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Feb 13 - part 3!

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Panzee Fri 28-Sep-12 17:42:49

I'm not one for fancy titles, but I see the last one is full, so here it is...

I remember my first, he 'flicked' me from the inside too. This one is swirls and somersaults. smile

Can87 Wed 20-Feb-13 11:59:51

Thanks mixxy, my midwife said pretty much the same thing smile
Had a sweep done & apparently everything is pretty much ready to go, so just need to sit back and wait now.

Hopefully things will get moving soon, I'm definitly getting pains so fingers crossed! They won't induce me until the beginning of March so I'm hoping I don't need to wait that long to meet my LO.

Any update since the sweep NAR4? No names for us either irismom, we just can't agree. Xx

NAR4 Wed 20-Feb-13 12:32:58

Saw a different midwife again today as mine is on holiday. She said I was only 1cm dilated confused. When I told her my midwife had said 3cm last week, she said she didn't know why she said that because it was def only 1cm and she struggled to even squeeze a finger in (she had tiny hands too). She asked if I wanted a very through sweep and warned it would hurt, I agreed because I would rather that than induction again. I was really upset and I think she took pity on me. She is coming out to my house on Friday to try another sweep before my induction on Wednesday.

Hope everyone else is having more luck than me.

Aldan Wed 20-Feb-13 13:46:23

Sorry nar4 hmm let's hope it works though. I have a sweep booked on Friday, never had one before and I'm a bit nervous.

NAR4 Wed 20-Feb-13 14:31:23

The first sweep I had didn't hurt, it was on the same level of discomfort as a smear. The one I had today was painful and she warned me it would be if I wanted her to do a really through one. She said to tell her to stop if it got too much. I managed it with shear determination, to give it the best chance of working. Def worth it. Doesn't hurt at all as soon as it is finished. Aldan ask your midwife to tell you how much she thinks it will hurt you, before she does it. Then you can prepare yourself mentally.

I would rather have a really good sweep done, even if it hurt, than a gentle prod, which seems a waste of time.

Want2bSupermum Wed 20-Feb-13 15:11:28

iris Nothing super about me! It really hurts to walk around. I did the mall yesterday because it was raining and the mall (its a really nice one) has lots of lovely sofa's for me to sit on. It also helps that they have a bathroom every 30ft! I figured that since I had a sweep I might as well get on with it.

At about 10.30pm last night I got blury vision. I assume it was due to tiredness but have called the doctor this morning. She wanted me resting today as she said it sounds like my body is preparing to go into labour. I have to say i am exhausted. I have tightenings but no real progression.

Can87 Wed 20-Feb-13 15:11:43

I agree with NAR just ask your midwife before hand what she thinks Aldan mine was lovely & talked me through everything she was doing.

I wasn't looking forward to it, but it was actually ok (havnt had a smear but my guess is it's quite similar) it just felt like quite strong period pains as she was "sweeping", but mine was pretty textbook apparently & cervic etc was all in the correct position!
If it gets the baby moving then its definitly worth it smile

Fingers & toes crossed that today's is more effective NAR4 xxx

NAR4 Wed 20-Feb-13 16:06:11

Thankyou Can87. Have done the brisk walk and don't feel like I will be able to walk at all until at least Friday now. If it was possible to cry a baby out, then I would of today. Have never felt so down about induction before. Think its because midwife really got my hopes up last week and I was convienced I wouldn't need one. Just feel very sorry for myself and completely cheated after 4 already and looking like another one.

Sorry for the pathetic moan, I'm even annoying myself now!

BoxOfMonkeys Wed 20-Feb-13 18:52:18

I can't believe the extent of which we're all in the same boat!

I would be gutted too if one midwife said 3cm and the other, after, said 1cm, and hope you're feeling a bit better about it now, NAR. Luckily for me hmm both said the same: closed. Not even 1cm! So she couldn't actually perform a sweep due to it still being closed, but did 'walk the baby's head forwards' so it's now in a better position. Since the internal, even with no sweep, I've been bleeding (brown, not bright red, so normal) but still nothing else. As the week wears on, Monday's induction gets closer.

Hope you're all well despite all this not knowing, waiting and discomfort. We're sooo nearly there now, ladies! xxx

CackleALot Wed 20-Feb-13 19:10:29

Hi Ladies, sorry to hear frustrations re sweeps etc, hopefully things start moving soon.

warning - moan coming up....

My SPD has taken turn for the worst I'm in bloody agony, can't get off sofa without sliding to floor first! MW called by today - said she couldn't do a sweep due to previous CS & thought physio doing any manipulation may make pain worse.

MW said Consultant may bring section forward. I have a meeting with consultant on Monday to discuss elcs at 41 weeks (I'm 39+3), even this appointment feels too far away. Would any of you try calling consultant to discuss elcs earlier than appt on monday? I'm not sure what to do, just don't want to spend potentially next 2 weeks in tears, pain & housebound sad

BoxOfMonkeys Wed 20-Feb-13 20:00:46

Oh Cackle, your situation sounds awful, no wonder you feel like poo. Yep, there's no harm in asking if you can have your app (and even CS) sooner. Two weeks is a long time to be in so much distress so hopefully he'll be able to help. Good luck and really sorry you're having such a cruddy time. Moan anytime - that's what we're here for, and we understand. xxx

Aldan Wed 20-Feb-13 20:02:37

Cackle, you would still be in pain for another 2 weeks if you have an ELCS. If you really want the VBAC then hold off if you can. I could've had my ELCS today if I wasn't aiming for VBAC which sounds quite nice now as the thought of labour is not appealing at all. Just got to keep thinking I want a VBAC to make my life easier with DS1 smile

BoxOfMonkeys Wed 20-Feb-13 20:11:28

PS: A couple of nights ago I felt so fed up I sobbed for ages. Felt a bit silly to start with but felt good after a while, like a release, and have felt a lot better since. Was happy not to go into labour yesterday though as was meeting a friend today and looking forward to it, and had a big shop to do... but I've been hoping things might get moving tonight what with one thing and another, so got a feeling I'll be back on here tomorrow night a bit upset!

