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Feb 13 - part 3!

(472 Posts)
Panzee Fri 28-Sep-12 17:42:49

I'm not one for fancy titles, but I see the last one is full, so here it is...

I remember my first, he 'flicked' me from the inside too. This one is swirls and somersaults. smile

NAR4 Thu 14-Feb-13 17:15:58

Had my sweep and midwife says my cervix are very favourable and she would be surprised to see me at 41 weeks. Lets hope she is right.

Want2bSupermum Thu 14-Feb-13 19:11:13

We have a name for DS.... I stopped by the hospital yesterday to pick up the forms that need to be filled in after birth. I have prefilled them in with the name. The rest the dr fills in from her tablet and she is aware that we need to submit by 12pm for his birth certificate & social security number to be processed by Friday lunchtime. I am scheduled for 10am so timing is going to be tight if we are to make it to the Danish consulate for the following Monday.

With DD we didn't have a name until about a week before. She was going to be called Helena but the day after I had been through the ringer DH said he preferred Anna. I was not well enough to argue but didn't mind the name Anna so just nodded. Helena is her middle name, which was a mistake because if we have a 2nd girl neither of us have a name that we can both agree on. My brother wouldn't allow Astrid for fear she would be called Ass or astroglide! Once he said that DH vetoed the name.

Aldan Thu 14-Feb-13 20:29:04

Hope everything is going well gbnewbie. How was your sweep nicky?

I know what you mean about wanting to get some rest want2b, I'm in no rush for this baby to arrive grin

Hope you had a better day today cackle...

Nar4 sounds like things are going to be happening soon for you grin

We have a name sorted, DH wasn't sure but has come around and DS has chosen the middle name which has been vetoed by all but me and my dad (other middle name choice is my dads name!)

CackleALot Thu 14-Feb-13 21:11:18

Good luck with all the sweeps ladies smile

Thanks Mixxy & Aldan - looks like I may have had a bug or something. Went to bed early with really sore bump all over ( felt like trapped wind) pain was awful, spent two hours rolling around the bed. Had massive vomit at 12.30am & pains stopped. Up again at 3.30am with same trapped wind feeling. Had reduced movements today - got checked out and all ok. bit blush as baby started moving as soon as I got on monitor!

Really can't face another 3 wks of this - Think DP may also disown me! seriously reconsidering decision for vbac.

Anyhoo...enough about me! looking forward if not abit envy of soon arrival of more babies!

Want2bSupermum Thu 14-Feb-13 21:15:13

Cackle Hope you feel better soon.

My rest today consisted of doing our taxes! Not much rest when I found out the DH hasn't been paying his estimated taxes for federal or state taxes. The one group you don't mess with here in the US is the IRS.

Aldan Thu 14-Feb-13 21:30:53

Eek want2b hope alls sorted now.

I'm going for VBAC too cackle, if I was going for CS it would all be happening next Wednesday oh well, I kinda like the not knowing when it will all happen smile

irismom Thu 14-Feb-13 22:21:47

Nar4 excited for u!!! hope u will come back with the announcement soon smile
oh no !!!! Cackle last thing u want to go thro' .

Trimpampusik Thu 14-Feb-13 23:05:07

Finally able to tell everyone my good news!!!!! Twin boys were born around 5 o'clock in the morning on 13.02.2013 ;) great valentine's present ;)

The boys and I are feeling well, recovering from 30 hours of induction ( 24 hrs and 6 hours), then 7 hours of contractions after the waters were broken for the first twin, then 1 hour of sleep for the mother fully dilated and 2 hours of pushing the first twin out, hence needed assisted delivery with vantouse. First twin came out at 4:51. Second twin had to be manipulated, and then came out 15 minutes later also with vantouse ;) i needed some stiches, but feeling ok now.

Still no names agreed... Who else delivered already?


Best wishes to everyone....

CackleALot Thu 14-Feb-13 23:19:32

Congratulations Trimp! thanks Wow that sounds exhausting! Glad everyone safe & well. look forward to hearing names smile

Aldan - wish I was as patient as you!

Gbnewbie Fri 15-Feb-13 00:02:10

Well ladies, I'm lying here with my little boy. Quite a traumatic set of events but the important thing is we are both doing great. My little one was born at 7.11 this am with aid of a suction cup. Got to 9cm with no pain relief but not the birth I'd hoped for at all as bp v.high so no water birth, constant monitoring so pretty much the whole time spent static on the bed hmm more twists and turns but he's here and perfect. I am completely in love a my mind is blown!!! So incredibly happy! Am still in the hospital for monitoring. smilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmile

Gbnewbie Fri 15-Feb-13 00:04:15

Congrats trimp!!

Who's nextgrin

Want2bSupermum Fri 15-Feb-13 03:15:14

GBnewbie Great news! Hope you don't develop preclampsia.

Trimp Can't imagine delivering twins but wow and congratulations!

I got a call this afternoon from the hospital asking if I wanted to do my CS tomorrow or early next week. They said there is a good chance I will have gone into labour by 41+4. There is a good chance but I don't think it will happen.

Aldan Fri 15-Feb-13 06:48:46

Congratulations trimp grinthanks and gbnewbie grinthanks

Cackle, I'm the least patient person ever I just remember how little sleep you get with a newborn!

Want2b what did you decide?

Panzee Fri 15-Feb-13 07:01:41

Congratulations Trimp and Gnewbie' hope your recoveries go well.

My sweep was a bit rubbish. On is booked for Thursday so have a few days left to get him out! I have plans for a long walk this morning. smile

Panzee Fri 15-Feb-13 07:02:36

No idea how my phone got "on" when I typed "c section" grin

NAR4 Fri 15-Feb-13 08:37:51

Congratulations Gnewbie and Trimp.

