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Feb 13 - part 3!

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Panzee Fri 28-Sep-12 17:42:49

I'm not one for fancy titles, but I see the last one is full, so here it is...

I remember my first, he 'flicked' me from the inside too. This one is swirls and somersaults. smile

LazyMachine Tue 29-Jan-13 11:41:18

Feb. 13 Stats

Add yourself according to EDD:
Name, age <nosey>, DC#, EDD, gender (if known)

LazyMachine, 38, DC1, EDD 2/9/13, MiniMachine = boy flavoured

hildainstant Tue 29-Jan-13 13:00:35

Lazy the trousers I sold were 'under' the bump ones and since I'm having a section I'm planning on getting most wear out of the over the bump jobbies. I'll def not be selling my big jeans etc as you're right, last time I wore them til they practically fell off me!! I'm hoping this time I'll be motivated enough to lose the weight fairly quickly though (may be a bit deluded at this point!!)

Here's my stats as requested

HildaInstant, 33, DC2, EDD 26 Feb 13 (ELCS booked 20 Feb 13), Lucky dip flavour

Aldan Tue 29-Jan-13 14:44:44

All fine at the hospital, just have to go back if no improvement in a week.

My stats,
EDD 27.2.13, boy DS2

Gbnewbie Tue 29-Jan-13 22:25:09

Hello all again

I'm glad to see a little more activity here too Panzee... I check in to see if there's anything new every now and then.

I feel very fed up. Midwife appt yesterday showed my blood pressure was up and she made the mistake of asking if my partner was supportive (mostly totally absent and when around completely selfish and stresses me out)... I've had period type discomfort, definitely no pain and what she said seemed like it might be a bit of a show so she said I could be in the very early stages of labour and should carry spare trousers etc etc which freaked me out more!! Time has flown by and my little one wasn't planned so I'm very unprepared in some ways and also very much trying to go with the flow being an optimistic person. Sorry!! I'm on a rambling mission it seems. Am very ready to meet my little one but very nervous about the final journey to get to see him.

Aldan - glad hospital appt went ok!
Hilda - yes to the itchy, it's horrible... I had no idea it happended. Even covered in a lovely greasy cream I'm still itching.

Good idea Lazy -My stats
Gbnewbie, 37, DC1, EDD 12/02/13, boy

Sorry for the really long post. I look forward to seeing the thread fill up with news of healthy happy arrivals!!

NAR4 Wed 30-Jan-13 08:07:27

Aldan one of my cousins had that terrible all over itching and they decided to induce her at 37 wks in the end. Luckily she went into labour that night and didn't need the induction. Hope it all settles down for you, being heavily pregnant is enough in itself without added problems.

NAR4, 37, DC5, EDD 14/02/13, boy

I fibbed a little earlier (by accident). I have found out that my local private clinic does accupuncture which is reported to be quite successful at starting labour within 72 hrs. Have an appointment booked for this evening, so fingers crossed for me. Nothing else left to try though after this, except a sweep at 40 wks.

Never had any of these pains with my other children so can't help but get my hopes up that this time my body is going to go into labour by itself. At this rate the head will be out before I believe I am actually in labour, if it does happen by itself. Oh well, my neighbour has had four DCs as well, so between us I'm sure we would manage.

Panzee Wed 30-Jan-13 17:29:33

I'm on my laptop now so can cut and paste!

LazyMachine, 38, DC1, EDD 2/9/13, MiniMachine = boy flavoured
HildaInstant, 33, DC2, EDD 26 Feb 13 (ELCS booked 20 Feb 13), Lucky dip flavour
Aidan EDD 27.2.13, boy DS2
Gbnewbie, 37, DC1, EDD 12/02/13, boy
NAR4, 37, DC5, EDD 14/02/13, boy
Panzee 36, DC2, EDD 10/02/13, boy

Had midwife this afternoon, baby still in the right place but bobbing on the pelvic brim. Is it ball bouncing and walking to sort that out?

BoxOfMonkeys Wed 30-Jan-13 19:21:03

Hi All!

