm not sleeping much but it does make DD kick when I turn over so not all bad.

wilderumpus Sun 11-Nov-12 11:46:29

hey sheldon sorry to hear about your food poisoning like illness sad little tummy bug maybe? Hope you are feeling better now?

Ah second tri is cool thanks, but yesterday was one of the hardest days I have had for weeks, I was completely shattered and my brain was in a weird pg fog and couldn't concentrate on work at all. And i was grumpy! I slept really well though (thanks goodness) and am feeling lots better again today! was thinking about going swimming... but am a bit 'twingy' today so won't. I get days when my ligaments seem to be stretching and are twangy feeling and on those days I won't want to stretch too much it feels weird! Does anyone else get that?! Will start yoga a week tuesday, can't wait for an hour on my own to do bugger all grin

Sleeping is off and on sheldon... am comfy in general and adore being in bed but often can't sleep and wake easily/too early - hormones. I used to love waking and DS waking too and giving me good morning kicks smile how lovely for you smile sorry you aren't comfy in general tho. have you tried one of thos sleeping pg pillows? or putting a small pillow/cushion under your bump to support it?

I have a little bump today smile am loving it. I have my new maternity top on (just a basic scoop neck top), long jumper and my over-bump mat leggings and feel all supported and comfy. My old tops have shrunk and are knackered anyway so kept creeping up - which tbh just made me feel fat!

we told DHs family we are pg last night, they are so excited for us. I am not 'excited' but I am happy... I think it makes such a difference telling when you are quite far along, they love it!

anyway. better work then eat sausages!

epic post! can you tell I am skiving

wilderumpus Mon 12-Nov-12 14:01:48

i done killed the thread sad


no news from chuckle. where is she? am really worried now.

hope everyone is well and just, like, soooooo busy. smile

Sheldonella Mon 12-Nov-12 14:13:22

You haven't killed it, I'm here smile But yes, it has been quiet. I'm worried about chuckle too. She joined that March antenatal thread right at the beginning but never came back. Hope shes ok.
All well here thanks wilde, just busy as you suspect. Finding it tricky to concentrate at work really due to the tiredness. I did have a a productive weekend throwing out lots more rubbish and tidying though - nesting seems to be turning into an obsession. I've never been so tidy!
Have you had anymore present making ideas? I think I'm going to have another go this year, maybe some sort of chutney. I have an apple tree on my allotment so maybe some more of spicy apple one.
The twinges - I still get those from time to time but much less than I did in the first trimester. I think I get them now when she kicks me somewhere uncomfortable. How lovely that you have a bump now smile
Great that you have told people too, it felt such a relief when we did as there was no more trying not to let it slip.
boo, one, ice hope you are all well today.

wilderumpus Mon 12-Nov-12 14:35:09

yay! helloooooo.

I have! courtesy of MN I am making any lucky bugger that can drink dishwasher vodka smile it sounds amazing!

yay for allotments and apple trees and nesting!

oooooh, I have had some nudges from the baby today! grin I have been feelling weird 'roiling' movements, most unlike my early feelings with DS, for a while, here and there, but today I have had four proper nudges smile Definitely not wind, definitely the baby. I got goosebumps when I felt them! Two nudges, twice smile I have to be at my desk all quiet and still. clearly this baby is not only posh with its thai food loving, but an academic. hehe.

I had my first massive hysterical pregnant sobfest last night! I sobbed and sobbed about how everyone hates me, for about half an hour. I don't really think everyone hates me although working so much is making me unpopular... then I saw the john lewis ad and cried a bit more. Then perked up and watch homeland. hmm

icequeenkate Mon 12-Nov-12 16:07:52

Sneaky blushwink night away with DH - watching Roger power past Novak at the O2! I'll wave to you girls!! wink

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Mon 12-Nov-12 16:10:25

Hey guys, I've been a mixture of having got over tired last week with feeling a bit hesitant about the pregnancy, so have been keeping my head down, literally I slept loads, but also just hung around a bit. I did post once over the weekend but it disappeared and the idea of rewriting it was too much!

Our friend is much better now thanks. She had gall stones which are supposed to be super painful. After the surgery they put her on loads of pain relief and when it eased off and the pain hit her it was so powerful it made her ill. Uff, she's starting to feel better post op now though!

Hmm, making presents, I've never been very creative and admire what all of you get up to. But this summer we did go to a few pick your own farms and made lots of jams that we thought could be presents.