PPS: Was in a queue of five ladies at an otherwise very quiet Argos today, and four of us five were heavily pregnant! Seriously! The only one that wasn't (an older lady), pointed out we were all pregnant and declared 'there must be something in the water around here.' It was so weird! smile

CackleALot Wed 20-Feb-13 20:31:39

Thanks Box & Aldan

grin at Argos queue Box Sorry you've been down too, bloody hormones! I actually did cry over DS spilling milk at lunch today then laughed at myself! hmm

The more I think about it the more I realise I'm not fussed about delivery method really which is why I'm thinking of giving up on vbac so easily. Had relatively good recovery with last CS and felt much more human than I do now! After delivery I'll also have much more help as parents & in laws taking holidays (they live 200 miles away) after the baby is here once DP goes back to work but at the moment its just me and DS & I can't do anything with him.

Aargh! so many pros & cons, I might try call Doc tomorrow and see what he says. Can't hurt to talk it through at least.

Panzee Wed 20-Feb-13 21:04:52

My body does not seem to be the slightest bit interested in labour, so I shall be off to get my CS in the morning. Hopefully won't be off Mumsnet for too long!

Aldan Wed 20-Feb-13 21:19:57

Good luck panzee smile

Cackle, do whatever feels right. If you have help, your recovery will be much easier. Let us know what they say tomorrow smile

CackleALot Wed 20-Feb-13 21:27:10

Good luck Panzee ! How exciting!

Thanks Aldan smile

CalamityJ Wed 20-Feb-13 22:14:16

Can I join the overdue club please? 40+4 and despite all the signs being there (100% engagement, Braxton Hicks for 2 weeks, 1cm dilated at my sweep) Baby Calamity doesn't seem to be going anywhere! Last few nights I've slept better than I have in weeks/months so is that my body's way of giving me the energy to labour or baby being incredibly well settled?? Never thought I'd be complaining about sleeping too well grin

Want2bSupermum Thu 21-Feb-13 02:50:53

Cackle Sod calling the consultant. I would be hounding them and pleading for your CS to be brought forward. I have milk SPD and my goodness it hurts like heck. Having to get through 2 weeks of pain is probably going to result in your recovery taking longer.

Can87 Thu 21-Feb-13 07:39:30

cacklealot im in agreement with the others, definitly ask to move forward if you can. The thought of 2 more weeks like that must be driving you insane.

NAR hope your feeling a bit better today sad it sucks that the midwives have given such different info, Sending lots of natural vibes in the hope that you don't need to be induced. It's the one thing I'm really not looking forward to either.

calamity were in the same boat! I actually feel better today after the sweep, slept well and less pains than the last few days, which I'm sure isn't a good thing, ahhhh!!

Best of luck to those who do get moving in the next few days, and crossed fingers for those now overdue!! Xx

CalamityJ Thu 21-Feb-13 16:16:43

Be careful what you wish for! Had a terrible night's sleep as I was itching all over - bump, arms, legs. Been to doctors for Oilatum & hydrocortisone cream. Fingers crossed they bring some relief! Anyone else had itching/itchy bump? I've had it for a few weeks but hoped the baby would come along & I'd not need to see anyone about it! Wishful thinking... They've also booked me in for a blood test tomorrow morning to make sure my liver is functioning OK. So close to the finish line & yet so far!

Mixxy Thu 21-Feb-13 17:21:24

Quick, possible TMI, fanjo-related question ladies. Does anyone else feel really tender down there? Like you just came back from a very exciting honeymoon or something. Because I most certainly haven't yet it feels like I have. Feel a bit pissed off actually: no sex, no baby and sore fanjo.

CalamityJ Thu 21-Feb-13 17:50:45

With my pelvic girdle pain I feel I've been kicked down there! Is it that sort of pain (potentially baby's head being engaged?) or another kind of soreness?

Mixxy Thu 21-Feb-13 18:03:44

No, not kicked down there, more of a tender feeling, like waaaay too much sex. Which sadly, couldn't be further from the truth : (

irismom Thu 21-Feb-13 21:59:19

Had pre-Op appoinment today. Told mid wife about the discharge and leaking.. They couldnt decide wthr it is the water breaking (not together, but here n there). So came a Dr and did an Insertion. Which was the last thing I was prepared to go through. With all other uncomfortable feelings, Now I have got pain in "there", only to be told TO COLLECT THE RESULTS WEN i (SORRY ABT THE CAPS) go for C-Section. Asked to go back, if it soak a pad. They were discussing-- thrush-- in b/w. which I dnt understand. As far as i knw it is knd of infection, but I dnt have any other symptopms, no itching, no soreness down there. Now more confused and shock

irismom Fri 22-Feb-13 08:50:51

sorry ab the moan!! may be more coming, after a sleepless nite sad(
just thought it will be better for someone to know with discharge/leak, what is going on.. I look here before asking anyone including midwife..
cALAMITY how did ur blood test go? wen r u going to get the result. BTW how did u differentiate this itching from dry skin?? mine is normal-dry skin and i was getting this teriible itching thro out the nite for several days, especiallyy on palm andfeet. but my feet becomes so dry and with the weather and the radiator in full swing, i thought it is dry skin, and managing with bio- oil and santuary spa massage oil for hands n legs sad
really thought of going to midwife, but yet again, it is another day of getting ready/ going out.. which will keep me in bed for the rest of the day.. I am more like a 93 yr old now!!! oh god!! another 3 days to go!!

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