Sorry to hear your sweep was rubbish Panzee. How was your sweep Limeleaf?

Disappointed to say I have not had so much as a little niggle since my sweep. Next one is booked for Wednesday, its the soonest there is a midwife in my area again.

I saw one of my friends yesterday, who is a midwife and she said that yo often won't go into labour if you are ill. Mother nature likes to wait until you are well and rested. That's us out then Limeleaf.

Panzee, 36, DC2, EDD 10/02/13, boy
BoxOfMonkeys, 30, DC2, EDD 11/02/13, boy (induction booked for 25th Feb)
NAR4, 37, DC5, EDD 14/02/13, boy
Want2bSupermum, EDD 15/02/13 (ELC 25th Feb)
Mixxy, 34, DC1 EDD 17/2/2013, boy
Can87, 25, DC1, EDD 17/02/13, Suprise
HermioneE, 31, DC1, EDD 20/02/13, girl
Ninjacat, EDD 22/02/13, (ELCS 22nd Feb)
CackleALot, 29, DC2 EDD 24/02/13 waiting for a surprise!
HildaInstant, 33, DC2, EDD 26/02/13 (ELCS booked 20 Feb 13), Lucky dip flavour
Aldan, 37, DC2, EDD 27/02/13, boy
irismom, 32, Dc2, EDD 02/03/13, (ELC 25th Feb) boy

Ninjacat Fri 15-Feb-13 09:12:33

Congratulations to the two new arrivals!

Thanks for adding me.

this is dc3 for me and despite going two weeks over with both my boys I am still convincing myself that every twinge is me going in to labour grin

Wishing some more safe arrivals soon

hildainstant Fri 15-Feb-13 09:24:34

Congrats to trimp and gbnewbie!!

I too saw my little boy arrive yesterday so a fab Valentines surprise!! Waters broke while DH was at work at 1:30am and I was sound asleep! Hospital wanted me to go straight away to check it wasn't wee (DEF wasn't wee!!) and admitted about 2:30 for Dr to decide when the section would be done. Contractions started about 5ish (thank God) so they moved me to the front of the queue for the daily sections and Nathaniel (Nate) was born at 9:06 weighing a much lighter than expected 9lb 6oz at 38 +2!!! I'm feeling great and hoping to leave hosp tomorrow.

Best Valentines pressie EVER!! xx

irismom Fri 15-Feb-13 09:28:31

congrats trimp and GBnewbie thanks
who is next???

Panzee Fri 15-Feb-13 09:37:30

Congratulations Hilda, great news grinthanks

Aldan Fri 15-Feb-13 09:43:38

Congratulations Hilda thanksthanksthanks

Want2bSupermum Fri 15-Feb-13 10:53:05

Aldan I am keeping the 25th. We have nothing ready at home. My due date is today and last night I was pulling out stuff from DD. Also, my DD has a hearing assessment next week that I would like her to attend. Her speech is delayed a llittle and I would like to have her seen now so I can take her to follow up appointments before I return to work.

Hilda Congrats! I agree that you know when your waters go... it def isn't wee. I was shocked at how much came out when mine were broken in the hospital with DD. My friend told me they had to send a cleaning team in to mop the floor after her waters were broken! Hope you don't need a new mattress.

Mixxy Fri 15-Feb-13 11:33:55

Oh congrats to all the mothers! Well done ladies! thanks for you all!

BoxOfMonkeys Fri 15-Feb-13 12:24:31

Wow!!! What a lovely lot of news to open the laptop to! Massive congratulations to Trimp, GBnewbie and Hilda (another boy on the thread grin). Good work all and happy recoveries all around. wine Cheers, girls! thanks

Well, Panzee and I are still treading the boards it seems, joined by NAR who is now also overdue. I have a sweep booked for Tuesday and bet I get there too (and beyond). I found out I was pregnant in spring, and now the snowdrop flowers are blooming again, so it feels like spring again. HOW have I been pregnant a YEAR?!! confused

For those of you that are fed up with waiting, something simple that has really helped DH and I relax and get some sleep recently is what my best friend said: 'when you're in labour, you're contracting regularly. Until that happens, there's no point in trying to second guess and symptom spot it.' So simple but since that sunk in, I've been feeling a lot more relaxed.

I thought I had my show hours after posting that I was quitting expecting labour, but it turns out that too was nothing, it was that my cervix had been bruised during the failed-sweep. Apparently, if you have red/brown mucus up to 48-hours after an internal or intercourse, it's not a show.

NAR4 Fri 15-Feb-13 13:31:32

Hilda congratulations, a lovely early surprise.

BoxOfMonkeys a bruised cervix sounds very uncomfortable, poor you. It must have been a really rough sweep.

From reading a different thread, I think Limeleaf is in hospital today having an induction.

Panzee, 36, DC2, EDD 10/02/13, boy
BoxOfMonkeys, 30, DC2, EDD 11/02/13, boy (induction booked for 25th Feb)
NAR4, 37, DC5, EDD 14/02/13, boy
Want2bSupermum, EDD 15/02/13 (ELC 25th Feb)
Nicky1306, EDD 16/02/13
Mixxy, 34, DC1 EDD 17/2/2013, boy
Can87, 25, DC1, EDD 17/02/13, Suprise
HermioneE, 31, DC1, EDD 20/02/13, girl
Ninjacat, DC3, EDD 22/02/13, (ELCS 22nd Feb)
CackleALot, 29, DC2 EDD 24/02/13 waiting for a surprise!
ChefHayley86, EDD 25/02/13
Aldan, 37, DC2, EDD 27/02/13, boy
plonko, 26, DC1, EDD 27/02/13
irismom, 32, Dc2, EDD 02/03/13, (ELC 25th Feb) boy

Please add to or amend the list above, I know some people are missing off it still.

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