I'm new to Mumsnet but my impatience is starting to wear thin on DH so thought I'd seek out others in the same boat!

BoxOfMonkeys, 30, DC2, EDD 11/02/13, boy.

DD, Katy, is two and a half. Our due-any-time-son is to be called Casper and will be our last. All my friends have girls and are pregnant with girls, but I see all us February lot on here are expecting boys (plus Hilda's Lucky Dip!). Weird!

DS is engaged and I've been having a few cramps and, ahem, 'evacuations' these past 24-hours, but instincts are telling me his appearance will be next week (39wks on Monday) at the earliest. I have been FED UP these last few weeks. The whole pregnancy this time around has lasted a lifetime but good lord, January has lasted two! A photographer friend of mine practised a shoot on me yesterday and it took a LOT of makeup to turn this mama from 'hassled' into 'blooming', put it that way!

If he's still not here by next Wednesday, I think I might go for reflexology. How are you guys feeling at this stage? I read in Bounty's WEEK 38-39 section: ' may not want this special time to end' and nearly laughed out loud!


hildainstant Thu 31-Jan-13 13:10:02

Hi BoxOfMonkeys*, the age gap of my two will be exactly the same at 2.6!! I'm dreading it - he's such a good little boy but soooo demanding (as 2 yo's are!)....when will we rest!!

I know what you mean about the last month lasting an age - my pg has flown by until the New Year hit and now I'm sick of hearing myself complain!!

How strange that everyone's expecting boy's - makes me more curious to see my flavour now.

Do we know where each other lives? It would be nice if someone was nearby - I'm in the North East.

NAR4 Thu 31-Jan-13 14:05:11

Panzee yes it is walking and ball bouncing that is meant to help with babys head engaging. Sometimes if you have had a baby before, it won't engage until you are in labour though. More likely the more you have had.

In order of EDD;

LazyMachine, 38, DC1, EDD 2/9/13, MiniMachine = boy flavoured
Panzee 36, DC2, EDD 10/02/13, boy
BoxOfMonkeys, 30, DC2, EDD 11/02/13, boy
Gbnewbie, 37, DC1, EDD 12/02/13, boy
NAR4, 37, DC5, EDD 14/02/13, boy
HildaInstant, 33, DC2, EDD 26 Feb 13 (ELCS booked 20 Feb 13), Lucky dip flavour
Aidan EDD 27.2.13, boy DS2

BoxOfMonkeys Thu 31-Jan-13 15:41:23

Hi Hilda, Panzee and gang. Oh yes, I've been wondering where that all important rest time will come in too. The only thing that's helped settle the daunting prospect of it is a. watching '16 Kids and Counting' on 4OD, and my husband saying, 'well, your mum did it so surely you can too' ...which is a fair point because frankly I'm surprised my brother and I made it to adulthood she's so ditzy (I mean that in the nicest possible way, of course wink).

This might just be wishful thinking again, but I think today has brought about another stage closer to d-day. This morning the pressure down below was incredible, felt like my waters were going to go with a gush and could barely walk. It eased off after lunch but came back when I took DD for a gusty walk. now my pelvic bones ache. Surely a good sign? However, I'm still convinced it will be late next week and so have booked reflexology for Wednesday. Even just doing that has made me feel that tad bit more in control and accepting that I may still have weeks days left yet.

Hope today is treating you lovely ladies well and oooOOooo we're getting closer to meeting our wee laddies/lassies every day! grin

PS: I live in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. Used to live in Crook, Co. Durham though, and my best friend lives near Yarm in Teeside.

BoxOfMonkeys Thu 31-Jan-13 15:49:03

Sorry NAR4, meant to address that last message to you too. Baby-brain, sorry. Thank you for adding me to the stats list and great idea to have it. Do you ever get nervous about coping with another baby or do you take it in your stride? Do you ever get any time for a relaxed wine/bath (or ideally, both at the same time), having 4.5?

Aldan Thu 31-Jan-13 21:14:56

Anyone else getting horrible and painful cervical pains they make me shout owwww!

Had such a nice day, DSs birthday today grin now that's over this baby can come any time now...