And I would also be annoyed by that bill situation Boo. Next time order at the high end of the menu!

Wild how could you have killed the thread? Here brew & biscuit. Homeland - yes! Although Carrie's eyes and her emotonal intensity are starting to really bother me! And what about the xfactor sing off last night?

Sheldonella loving the decluttering you're doing!

Ohh, maternity clothes shopping and babies a kicking!!!!!!

I'm 11 weeks today. Where's everyone else?

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Mon 12-Nov-12 16:11:11

Is that tennis? Have a great time Ice!

wilderumpus Mon 12-Nov-12 18:20:29

ooh ice you are so glam! smile very envious of a) night away and b) tennis!

one sorry to hear you've been a bit down about the pg and then super tired. thanks super tired is such a good sign. I appreciate that waiting 12 whole weeks for a scan is a really long time. When is your scan again please?

carrie's eyes are a bit crackers! grin I didn't cry during the x factor sing off last night - tbh and horrible I really dislike both those boybands! am old and they bring out my pg Rage. ella all the way tho! and I have a soft spot for ryland, he is so sweet!

jam is a GREAT present smile I adore homemade jam.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Mon 12-Nov-12 20:30:19

I was thrilled it was both boy groups in the bottom two, I find them annoying and think it's a cheat as they don't have to be able to sing ,and these ones rarely harmonise! Grr, am typing on phone and is a pain so will be brief, scan is next week, the 21st.

icequeenkate Tue 13-Nov-12 13:55:28

oooh Novak won! And in style with a fab passing backhand. Saw Cat Deely, Pippa Middleton etc in the audience when I squinted hard!

sheldon have started decluttering too. Airing cupboard was the first victim and I found loads of really useful stuff in there! smile So I've put it all back again....

wilde how is the work going? Are you on target? It sounds as if you are.

one - hang on in there. Not too long now til scan.

boo loved your comment about going to the toilet on your own! DS3 is just at the stage where he gives a running commentary about everything including toilet habits, so taking him to the loo when out and about can be a little embarrassing.

Just remembered that chuckle is a teacher, so am hoping that she is buried under a mound of work (when I was working I was virtually a recluse just to keep on top of planning and marking) and that all is well.

<whispers> 30 weeks today. Count down begins...

icequeenkate Tue 13-Nov-12 13:55:54

PS wilde - we ate Thai at the tennis last night grin - thought of you!

wilderumpus Tue 13-Nov-12 14:38:48

thai at tennis envy bet you had sex too. meh grin

30 weeeeks! woot!

I am working my socks off thanks smile. my wrists hurt from typing (and my little finger in particular!), my eyes smart, by back is aching from being hunched and my shoulders kill. I WILL have this phD written for the weekend! Or monday anyway. am editing today but is some chapter i wrote 4 years ago and seemingly i forgot to write anything useful in it. It is like marking myself, except instead of writing 'ANALYSIS?!' angrily in the margins I have to bloody do it grin Is actually insanely satisfying though because my brain is working and so is just time rather than scary thinking. (bet you wish you never asked now!)

what teaching did you do ice?

ah boo and ice my DS is being potty trained and shouted in the thai restaurant about how he wanted a POO! can we go for a POO! and mummy, we can talk more if you wait until after my POO! blush

scan soon then one! aw!

be well my peeps!

thai. tennis. tut.

Sheldonella Tue 13-Nov-12 15:30:16

Afternoon all. Ugh - first proper bout of motherly guilt today as I filled in the nursery application and put it in the envelope to be posted. I need to get it done now due to the waiting list but she isn't even born and I'm already making plans for childcare. I know there is nothing at all wrong with this but I just feel so odd about it, like I shouldn't be doing it yet. Am I normal? Does the guilt ever go away? confused
wilde Dishwasher vodka?! What's that then? How lovely you are feeling nudges! I love feeling movements, even now when it feels like she is trying to kick her way out. I feel for you with the sobfests. I have only had one proper one so far - my dad was complaining about what was on the telly but wouldn't change the channel as he was trying to be polite. I went beserk and was sobbing proper snotty tears and then I went to eat my lunch in another room. Poor bloke was a bit shocked and apologise. I felt very silly later on blush I'm sure no one hates you smile
ice What a fabulous evening out, very jealous!
one Sorry to hear you are feeling like that. Not long until your scan now though and I hope you can feel better then, I know I did. Jam sounds great, I love making it. How are you feeling today? Still getting lots of sleep I hope smile
Eek, must do some work.

Sheldonella Tue 13-Nov-12 15:31:39

ice 30 weeks? Wow, that has gone so fast! I'm 23+3 now.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Tue 13-Nov-12 16:50:34

Ice! 30 weeks, woohoo! I thought of you when I heard the news this morning. How was it? And my god, how are you feeling? What are your plans for the coming weeks?

Wild, your post gave me a giggle. Poor you, "home stretch" and all that, 5 or 6 days remaining when it was once weeks, months and years! I will be curious to hear what it's like for you on the other side of this submission.

Sheldonella, your sobfest account also made me laugh, in sympathy. I haven't had anything recently but it really is quite a phenomenon isn't it. Wild have you had anymore recently?

I've been wondering whether my current feelings could be hormone related. That's dependent on their being a baby in there (my other theory of course is that it's the expression of an unconcious recognition of loss), but on the off chance that there is maybe the hormones are depressing me a bit? I didn't sleep very well last night and was in an absolute rage for most of the day, which I put down to being the flip side of depression. Luckily I have very good colleagues who I could laugh with about my being uncharacteristically dripping with wrath over every little thing! I am soooooo much fun right now!

wilderumpus Tue 13-Nov-12 18:02:11

one am sorry to hear you've been feeling down. FWIW I had a terrible weekend, on Sunday I felt completely and utterly low and thought maybe I was getting depressed, then cried a lot as I said... felt awful yesterday morning again, nearly cried in co-op, and at the childminders (and cried on the phone to DH at lunchtime still thinking everyone must hate me) but I am so much better today. In fact, i haven't cried at all today! What am trying to say is that it could so easily be hormone related and lift any time. Or it could be more than that. I also have the Rage a lot, particularly in shops, and even if i know it is my fault because of my huge pushchair I still hate everyone and think they are all thick and ugly. blush

Doesn't mean it is hormones, though I do wonder if you will feel better after the scan?

Ah well, I am not officially submitting until NYE, but this is my first proper attempt at getting the whole thing together and analysed Properly. Am nearly there, all the chapters are edited to death they just need to interlink and sound PhDish smile I will be working tonight!

sheldon dishwasher vodka is all over MN! I can't really describe it but it is a bottle of vodka, filled with sweets/choc/spices of your choice and then put in the dishwasher for it all to melt and infuse into the vodka. Apparently that's how they make flavoured vodkas! so that's my sis and SIL sorted smile I am going to make curly wurly flavour, and skittle flavour vodkas! exciting.

dont worry about the guilt, you have to do what you have to do! It doesn't really go away for a while but once you are back at work and they like going to nursery you will be fine. and anyway, it is a long way away yet and nice you have it sorted so you can just enjoy the baby without trooping round nurserys at a later date!

AFM - I am changed! I have managed to plan and cook hot, nutritious meals for my family three nights in a row (even started tonight's this morning)! it is huge that I can plan food and still fancy it later on! AND this evening I feel good smile Normally at this time (after 4pm) I feel like death and playing with DS is so difficult cause I just want to curl up on the settee and sleep. But i am fine! wheeee.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 14-Nov-12 18:13:27

Now I've killed the thread! To be honest it's just something I'd rather not talk about, I just need the answer and am in limbo until wednesday. So I'm not woohoo but I AM ok!

I just binge ate burritos and am now running a bath, and pajama's on the sofa are the next stage. Mmm, evening.

Wild what have you been cooking?

wilderumpus Wed 14-Nov-12 19:43:32

ok one. we're here if you need us smile thanks

burritos! yummy! I am going to make nachos on actual tortilla chips with cheese and salsa and sour cream and jalapeno peppers this weekend. Big fat fest.

Er tonight i had fish and chips blush. Have been mega hungry today but YAY it is evening and I am awake again! I am working actually. But I digress. I made a rather rubbish butternut squash, feta and chickpea pie (!) with cous cous one night (i am sensitive to sweet things atm and the butternut squash was like eating pudding! I also hate shop bread as it is very sweet bleugh), and had smoked haddock on wilted spinach on a bed (!) of lovely peppery mash, all with a soft boiled egg on top last night. yumptious. Can't remember the other thing I cooked, probably something with the aubergine.

ug roll on 8.30 and time to switch off!