Trimpampusik Fri 01-Feb-13 06:40:18

Hey girls, ended up in the Maternity assessment on Sunday night, as have early labour signs, and high BP, but got released on Wednesday as all pains, tightenings, etc stopped. So am at home again, and well. Not long to wait now, and apparently the boys can come out any day...

Want to give the details, bit not sure what DC means...

Gbnewbie Fri 01-Feb-13 07:20:39

Hi Trimp, how disappointing... Far better for him to come when ready though (trying to look on the bright side!).
DC is 'dear children' so mine will be my first so DC1.

Good luck!! grin

bangersmashandbeans Fri 01-Feb-13 07:53:28

Hi everyone, I've been lurking for a while (might actually have posted previously but can't remember!)

I'm 31 and have dd1 who is 3 on Sunday and am due on the tenth and don't know the sex.

Oh, and I'm sooooo fed up! I had cholestastis with dd1 so was induced at 38 weeks so didn't have to play this waiting around/assessing every sodding twinge game!

Also I have some painful problems 'down there' so am pretty much immobile at the moment and doc says I need to lie down as much as possible when really I need to be jumping around to get this baby moving!
The thought of going past my due date makes me want to cry!
Anyone else given up on sleep completely? sad

Trimpampusik Fri 01-Feb-13 07:54:03

Thank you Gbnewbie! I agree the longer they stay inside the better, but I am thinking its the boy thing...

Trimpampusik, 37, DC1, EDD 11/02/13, twin boys

Gbnewbie Fri 01-Feb-13 08:26:30

Trimp - it's the twin thing re usually coming early isn't it? From posts and things I've read I thought they virtually always came early but I am far far from an expert wink

Bangers - I hardly dare say it out loud (whispers) i seem to have slept a little better the last few nights?? I hope yours improves!

My last day at work today!! Very excited and scared at
The same time.

Wishing a productive day to all whether it be with rest, stepping closer to meeting little 1(s) or any other good things!!

NAR4 Fri 01-Feb-13 08:56:17

Morning Boxofmonkeys I have three teenagers and a toddler, so do get time to myself (occassionally). Best chance for a bath is during the day and putting my toddler in with me if she wants. I work evenings (I'm a youth worker) so go to work as DH gets home and don't get back until 10pm, so just ready for bed by then. Have to admit that going to work can be a welcome break at the moment. I find this suits me well though as I have all day to sort out the housework and do fun activities with my DCs. I do enjoy mother hood and even all the madness that comes with it. Each child is so different its throughly intreging watching them grow up.

DH puts them all to bed and does bedtime baths, stories etc. He also makes sure everything is ready for the morning eg school bags and lunch boxes. He has always been a very hands on father and throughout my pregnancy has made sure I get a lay in every Sunday (other than breast feeding my toddler, up until about 6 months pregnant). He is naturally very calm and layed back, which also helps ease any tensions in the house whenever they arise.

I would have loads of children if DH agreed and am really looking forward to having another one. Have to admit I felt quite jealous when I watched 16 and counting. Especially of her super quick and seemingly easy labours. Due to finances (DH just took a large pay cut to work a lot closer to home) and the size of our house and car, my head says this should be my last child.

LazyMachine, 38, DC1, EDD 2/9/13, MiniMachine = boy flavoured
Panzee 36, DC2, EDD 10/02/13, boy
Trimpampusik, 37, DC1, EDD 11/02/13, twin boys
BoxOfMonkeys, 30, DC2, EDD 11/02/13, boy
Gbnewbie, 37, DC1, EDD 12/02/13, boy
NAR4, 37, DC5, EDD 14/02/13, boy
HildaInstant, 33, DC2, EDD 26 Feb 13 (ELCS booked 20 Feb 13), Lucky dip flavour
Aidan EDD 27.2.13, boy DS2

Repeat after me ladies "Not long now, not long now, not long now".

BoxOfMonkeys Fri 01-Feb-13 11:36:04

Morning all!

NAR4, wow - like '16 Kids and Counting', your family sounds lovely, organised (as can be!) and very happy. What a difference a supportive husband makes too. My bezzer has 3 girls but her husband isn't exactly the best in the world and the poor woman's run ragged as a result. Greg (my DH) is great too and it makes such a difference when you equally enjoy your family and just generally being good to each other.

Trim Congrats on carrying twin boys! Oooo any time now!! Sorry to hear about a fruitless Sun-Wed - that must have been frustrating. Bet they make an appearance next week though. I'm also due on the 11th but have a strong feeling he'll arrive next week.

Aldan Just today and yesterday I've started feeling pains and aches that defo seem to signify progression. Hope what you're experiencing isn't too painful. It's all moving in the right direction! I like the physical stuff, even when it gets a bit breathtaking, as I find it far easier to deal with than the emotional stuff that I've felt this time (first time I was all romantic and in awe: this time I've been all 'humph' and whingey).

GB Congrats on your last day of work! Hope they treat you to something nice to see you off with.

Bangers I was feeling sooo fed up last week. I look at the bed on a night and sigh because I know I won't sleep, but the pains that you're having are a good sign and glad DC2 has been patient enough not to arrive on his/her sister's birthday!

Have a good day y'all and thanks for being so welcoming. I'm usually shy online (have a website and Twitter, but never been on Facebook or chatrooms). I just really needed to connect with people near the end so I appreciate it very much. thanks

PS: Last night, our 2.5-yr-old DD declared that when she grows up, she wants to be a triangle in the bath.

hildainstant Fri 01-Feb-13 12:01:39

Morning all!

Box how cute of your DD! My 2.5yo DS just had major melt-down at bath time last night while I just sat there in sheer panic thinking "I can cope with it now, but how will I cope when there's 2 of them!".

My DH works shifts and while he's off we both do bath time etc so it's not so bad, but when he's at work I'm dreading it! I suppose my tolerance levels are really low at the minute which won't help things. It took us 45 minutes this morning just to get my DS to agree to change his nappy, get his coat on and get his shoes on (dropped him off a grandparents who dress him etc) so I'm on a bit of a downer today.

On top of that, I had a bit of a melt-down to DS last night too. At times I just feel like I don't get enough emotional support from him. Very rarely told he loves me (I know he does, and don't feel like I'm in a loveless marriage but I want to hear it more than quarterly!!), feel like he doesn't appreciate how hard it is measuring 43cm at 36 weeks and carrying a baby that measured at about 150 centile right now, whilst still working full time, having a toddler and everything that goes with having a house/child etc, and still expects me to be able to competently fulfil everything I used to before being pg without the littlest offer of a cup of tea or the washing up etc!!

Now don't get me wrong, my DH aint work-shy but in his eyes we should do everything TOGETHER so there's total equality. So....if he washes, I have to dry. We cook together, we both have to take turns at emptying bins yada yada yada.

All I want is for one night for him to say - Hilda, you sit down, get your PJ's on and I'll sort out bath time, make the tea and tidy up. Or even to say - you stay in bed a while longer and I'll take DS downstairs. I love my husband, I do, and he's a very good man and I adore him, but he's not a 'taker carer' he's very much an 'equal partner' and right now I want/need to be taken care of.

On top of that, The Who seemed to sell out this morning before the lines even opened!!

Sorry for whinging girls, I just need a vent today as feeling sorry for myself and I know you all have sympathetic ears and seem like very nice ladies!!

I need chips, biscuits and a weepy film. I hate pg hormones!!

Oh, and another for Box - I'm Sunderland so just a tad too far for a cuppa!

NAR4 Fri 01-Feb-13 14:58:59

Thankyou Boxofmonkeys, you might not say that if you were one of our neighbours. Luckily on one side is an elderly gentleman who isn't there most of the time and the other side is a women with four children, who is also expecting her fifth. We get on really well and although rarely get time to get together for a coffee, regularly chat over the fence.

Can't wait for all our babies to start arriving. As soon as the first one arrives it will be sooooo exciting waiting for each one to follow. My moneys on Trimp being first.