I have my consultant appt tomorrow. I wonder what they will do? Must remember to pee in my pot grin Only when you are pg do you spend so much time meandering about with a pot of pee in your bag grin

wilderumpus Fri 16-Nov-12 07:59:16


I avoided posting yesterday as this is turning into a bit of a me,me,me thread blush but I wanted to share my experience of the drs yesterday with you!

had my consultant appt and I was veer hormonal (of course) and i am prone to cry every morning atm. Appt was in the morning, went along, waited for ages and the word miscarriage wouldn't leave me alone so I was pretty upset before i even saw the consultant. By the time she arrived I just burst out blubbering; a big sodden, heaving, gulping mess blush she couldn't even understand what i was saying through it all! it was SO embarrassing I felt about five. I couldn't stop! Anyway, turns out the appt wasn't because I might mc this baby but quite the opposite really. Just a reassurance appt with a dr that all is fine!

She reminded me that after 13 weeks I am so very likely to see my baby through to full term; that this pregnancy was unique and nothing to do with my last pgs; that I am really so very lucky to have another baby as so many people (her included, she confided) try for years only for one. She said that this baby might not live but that is life, we all will die so we can only be positive and strong with what we know right now.

She also did a scan with a wee mobile scanner and showed me thnat the baby is still there and wriggling around with a HB. I have another scan to see if the baby grows ok at 34 weeks as apparently recurrent mc can indicate a growing issue (?) and a consultant appt after but she said that was not a clinical appt for the baby but for me... blush

anyway. I woke this morning as a pregnant woman and not a 'what if-ing' woman and feel so jubilant, like I just got my BFP! I know you are worried about your scan one and this post probably won't help but I wanted to share the consultant's info that all pregnancies are unique and we can only enjoy what we have while we have it.

today we are pregnant smile and so lucky

all the best lovelies

Sheldonella Fri 16-Nov-12 09:57:34

Hi everyone. I've been having a stressy couple of days after realising I only have 40ish days left at work. This is ultimately a good thing but it has suddenly all become very real and I had a bit of a sobfest last night about how my life is going to change with DH. We always meet on our lunch breaks and relax in the evenings together and this is all going to stop and I feel very sad about it. I'm not sleeping at all which isn't helping - everything just hurts so much sad Sorry for the me me me, I just can't cope with fridays anymore it seems blush
one I'll echo wilde, we are here for you. I'm counting the days to your scan with you. Look after yourself. Love love love burritos, you have inspired some weekend cooking smile
wilde Thanks for clarifying on the vodka - it sounds fabulous! All your cooking sounds great too, I'm envious as I've been so lazy lately.
Your consulatant appointment sounds like a very positive thing, I totally sympathise on the crying though. I have done this at most of my appointments blush It is only the last couple of blood pressure checks I have held it together really. It sounds like they are being nice and cautious with your extra scans which is good. Lovely that you saw the baby again smile I love that saying - today we are pregnant. It is very uplifting. How is the writeup going?
Will have to stop there as I have tons to do (and a very very busy weekend to plan). When will it ever stop?

wilderumpus Fri 16-Nov-12 15:23:50

ah sheldon hope you are ok! 40 days left! exciting (when not stressful)! Life will change aye but in a nice way, you'll have your DH and your little mini you smile

write up is starting to drive me barmy, thanks smile I have been here since 8am and, despite MN breaks, am making myself sit and work and work and work. I hope to have it sent off, albeit in pretty poor shape, on tuesday and then I will have a few days OFFFFFFF (maybe a whole week). am sick to death of talking about this bloody research (ring any bells one?!). oh well, nearly there now.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Fri 16-Nov-12 16:40:51

I tried to post here this morning but MN logged me out! Grrrangry.

Thanks for smiley face and flowers Wild! That pie sounds amazing but butternut does go very sweet doesn't it. The fish, spinach, mash thing will def go on my list. Tonight though is going to be a very simple veg stirfry. I'm back on veg but have been too lazy to cook anything! Your consulation appt sounds like it went really well, and how lovely to be able to see your lo again!

Ooh Sheldonella sounds difficult. Can you cut back your hours or work from home on fridays? Sounds like things will be changing. Do you live very far from your OH's work? Just wondered if you could still meet up, but as a family at lunch times?

Oh yeah, Wild, the work does get awful at the end doesn't it? I remember not being able to really concentrate on it and, did I say this before? I simply couldn't bear it so I blasted music and sang at the top of my voice while hitting the keyboard with angry swypes, and somehow completed the submission in that state! Nearly there, nearly there!

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