Aldan Fri 01-Feb-13 16:53:40

I can't believe how much housework I've done today- I've even washed my curtains (not like me AT ALL) consequently I'm now in pain. Sat on the sofa with a hot water bottle. I never experienced nesting with DS shock

Trimpampusik Sat 02-Feb-13 09:30:09

Thanks Gbnewbie, NAR4, BoxOfMonkeys! My money is on the twins as well, but who knows, they have been very quiet recently. I can't walk properly anymore, as the weight of the bump has squashed the pelvis / bladder, whatever is there in their entirety!!! smile lol

I have noticed that everyone is expecting boys as well. Two of my friends recently gave birth to boys too. Interesting....

As of Thursday I have started my maternity leave, left it a bit too close to the EDD, but at least will have plenty of cash for any late internet purchases smile

Sainsbury's has got 30% of toys, etc in their baby and toddler event - I have ordered a few very quite toys last night...

P.S. my husband has been wonderful, has been cooking, cleaning, washing-up, doing laundry, walking dogs, working, etc...

BoxOfMonkeys Sat 02-Feb-13 09:52:23

Sorry to hear you had a bad day yesterday, Hilda, and hope you feel better today. I find one day I just burst into tears and want to vent about everything to everyone, and the morning after I wake up feeling completely fine. Have you spoken to your husband at length about the toll pregnancy takes? He sounds like a good guy so it could make a big difference in these final weeks... shame our dear toddlers aren't quite as easily told though, eh?! I have definitely been able to tell the difference in my husband with this pregnancy. It's as if the novelty has worn off now it's more 'business as usual'. He's a fantastic father and husband but the amount of times I've had to say 'Greg, I'm PREGNANT!' to him is mental!! Emotionally as well I've really had to ask for cuddles and love this time. This might cheer you up though:

1. Look for other ways in which he is supportive and concentrate on them. I read this somewhere recently. Men show support in different ways to women, so he may be being extra aware in his own mind, but it just doesn't come through as obvious to us as it's not the way we'd do it.

2. My friend gave birth in early December (second pregnancy) and she's still basking in the glow of no longer being pregnant and says the difference between being pregnant and not is phenomenal. She says her energy levels are up and that having a baby and a toddler is so much easier than being heavily pregnant with a toddler. Whenever you have an anxious wobble about coping, remember that you won't feel like this when you're no longer pregnant, so immediately that makes life after a lot lighter, so you'll feel far more able to cope. Don't imagine you'll feel this bogged down with a baby on top of it all, because as soon as that muchacha is outta there, you'll no longer be supplying for two and therefore diminishing your resources. I think we've felt like this for so long, it's easy to forget how we normally are.

NAR4 you lucked out with your neighbours. I would say I understand but we live nextdoor to my father-in-law! Nah, it's alright really. Well, now it is, but there were some boundary issues for the first couple of years. Give me an understanding woman in the same position and a man that's never in any day though!

Funny to hear of Aldan's manic nesting and I wouldn't be surprised if Trimp was pushing as I type. Fingers crossed for me next week too, girls. I was 9 days over with DD but got a feeling DS will come early, being the second. I think he might come on Friday to be exact. I know this sounds kooky (because it is), but my instincts have shot through the roof so far with this pregnancy. They never did the first time, but this time lots of weird/psychic things have happened. My mum's side of the family are sensitives so who knows, I might be carrying the world's next Colin Fry. Watch it, I'll have just cursed my 'predictions' for his birth date now and will go two weeks over! Jeeze, I better not...!

Have a lovely weekend, all.


PS: Sorry for really long posts all the time. I'm a writer and find it hard to even write texts that are under three pages long. Twitter's a nightmare! wink

LazyMachine Sat 02-Feb-13 11:46:13

Hi all, I'm exactly 39 wks today, but feeling like this pregnancy could easily go on for another couple of weeks. confused angry sad

Trying to stay positive. My cousins have started a silly betting pool on my delivery date, weight and length of LazyBoy. I am so surprised that everyone but me thinks he'll come between now and the 9th. I put my money on the 21st!

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